Friday, June 18, 2010

Helping Out

While Miss Fuggles is out doing her thing, I thought since I have not done an adoptable of the month due to a busy life that I'd do something different this time. We all know what is happening in the Gulf, and that it isn't going to go away soon. I am unsure how many of you live along the coastline or in the general area, but if you could spread the word on how to help many birds who may not be in current areas of focus that would do wonders for the local wildlife.

Currently, e-bird is asking people who see animals in distress to report them to their website. Even if you are not a birder, going out is still a great help. To help determine species, Sibley's Guide to Birds of Eastern North America is a fabulous resource to use and has advice to help I.D. birds that may look similar to others. If you have a good memory, then Cornell has a good regular guide if you wish to do your I.D. work at home. If you are already and expert birder and can I.D. without one, more the help.

E-bird has a special section devoted to the identification of oil spill birds, so they will not be grouped with the regular collection as found on the site. For more information visit here.

If any of you have anymore sites that could let others help despite distance, that would be great and I will add it to this one. I am aware this has nothing to do about horses, but I know how much we all love animals and want to do all we can to help those who need our help for a time.

All I ask if that if you do happen to go out there, please do not try to handle these animals yourself. Remember these are wild creatures in distress. The last thing they need is a good heart with no experience. Doing your part is well enough to help them.

More ways to help:

Donate fur/hair for eco-friendly clean-up - Here's how.

Dawn Saving Wildlife - Info - Activate Donation

Report oiled wildlife to 1-866-557-1401. Messages checked hourly.

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