Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fubbs takes girl's ribbon away

Justine Jevon riding a Shire

by Kaede

Did anyone else read today's Fugly blog? Cathy was very upset about what she perceived as cheating. A girl on a appy entering a novice walk trot class at a schooling show and winning a blue. 

Cathy "Yep. Ms. Breed Show Appy proceeded to win yet another blue ribbon, taking a chance for a ribbon away from the kids in nylon bridles, the genuinely green horses and the adult riders who were in there for the very first time. So you know what we’re gonna do today? We’re gonna talk about how much that sucks on this blog! :)"

She seems more upset than usual about this type of cheating. Normally she gives short shrift to 4-H and schooling shows. I tried to think why she would be so upset about a scrap of blue ribbon. Then I noticed the show was in the same area that I believe BYC is in, Redmond WA. 

I looked at Capstone stables website that there were lots of trivia (little kind hot wearing hunt caps!) that she normally gets all hot and bothered about, that she let by without mentioning.

Sooo, Do you think that this horse beat out BYC? That maybe she will have to put up (Geld) or shut up ? 

Any opionions?


  1. Anonymous said...
    I think its too funny she cant even win against kids and novices! Ride much FUBB?
    Anonymous said...
    As to Cathy's post today. Sour Grapes. Get over it and just out perform the cheaters. That kind of thing happens all the time when showing at smaller/local types of shows. Yea, it pisses me off when I ride a green horse in a dressage walk/trot test to make sure I won't get bucked off against a professional ride someone else's imported warm blood schooling 2nd level. But hey...thems da ropes
    Anonymous said...
    this IS the second gripe-blog that she's had with the western Washington schooling shows she's entered the horse in. 
Well, the world isn't a perfect place, Fubbs. Haven't you figured that out yet at your age?
I agree, that was poor sportsmanship on that blue-winner's part, but Fugs' as well, for posting her name for anyone to go after her. 
She's like a middle-schooler who's got a grudge.
She'd be more productive if she would shut up and just go to the judge (I hope she did, in the least) and complain to him/her, instead of stirring up her flock of crows on her blog.
    Kaede said...
    I just looked up the distance between Yelm and Puyallup, looks to be about 30 miles. Cathy did state"my horse was in the class. (And nope, he wasn’t perfect so I am not saying he should have gotten a ribbon, but there is an exhibitor who the judge would have placed 6th that deserved to have 5th if the incorrectly entered horse hadn’t taken 1st" So she is complaining on someone else's behalf?
I know nothing about schooling shows in WP. Do points won in those shows count toward a ROM?
In my experience novice horses have a tendency to be young (4 and under) very talented horses. If I wanted a soft spot I'd go with novice rider. 
Why is Cathy talking about little kids? This addition muddies the waters. She was going up against 4-H kids. She is a professional horse woman and she was riding against fellow adults. I mean she is paid to write for HI. She has be paid to ride or teach, she can't be an ammy. Soo if we follow this line of reasoning:
1) Cathy is a professional horse person
2) BYC is an exceptional individual (By Cathy's estimate)
3) BYC Didn't get any ribbons.
4) Therefore the other riders cheated. 
5) Now I can do a Human Flesh Search Engine routine on the "cheaters" and get them to pay.
All for a scrap of ribbon?
Isn't this one of her big beefs? What folks will do to get a ribbon? Isn't that what she is doing now? Denigrating and perhaps intimidating her competition?
Think about it. Would you go up against BYC and Cathy if you thought that she would sic her mob on you and your trainer?

  2. CinammonSwirl said...
    My fave quote from her list. Why doesn't she just geld the ugly yellow thing now and just admit that she's not in it for anything other than another reason to make people look at how dimwitted she is.

"Yeah, I fully understand that these blog entries may bite my horse in the ass – but again, I’m not that violently emotionally invested in winning. I like winning as much as the next person but I’m easily pleased – I once won the trotting barrels on an old broodmare and it made my day. :) If no one will place my horse because I’m me, he’ll just be my fun horse and we’ll go team penning and run barrels at little local playdays. Stopwatches don’t hold grudges!"

I mean, really? She beats people with a stick and posts their names up over one class? Really? She says how awful it is to take away ribbons from others, how they cost nothing, and here she is bitching about a cheap ribbon. OK, so a season horse was entered improperly. Get over it. My god, I've never seen such a whiner in my life, and I know I can get bad.

All I can say to all this is for her to quit now, as I cannot imagine what will happen when she finally jabs at somebody with a set of razor teeth and a platinum lined pocket book to take her to the cleaners. One day her name will be ruined instead, and eating that dose of crow while karma watches on will be an enlightening day for her. She may not have much, but when you have nothing it suddenly becomes a lot clearer that something is better than nothing.

    bhm said...
    Typical over reaction. It's poor sportsmanship, but it's not a major show. On the other hand trashing someone online, posting their personal information, and encouraging a public attack is quite serious. She needs to just report the person to the officials or forget about it. An online attack is over kill.

    CharlesCityCat said...
    I just tried to go to FHOTD to read the post on this issue but have gotten a "This Account Suspended" message.

What was the actual class title and description, was it novice horse or novice rider?
    MARCH 16, 2010 9:21 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Perhaps she named names one time too many and her host shut her down.
    MARCH 16, 2010 9:55 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Novice Horse – Not to have won a first at a Recognized show

The trainer also contacted Fubb and told her the judge said it was OK for the girl Kym to enter and that they returned her ribbon. Fubb replied she turned them in anyway. 

FUBB your a over 40 yr old bitter woman grow the hell up and just geld your horse!

    CinammonSwirl said...
    I know. For the trainer to contact her, tell her what happened, and for her to still stick her nose in the air is pretty well a classic case with her. It was a novice horse class. Jeez. Is it really their fault when they asked the judge if they could go in? Isn't it the judge's dilemma at this point? Either way, a fixed situation is never good enough.

Cheap ribbon 1, Fugs 0. 


To get back on track, I do like this article a lot. I meant to comment on it earlier. While I think somebody putting the horse's welfare above a rider's is a two way street, I think that a horse's welfare can sometimes be best served by properly matching horse and rider. You don't put a beginner on a seasoned horse who needs the exact and proper signals with light hands. You end up with a horse who will probably have a ruined mouth and a bucked off child. Now if you gave that said beginner a nice tolerant horse, everybody wins. Welfare for both is seen. Now if it comes down to ability or injury, then a horse should be considered regardless. I think it comes down to a fair balance between the two. Don't give a person more than they are ready for, and don't give a horse something they aren't ready for.

  3. Hmm, from reading her post I didn't get the part that said she rode her horse in the class. Was it her riding or the trainer?
    Puyallup is where the show was, very close to her trainers barn. Redmond is where the Appy was from.

  4. I believe I was not there to see what transpired between the trainer and judge. Was anyone else? The sequence of events has been reported by fubbs and no one else so I have a hard time believing her version as truth. The attack was BS - and I know a lot 20 year olds who would be devastated by this, so much is taken seriously at this age (the rider is 20).

    This barn's true character will show through one way or another. PLEASE don't let innuendos and lies color any discussion on this barn - at that point, fubbs wins.

  5. If I ever, ever complain about a loss, even indirectly by badmouthing the competition, I hope one of my loved ones just shoots me and puts me out of everyone's misery.

    As for the "account suspended" thing, I have a feeling that FHOTD is learning that there are two kinds of justice: legal and frontier. I am quite certain that FHOTD has never strayed so much as a hair over what would be a defensible line in a court of law but I suspect she has forgotten is that the internet is a lot more like a frontier than a place where laws prevail.

    I think someone with a grudge is hacking her account. For most people, it wouldn't be difficult to figure out who has a grudge but in the case of FHOTD? Could be anyone of literally hundreds or even thousands of people.

  6. I think it's hilarious and until she gets a judging certificate she needs to shut up. As to Fugs website being suspended, there are three ways that can happen, 1) not paying your hosting bill 2) being entagled in a possible lawsuit for slander and 3) copying another's content........duplicate content

  7. I was there with all my clients, it was a apha approved show. Although I don't think it is right for a horse that has won more than 3 classed to go school in a novice horse class at a schooling show, it was just a schooling show. My regional top 5 horse got beat in all his classes, big deal he was there to be schooled. It was needed ring time although we spent most of our classes riding on defense and trying no to get ran into to. It was at best chaotic and at time dangerous. My junior horse got ran into and another got kicked. So yeah we won't be going back, not worth have an accident over to school our horses in the ring. I don't agree with the public bashing over a novice horse class at a schooling show. The one beef I do have was the bashing I heard coming from the QH people about the Arabians there at the show. It was put on by an Arabian club, so obviously there was going to be arabs there.

  8. This is a woman who has a stallion in training...that she wants to get an ROM on....in one season...

    And she is worried about a horse being inappropriately placed in...what?

    A WALK/TROT class?

    I didn't know the AQHA gave out ROMs in Walk/Trot? (note...read that sentence as 'dripping with sarcasm').

    I'm sure fug's trainer is going to L.O.V.E that kind of spotlight. NO public trainer wants to be drug into the middle of some petulant, childish debate started by a deranged client.

    Wonder how long it will be before this trainer sents fugs and the VLC packing? Not long if Cathy keeps bringing this kind of attention to EVERY, SINGLE show the VLC is taken to.

  9. Whaoa Nellie! Bwahaha! Look what I missed. Let me get this straight...In a walk class someone beat someone?! How could that be?! In my world, you accept the judges decision, shut your mouth, and go home to train and practice. That would be the purpose of a walk trot class.

    Number one, I would never enter my stallion prospect in any class unless I absolutely knew he was trained to the nines. Looks bad for a breeding prospect to be misbehaving in public. Why risk a bad video?
    Number two, I never let older students show against the kids unless I have permission for them to ride the class and not be judged.

  10. Why would she be showing him in a small show anyway? I thought BYC was the next big thing?

  11. I noticed a link to Fugly's twitter at the top of her blog, so out of curiosity, I clicked it. She is still fuming, not only because of the schooling show incident, but because her blog was suspended this morning. The responses on her blog are down as well. She provided a link to another blogger who contacted the Capstone trainer for this appy and rider- you can see the post and comments at
    hunterintraining. blogspot.com and

  12. This is interesting reading to me.

    First, I have to ask a really dumb question, what is an ROM? I know nothing about western showing anymore, it has been since the early 1970's and that was at the local level.

    Second, showing in the hunter shows here, the "novice" horses are not ridden by inexperienced children or adults. Professional trainers can't ride them in the baby green classes but can ride them in the green classes, this is on the flat as well as over fences classes. Adults can only ride "ponies" in baby green, not green.

    The baby green and green classes here are really competitive and starts a horse's show career out on either a good track or a bad one.

    This show sounds like a "funshow" which are supposed to be, ya know, FUN. While I think the girl on the App should have gone in "not to be judged" if the horse didn't meet the class requirements (no matter what the judge said), I think Fugs needs to evaluate her response. I don't care what she says, she looks like a big fat baby poor loser. She needs to realize in the show world, shit like this happens ALL of the time. Some days it goes your way, some days it doesn't.

    Tattling to the judge or show officials over issues like this one will get you tagged with a bad reputation for being a whiner, tattletale and a poor sport. That isn't going to give the BYC much of a chance to prove himself which isn't fair to him.

    She says that none of this really matters to her, but I think it does. She wouldn't have spent so much money and effort on him if it didn't. I think she needs to quit being FHOTD as far his showing (unless it is about abuse that she sees) and just be BYC's owner/rider.

    She does make one good point, the stopwatch doesn't lie, and in the case of BYC, that probably isn't a good thing either.

  13. Hey, wait. Did Fubbly comment on how VLC placed???????

  14. "big fat baby poor loser"


    I guess, he did NOT place.
    (falls over, frothing at mouth.)

    word. verf?



  15. As to Fugs website being suspended, there are three ways that can happen, 1) not paying your hosting bill 2) being entagled in a possible lawsuit for slander and 3) copying another's content........duplicate content

    Also going over bandwidth limits. Given what I know of Fugs, it's likely she has either a free or dirt cheap webhosting package. A few embedded videos or lots of pictures will use bandwidth and she'll probably end up over her limit.

    I did notice that fuglyblog was back but horsereunions.com was still suspended. This leads me to think it is a bandwidth issue.

  16. CCC, you have made a very good point. Fubbly Bubbly should reel in all of her vitriol, hatred, and scorn and zip that gaping potty mouth closed if she is serious about her buckskin horse's future. The road she's chosen is already full of potholes.

  17. GL and Anon,

    She did say that BYC was in the class and didn't act well, so she wasn't complaining because she thought he should have pinned.

    Last Anon,

    I feel sorry for BYC, I think he could be at least a very nice "local" horse, but he won't go anywhere with her as his owner if she doesn't look beyond "herself" which, unfortunately, I think is impossible for her.

    That pesky Narcissistic Personality Disorder keeps getting into the way of her doing anything at all in life!

  18. I see that her blog is back up. I find it really amusing that she blames the down time on a silly man. Most men have no use for her, whether in her personal life or in her "business" life. Wonder why she can't accept the fact that there are many women who also find her a joke and have no use for her either?

  19. Ok, sorry for my ignorance but I take it that VLC is one horse Fubs owns and BYC is another horse she owns????? Also, what do those initials stand for as far as the horses' names goes?

    I know nothing about showing at all so I won't comment but, by the sounds of it, she got ticked off because her horse didn't get a ribbon and someone who was over qualified (the horse's abilities and the rider's) was allowed to compete and won a ribbon? A schooling show is for beginners (both horse and rider)???

    If I understand all of this, I will be able to appreciate the comments more.

  20. BYC stands for Big Yellow Caddy. She nick named him VLC, which stands for "Very Large Colt".

  21. VLC=VeryLargeColt=BigYellowCaddi.

    Oh, I know, CCC. It just struck me funny. VeryLargeShouldBeA_Gelding didn't act well?? How could that HAPpen?
    He's called very large 'cause fubbs is very short.
    Like CCC.
    (runs for cover)

    My gawd, the earth moved that day. That's why the 4.4 happened!!
    BigYellowCaddi = VLC's registered Name:)
    He ShoulD have acted well. How could he??
    First shows are generally not most horse's crowning achievement.

    Although MY little bay gelding acted VERY well, at HIS first show, and he did NOT get a ribbon, and I was thrilled.
    so THerE.

    And VLC can do barrels, if he poops out in WP. Yeah, that totally follows, logically.

  22. Anon above,

    Same horse. She has referred to her horse as the Very Large Colt, aka VLC but his registered name is the Big Yellow Caddie, aka BYC.

    There was a show that he competed in that apparently had a horse that should not have competed in that class. She was upset and made a big old stink on her blog.

    Funny thing is, her blog has been having "technical difficulties" quite frequently. HHHHMMMMMM!!!

  23. Oh, OK. Thanks for the explanations. Now it makes more sense to me. She went on to complain to the judge about the situation and some trainer answered her (would that be the trainer of VLC)? I can see why her trainer WOULD or COULD walk away from her and her horse if she is creating all kinds of havoc over this on her blog AND by contacting the judge (or did I misunderstand this part of the story?) Personally, I don't know how the trainer of VLC puts up with Fubs. Most people can't put up with her from what I can see.

  24. CCC-A ROM = Register Of Merit. Sorry-don't know how many points a horse has to earn to receive that accolade. ROM's are earned per class(Halter, WP, Trail, etc), but can be earned in each division-Open(Pro), Amature and Youth divisions.

    It's an accomplishment, but certainly not the be all to end all as far as making the decision to base breeding worth of an individual.

    It's really sad that Cathy isn't all that emotionally vested in whether the VLC is successful or not. Many an unworthy horse has been made "successful" based on emotional investment and many a worthy horse has been discarded due to lack of emotional investment.

    Kinda scary for the VLC!

    Of course...there's always barrel racing...ROFLMAO...Yea...cause that is sooooo easy compared to WP.(eyeroll)

  25. GL,

    I am not that short Miss Missy. I have climbed up on Buck without the aid of a mounting block before. Of course, I needed a heating pad the next day, but that is not the point.

    I will say that my girl Whinnie got a blue in her first class, baby green, over fences, trotting, in a class of 14. Gotta love that girl!

  26. BEC, Thanks!

    Even though I don't know a whole lot about the western disciplines, am I goofy because I think BYC isn't suited to things like barrel racing?

  27. CCC-I can't really comment on the VLC's potential as a 'winning' barrel horse. ANY horse can be taught to barrel race and to do it properly. Winning however is another thing entirely.

    As far as what his bloodlines say...he has nothing that constitutes popular barrel horse breeding. He would actually have to start winning at barrel racing before anyone in those circles would consider breeding to him.

    Didn't that barrel racer, Karen V end up with the buckskin colt the VLC sired?

    Maybe that is what is inspiring fugs to make comments in that direction?

  28. FHOTD said...
    OK, we have an update! Sarah says the judge told Kym it was ok for her to show in Novice! So now we get to play “who is lying.” I’m dying to hear from the judge whether she said it was ok to ignore the printed rules of the show. Sarah is claiming they donated the ribbons back to the show and that makes it ok. No, it doesn’t. If you were schooling and did not care about the ribbons, you should have flipped your number and not taken the ribbons in the first place. You still took a ribbon away from a deserving person who actually qualified to go in the class. I honestly don’t care if the judge did say that (which I bet they deny but we’ll see how this develops). YOU should know better. Common sense should tell you it is not fair to put your World Champion in the Novice Horse Not to Have Ever Won a Blue Ribbon class.

  29. oh dear so sad, VLC didn't get a blue in walk trot. Wait why is he showing walk trot this many months into training.

    ok people I live in the redmond area. If anyone wants to tip me off as to VLC's next show I will glady go and video tape him for you all.

  30. Cedar Hill Training Center (where her is horse is) is on Facebook, they talk about all the shows they are going to.

  31. hahahahahahahaha! gasp! hahahahaha!
    BYC can't manage to place in a schooling show so FUBB gets mad and stoops to a new low. Or maybe it's the same low and she can't go any lower. Whatever. It does not bode well for BYC at an AQHA show. Schedule a stop for the gelding bus please.

  32. You know I am really torn about this post of Fubblys....

    I am having a hard time figuring out which is more tacky. Riding a WC horse in a schooling show novice class against the 4-H kids without turning your number upside down or something, or Fubbly posting about it in great detail down to calling the girl and trainer by name.

    I truly am leaning towards Fubbly as being the more tacky of the two. If you have a problem with someone in the wrong class at a show TAKE IT UP WITH THE FREAKING SHOW MANAGEMENT IN PRIVATE!!!
    Do not whine all over the internet about the people. Have some CLASS and do it correctly, not unleash your ridiculous crows on the barn. Why make public enemies? I Guarantee you will run into these people again. I will NEVER understand the horse business when it comes to this. We ALL need each other flawed as we are to keep the horse business going. Making enemies is NEVER NEVER a good idea for anyone. There is a thing called "Professionalism". Something sorely lacking in the horse world. Neither party showed any in this little scenario.

  33. Now, now...you all know there will be no gelding of the VLC. Fugs has made it abundantly clear...she is a 'responsible' stallion owner and since she has such wonderful facilities and is always there to take care of her horses...there is NO chance there could ever be an accidental breeding and he is just such a pussy cat....blah, blah, blah...

    I'm thinking at this point, she just needs to go ahead and breed a couple of mares to the horse. He is a 5y/o this year, if she keeps his foals on the same timeline as he is on...he will be a 10y/o before they hit the showring. Figure a couple of years to 'see' what they can accomplish...Before she knows it, the VLC will be an old man and she will still be trying to figure out if he is 'breeding worthy' or not. She may be able to get old broodies to live into their 30's, but stallions very seldom do and their breeding days are usually over by the time they hit their mid-20's...

    How on earth is she going to take the AQHA by storm and show everyone how it is done at the rate she is going?

  34. All her jetting back and forth is pretty strange.
    I'd miss my horse so dang much that I'd either move back or take him south with me, yet I realize she has a trainer she likes and from what I've heard, she is a lovely woman. Fubs also has that old mare that she boards down in Tennessee.
    Her name should be changed to Telefubby, aka
    the distance fubby. She can wear a propeller on the top of her head, and hang out with Po, Dipsy and Tinky Winky.

  35. If you go to Cedar Hill Training Center's Facebook page there is a photo of VLC himself being ridden by the trainer on the 13th of March.

  36. If you all go to Cedar Hill Training center's FB page there is a photo of VLC being ridden...

  37. Anonymous said...

    If you all go to Cedar Hill Training center's FB page there is a photo of VLC being ridden...

    She calls him Cecil?

  38. His breeder named him Cecil.

  39. "Fubs also has that old mare that she boards down in Tennessee. Her name should be changed to Telefubby, aka the distance fubby. She can wear a propeller on the top of her head, and hang out with Po, Dipsy and Tinky Winky."

    OMG, this is the most hilarious post I have read to date, and is so fitting, it is even more hilarious. Thanks for the hysterical laughter and tears rolling down my face in this early Wed morning hour. I knew there was a reason I could not sleep. Reading this made my insomnia bearable.

  40. Okay- to clear up any miscommunication- the rider and trainer spoke with show management AND the judge prior to entering the class and asked for permission to go in for schooling. Unfortunatly, her number was not turned upside down. An accident for which she apologized for and never did pick up the ribbon. After the confusion was settled, the 2nd place rider took the blue and so on and so on.

    If Fubbs is going to hash things out in public, SHE is shooting VLC down. Judges remember and judges talk. Dumb ass.

    So VLC has been in training for How Long? And he cannot behave in the ring? If I remember correctly on her blog about him he was so laid back.........

    And Fubbs, dear, if you are planning on barrel racing you better get help and a helmet. Riding like a sack of potatoes at walk/trot ain't going to cut it in the barrel world. Winning a blue as the only entry at a fun show on an old mare is ummmmmmmmm fun to say the least but not necessarily competitive barrel racing where you pick up points and money. And FWIW, if you thing it's a long way down from the top of VLC when he is tanding still, I wanna watch your ass fly off when he runs home from the third barrel.

  41. There's actually a book that details, and encourages, the tactics she uses on her blog. Its called Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Although I doubt Alinsky had intimidating and humiliating people in the horse industry in mind when he wrote his book, it is pretty much detail for detail what he encouraged.

  42. Ohhh...Well that answers a lot of questions(the picture of VLC on facebook).

    The VLC looks just like every other hunch-backed, short-strided, nose dragging WP horse already out there. Hmmm...he even has that lovely gutted greyhound look going on.

    At least he doesn't look as clunky and heavy on the fore as he did in those crappy pictures fugs has floating around of him. She should really consider updating his pic on allbreed.

  43. Fubb's comment looks worse and worse all the time. The rider forgot to turn the number over, but gave back the ribbon anyway. Clearly nothing wrong was done.

  44. Fubs wearing a helmet? That'll be the day.

    OT,-- there is a new post on Hercules' Facebook page by Fubs aka Cathy. She mentioned that they got back to the barn after the schooling show and Hercules was 'rearing at the gate and having a hissy fit' because his dinner was late. Nice ground manners.

  45. I know next to nothing about Western disciplines, so the following is no doubt just my ignorance showing.

    I had the impression that there are Western Pleasure horses that are naturally extremely slow, that it isn't necessarily 100% the results of some sort of weird schooling program. And I seem to recall FHOTD talking about how VLC is one of those naturals, who is extremely laidback and has naturally extremely slow gaits.

    So, she's talking about taking this tall horse with slow gaits and running barrels with him? This doesn't make sense to me. Because I know nothing about barrels, I thought it was a sport that favoured medium sized horses that naturally moved fast.

  46. I'm glad the lady who won the ribbon gave it back and the 2nd place winner got it instead. That shows integrity on the part of the lady who gave it back. I like her already.

    Did Fubbsy Wubbsy mention this little tidbit in her diatribes?

  47. Forgive me but looking at the pic on FB makes me say WTH? When did it become popular for WP horses to slump along like that? My thought is projectile shooting over the head at a fast stop or horse crashing into wall because he is looking at the ground. Barrel racing But Fubb is afraid to leave the arena so no worry there. As for her lunatic rant about the show... Fubb has no class never did. Epic Fail :)

  48. Sorry Barrel racing No Way!!

  49. GD-I would not say that it can't be done. There are ROM WP horses that are also ROM barrel horses. It's rare and probably hasn't been done in awhile. This age of 'specialization to the extreme' has really limited what the majority of people will actually DO with their horses.

    With another owner, my barrel horse could easily have been a very nice WP/HUS horse. He's very laid back and prefers not to exert himself. I actually think it's pretty funny that no one give him a second thought at barrel racings. After he runs though, you can see everyone looking at him and wondering where the heck that horse came from-LOL.

    Unlike modern WP horses, barrel horse prospects still come in all shapes and sizes. Even roping and steer wrestling horses are more uniform in size and build according to their respective event than barrel horses.

    I just think fug's 'barrel racing' comment was kind of a back handed way of saying that if the VLC couldn't cut it in the show pen, she'd do something 'easier' with him. There is no way someone like her could turn ANY horse into a competitive barrel horse.

    I could see the horse having a fair amount of 'cow' to him though(according to his breeding). He's way to big to ever make it as a rope horse, cutting or working cowhorse, so team penning would be her only avenue to put that potential to use.

  50. Fubbs has admin rights on Cedar Hill's FB page WTH? I cant believe these people are so blindsided by her.

  51. "If you want to tell the Hump what you think, here is their web site. As always, remember that a profanity-free letter devoid of threats is the way to go. Expressing your opinion is, of course, legal and I encourage you to do so, as well as posting the link to the news story to any Los Angeles area forums you may be a member of!"
    And she wonders why her blog keeps crashing! Inciting a riot perchance?

  52. ANd she is living in Cali again. but flying back and forth to attend and subsequently bitch about shows in WA

  53. So, Kym gave the ribbon back, and the people who ranked below her sprang up in rank as if she wasn't given a ribbon? (I commend her for giving it back, SHE is a good sport) but yet, Fubtastic hasn't cleared that up on her blog? Gee, if she told the whole story, then I guess there would be nothing to stir the masses to indignation with, now would there?

    For a woman as old as Fubaroonie roo is, I'm really surprised at her lack of common sense, and sportsmanship. She's more like a spoiled brat who didn't get their way. That's my opinion.

    To the blog titled "The wrong kind of before-and-after pictures." Must she have a jab at the obese, no matter how innocent it came out?
    "She ought to be running a fat farm for ladies who would like to lose a few, since taking weight off of her victims at a rapid rate is clearly a talent of hers." I think every time she fat bashes, because yes, she hates her some fat people, I'm going to start making a stink about it in comments here.


  54. Barrel horse? bahaha What's next Open Jumper and of course if that fails there is always Church Hill Downs.

  55. She goes to Washington for schooling shows?? Couldn't that money be spent better elsewhere? Think how many Hercules you could train for a month!!!!!

  56. I read the post on the Flubsy's blog. One of the things that sticks in my mind is this. In my area we have a few different types of classes.

    Maiden horse/rider is limited to horses or riders who have not won a blue ribbon in the class at any shows. Not one.

    Novice is for horses or riders who have not won three (3) blue ribbons in the class at a show.

    Green horse is for exactly that- green horses or youngsters heading up the ranks.

    Open is for everyone. It's a free for all.

    So in reading her tangent I am wondering what the big deal is all about. So what the horse won a ribbon at another show. Under true 'Novice' class description, the horse and rider had every right to be there.

    If the trainer and the entrant cleared it with the judge beforehand, Flubs has no grounds for dispute and clearly owes someone an apology. Don't anyone hold there breath now.

    "Professionals are held to a higher level of standards."

    Isn't that what her mantra used to be? Cearly another case of "Do as I say, not as I do" and "The rules apply to everyone else but me."

    Anon <3

  57. Just for fun, I looked up all the different variations of Fugly's name I could find on this blog.

    fubbly bubbly
    fubbsy wubbsy

    I wonder how many more variations will show up. I think it's hilarious and am still chuckling over the telefubby post. Hahahahaha.

    Yep, it's a "do as I say, not as I do" world for her.

  58. Whoops, sorry about the spelling error.

    Cearly = CLearly. At least in my world.

    Anon <3

  59. Opinions are just that. There appear to be just as many sour grapes expressed in this blog as anywhere else on the internet. Both sides of any story are key to real understanding. Who cares who slept with who? Who cares who cheats - it's a part of life? If you don't like cheaters at horse shows, don't show. If you don't like cheaters in the bedroom, don't sleep with assholes. Everyone in the fecking "whores" show world sleeps with everyone else. Thanks afternoon TV. If you don't want to be "outed", don't do something that will expose you to being outed. The world is just as full of "whiners", who could also be identified as "whistle blowers" depending on your view. I do have an opinion about the incident itself from the point of view of the novice competitors in the class that day. The behaviour of the "competitor" in question was crass, and hardly constructive to encouraging novice riders to show at all, knowing that "big shots" will troll their classes. Outcome: discouragement, disillusionment, resentment, and threat to viability of small shows intended to bring new horse enthusiasts along. Why on gods' green earth is it okay to "school" a World Champion in a novice walk/trot class? How much "schooling" does a horse of this caliber require? Finally, what good has hate every done for the world. Lose the personal, ad hominen attacks and enhance the "cred" of this blog.

  60. FC,
    The person gave the ribbon back the ribbon and had no intension of competing for a ribbon. Novices won all the ribbons so there is no point to make. No harm, no foul. Injury was not caused by the rider as no one was hurt. Injury was cause by FHOTD when she posted the rider's name online and encouraged attacks. The only guilty party is Fugs. She does need to be held accountable for her outrageous and hurtful actions.

    The reason the horse was in the show isn't support for any of Fugs position and inflicted no harm so it's irrelevant. Who knows why the horse was there. The horse could have suffered and injury which made it audience shy and thus needed to be re-schooled. It's a non-issue.

  61. The Frugal Calvinist: Read the name of the blog its called Fugly Horse of The Day REVIEW So here is where we review the idiot formerly known as Cathy. All because if you try to post a comment that opposes TeleFubby on her blog she seems to forget to post it.

  62. "Outcome: discouragement, disillusionment, resentment, and threat to viability of small shows intended to bring new horse enthusiasts along. "

    Funny, seemed to me everyone was having a good time, at least from the pictures.
    But maybe they were all sad and bummed and disappointed, as you say.
    HorseShows are fun, and for learning. Ribbons really should be secondary, especially at that level, fcs!
    Rider forgot to turn her number over! Novice riders saw a world-class horse go!
    Oh, the humanity!

    Um, it's a horse show.

    If you aren't having fun, go the heck home.

  63. I did finally get to read the whole blog comment and read through the resulting posts on FHOTD.

    I have several opinions on the whole thing:

    1) I too questioned the need for schooling this horse in a class like that. Maybe they wanted to put him in a situation where chaos was pretty much guaranteed, and that type of class would, by its very nature, fit the bill? Other than that, any other higher level class would have worked as "schooling" for a horse of that caliber.

    2) Fugly has totally exonerated the Judge from any blame, but I don't. Unfortunately, there are two sides to this story, so the actual facts are not really known. Per the rider/trainer, the Judge knew and allowed it, but Fugly is casting doubt. Whatever the case may be, if the Judge did know, she should never have awarded a ribbon to that horse and only provided an opinion of the horse's performance, if the Judge didn't know, she should have realized that the horse was way over qualified and questioned the situation before pinning.

    3) There are several stories concerning the intentions of the rider and trainer. Apparently, they did turn the ribbon back in and the class was adjusted accordingly, but they never should have accepted that ribbon/placing to begin with. When her number was called, she should have come forward and stated she wasn't to be judged and requested the judging be fixed before she even left the ring. That way the correct line-up could have been called and no one would have been cheated out of their time in the spotlight.

    4) Fugly has caused such a big uproar about this rider and trainer taking a ribbon away from others, but someone that has won on the World level isn't looking for blue ribbons from a schooling show. Yes, whatever the reasoning for taking this horse in that class, the rider and trainer didn't handle the whole thing well, the Judge acted inappropriately and Fugly, well acted like Fugly, which as usual shows little real intelligence.

  64. Nickname ANON,

    I thought of a couple of new terms:

    Someone in the horse world who thinks they know everything, Fug-it-all

    Someone in the horse world who gets on your last nerve, Fugnoxious

    My persona fav, someone in the horse world who is really an idiot, fugnoramus

    The possibilites are pretty much endless on this one, don't you think?

  65. Anon 10:44 am said:

    "Forgive me but looking at the pic on FB makes me say WTH? When did it become popular for WP horses to slump along like that?"

    I know nothing about showing horses and have only been a spectator at a few shows. However, I always wondered why the horses in Western Pleasure are trained to walk along holding themselves in what appears to be an unnatural stature, slumping along as Anon said. I would much rather see a horse carry himself/herself as they normally do, head held up as they go along. Is there a reason why they are trained to walk along in a slumped position? It's almost as if their spirits are broken and they just plod along in a very submissive way. They look so much more regal in their natural walking state, to me anyway. I'd much rather watch wild horses running free, heads held high, galloping along at break neck speeds. Am I wrong to feel this way?

  66. To the Frugal Calvinist:

    To follow your lead, if you don't like the way this blog is, don't read.

    Pretty straightforward don't you think?

  67. CCC, you are brilliant. I just LOVE your additions to the nicknames Fugs has acquired along the way. I agree, Fugs fits "fugnoramus" to a T.

    Romans 12:3 fits her to a T also. "Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you."

  68. Anon 7:13

    Beautiful, thank you!

    And to CCC, hehehehehe very good! I think I shall add Fugnoramous into my vocabulary. High five!


  69. Anonymous wrote: Barrel horse? bahaha What's next Open Jumper and of course if that fails there is always Church Hill Downs.

    I think your comment was meant humorously (I often don't "get" jokes, so if I am mistaken, I apologise) but it helped focus what I was thinking about VLC and barrels.

    I do remember a bit about Open Jumper because that's what I used to ride in. While it is true that a jumper can't be judged standing still (ie, on conformation alone), it is certainly true that certain types of conformation are helpful and some types are not helpful.

    From what I've seen of the VLC, his hind assembly is relatively straight. I could be mistaken because I haven't seen any really good pictures of him. When I look at his hind assembly, though, I don't see him as having much ability to coil in front of a big fence, for a quick sprint or a tight turn. I'd be more inclined to put him in hunter for the smooth, flow-y courses, where his inability to get out of granny gear would actually be somewhat of an advantage.

    I would think the same thing would be true of barrels; it seems to me to be a sport where the ability to coil to sprint effectively and turn quickly would be necessary.

    Of course, a bold, forward horse of average conformation can often out-jump a horse of outstanding conformation that is always mentally sucking back and I would expect the same to be true of barrels, too.

  70. Fugnoramous

    Perfect! Can't wait to use that in a sentence sometime-bwahahahahaha

  71. Grainne Dhu, your and my mind run along the same path. I was thinking that BYC might make a good field hunter. With that very calm disposition that Cathy talks about he wouldn't care if the fox popped up under his feet. I don't don't if there are field hunters out in Cali of Washington though. Though all the field hunters I ever met were gelded.

    I know very little about western showing but how about trail classes. They might play to BYC strengths, a good mind, willingness to try, and a calm disposition.

  72. About the show ring kerfuffle:
    I know nothing about schooling show for western horses. In the Saddlebred world we have academy shows, tournament and rider classes. These are based on the rider levels.

    Academy shows are for folks who have not yet worn a "suit" ie haven't yet ridden up to showing standard and therefore haven't show in a show requiring a suit. Some folk never show in anything other than Academy shows. An academy horse can't be used in a non academy class.

    Tournament show occur in the off season. Seasons vary through out the states. They are kind of like academy shows. Most folk use them to expose beginning riders to the world of showing or to see if a promising horse is ready to move up a notch. I have seen horses who show in non academy divisions (10 and under walk trot) try out a new division (12 and under walk trot canter or 5 gaited)

    Rider division is for people who have shown in non academy divisions but for some reason aren't doing it now. Could be that went to college and sold their horse and are taking lessons. But it is felt that they shouldn't be showing against true academy riders.

    Setting aside who should have won the class, did it count for any points toward a ROM? I don't know if BYC would have gotten any points anyhow since he was not in the ribbons.

    I don't understand why Cathy is fussing on someone else's behalf. It didn't sound as if Cathy was going up against little children and beginner riders who don't know the ropes. It was a NOVICE HORSE class. The class where folks try out their VERY TALENTED young stock.

    The part of this whole thing I find really scary is Cathy sic-ing her Fugly mob on some one who beat her, fairly or not. Talk about "discouragement, disillusionment, resentment, and threat to viability of small shows intended to bring new horse enthusiasts along" I wouldn't show against Cathy or her barn if I knew she was in the show. If she doesn't win, or if the judge didn't place in the order she thought he/she should, or she believed there to be some inconsistencies in the show and you got more then she thinks you should have (Their barn got preferential stabling... They had more time in the wash pit and use up all the hot water.... the hoof black they used upset my horse...) and thinks it unfair she's coming after you.

    "Let's go ruin someone's business and good name because I don't like a show out come" That is a true chilling effect.

  73. I never really thought of someone like Cathy as being in the horse world. Ask Baff if he knows who she is.

  74. Horse meat, whale meat and FHotD. I do fine it ironic that Cathy is being a big supporter of laws in today's blog.

    March 17, 2010 at 11:51 am
    .....selling horsemeat for human consumption is prohibited by California law. Not my opinion – THE LAW.

    I say horses are pets, you say they’re livestock – in this case it doesn’t matter. The law is the law. They violated the law.

    showhorsegallery says:
    March 17, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I don’t have a problem (as I’ve mentioned before) with people eating horsemeat. I also don’t have a problem with laws being broken that are ridiculous. I think it is ridiculous for California to have a law prohibiting the public consumption of horsemeat. That smacks of big brother. What’s the difference between prohibiting horsemeat and say a large group of Hindus moves to the area and a law passes that prohibits the public eating of Cows because to some cultures Cows are considered sacred? Or a large influx of Vegans who want a law passed prohibiting eating meat in a public eating place completely.

    March 17, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    fhotd says:

    It’s not ridiculous. The people of California VOTED FOR IT. It was on the ballot. If the people of a state do not have the right to make the law, who does have the right?

    But it isn't illegal to sell a horse at auction. Cathy doesn't like it, so she gets to trump the people of Washington state who have decided NOT to make horse auctions illegal and Send out a Human Flesh Search Engine on someone who did a perfectly legal action?

    Some pigs are more equal then others? If you are doing something I don't like, you have something I covet, you win something I should have won I'm gonna get you sucka.

    She is no longer a freedom fighter but sounds like Robespierre to slightly misquote him "To punish the oppressors of equines is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity." and "Terror (The fugly mob and their doings) is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue;"

    Cathy=the new Robespierre of the internet.

  75. Am I the only one who sees a downhill, incredibly awkward looking BYC on the trainer's facebook page? Course, fugnoramous commented on how beautiful he is.

    Not really. He's what I'd call a blah buckskin. He just looks so dull and lifeless. I mean, crud, you'd think two balls would create some sort of spark.

    I would think if he was going to be potential breeding material he'd have started showing that off awhile ago. I mean, I'd have expected some walk trot shows the year before (by taking it naturally slow) and this year moving up classes and really getting him into it. I'd expect some spunk and pep despite the odd ways of WP. I mean, he looks like he'd be face scrapingly boring to ride. Somebody like Cathy saying he's naturally laid back and slow screams "Remember that schooling pony that you have to fight for a fast paced walk? Yeah, that's him."

  76. I agree, Cinammon. That's why I made the comment that he was called Cecil, because he did NOT look like the same horse that I had seen previous pictures of. He looks... horrible. Reedy, lack luster and just... the only pretty thing about him is how his dark points stand out against his coat color. (And I hate that look wp people give their horses. You know the ones where it looks like a rail road spike has been shoved up into the right hoof to get that rolling barf gait?)


  77. Can someone provide a link to the pics of VLC at the trainers?

    Fuggs needs to grow up. It was a schooling show, FCS.

  78. I agree with Kaede. I was married (mistake!) to a guy who wasn't very smart, but knew that if he started yelling at any given public place (restaurant etc) that he would get what he wanted because most people don't want a scene.

    This is like Fubby on the internet. If she were anything approaching mature, she would have gone to the show office and solved it right then and there. But no, her real agenda is to attract as much attention to herself as she can. Very few 20 year olds are mature as far as I've seen, but I don't see the point in rubbing her nose in her gaffe like this. Kinda like beating your horse with a 2x4 for pushing you with his nose. Fubby is a good example of how a society should NOT want to behave.

    Big Brother = the internet + insecure people with cell phone cameras, no social skills and nothing else to do in their sad lives.

  79. OK due to the fact I dont know anything about WP or the slumpy way they move I gave fugnoramus the benefit of the doubt. I showed the picture w/ the trainer to a older show person with AQHA and ApHA background. I didnt say what I was looking for be it a potential buy etc. Here are her thoughts "totally wrong conformation. Head is too short. neck is too thin. front legs bad. tail set wrong. no muscle tone, might make a cow horse.. The rider is terrible, Hows his attitude?" When I told her he is a stud she choked!!

  80. BYC has lost weight, that's for sure.
    First time he's ever worked in his life, probably.

  81. Don't like VLC or "cecile" whatever his name might be. But his rider in the pic on FB is Crystal and I've seen her ride in real life, she's a very good rider.

  82. Whomever that is, is riding Cecil in tennies.

    just sayin'.
    Shouldn't western harses be ridden with western boots?
    Or am I being an english snob again?
    He's post-straight behind in that shot, really shows his confo, or lack thereof.

    A Jumper?
    Probably not.

  83. CCC, GL, Anon:


    I AM reading this blog to get another point of view, which from your response is supposed to be the point. If bashing first time comers and their opinions is also the point of the blog, I will henceforth read in silence, (with the requisite snickers as appropriate).

    Please explain how bashing others here (main topic of blog excluded) is in any way different from Fuberific bashing others? One CAN make valid points without being vicious. This approach also gives much more credence to argument.

    GL: re "disillusionment" comment, this was an overall observation, hardly targeted at this particular show. The point is if 4H, novices, kiddies go to a show that is filled with high level riders/horses, it can be discouraging.

    Ciao, y'all.

  84. fugnoramus on twitter today LOLOLOL me thinks someone is a tad miffed with her??

    # Things that do not work on me: threats, intimidation, and the fact that you're rich. You know you're embarrassing yourself further, right? about 1 hours ago via web

  85. Frugal,

    Unfortunately, your first post started as an attack on this blog and the people who post here. It did not address the topic at hand. The latter part of your original post did address it, and I do agree with your comments about the novice shows.

    But then you lost me again with your last statement. This blog is what it is, a review, a critique, a way to vent about FHOTD and what we all (or anyone) doesn't like about it. We are humans, we get pissy, we get silly and yes we hate. But there is alot of knowledge amongst everyone here, as a matter of fact, there are some of us who were regulars on FHOTD some time back.

    Your opinions are most welcome, but if most of what you offer is bashing this blog, its content and the people on here, then maybe this isn't the place for you. In other words, it is what it is, either accept it, or not, it is your choice afterall.

    BTW, I do not meow, I go woof woof!

  86. Well Ladies, now I have to come up with some more fugs vocab. I know Frugal will think me immature, but, it amuses me, so what the hey!

    I did want to say to the Anon who questioned the content of the Novice class that is in question.

    In my area and in my discipline, Novice Rider is inexperienced riders competing on seasoned horses. Novice Horse is seasoned riders competing on inexperienced horses. I don't think that this is the way this particular show was.

    I am going to have to put in my 2 cents worth on turning BYC into a hunter. Yes, he might make a good field hunter, but most likely, not a show hunter. Even though the jumps might not be as high as in open jumpers, to get proper form, the horse needs to get to the base of the fence, rock back on his haunches and push up and over. That is how you get bascule, you don't get it from a flat take off. BYC would need lots and lots of work to get that hind end to work like that. It looks kinda weak to me. Hills, Hills, Hills I say.

  87. GL, could you linky the Facebook thingy. You know I am challenged that way, and really I am happy with it. Thanks Darlin!


    Actually, as far as I am concerned, I wouldn't have a problem showing against someone like Cathy. She can whip up all kinds of fury via FHTOD, but she really has zero pull in the show world. Where I am, that would create a backlash that she could never recover from. In other words, her blog means nothing.


    I don't twitter and don't plan to, who is she talking about now?

  88. CCC when I was a kid I hunted a buckskin quarter horse with the Fairfax hunt. You could avoid some of the fences, but a calm disposition was a must. I was thing of hills too. In my new discipline of Saddleseat, all the horses at the stable I ride at are trained for harness as well as riding. Pulling that little wagon around really builds up the butt muscles.

    I wasn't really worried about showing, but about the threats, harassing calls, the pull in into the driveway late at night,the nasty letters anonymously posted on the trailer, the graffiti sprayed on walls,etc. How about the intimidation of the trainers, owners, riders children? Over heard at the rail 'cause the speakers know that the kids are affiliated with L'heure Bleue stable "Relative Innocence is an experienced horse you all aren't wanted here. You all are cheats". How much of this stuff could a tweener take? Should take?

  89. I was thinking of hills too. Can't type today.

  90. I must say. For one thing, everyone making statements about the pic of the horse with the trainer on him and claiming "I don't know much or anything about western, but this looks bad, that looks wrong..."

    Just really makes a clear statment about how poorly things are going!

    Shall we review a few things first?

    For starters- the mecate is tied wrong. This can get you dq'ed from a class.

    Then we move on to the way it is adjusted on the bridle- too high.

    The horse is leaning on the reins and heavy on the forehand. Because the rider is pulling on him... In veiwing pictures on the website and FB account- Everyone is riding with a firm unyeilding grip. I wonder where they learned that?

    To Anon posting at 9:07 claiming Crystal is a very good rider. That's nice dear. You just keep on believing that. Mkay? Rider- maybe, trainer- No.

    He is extremely close coupled- meaning no back. This could or maybe rather should translate into possible intereferrence or some amount of overstep in the stride. Not happening there... He is pictured at the jog.

    He also appears to be 'sucked up' through the flank area. Could be stress, could be pain, but he also has no muscle tone or development. Little to no gaskins or forearms- remember the muscles that get used are the ones that are developed.

    Lack of overstep and being heavy on the forehand clearly shows us what? If you answered No Impulsion, you are correct.

    His left hind is straight as a fence post and turned out. Letter perfect conformation is not necessarily a requirement for performance classes, but soundness can become questionable over time. If he can't or doesn't hold up for flat classes- there's not much chance of him doing anything strenuous like jumping or barrel racing as a wise career move.

    This horse is now 5 years old (?), he's been under saddle how long (?) and he's stuck in a walk jog class? At a schooling show no less? That does not bode well for his future, let alone breeding career.

    In the photo, he is hanging his head in shame already and lacks the presence or "WOW" factor, so many others have. It might be best to geld him now and move on.

    As for Flubs' reaction over all of this at a schooling show, well, easily said-> she will NEVER make it to the "Big Time". Even if she did, one class with no ribbons and she might very well explode. If that happens, I hope everyone remembers to bring their raingear and a video camera...

    Anon <3

  91. Above Anon,

    You scared me a little! LOL!

    I haven't seen the video, hoping SOMEONE will post a link, but if not, I will look later on.


    I do know what you mean about retaliation from "that group" but I guess that sort of thing doesn't intimidate me and it wouldn't fly around these parts in any circumstances.

  92. Frugal... you want us to act mature, but you greet us with "Meow"? You've got to be a teen, because the only people I know who address people with "Meow" or "Rar" are teens.

  93. address to photo of VLC...


  94. Sorry-http address will not work unless you are logged into facebook.

    The photo can be copy and pasted to a photo account and posted. I just don't have one of those...sorry

  95. snicker.
    Mrar, to you too.
    "The point is if 4H, novices, kiddies go to a show that is filled with high level riders/horses, it can be discouraging."

    I got the point, I have shown, I've been beaten. I'm a freakin' poster child for disillusionment in the horse industry, fcs. Cry me a river.
    Where the hell do the big-time riders go to show their starters/greenies/ammies/experienced horses needing a tune-up/change of scenery??
    I'll give ya a hint.
    A schooling show.

    Winning/\Losing is all part of the game. The reasonable responses above are how it usually happens. You know, mention something? I believe it was taken care of, at this show.
    Everyone LOOKed happy on their FB page.The drama runs so DEEP, though, so deep.
    In some minds, perhaps..

    Move on from that, IS the point.


    (catching up on comments)
    "In the photo, he is hanging his head in shame already "

    yup. poor horse;)

    I cower before tentacles and smarm, dear frugal.
    Anything less than that, you're out of luck.


    Can't even schooling shows be fun anymore????

    Oh, right, they ARE.
    Just not in the fugnoramus world.
    They really should change that FB page. It's SO misleading!
    People Smiling!!


  96. Oh crud what is fubby's name on you tube?

  97. Fugly's screen names:
    resqtb or resqtbs
    go ahead and search the blogs and user groups and be prepared to be entertained.

  98. VLC is not a western horse. The fact that she took the ribbon from a kid shows who she really is.

    'Hanging head in shame'


  99. It is my understanding that the woman who got the ribbon returned it and it was given to the 2nd place winner instead. She had no intention of getting a ribbon. It was already stated that she simply forgot to turn her number upside down which would indicate to the judge that she was not actually competing in the class, I guess.

    It was Fugs who made the stink about her being in the class in the first place.

    To everyone, If I am mistaken, please feel free to correct me.

  100. What is pathetic is that figs made a stink. She is a show mom without a kid.

  101. JR, good to see you posting here. What was the turning point that you and CnJ left the fugs blog?

  102. Ohhhhh there were so many things.

    It got to the point that she became judge, jury and executioner while she led a less than stellar life.

    We hated the fact that we were being asked take sides and chose who we associated with.

    We do always speak our minds but we are forgiving. And we also no when we are wrong and admit it. We never saw those qualities with Fugs.

  103. JR-Ya know, I think that has been the rub for a lot of us.

    Loyalty is a great quality. But when people expect blind devotion?

    Ummm...not so much!

  104. BEC

    I agree completely.

    The do as I say not as I do is also a notion I don't follow

  105. We need T shirts :) Unfubbys unite :)

  106. "Anonymous said...
    ANd she is living in Cali again. but flying back and forth to attend and subsequently bitch about shows in WA March 17, 2010 1:50 PM"

    What I make special note of regarding this statement is the fact that she is making the trip from CA to WA x number of times but when there is a horse that she has been involved in saving from auction or whatever, she then stumps for money on her blog. I know that there are times the money goes straight to the person who has the rescued horse but it has also been stated that she has taken money herself and never accounted for it to the donors.

    She has a right to spend her own money as she sees fit (going back and forth between states) but I find it ironic that when she feels like it, the stumping for cash begins, and people fall for it sending in their $$ to help her "cause".


  107. ROFLMAO, love the t-shirt idea. Thanks for the laughs so early in the morning.

  108. Anon said " and she is living in Cali..."
    This is what started to drive me wild about Cathy. She can spend her money however she wishes. Absolutely. But she then goes one step more, she can tell you how to spend your money. Then send the Fulgly mob after you if you don't choose to spend your money that way. If you choose to put down your horse rather than retire them, "I'm gonna get you sucka"

  109. How about an "unfubblies unite!" mug to drink you fubbly bubbly from.

  110. Mugs yes!! :) Cafepress needs us LOL

    I was looking at Hercs new pics seem to be very skinny under that blanket maybe her grass hay for TB's theory isnt working so well for the Monster?
    My TB eats a 3/4 of a bale of alfalfa and free choice grass a day at 16H and puts BYC to shame in the fit dept.
    So Fubby the Monster might need alfalfa safe choice beet pulp horseguard AND your beloved crap hay you tout to unsuspecting adopters of TB's

  111. Seems fugly isn't done making threat about the people involved in the show incident...

    "...By the way, I suspect this isn’t the last time these folks are going to be featured. They sure are good at making threats, LOL, and you ALL know how I respond to threats! Especially silly we-control-the-world-’cause-we’re-rich type threats."

    That's her quote from yesterday morning on that particular thread.

    I still can't get my mind wrapped around the pettiness of fugly. It was an open schooling show. It just doesn't compute to me that her and her fuglites are so bent out of shape over this. If the novices and those kid's egos are so freaking fragile that they could not handle losing to a World Champion...they really have no business showing.

  112. Maybe she thinks that she's going to reform the entire showing world by herself. (Delusions much?)

    She keeps her stallion out of the show ring and training until he's 5. This is unusual, but in keeping with her philosophy that everyone is wrong for the way they train horses and she is doing it the the RIGHT way. And her horse is so spectacular he's going to take the world by storm.

    Now, I'm not a WP person (grew up taking lessons on andalusians and really like the rounded, high action of the spanish type horses) but when I look at the blurry picture of BYC posted on Facebook I think "ewww."

    He looks worried. He looks sucked up. He is rounded, yeah, but it's more slumped than rounded. I don't like WP and their form so take my opinion with that bias in mind. Even for a WP horse, I'm not seeing anything that catches my eye.

    I'm also amused that the *only* picture of BYC from the show was blurry and showing the rider in tennies. I'm thinking that was taken in the warmup ring, not the actual show ring.

    Now, look at the other show shots. Well focused, well framed. Clean, happy horses with well turned out riders. And standing still. Posing for the camera even. Betcha that there are other shots of BYC and they chose to put up the blurry one. Now why might someone who's generated herself some internet fame on critiquing pictures of other people's horses put up a blurry photo of her own horse? hrmm?

    I know for a while she was saying that she didn't want training pictures and bad shots to get out for when she was campaigning him as a stallion. So... uh... this strikes me as a training picture and a bad shot.


  113. If/when BYC gets his ROM in WP or whatever, how much could Cathy reasonably charge for a stud fee? How many mares would be be able to service? Would/could this be a money making deal for Cathy?

    I can get a WC and sire of WCs Saddlebreds sire for $2500.00. About 3 months show boarding and training for both the horse and the rider.

    With that said, would choosing BYC over say Zips Chocolate Chips @ $4,000.00 or Chips Hot Chocolate at $1,750.00 be desirable? Other than his color? Would you only people looking for a buckskin? If the foal wasn't a buckskin and the owner didn't want it, would Cathy be willing to buy it at what the owner wanted for it? If BYC has a ROM but not a WC what kind of mares could he attract?

  114. Kaede

    realistacally she could not charge that much. One ROM does net neccessarily make him more valuable. Consistancy in winning and performance is waht adds the value. But there are so many stallions that are better than him out there so competition is pretty tough.

    And then you have to look at what he produces before you start making the bucks. Many satllions are not good producers.

  115. Kaede-Even if the VLC gets his ROM, the little fact that seems to escape everyone is...it really doesn't matter what HE accomplishes, what matters to horse people is what can his 'get' accomplish?

    Cathy really doesn't seem to realize that while showing the VLC will garner some breedings, ultimately a stallion's success is based on what his foals are going to accomplish. That means to really turn the VLC into a successful breeding stallion, she will need to either-Breed some quality mares to the horse, raise them herself and make sure they get shown successfully OR partner with someone who wants to breed some quality mares to the VLC and then they will make sure the foals get into the show ring.

    Promoting and proving a stallion is a life-long endevor to most people. It isn't just about showing off the stallion, it's about showing off his get and grand-get as well. It's about creating, promoting and getting other people to believe in a genetic dynasty...think Smart Little Lena, Hollywood Dunit, the entire line of the Chocolate Chips.

    Cathy has already stated she is not overly emotionally invested in whether her stallion is successful or not. Then why on earth does she have a stallion? Wouldn't a nice show mare or gelding be more up her alley?

    I know that doesn't answer your questions about how much could she charge for a stud fee or what type of mares that would attract, but those things are really relative to the investment she is willing or able to make into continually promoting the VLC and his get.

  116. So BYC stud fee will likely be <$1,000.00, and to approved mares only. I begin to feel as if this will be a money loosing enterprise for her. If I have a high quality mare that has won her ROM and I'm looking for a stallion to either enhance her or balance out her (color be hanged) wouldn't I be willing to spend the extra $500.00 to be a horse with proven get or a proven line? I know I would, and I fondly imagine I'm the kind of horse owner she wants to attract: Well heeled with a secure financial future. If the "best" out there only costs maybe $700.00 more than BYC I'll skip my annual trip to Florida at Christmas or my 2 weeks at the beach cottage in July. I would have a much more saleable "product" [Hot Mexican Chocolate by Zips Hot Chocolate out of WC/ROM trail horse Chupacabra] if I needed/wanted to sell the foal. I made all that information up by the by, I don't know if you can get a ROM or a WC as a trail horse. You know the trail class in the ring. I love watching those classes on Youtube.

  117. Kaede-The AQHA 'gives' out ROM's in every event and World Championship titles in every event.

    Here is the breakdown of how the AQHA categorizes their lifetime awards to horse;

    ROM-Register of Merit-Requires earning-10 points in any particular class-Halter, Performance Halter, each Performance event.

    Versatility Award-At least 65 points in 8 events, with at least 10 points being earned in each of 5 different events.

    AQHA Champion-At least 35 points, with at least 15 of those points being earned in Halter and at least 15 being earned in Performance. There are some other requirements for this award-I believe they have to do with what types of classes the points must be earned in.

    AQHA Supreme Champion-At least 40 points, with 15 points needed to be earned in Halter, at least 20 points in Performance AND 2 AAA(or SI) ratings of at least 90. Additional requirements break down the different classifications the horse must earn points in.

    Superior All-Around-50 total All-Around titles must be awarded at shows.

    Superior Event Horse-At least 50 points earned in any one event.

    Performance Champion-Must earn at least 3 individual Superior Event Horse awards.

    Supreme Performance Champion-Must earn at least 6 individual Superior Event Horse awards, not including Halter.

    So, as a person can see, A World Championship, while prestigious only says that that particular horse was good enough THAT YEAR, at THAT SHOW. To me it's weird that people have placed as much importance on that title as they have.

    And you can also see that an ROM is really a minimalistic award for a horse to earn if they are being campaigned to determine breeding worthiness.

  118. Kaede- Even if the horse went on to do great things and rack up points, titles and accolades galore, the problem is, there are so many others out there- flooding the market so to speak, that he really has to find his niche and excell.

    As it sits currently- that isn't happening and isn't going to. Not any time soon, and certainly not under her ownership.

    She had said once before it took around $30,000-$40,000 for her friends horse to get to the World Show or Congress one year. Clearly not an amount she will ever be able to shell out to get there.

    Even still, I hate to even go there- the horse doesn't have the background to do what she would like him to. Not the fault of the breeder, not the fault of the horse, but clearly a case of Flubs not doing her research before getting sucked into the whole deal.

    Champions come from champions, but with the stallion owners overbreeding- everyone can have one. To the point of the market being what it is and you can't throw a stick at a horseshow and NOT hit a horse with Chocolate Chip bloodlines in WP, the reining world- Topsail Cody, cutting- Peptoboonsmal and Smart Little Lena, foundation- Driftwood, Hancock and others, halter- Impressive... and so it goes.

    Checking into any of the publications or even online, there are so many stallions out there available to mare owners, stallion fees are in some cases as low as $3-400 and on up. Bloodlines- anything you can wish for.

    Another sad fact of reality she has to face, once the foal arrives, she has no say over how it is handled, how it is trained, if it ever gets to the show pen, if it is up for sale or not and if so- who the next buyer will be. Not unless she buys up every single one.

    People are fickle at best and horse people are just downright crazy at times. Many of them have perfected the art of putting on a good front. She did too there for a while, but soon everyone found her hiding behind her curtain, flipping the levers and thowing the switches. That's when Oz started to fall down around her and the paint washed off the bricks in her yellow brick road.

    Anon <3

  119. Just one more thing to add.

    While the Teleflubbies comment made me snicker, combined with the fact I cannot stand the TeleTubbies, please quit making the references to her as a TeleFlubby.

    As funny as it is, I'm sure even the TeleTubbies would rather not be associated with someone like that.

    Anon <3

  120. Ya know, come to think of it, Tinky Winky might just wallop her with his purse if she comes along.
    take that
    and that! Go away, Telefubby!

  121. My background is in Animal Science and we spent a lot of time looking at the question "who gets to keep their bits and be breeding stock."

    I'm not necessarily of the opinion that showing and winning awards is the only way to measure breeding stock. It's a good way, but I am not convinced it is the only way.

    One thing we used to talk about in terms of cattle breeding was a pyramid structure. At the very top of the pyramid you had breeding farms that bred the uber high quality animals. These were the folks who showed and campaigned their bulls. They put them through various tests and bred offspring before marketing them as herd studs. Below that there were mid-level farms. These were ones that bought the bulls from the top farms and bred good animals, some of which were even high quality enough to compete with the level above them. Most of these animals, though, went to the small producers to add high level genetics to their breeding program. At the bottom of the pyramid were the folks producing cows and steers for those of us who choose to eat meat. Very few (or none) of those males go back into the breeding herd and only a small percentage of the females do.

    The horse world is very different for a lot of reasons. But I think the model is not that off. There are farms that will be breeding elite horses and that's a good thing. But there are smaller farms that can actually breed less elite animals, basically for hacking around local trails and acting as family horses.

    Not that I think every stud out there should keep his balls, I certainly don't. But I also don't think that that registration and world championships is an absolute requirement to keep and market a horse as a stud, in a normal economy.

    The current market is definitely having an impact, but I worry a little bit about the concentration of bloodlines. When every TB in the Kentucky Derby traces back to a single stallion (as happened recently) and people in the QH world talk about bloodlines in certain fields the geneticist part of my brain starts sounding an alarm. Too much line or inbreeding isn't good and restricting the sire gene pool isn't going to bring long term benefit to those breeds. Particularly not when the judging criteria for various awards leads to unsoundness and lack of useability (think navicular).

  122. "People are fickle at best and horse people are just downright crazy at times. Many of them have perfected the art of putting on a good front. She did too there for a while, but soon everyone found her hiding behind her curtain, flipping the levers and thowing the switches. That's when Oz started to fall down around her and the paint washed off the bricks in her yellow brick road."

    Hahahahahahaha, have I told you Anon <3 that I LOVE you. It's been a grueling afternoon for me and this comment of yours certainly hit the spot and I'm still laughing over it, as have other comments since yours.

    I am also learning a lot just reading this blog. While I will never get into showing, this blog is teaching me a lot about it and about what it really takes to have a successful stallion.

    I just dearly LOVE this blog.

  123. what's up with the non horsey topics, methinks its some sort of loop hole, to show the blog isn't all about terrorizing horse people. There is something super fishy going on. Fugs is probably skirting the law again. UGh will it ever end.

  124. Fubbs has gone over to the dog side.

    sorry, just couldn't resist.

  125. "Fubbs has gone over to the dog side."

    You mean with all the bi-

    You know what. I won't go there. But gods it would be funny if I did.

  126. Her doggy blogging is just another distraction tactic to her poor attitude. She wants us to stop talking about what a poor loser she is, but she's too narcissistic to take it down because she thinks it's right. So she makes a mundane pointless post in an attempt to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

    Oh, that's my opinion, by the way. Those are still legal, right?

  127. Okay, so let's imagine that BYC gets a ROM. Who is going to be entertaining a breeding? Not anyone I can think of. As was pointed out earlier, it is far to easy to find the same or better for a reasonable amount. And with that, you will find owners with alot less drama and negativity associated with the stud.
    Just saying, who wants to brag that your colt/filly is out of BYC? Even if it is a perfectly good specimen in the show ring, it won't ever be considered as such.

    And who would want to deal with Fubbly to acheive such a breeding? Not me. She is way to unstable and incapable of handling her own horse. She cannot walk the talk.

    And too many questions left unanswered- the late start in showing is still a result of several injuries that could easily be carried on in future get.

    FWIW- I thing BYC is a cute thing, but then so are alot of gelding.
    Cute is not for stallions. Correct conformation, good working mind, a serious job with the accolades that accompany and an owner with a sterling reputation is what a stallion should have. BYC- not so much.

  128. Hey Fubbs SOS has a strangles outbreak you might not want to push that TB right now.

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. The more I think about it, the more I think that eventually standing BYC at stud is not about the money for FHOTD.

    I suspect that what she wants is a "boutique" stallion, that is bred to just a handful of highly qualified mares each year.

    Most TB stallion owners fantasise about filling their stallion's book. Most QH stallion owners fantasise about selling as much semen as can be pumped out of the horse. In effect, they want to have lots of people asking that they can say "yes" to.

    I suspect that what FHOTD wants is the chance to reject mare owners. She wants to be in a position where many people want to breed to BYC and she gets to say "no" to most of them.

    Basically, she's a junior high style mean girl/cool kid who has a following but wants more power, more status, more ability to hurt others.

  132. The horse is not breeding material. If she wants to see a good stallion, I can point her in that direction. A good trainer, well I can show her a few of those, a good riding instructor would make her cry. She is quite silly and immature as far as I am concerned, and is not to be taken seriously. I mean really, other then calling her out for being the goofy little woman she is, what else is there to Fugly. Not much.

  133. But who who would want to breed their mare to BYC? If Cathy is trying to attract high quality mares + smart,caring owners + well heeled cliental, well, doesn't that put her boy well down on the list of desirable studs?

    I can see a foolish owner wanting to breed their may to a "celebrity" owner, I can even see a foolish owner with a high quality mare wanting to breed to BYC for the what I call the William Shatner appeal. You know "I met William Shatner when I bred my mare to his stallion, type of thing (But that doesn't happen, It's all taken care of by Belle Reve Farm or who's ever Stud the stallion is standing at. By the by Belle Reve stallions are really nice)

    What I can't see is the owner of a high quality mare who puts the mare first and who has the bucks to have a choice choosing BYC. Does that make Cathy a back yard breeder? If all she is going to get are local mares with owners who have limited money to spend? How choosy can Cathy be about mares? Or is she simply going to reject all comers?

  134. fuglyblog quantcast profile,fyi
    "This site reaches over 38,452 monthly people, of which 28,309 (74%) are in the U.S. The site attracts a more affluent, slightly more male than female, more youthful group.The typical visitor visits petfinder.com"

    word verf..

  135. "Not every accusation you read on the Internet is true. SOS has been victimized by a very angry racehorse barn that got “outed” for dumping their horses to kill." Now you are the one who is lying. That is called libel.

  136. "Now you are the one who is lying. That is called libel."

    Umm, what grade are you in? That sentence I quoted sounds like a middle schooler or younger sentence. Kinda choppy. Anon is spreading gossip that is not libel. The first person would be the one who made the libellous statement, the race horse owner I suppose. If it is libel. That would have to be investigated by a court. SOS (not you) would need to take care of that in a civil court, I do believe. Maybe Cathy in her paralegal job could take them on probono. Cause a rescue sure ain't gonna have the bucks a racehorse barn is. Good LAWYERS are $500.00 per hour. I would question any rescue coughing up the $4,000.00 or more it would take to go to court on this charge.
    If Anon believed the statement that SOS had strangles then Anon is not lying, but stating a mistaken belief.

    I don't believe Cathy is going to pursue any libel charge. She has too many charges of libel against herself.

  137. Kaede I think she was saying that was a libelous statement made by fubby about Seawind the owners of the TB;s in question. SOS still has many months later in their storage facility of 12x12 pens knee deep in mud.
    The owners of Seawind offered SOS 5 tons of hay and a large donation for the horses and it became a badge of some kind for sos to keep them. Isnt that one of fubbys things to contact the owners and make them pay? I guess SOS has the goldmine of the ABR tinfoil brigade to toss money at them so the right thing isnt something they care about.
    This isnt the first case of strangles sos has tried to hide. Storm Bar Deck has it and was placed in a home Leroy was also adopted with strangles.

  138. Ahh, thanks for the clarification. I'm sorry for misreading your statement Anon.

  139. I cut it too short. I am talking about a quote from Fubs herself. The quote I posted. What she said constitutes libel and it can be proven. Fugly is the one who should check her facts. Sorry for the confusion. The post was intended for the old mare herself since she checks this site frequently.

  140. Fubby check out ABR thread SOS - Deadline Tues. Morning (3/16) The adopter of Storm posted the horse has strangles and why is she having to QT at a neighbors when the QT was paid by the abr? I smell fish...

  141. "I am talking about a quote from Fubs herself."
    Well,that explains why I thought the writer was a middle schooler.

  142. Kaede wrote: But who who would want to breed their mare to BYC? If Cathy is trying to attract high quality mares + smart,caring owners + well heeled cliental, well, doesn't that put her boy well down on the list of desirable studs?

    You're absolutely correct. I don't see a big demand for the services of BYC by the owners of high quality mares. What sort of person would want to breed to him? My guess would be krazy kolor breeders and people who think FHOTD is a celebrity (as you noted later, the William Shatner factor).

    And that is exactly who FHOTD would take great glee in turning down. She's not dreaming about BYC get taking the world by storm, she's dreaming about the power to say no to people.

    As I recall, hasn't she asked several times on her blog to the effect of "how do you turn down a mare?" That's such a stupid question because the answer is obvious, some variation of: "I'm sorry, I don't think BYC would cross well with your mare." Any 12 year old with a good upbringing could figure that one out!

    I suspect that what she dreams of is getting the chance to deliver snarky critiques to mare owners. And perhaps blogging about it so that her followers can also deride them (wonder if she'll include their contact info?).

    Maybe it would actually work against her fantasies if BYC had fantastic conformation and stallion presence! If she could realistically charge a stud fee of over $1K for him, she would probably not attract as many unqualified mare owners as she wants.

    In other words, I'm wondering if her goal isn't to stand a stud that she knows will attract mostly people she disdains, so that she can have chances to deride and scorn them.

  143. Grainnie Dhu, I hadn't thought of it that way, Cathy using BYC to generate material for her blog. Cathy did start out offering conformational critiques of horse photos she found on the internet.

    I had thought Cathy simply wasn't thinking the thing through. She was pursuing a dream. You know the kind where a person who is a good home cook decides to open a restaurant? Well, they like to cook ... they hate the 9-5 thing ... they want to be their own boss ... their family and friends love their cooking .... But they never looked at the realities of running a restaurant as a business. Cooking in a restaurant is more then liking to cook or being a good cook. It's about producing a good product consistently, at a price point people will buy at, that people want to buy. Doesn't matter if you make the best Hasma this side of Clement St. If no one will buy it.

  144. There is a QH mare on the SOS website that has a HUGE swollen head. Since strangles affects the lymph nodes, would this be a symptom?
    The description says that she was not ridden as SOS believed she was coming down with something.

  145. "In other words, I'm wondering if her goal isn't to stand a stud that she knows will attract mostly people she disdains, so that she can have chances to deride and scorn them."

    Bing Bing Bing Bing. I do believe you have struck the nail firmly on the head.

  146. Years ago, when I was campaigning my second AKC CH, there was a little boy who showed up at many of the same shows my special was entered in. He had a bitch special who had a very sweet temperament but she was long, had a roach and had an incorrect head. My male beat her every single time, even though the boy was dropdead adorable in his little teeny suit and the two of them were so cute together.

    She had finished as a puppy, when she had oodles of puppy cute. When she matured, though, she was hit by the ugly stick. Very sweet in temperament, a real lover and so good with her little boy handler. But not really competition for a correct dog who had an equally outgoing, confident, friendly temperament.

    This was absolutely no pleasure to me. Who could take pleasure in beating a 10 year old boy's beloved pet? I was furious with his mentor, who was a long time breeder and knew perfectly well the bitch was not specials quality. I couldn't understand and still don't why his mentor didn't suggest he stay in junior showmanship where he would have had a good chance at winning?

    One day at a show, this boy came up to me without his mentor and asked me "why does your dog always beat mine?" I didn't know what to say at first because I was certainly not going to critique his bitch.

    I finally set my boy up, got out my copy of the standard and showed the kid what the standard said and how my male conformed to it. I gave an honest critique of his flaws and showed him the bit in the standard where it said that faults were to be weighed in relationship to how they affected the dog's working ability. Since my guy's faults were all purely cosmetic, they were all considered minor faults.

    Then I asked him to go get his bitch and we played with her a little bit. I told him honestly what I thought her strengths were (primarily her temperament, she really was extremely sweet with him). I didn't say a word against her but the kid knew.

    As careful as I tried to be, as gentle as I tried to be, it still feels like I was pulling the wings off butterflies. I still feel sick about it.

    Something that disturbs me about FHOTD is that mahy (most?) of the horses she snarks on belong to people who love them, people who are like that little boy and see beauty where a stranger sees only a collection of faults.

    Thinking about such people contacting FHOTD because they would like to breed their beloved but conformationally incorrect mares to him... well, it's like pulling the wings off more butterflies.

  147. You shouldn't feel sick about that, Grainne Dhu, because at that moment, when you took that boy aside and explained to him everything you did, you were his mentor. And I am willing to bet that he hasn't forgotten that to this day. I hope his memories of that are fond. Good on you!

    Fugs, however, would take great pleasure in pulling the wings off not only butterflies, but hummingbirds as well.

  148. Link to SAFE site with mare, please?

  149. It isnt Safe its SOS Equines who pays Cathy for ads while singing the song "the truck is coming" on the ABR. But there really isnt a truck or feedlot its some yokel named Dave Harriman's backyard who collects horses with the head of SOS. Cathy they did, have and do send em home sick. You might need to get off your high horse and do a special "expose" on SOS.


  150. http://www.sosequines.com/DEF-Horse.asp?hoID=256

    This is the one that currently has strangles at the adopters house. She drove all the way to get him and noticed he was sick when she got there. The "rescue" didnt notice?

  151. Helpful, I am

    "singing the song "the truck is coming" "
    But, that song is sooo effective. It opens wallets.

    I wish I could write a song like that:)

    I love that the readership is "somewhat" male.

    Yeah, some horse-women...

    There's a song!
    Quick, someone!
    Send me some royalties!

  152. GD, what a touching, compassionate story about the boy and his dog. For a minute I had to choke back a tear or two. Kudos to you for your expert handling of that emotionally charged situation.

    Yes, I believe Fugs delights in pulling the wings off butterflies and hummingbirds because doing so brings in the hits to her blog, which has its share of benefits for her. She seems to truly be a heartless, self absorbed woman.

    As to exposing SOS, don't hold your breath. Since she makes money off SOS, there's no chance she will expose that group for what it really is.

    That horse sure does have a huge head. I wonder what is wrong? Is it genetics or is there a medical reason. It looks horribly swollen to me. What on earth??? Poor thing.

  153. Cappies Success (Available)

    Fee: $475.00

    It says on ABR the funds were raised for this horse why are they asking the adoption fee again? Sounds like a great scam. And I see a few times a statement "the horses cant be pulled without a home" but quite a few have been there a very long time. Like Tanner who has been there for 2 years. He is halter broke only? I think this place needs looking into. Id read more but hell ABR gives me a headache Some wild stuff going on over there

  154. Well said Grainne Dhu.

  155. I've seen horses with heads like that mare...mostly on the Reservation or mustangs. It's usually caused from malnutrition and a serious imbalance of minerals at a young age.

    Strangles can cause a horse's head to swell all over sometimes, but it's primarily located under the jaw and there is a cooralating swelling around the throatlatch. They start out looking a bit lethargic, then start getting a nasty green or yellow discharge from their nose. Then they start swelling under the jaw and in the throatlatch.

    Swelling can be anywhere from a slightly enlarged look that never does open and drain(most people will simply think it is a cold or flu virus) to a full blown grotesque engorged jaw that ruptures and drains.

    ANY horse that goes through a sale barn should be quarantined for at least 10 days. If there is any signs of illness(snotty nose, depressed attitude, breathing problems) in those 10 days the quarantine should be continued for a full month. Just like some people are not particularly affected by viruses, some horses may not show full-blown signs of strangles but can pass it on in a herd environment.

  156. GDhue, you're awesome! What a caring way to explain the rights and wrongs of conformation, while leaving the appreciation of fabulous temperament intact.

    There are several nasty viruses going around right now, and any facility that has transient horses is at risk. At any rescue, for any species, quarantines and proper disease control should be a priority from day one. If not, flee. One sick animal can be a vector to a new region.

  157. Fugly, I would advise you to get your facts straight about Seawind Stables and the chain of events. When the owners found out horses they had rehomed ended up on a lot, they set about to help them. They were not contacted by any person in an official capacity but rather an e-mail sent by an unknown person who claimed that SOS had ok'ed them e-mailing them about their horses. They have a solid reputation of standing by their horses. They did what any responsible owner would have done. Isn't this what you are always harping about. On the horse that went to California, are you going to tell me that you're observation is more credible then the vet who examined and euthanized the horse? I think you had better think some before you type. You are not invincible.

  158. I think that Cappies Success horse has "big head" syndrome. It is what happens to a young horse that is malnourished. She has that look about her all over not just the huge head. There are some bad structural things that happens to a youngster that is not well fed those first 2-3 years...

  159. Here you go Fubbs.

  160. SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) in western Washngton aquired a filly from a starvation/neglect case. She was very malnourished when she came to them and her head was huge, too. With the help of their vet, they gave her tlc and she pulled through. I don't know how to do links, but if you go to the SAFE message boards, you'll see Whisper, the paint filly. Someone adopted her last year and I've heard she's doing beautflly.
    -her head is now normal size.

  161. SAFE is a class act. One of the best out there.

  162. Paddy,
    Good to hear about the filly. What happens with the large head? Does starvation stunt the body growth and then, after eating, the body begins to catch up on growth?

  163. SAFE is even better without Fubby

  164. SAFE is an ok rescue. They do many things very well. They may possibly have a train wreck in the future. Jaime the head of the organization is a bit emotionally unstable, and is in a rocky relationship with her live in boyfriend. Unfortunately, they purchased a 10 acre tract adjacent to their existing home for a SAFE facility that Jaime cannot afford on her own. If she becomes mentally unstable again or loses her SO the SAFE facility could be in a precarious situation. Perfect they are not! Although they would like you to think they are....

  165. BHM, you might want to start a new topic about Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare. I don't believe Cathy understands the difference.

    Animal Welfare is about treating animals humanely.

    Animal Rights is about animals being viewed as non-human persons.

    If the latter is so, how will the courts deal with a horse who bites and injures another horse. Humans have the ability to reason morally, I don't think horses (or most non human animals) do.

    If Cathy is advocating Animal Rights, then logically she can't breed BYC. That would be using an animal for human gain.

  166. Go Lightly- (catching up on comments)
    "In the photo, he is hanging his head in shame already "

    yup. poor horse;)

    I thought you might enjoy that. Glad to provide some entertainment.

    Anon 8:29- Fugly is the one who should check her facts.

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sorry, I just could NOT resist. Or rather restrain that and hold it in. Even when others have pointed out her clear mistakes- she does not go back and edit a thing. Not even correcting the spelling of someone's name so the proper credit can go to those actually doing the work. Strange concept, I know. Good luck with expecting anything so simple from someone like her. I haven't heard tell of any cold days in hell in the forecast yet...

    Anon 6:02- Hahahahahahaha, have I told you Anon <3 that I LOVE you. It's been a grueling afternoon for me and this comment of yours certainly hit the spot and I'm still laughing over it, as have other comments since yours.

    Why, Thank you. Blushes. I still laugh a bit over that one too.

    I know Flubs was advised by one of her then, 'close knit group' to take the horse to another trainer. A trainer with a number of notable accomplishments in not only the breed circuits but also the open circuits. Whatever happened there?

    The trainer charges around $1000 a month for training and board, be it mare, stallion or gelding. They all have to eat, they all require the trainers time (some more than others) and they all take up a spot on the trailer when traveling to shows.

    I am betting the entry fees may have also scared her off, since this trainer doesn't bother with the low end schooling shows that don't adhere to the rules. If the trainer wouldn't stoop to that level with the shows, I doubt for a second they would put up with Flubby's shit in their barn and chance her tarnishing their name.

    I can only bet she cheapened out and went with someone else based on price alone. Any takers? I'll give you 2-1 odds on that. From the looks of the pictures- you get what you pay for and Flubs didn't do her homework yet again. Is anyone suprised by this? I know I'm not.

    Wields the hose to spray off more of the yellow paint... pressure washers and power sprayers need not apply. A simple garden hose will do and you don't even have to put your thumb over the end. :(

    Anon <3

  167. If Cathy is advocating Animal Rights, then logically she can't breed BYC. That would be using an animal for human gain.

    I was thinking the same thing! She obviously doesn't understand the difference between animal rights and welfare. In fact, why does she even own any animals if she is advocating animal rights? I though animal rights advocates believed owning an animal was like slavery.

  168. Uuhhh...WOW...fugs is sure blurring the line there isn't she?

    Oh and...Really not so impressed with a military person throwing their weight around in someone else's country. Did those dumb-asses get the freaking cat a rabies shot so he cannot become infected?

    Until they do that, they are putting themselves and others in jeopardy. Wow...lots to cheer about there.

  169. I just read fugly's story to my husband, a former Marine and asked him if this is something he would have ever expected or condoned on the part of a commanding officer and he just shook his head. He said that crap like this commanding officer pulled is a perfect example of alienating foreign governments and further encourages other countries Anti-American feelings.

    Contrary to popular belief...America does not OWN the world.

  170. Her trip to the Eclipse awards went to head as usual. Fubby you are a loser wannabe and will never be.

  171. Wooooow. It's one thing to kindly inform somebody, it's another to bitch and moan and call people morons. Good golly. Way to make relations. I'm sure if the army found out, they'd be none too pleased to hear about it whether it be a cat or person.

    Honestly, even if they think it is rabies or not, isn't it better they be put to sleep versus trying to scrounge up a meal? If these animals had truly been rabid, fugs would have been applauding them, but at the same time weeping at how cruel humans could be. They could have been saved, you know. Yes, because there are enough willing homes in the world (said with sarcasm, of course.)

    You know, as much as I like spay/neuter programs for stray cats, it's just as effective to put them down. Less stress on a non-human friendly animal (most of the time) and a nice way to go that doesn't involve disease, infection, starvation, etc. Honestly, the only feral cat I'd want to be is the ones at Disney World, and that's iffy.

    Fugs is beginning to teeter towards Peta-like sentiments. Another whacko to add to their list.

  172. Re: Fubbs cat story. Hypocrite much?
    Wow, just wow. Regardless of my opinion of the cat living with military, what ever happened to Fubbs rampages about proper vaccinations, food, housing and lifelong care for animals?
    So who is going to make sure the cat has it's shots? And when this crew gets shipped home, what happens if the next crew has someone with cat allergies? WHO, just WHO is going to guarantee this cat a life long home? Who is going to keep him safe? And most of all, WHO IS GOING TO NEUTER THIS CAT, FUBBS? First time he pisses on a wall or she mows all night in the throws of unrequited passion, those fellows are gonna throw that cat out. Bet Ya.

    Fubbly, you are an asshole.

  173. I was appalled.

    For one thing, much as I love my dogs and cats, if it came down to feeding my hypothetical children or feeding the animals, the children would win. That's the situation faced by the people of Afghanistan, the vast majority of whom did not want a war with the US.

    For another, rabies is a big problem in Asia and Africa. Afghanistan is considered to be part of Asia! About 70,000 humans die each year of rabies. About 10 million have to get the rabies prophylaxis series; in Afghan, the cost for the series is equal to three years' income for the average person.

    Now, thinking in economic terms, what in the US would cost 3 years' income? Well, the obvious thing that comes to mind is a personal residence. People expect to pay off a home mortgage over 30 years; it is (rightly) considered the most expensive purchase in the average person's life.

    How do people in Afghanistan afford the rabies prophylaxis treatment? Many of them can't and they take their chances. Many of them die an agonising death because they couldn't afford it. They don't die at home and they don't die in a nice, clean hospital. Most of the people who die of rabies die in jail because that is the only vaguely quarantine-like facility available.

    How do families and clans manage to raise the money? They don't go to a bank and present their income statements, that's for sure. Basically, they pledge X number of men to fight for whichever local warlord will pay for the treatment.

    What a choice that is! You've got one loved one who may have contracted a fatal disease and you've gotta decide: is my loved one worth throwing away the lives of 3-5 men of our clan over?

    No wonder so many people in Afghanistan hate us. Right now, I'm not particularly proud to claim those bigoted jerks myself.

  174. A previous poster said that when a person honestly believes what he posts, even though he later found out it wasn't true, that his statement was not libelous. This is a slippery slope, because libel and slander suits do not always require an intentionally inaccurate statement. I think most states have on their books (as California does) the phrase "reckless disregard for the truth." So if a person recklessly repeats something without reasonably checking out the truthfulness of what he says, I believe that can be considered a "reckless disregard for the truth" and still be actionable. So be careful when posting. If a person prevails in court in proving libel or slander, and can further prove monetary and/or emotional damage as a result, it can be expensive.