Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Response from Auction Board

I'm response to previous comment made by Cathy on her blog, Auction board posted the following comment on FHOTD. I believe that this the version that was posted on FHOTD:

As the primary administrator of the Auction Horses website, I would like to correct some points from Fugly's post:

1) " ... that board is full of some of the worst known bottom-feeding horse neglecting ignoramuses that aren’t welcome anywhere else, and people are funding their idiocy."

We have no control over who joins our board. The people Fugly is thinking about are members of several other rescue boards, and banning them won't accomplish anything. The two most well-known have left the board, and none of them received any direct assistance from the group beyond advice. We can't control interactions between two private parties either, but we are working to educate our members about where their money is likely to do the most good.

2) "Let’s just say that if a half-dozen people are telling you that someone is bad news, you might want to take note of that before you buy them a rescue horse they can’t otherwise afford."

As stated above, the board as a whole did not buy any of these people a rescued horse. The warnings came only after an unfortunate situation had developed, which took the majority of us very much by surprise. That situation has now been handled and policies put into place to prevent a repeat of this type of occurrence in the future. We do not wish to go into lengthy details here, but the information is available to anyone who comes to our site. We have nothing to hide and in fact welcome any inquiries, within reason.

That said, we are complete agreement with the general message of the article. Rescuing an animal at the last minute, with no plans for its future, is a very bad idea. We are now focusing on education as well as organized support for appropriate homes for auction horses.

Infighting among charitable organizations diverts energy that could being going into making a difference. Although Auction Horses is not technically a charity, the principle applies here as well. We welcome constructive criticism that will make our rescue efforts more effective. What we recently experienced and do no want to repeat was a drawn-out argument with few constructive comments and a great deal of repetition. This diverted energy from the goal we have in common, which is to provide good homes for horses when we can and humane euthanization as an alternative to slaughter.

Can anyone answer these questions?

How many horses did Fugs currently own when she left WA and went back to LA? What happened to the horses? Are they still being boarded somewhere with her paying their board bill? Did she give them away to people? Did she just "leave" them there with promises of paying for their care? Is she still getting Ad $$ from her blog? Does Shelly still have Footloose and others that belonged to Fugs? Are people still throwing donation $$ Fugs' way? Where can I read up on the rescue of Champ? Please don't tell me I have to go to the vomit spewing blog of hers to get the story. In that case, I'll pass, thank you very much.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rescues and Auctions

In the recent FHOTD article, Fugs makes two interesting statements:

"It’s not glamorous, and you don’t get attention for it.  Everybody wants the rush of the Big Save and all of the attention that goes with it."

"Sending money to a reputable rescue with an overall good track record is always going to be a safer use of your money than sending it to a private individual with iffy facilities and a questionable reputation."

Given Fugs history of taking credit for the work of others, basking the glory of work done by others, and begging and receiving personal rescue donations which she later refused to provide receipts and financial records for I'm surprised that she would even bring these subjects up.

She goes on about the Auction Horses board when she says, "damn, that board is full of some of the worst known bottom-feeding horse neglecting ignoramuses that aren’t welcome anywhere else, and people are funding their idiocy…Let’s just say that if a half-dozen people are telling you that someone is bad news, you might want to take note of that before you buy them a rescue horse they can’t otherwise afford." Yet, this is typical of Cathy. Characterizing rescues that she doesn't have personal involvement with. Comments like this should be viewed with scepticism when she offers no proof for her assertions. For further discussion of this topic see the "Honourable" Mention topic on auctionhorses.proboards.com. Note: In the same topic Fugs uses the forum to start harassing YHI again. Please, for the love of god, stop it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thanks Anonymous

This post from a reader gives an interesting look into Fugs' life:

" Fugly was an only child, and both of her parents are deceased. She is married but not living with her husband, and they have no children. She has never raised any kids other than her married polo player ex boyfriend's kids. In an unofficial capacity of course. That is as close as she has come to parenting and that is as close as she comes to having any family. She knows nothing that I can tell about being around people with substance abuse problems."

Not this @%$% again!

Fugly's previous excuse for not writing is that she's busy and, in the latest post, she hands the reins over to Forthefutureofthebreed as guest author. She's says she ill and still "busy", but bored is probably closer to the truth.

With excitement brewing as to what our new author has to say, I find my self greatly disappointed. Nothing like continuously rehashing a point that's been made a million times. Yes, typos look bad in ads and it does not reflect well on you or your business. Yes, for the last bloody, millionth time WE UNDERSTAND!

What I don't understand though about Forthefutureofthebreed's article is her emphasis. She states, "If you are an illiterate, stupid idiot, and use misspelled words and lame terminology, no one with any class is going to do business with you – only other illiterate, stupid idiots" and refers to sellers as "you uneducated, backwoods moron." I don't see ad typos as reason to bust your gasket. Just point it out and move on as there no reason to get so upset and calling people nasty names will not help with illiteracy. Your best bet is encouragement. Public humiliation will only drive people who would like help away. Fugly then invites everyone to share their funny examples of illiteracy. Yep, that will help. Let's all laugh at people with literacy issues.

Since typos are now the greatest crime of the 21st century and it's international "Let's Laugh At Illiterates" day I invite our readers to find errors in Forthefutureofthebreed's article below:

“Yup, that little filly colt is out of my best stud…”
Why can’t horse people figure out how to use correct terminology on their websites and in their stallion or sale ads? The amount of effort you put into your web site or sale ads (not adds; ad is short for “advertisement”) are equal to the amount of effort you put into the breeding and care of your horses. If you are an illiterate, stupid idiot, and use misspelled words and lame terminology, no one with any class is going to do business with you – only other illiterate, stupid idiots.
And, it’s horses for “sale”, not “horses for sell”. You consign your horse to a sale to sell him. I see people write, “I’m going to sale my horse”. It’s “sell”, you uneducated, backwoods moron. At least it’s only four letters…
How difficult is it to remember that a horse is BY a stallion, and OUT OF a mare? Horses are NOT out of a stallion. Foals literally come out of a mare. I’ve seen some people actually say “by a mare”, too.
How hard is it to spell “CONFORMATION” correctly? I mean, there really IS a difference between the definitions of conformation and confirmation.
Conformation – The shape or body structure of a horse.
Confirmation – Verification, evidence, or proof of something.
If you’re referring to the breed of a horse, it’s spelled “breed”.
It’s spelled “bred” if you mean, I bred my mare, or that mare is well-bred.
“Bred” is also found in the word, Thoroughbred. It’s not spelled Thorobred, Throughbreed, Thorobreed, or Thoroughbreed. FHOTD in: Also, Thoroughbred is a breed, not a synonym for “purebred.” You do not have a Thoroughbred Appaloosa unless of course it is a cross between Thoroughbred and Appaloosa.
“Bread” is that stuff you buy at the store to make sandwiches with.
Horse colors and parts are not difficult to understand or spell, either.
“Sorrel” is one word used to describe a red horse. It’s not spelled “sorrow” or “sorrell” or “sorel”.
A “palomino” is a golden horse with a white mane and tail. It’s not a palamino with a white main and tale. Sometimes they are “gaited”, not gated. A gate is one of those things with a latch that lets you go from one side of a fence to the other.
All horses have “pasterns”, not pasturns. You know, the part between the fetlock and the hoof.
They also have “withers”, not whithers.
And what is it with people who use the phrase, “half-brother to so-and-so”, meaning they only share the same sire? How many other foals are by that stallion? Possibly hundreds? How many foals does a mare usually have? One a year, maybe? Do you think that saying “half-brother to” would provide more information if we all knew it meant they shared the same dam?
No, you’d rather pick the name of some famous, well-known horse by the same stallion and call it a half-brother…it makes your horse appear to be so much better quality than he really is, doesn’t it? Many horses who only share the same sire can be as different as night and day; horses who are out of the same mare tend to resemble each other, in phenotype and ability.
Horses are not people, and the relationship terminology is different.
Half-sibling – A relationship of two foals out of the same dam, but by different sires; does not apply to horses that only share the same sire.
Another very common, misused word is “produce” to describe what a stallion has sired. Mares produce, not stallions. Stallions sire; sometimes their foals are referred to as “get”, “progeny” or “offspring”. I don’t know how many times I’ve read, “My stud produced a champion.” No, your stallion sired a champion.
“My stallion is a homozygous black Tobiano”. Great. Which is it? Homozygous for black or homozygous for Tobiano, or both? You really need to be more specific if you’re going to use big words and fancy genetic terms. And you should have a test from a reputable genetics testing lab to prove your claims. Your Tobiano with a QH or TB parent is NOT homozygous for Tobiano. It is impossible.
FHOTD in: Also, there is no such word as homogygous. Really. Hideozygous is a word I invented on this blog to describe horses that are only stallions because they are homozygous.
Not all foals for sale are “halter prospects”. People who show quality halter Quarter Horses and Paints really can tell if they’re halter prospects or not. Your weanling from foundation working horse stock isn’t going to be a competitive halter horse. Just because he is stocky right now, it doesn’t qualify him as a “halter prospect”. Most of them are not.
Why are all your colts “stallion prospects”? I’d love to know the answer to this one. Just because they haven’t been gelded (not gilded) yet, doesn’t make them “stallion prospects”. That little dun colt you raised that you’ve priced at $1,000 isn’t stallion quality. And you ranch horse and foundation QH breeders: all of your male foals are NOT stallion material. They really aren’t. Truly excellent weanling stallion prospects are registered, and worth at least $5,000, usually more. True stallion quality colts are only among the top 5% of any breed; the other 95% needs to be gelded. Just because he’s a popular color or by some famous stallion doesn’t mean he deserves to remain intact (not in tact). His dam is probably a no-name, low quality, do-nothing mare of undistinguished breeding. Most great stallions have great dams and even greater pedigrees, and they are capable of actually being competitive at the top levels of the breed.
WHY are all of your fillies (it’s not spelled phillies or fillys) and mares, “broodmare prospects”? Must you breed them all? Just because they are capable of having a foal, doesn’t mean they should be bred. Do you know that a mare really worthy of being a broodmare should be, in the very least, the same level of quality as a good stallion? Most mares will be bred at some point in their lifetime, just because they CAN be bred. That cheap stallion down the road isn’t going to magically fix your mare’s crooked legs. And, no, having a foal isn’t going to “settle her down”, either. She’s still going to be a crooked-legged nasty bitch after she has her foal, and that foal will most likely be just like her.
Also, why is it people say that “nothing matters past the first three generations” of a pedigree, yet they will use a name “just off the papers” to make their horse sound better? You know, if your horse doesn’t have anyone worth a shit in the first three generations of hispedigree , he’s probably a piece of shit, too. The true value of your horse is probably quite different than your idea of the value of your horse.
And, what moron decided that the term, “tri-colored” applied to horses? What you consider “tri-colored” are just bay Paints or Pintos! You know, brown and white body, with a black mane and tail and legs. Would you call a bay horse with white socks “tri-colored”, too? Tri-colored is a dog term.
Finally, can someone tell me the difference between an “own son of” and a “son of”? Is an own son better

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fugs vs YHI

This is for Anon who requested information on Fugs run in with YHI. It should be self explanatory.

Jul 15, 2009, 8:54pm, yellowhorsesinc wrote:
I know I know!
I thought you all would like to know where Fugs is. Many of you know we had a falling out but the REAL reason is that she had an affair with my husband. Well guess what? She has not posted a blog today because she left WA DC and stopped in Atlanta to visit my husband again. She is there for some SEX! As you can tell my relationship with him is over. But I also thought I would let you know that she is a lying thieving WHORE! I have fully nude photos of her that she sent him in December if any of you are interested. Her phone number is PM YHI if you are interested in her phone number. Not that it matters much since this is up all over the web, but I wanted to do the semi-classy thing and take down the number -- though I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. if you all would like to call her and tell her what you all think of a whore!
She also used to steal from me when we were friends and sell the stuff on Craiglist to support herself. If any of you would like to email me my email address is shelly@yellowhorsesinc.com

Well what happened is that his cell phone called me on accident and I heard her talking in the background. Before you all give her the benefit of doubt she has a very screechy voice and has a lisp. I know her voice when I hear it. So I called her out on it and she said she is in TN visiting the people who have her mare Harmony boarded. I called the farm and they told me that Cathy and her boyfriend Mark just left. I said her boyfriend Mark? Were they driving a white Escalade? She said yes. That is MY FREAKING CAR!!! and my husband, or should I say ex husband.

I handled it with more class than you can imagine the first time. She told me she would leave him alone. Obviously she hasn't. I have had enough of her, so I am in the process of annihilating her publicly. She has pretty much screwed up my life so I am messing with hers.

Married men are the only kind Cat67 likes. She does not want to take care of one, just borrow a man from time to time. I once told her she was like those people who want to lease a horse and not be responsible for any of its care or the costs associated with their care.

The biggest problem for me really is that I cannot care for my horses alone financially. I guess I will have to sell most of them or just give them away. Truly that is the worst part of all of this....

Well we are not really married. So there are no legal complications. I truly cannot afford more than 3-4 horses on my own. I have 21. Most are lame broodies. You know what that means..... Death, as there are no homes out there for them

To be honest, taking her into my home and life was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. I cannot seem to get her out of it either, she is like a wart or a cancer that just keeps coming back. Unfortunately this time she killed my relationship for good and will likely be the cause of several horses deaths and likely my old dog. I simply cannot care for all these animals alone and the old and infirm will be the first to go.

Well the first time he cheated I had about 49 head. I am down to 21. So yeah I did reduce drastically. I bred a few mares for next year. I have only bred less than half of my mares for 4 years now. I think I am down to 16 mares? I am not sure. Selling young stock has not been much of a challenge actually. Selling lame broodmares is completely impossible.

Jul 17, 2009, 10:41am, cat67 wrote:

My side? It includes paying for hay so that YHI's horses wouldn't starve, paying her heating oil bill so that she would not be in the cold, writing bad checks to keep her and Mark's accounts from bouncing, going behind on my own car payments so that I could continue to supply her for money which led to my car being repossessed, cashing checks for her because she cannot get a bank account at any bank in the U.S., paying for a blood panel to determine why her old palomino stallion was neglect-case thin last summer, bringing her buyers on NUMEROUS occasions when she wrote me desperate e-mails stating she had no hay money, throwing in FREE training to get HER horses sold, buying milk replacer so that HER orphan foal would not starve (I have pictures of him emaciated and nearly dead when she claimed she was handling it), and watching her TWICE turn down jobs that were offered to her (Renton Western Wear and Sleep Country).

She has not worked a day in three years. She sponges off the system, me, Mark, whatever she can sponge off of. She breeds more every year knowing she has no reliable place to live. Spring 2008 she was in mid foreclosure on 8711 SR Hwy 702 in Roy, WA (look it up in the recorder's office, Michelle A. Curtis) and still re-bred for all those cute foals you've seen posted this spring. Now she is on a property she hasn't paid rent on since, what is it, November? And is being evicted July 31.

I could go on and on forever but I don't need to. It will all come out in the wash and much of it is in publicly accessible records. Where are the theft charges on me if I am a thief? What a joke. I have a clean background check - just GOT checked for a job in March. She is being evicted at the end of July, and NEVER had the money to move to Georgia all this time that she was talking about it. When I came up from L.A., she had two properties in foreclosure and had hidden it all from me and portrayed herself as the wife of a wealthy real estate investor. She is neither a wife nor wealthy. She is merely another unemployed person who cannot take care of her horses, whereas I have two jobs and all that is completely verifiable.

If you want to know who is telling the truth, go over there. Ask to see her horses today. You take a look at how those horses look and ask yourself who is the liar and who is the hypocrite. You are equally welcome to make an appointment to see any of mine.

I have a contract, signed by her, showing clearly that $3800 off the cost of the VLC was for money she owed to me. I made the other payments as agreed and she turned over the papers at that time. $5000 for a halter broke 3 year old that did not pick up his feet because she'd only had him done a few times. My friends thought I was crazy. Maybe I was, but he's a good horse and I figured the money was already gone.

Have I slept with Mark? Sure. So has half of the PNW. You ought to see their Craigslist postings soliciting for threesomes. Hey, Shelly, probably shouldn't have used MY extra e-mail account to do all that. I have every bit of that saved.

By the way, nice bankruptcy filing that I pulled off the web. Your total horses are valued at what was it, $250? Noooo that's not committing fraud. Not at all!

Is the whole situation stupid? You bet. Should I have turned right around and gone back to L.A. when I saw what a train wreck Shelly was? Absolutely. But the horses are super high quality and I felt sorry for them and I got sucked into the whole situation. I will never regret that I got some of them away from her, and that they are now healthy and happy and have their feet trimmed and are dewormed on schedule, something they rarely experienced at her house. My friends have been trying to do an intervention and get me away from them for years but Shelly is the guilt queen and manages to make me feel guilty, Mark feel guilty, and the world feel guilty. If Shelly wanted me gone, all she had to do was STOP ASKING FOR MONEY AND HELP. She talks shit about me and lies about me (theft, what a joke - it's slander but there's no sense suing a person with zero assets), then comes begging for help and because of my relationship with Mark I have given her the help AND not outed her on the web for all of her BYB'ing crap, which was very, very stupid of me and I admit totally to being stupid about a man, but nothing else.

So yes, again, I definitely was stupid and I admit to being wrong in that I did not out her on the blog as I would have outed any other breeder I saw those conditions at.

I have better things to do with my life than have a war with Shelly so this will most likely be my only comment. I considered staying completely quiet but I do need to admit my own poor judgment in continuing to deal with her and in protecting her. I was 100% wrong.

By the way, the only negative phone calls I've received have been from Shelly herself.

Jul 17, 2009, 10:55am, cat67 wrote:
By the way, she caught him still seeing me lots of times.

#1 - saw his text message to me. mid-January 2008
#2 - August 2008, he came home smelling like a hot tub and she checked his phone and saw calls to me on lunch.
#3 - out to dinner on her birthday at the end of December 2008, she grabbed his phone to make a call and saw that the last call was to me.
#4 - a few weeks later, she found a four hour text messaging conversation on his phone that he had not deleted. She woke him up hitting him with the phone to tell him.

Those are just some of the times I know about. He is really bad about not deleting things from his phone. So if you had all of those experiences, and still were trying to come up with the money to follow the guy across the country (He moved in March and did not take her with him), well, what does that say?

By the way Shelly, you're welcome for my paying to turn the phone back on last fall when he left you wandering around a mall in Atlanta and the phone got shut off for nonpayment. I guess I should have left you lost in the mall, maybe you'd have stayed lost!

Jul 17, 2009, 10:55am, yellowhorsesinc wrote:
Well Cathy, I NEVER asked you for hay money and anything you and Mark cooked up was between you two. AND you just admitted that I paid you back off the purchase price of VLC. So where have I welched on you? As for not working it is Mark that has BEGGED me not to get a job, that he would take care of things. You are right I have not worked in 3 years because I HAD a man supporting me. Something you wanted so badly and took away from me out of jealousy.
I have never posted an ad for a threesome, that would have been something you and my ex boyfriend would have done with YOUR email account. Duh I don't have access to it! As far as I can tell YOU are the only person who has slept with Mark besides me. He does work from home and I watch him like a hawk.
Its nice to see you finally admit what a disgusting very *friendly* person you really are. I am glad to be rid of you and him.
I do want my buckskin mare I leased to you back so she can be euthanized.

Well I had to pack and move horses across the country not exactly something you can put in the car and drive off. As for the calls and texts, I only suspected at the time. I definitely know now. I only found the crotch shot photos and naked pictures of you in his phone.

Oh and BTW the reason I turned down the job at Renton Western Wear was that it would have netted me 200/week or less for 40 hours of employment after the cost of gas. I could not justify making that kind of money. I was never offered a position at Sleep Country

Jul 17, 2009, 10:53am, apocalypsepony wrote
Alrighty then. But, dude, Why they hell didn't you insist he END that relationship before you started banging him?

Jul 17, 2009, 11:04am, cat67 wrote:
He said they had an open relationship and things she said and e-mailed to me seemed to support that. After I found out that was not true, I was already emotionally involved with him and did not feel I could end it, and he didn't want to, so there you go. Every time I end it, he comes back begging me not to give up on him and telling me it will all work out.

Jul 17, 2009, 11:07am, yellowhorsesinc wrote:
There has NEVER been any question about an open relationship on my part. You are the one who wanted a big love arangement where we all lived in the same house and fucked the same guy. I said NO WAY in HELL and you even offered to PAY Me 2000 a month for the privilege.

You should be happy Cathy you have him all for yourself. You already KNOW I am done with him.
Please explain again how I am posting on your email account? How do I have the password, it is YOUR email account.

Jul 17, 2009, 11:08am, cat67 wrote:
Funny how I'd be soliciting for threesomes with naked pictures of YOU. It is not like we are the same size. Come on. Shall I share those with the world? Again, REALLY bad idea to use MY gmail for that.

Yes, you paid me back via the VLC. Thank you for admitting here that you owed me the money - that is not the tale you have told elsewhere.

And I will not give Buffy back to a home where she was crippled by her bad feet, forced to stand in mud and filth, not provided with a waterproof blanket until l bought her one, and much thinner. She is sound and trimmed and looks fabulous. You gave her to me and I have all the documentation to prove it. Please feel free to take me to court if you so desire.

Jul 17, 2009, 11:11am, yellowhorsesinc wrote:
Sorry I do not have access to your email account Cathy. Whoever the naked pictures are from is not me.....

Buffy will be coming back to be put to sleep. You are a huge advocate of that aren't you?

Jul 17, 2009, 11:15am, cat67 wrote:

Marlene Perdue who bought horses from you offered you a job at Sleep County while we were all standing in the kitchen. She said she could get you in there and you said no, I do not really want a job. You know, while we were standing in the kitchen of your ALREADY FORECLOSED house in Roy. You still did not want a job. Thinking Mark will provide is like relying that GOD will provide. Actually God is probably a more reliable source of funds.

You know why I never felt guilty even after I knew you weren't ok with it? Think back to a million incidents like the time I told you Pecos got cut up on the fence and asked you to come help me wash it, and you shrugged your shoulders and said "oh, he'll be fine." I went out and took care of it. Every time you did something like that, I hated you a little bit more. You and your laziness disgusts me. You don't care if your horses starve, you still won't get a job. You stay helpless deliberately to keep Mark guilty and with you. Enjoy that relationship and the power that position gives you.

Foreclosures, judgments, evictions. Look her up. You will be reading all day.

ul 17, 2009, 11:17am, cat67 wrote:
Well, considering part of your face is in one picture, it is obvious it was you. I gave you the password because it was linked to the news section/blog on your web site, so that you could update it yourself.

All right, I really am logging off now. This is silly. Please all do feel free to do your own research on both of us. See what you find.

Jul 17, 2009, 11:23am, yellowhorsesinc wrote
I seriously and with all honesty do not know at ALL what you are talking about. I have never in my life participated in a threesome. You and Mark may have been posting that but it weren't me.

Yes you only have closed bank accounts because of vet bills paid with hot checks, school loans unpaid, credit cards unpaid and car repossessions. You are so perfect after all.
I at least have had the decency to file bankruptcy and decide to move on with my life.

Jul 17, 2009, 11:49am, yellowhorsesinc wrote:
">>>You stay helpless deliberately to keep Mark guilty and with you. Enjoy that relationship and the power that position gives you.<<<

This was very telling in case you missed it.

You do have the power. And even she realises that she only has him by default. And I can only presume that that must stick in her craw and twist her something fierce."

I know this only too well and I am not the one who chose to not have me work. It was Mark's decision.

[quote author=yellowhorsesinc board=nonhorse thread=5014 post=84551 time=1247849887]I have had some huge ups and downs financially since 2006. But one thing I can say is my horses have NEVER been hungry not even one day. Not ever. I have a rhetorical question....
If Cat thinks my horse care is so horrible then why in the world has she placed SEVERAL rescue horses in my care? As well as boarded horses at my place? For free BTW.
I had:
Mister... the sorrel QH stallion that she brags about "rescuing" yet I paid for all of his care for 3 months while she collected funds via SAFE and I even found his new home for him. Yes she delivered him, but she got PAID for that too.....
Champ.... was a paid boarder that she left in our care and was told not to come back to my place in the middle of his month of board due to finding the naked photos of her on Mark's phone.
The Black TB Monday that was a Fugly Feature......
All are "rescues" that SHE brags about that I cared for and paid for their care in most of the instances, yet I am a TERRIBLE horse owner and too lazy to care for them? Huh....
Pecos had a scratch. It did not need medication or anything else YOU made the big deal about it Cat. I had already seen it and dismissed it as not needing anything.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Case of Big Man

This story was one that sadly came to life after the news had shown a story one night about 45 dead horse carcasses in a field, and 52 more in poor condition back in April. 5 felony counts of animal cruelty were charged amongst three people. Walter Mayfield (37), Robin Crandall (37), and Diane Robinson (74) were each charged with the 5 counts and were seen in court back in July. Sadly I cannot make heads or tails of everything, but I can only assume they were found guilty and each fined as most cruelty cases are in the end.

Worse yet, they said all the dead animals on the property had died of old age, and originally they had bought the horses to fatten them up and resell them. The DA said the case was about people who had gotten in over their heads, too. It was like one excuse after the other for these people, and it was coming from the DA himself.

No matter what, it is not OK to get in over your head and neglect the animals you purchased. I'm not saying sacrifice your right arm in the process, but at least do the responsible thing. 52 horses do not come in overnight, and neither does neglect. Everybody has a stopping point, it's recognizing it that seems to be the problem for most people. The only handicap anyone has is themselves, and it's the hardest one to overcome. Once you can do that, doing the responsible thing becomes a little easier to do each day.

More information on the case can be found here and here.

Big Man

If you get a chance could you please update me about the Big Man case. Were any charges laid? Poor little adorable guy...must resist urge to hug and kiss him.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casey Johnson

Today's edition of FHOTD is dedicated mocking the death of Casey Johnson and substance abuse. It's is disturbing that light being made of substance abuse and the death of young person with serious problems. To often, as is the case with FHOTD, it is not appreciated how difficult it is for an addict to become clean. Substance abuse changes the thought process so that the abuser is not capable of making rational decisions or gaining insight into their situation. An abuser, in most cases, is no more capable of getting themselves help than a comatose patient is. The brain is not working. Cutting her off funds in past hasn't worked so why should it now. At this point, it is not stated what personal problems contributed to her death. We all know, from personal experience, that serious problems are both difficult and painful to deal with. None of this is a laughing matter.

A quote from the FHOTD article:
Too busy to write a long post but did you all hear about Casey Johnson’s death?
Here is my solution:
If your heiress daughter is blowing all your money up her nose or into her veins, cut her off and give it to me instead. I will use it to rescue and rehab old Thoroughbred mares. Not only will your money be used for something constructive, but if she doesn’t have any money, she may have to sober up out of necessity, and may therefore survive. It’s just a win-win all around!
I am happy to submit to any tests you desire, random or otherwise, to show that I’m 100% clean and will not waste a bit of your money on any addictive substance. Only old Thoroughbred mares, which are somewhat addictive but, even when they need a lot of rehab, not as expensive as a coke habit.
Heck, I’ll even teach your daughter to muck stalls and bond with old Thoroughbred mares so that she gets some actual self-esteem and doesn’t care anymore about being high and hanging out with asshats. If her asshat friends show up, we’ll hand them a shovel too. I’m guessing they’ll run screaming and that’ll be the last you see of them! That fat piece-o-shit that was married to Brittany Murphy, can you imagine him lasting very long around a barn with work to do? He would have been out of her life in 10 seconds and she could have gotten her head on straight again.
The offer’s on the table!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Mess Du Jour

Every few posts on FHOTD readers are reminded to supply a "forever home" for their horses and to not do so is irresponsible. This is why I find Fugly's following statement on HD beyond stupid.

"As for forever homes, I've probably owned at least 50 horses and have kept, let me think, seven until death and one is still living that is 29. I do intend to keep Cecil for his lifetime. So that would be less than 20% that I gave a "forever" home to, and I suspect I'm more likely to keep an old horse who can't do anything useful than the average person. I do not think producing horses with the idea that you will keep them forever is the least bit realistic. None of us knows what will happen to us in life. I could get in a car accident tonight and be unable to work and Cecil would have to go to a new owner no matter if I liked that or not - at least I know he is registered, attractive and well trained, so that he would be wanted."

Some how I don't think that her legal assistant job would pay the board for fifty horses. If not that, then she buys a new horse every year and dumps the old one. In addition to a series of horses that she has bought and dumped, there is the question of how many rescues does this woman own. In the following statement by GL, Cathy has given the impression that she's rescued more horses.

"Yet she posted about "her" horse rescues, on HD, quite recently, without ever mentioning where/when/how they came to be rescued. That struck me as very odd. If you are into rescue, and have rescued some horses for a rescue, wouldn't you tell people where they were? How YOU could help?"

Anonymous 7:33 response clarifies the situation.

"Go lightly those were NOT her rescue horses. Do not let her chatter about "we" and "OUR" fool you. They were "rescued" by someone else I guarantee you. She may have been there but someone else is doing to work and footing the bill on those horses. The photos show horses in an area with large fir trees. Fugs lives in LA. Those photos are not LA and those horses are not with Fugs."

Anonymous 9:59 clarifies the picture more for us in this quote.

"FUGS is not involved with horses in LA at all. She is head over heels involved with dog and cat rescue, just a quick check of her twitter account will tell the story. She left Washington in disgrace and left all of her horses behind. So typical for her to palm her horses off on other folks to care for, cause yanno the day to day work of caring for them is more than she really wants to do. Shooting her mouth off about "Celebrity Rescues" and posing for photos is really more her style. Just like her time spent "on the job" she is more flash than brilliance. "

It appears that Fugs has moved to LA to hob nob with celebrity rescuers and has dumping her ancient rescues and the VLC in the process. It appears she is telling everyone online about all her horses yet not owning any. I don't even need to mention the hypocrisy of her actions. Please up date me on this issue. And, if anyone can expand upon the "left Washington in disgrace…" comment it would be appreciated.