Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Casey Johnson

Today's edition of FHOTD is dedicated mocking the death of Casey Johnson and substance abuse. It's is disturbing that light being made of substance abuse and the death of young person with serious problems. To often, as is the case with FHOTD, it is not appreciated how difficult it is for an addict to become clean. Substance abuse changes the thought process so that the abuser is not capable of making rational decisions or gaining insight into their situation. An abuser, in most cases, is no more capable of getting themselves help than a comatose patient is. The brain is not working. Cutting her off funds in past hasn't worked so why should it now. At this point, it is not stated what personal problems contributed to her death. We all know, from personal experience, that serious problems are both difficult and painful to deal with. None of this is a laughing matter.

A quote from the FHOTD article:
Too busy to write a long post but did you all hear about Casey Johnson’s death?
Here is my solution:
If your heiress daughter is blowing all your money up her nose or into her veins, cut her off and give it to me instead. I will use it to rescue and rehab old Thoroughbred mares. Not only will your money be used for something constructive, but if she doesn’t have any money, she may have to sober up out of necessity, and may therefore survive. It’s just a win-win all around!
I am happy to submit to any tests you desire, random or otherwise, to show that I’m 100% clean and will not waste a bit of your money on any addictive substance. Only old Thoroughbred mares, which are somewhat addictive but, even when they need a lot of rehab, not as expensive as a coke habit.
Heck, I’ll even teach your daughter to muck stalls and bond with old Thoroughbred mares so that she gets some actual self-esteem and doesn’t care anymore about being high and hanging out with asshats. If her asshat friends show up, we’ll hand them a shovel too. I’m guessing they’ll run screaming and that’ll be the last you see of them! That fat piece-o-shit that was married to Brittany Murphy, can you imagine him lasting very long around a barn with work to do? He would have been out of her life in 10 seconds and she could have gotten her head on straight again.
The offer’s on the table!


  1. re posting my comment from the last post here
    >OK, against my better judgement I went and read today's post.Wow! what absolute poor taste! I don't care who you are , or who the individual is , you never, I repeat never,use a persons loss or death as a way to further your own agenda!!! What a classless bitch!<

  2. Her greedy nature came to light, and that's sad. That was someones CHILD she was making light of, and the only way it was horse related was the "me me give it to me!" aspect in it. How utterly, disgustingly tasteless of fugs.

    This was a well written post, thank you.

  3. Anonymous,
    Thank you for the complement. Unfortunately, after reading fugly's Johnson post I read the New Jersey horse slaughter post. Now I'm really upset.

  4. From my earlier post:
    Since when is OK to bash people like this? Bashing children is not enough? How dare her target a couple dead young women? The reference to Britney Murphy was as bad as the reference to Casey Johnson. These are two families in mourning and we will never know the whole story; why should we anyway? What business is it of ours? It is their tragedy that they must live through it in the public eye.

    So, Cathy’s answer is to cut off our family members in their time of need and give her the perceived amount of money they are ‘blowing’. Make your children, siblings, friends disposable if they do not suit your needs…kind of sounds like her philosophy for horses.

  5. Fugly wasnt popular in high school? ROFLMAO! I wonder why Fugly... Screwing married teachers or other girls boyfriends?

    Making light of someones death is low class but her usual Fugly is one sick Puppy!

  6. Fugs has a nasty history of intolerance for people with addiction problems. I am guessing she has very first hand knowledge of it, just like she does with people who have weight problems. Nothing like getting your ass kicked to the curb by someone with certain issues to make you intolerant of all people with those issues.

    Like I said, keep digging yourself in deeper there Fugs.

  7. The poor girl also suffered diabetes, which can go awry if you don't keep it in check (and it does kill people.) They think that she died of natural causes, but that cannot be confirmed until the autopsy comes back. Did the girl have a weird history? Yes, but not enough of one to cause her bashing. She had been dead for several days, DAYS.

    Once again, Fugs likes to make sad nasty, vile, rotten filth that makes her look like some sort of hero. Sadly, she is anything but, and most people who know her would probably agree.

  8. and I just looked, but did anyone click on the link she provided on the story?! Perez Hilton...yes, you read that right. Apparently both him and fugs can only get attention if they go about slamming other people, somehow making themselves feel better. Sorry Fugs, but you were unpopular in school because you were a bigger b**** that the popular kids with a superiority complex.

  9. "Once again, Fugs likes to make sad nasty, vile, rotten filth that makes her look like some sort of hero."

    You know, all this vile nasty filth she spews are against people who can't defend themselves. I sure as heck know she wouldn't be saying any of this stuff to any of these peoples faces.

  10. I read something different into her post. She idolizes Perez Hilton. As she has often expressed.
    And he is a very public parasite who feeds himself and his vanity by threatening to expose others.
    Hedda Harper the man is NOT!
    Secondly, her tone seemed to me, much more concillatory and intended to be engaging.
    We must always remember that her promo states that she has an above average wealthy readership.
    This post of hers today was to my way of thinking not intended as a joke. Or, to mock.
    I got the distinct impression that she was feeling out a new market.
    I should probably post some pictures of her much mucked stalls at her last accomodation.
    Honesty in advertising and all that.
    Based on personal experience, I cannot see her having much to offer someone in need of recovery.
    Quite the opposite in fact.
    You would have to be possessed of empathy at the very least to accomplish what she is suggesting.
    I wonder how her parents feel about her pretend life managed at the expense of others?
    As to the not popular in High School? I am not touching it. Only because to do so would be cruel.
    I have learned something from my experiences with her. In that, I do not wish to be like her.
    I find it saddening that two beautiful young womens lives were over too soon.
    And at best, I pity those who feel the need to jockey for attention using this venue.
    Thanks bhm for addressing this one.
    And to the Anon that wrote this >>Her greedy nature came to light, and that's sad. That was someones CHILD she was making light of, and the only way it was horse related was the "me me give it to me!" aspect in it. How utterly, disgustingly tasteless of fugs.<<

  11. You know every once in a while Fugs gives us a glimpse of her true inner self. Here you go. She took someone's personal tragedy and wants to use it for her personal agenda. She is a hollow selfish person. I believe she is a Sociopath. She fits every definition that I can see go to this website and read for yourself:

  12. Anonymous,
    Her callousness toward YHI and her ease with manipulation indicates to me that she is at least headed towards this direction. Add to this, her inability to maintain long term relationships with friends and lovers, through the selection on emotionally unavailable men, suggest emotional detachment. I do believe that her idolization of Perez HIlton also indicates a direction that she wishes to go.

  13. I want to mention that substance abusers often die of organ failure of some sort. Heart disease and liver disorders are a common problem. In the Johnson case the cause of death maybe natural causes, but the root of the problem could be related to substance abuse. With the description of her behaviour offered by her friends, I'd be surprised if she didn't have physical problems.

  14. And to the Anon that wrote this >>Her greedy nature came to light, and that's sad. That was someones CHILD she was making light of, and the only way it was horse related was the "me me give it to me!" aspect in it. How utterly, disgustingly tasteless of fugs.<<

    This is what disturbed me also. The physical and emotional pain that this young person suffered must have been torturous. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be a friend or family member, let alone a parent, of this person. Truly saddening.

    The fugly post of the Belgian beaten with a baseball bat is still haunting me. I can't get the image of the adorable Belgian face out of my mind. I must remind myself that he is safe and in a good home.

  15. Can someone provide a short summary of what happened with YHI? I've seen it mentioned a few times but missed the original discussion. Is this something to do with Champ?

    Thanks so much for those of us who couldn't (wouldn't?) keep up with 1000 comment threads.

  16. Oh, I'm not saying that her habits couldn't have caused her death. Anyone's habits can kill them years after the fact. Habitual tanners turn to leather, habitual eaters destroy their heart and joints, habitual drinkers destroy their liver, etc.

    I don't think her diabetes helped with the fact. If she was busy partying hard it could have easily been forgotten. Coupled with that and a less than decent lifestyle it was not going to end well as it were.

  17. in brief , from what I can recall is what happened with YHI,there is likey more ,but this is the guts of it.
    I don't remember much about it other than she was "shitting in her own backyard" so to speak. Staying with these people "in a time of need" and messing around with the significant other of her supposed friend. There was some mention of bad cheques ahe wrote to pay for feed ,the value of which was taken off the purchase price of the VLC , before it was known the cheques would not clear. Short version is/was she is a parasite. who is apparently only able to judge right from wrong in others ,when it comes to her own behavior and and all actions are justifiable. When outed for the affair , she in classic sociopthic style blamed the victim , for "not being woman enough"

  18. So far the 'news' has reported nothing but speculation about that poor tormented girl's death, and there are already people standing in line to profit. We can now add fugs to the disgusting line.

    Diabetes has killed or maimed several members of my family. It is almost impossible to manage the disease for some diabetics, the slang term is 'brittle diabetic.' Those diabetics can have blood sugar levels that vary wildly no matter how careful they are with diet and insulin. Blood sugar swings also cause mood swings, ranging from euphoria to deep depression. Substance abuse is frequently a way of trying to self medicate the pain, confusion and fear. Sad deal, and no, not healthy, but some diabetics just give up because they know the disease is going to get them sooner or later. Especially when you see other diabetics that are amputees, even though they followed all the rules.

  19. I only just read the comments on fugly's article, and I find it really hard to believe that not one of them was pointing out how sick the article was. It's pretty clear to me that Fugly not only lacks basic self awareness and compassion, but also that she's clearly never been within six feet of a real substance abuser. Seriously, it's called compassion, grow you some lady!

    As someone who spent their teenage years immersed in a culture that was very drug-heavy and largely consisted of intelligent, unhappy, lonely teens, it makes me spit feathers when I see this kind of attitude - not everyone who goes off the rails a little and experiments with substances is untrustworthy or not a good person. For some people it's a valid escape from a meaningless life - or as valid as any other escapist self-destructive behaviour. People who go too far and can't replace drugs with something better need help and sympathy and some tough love, not to be derided as weak or vapid, no matter how rich/poor/famous/unknown they may be. Families who lose a child to drug addiction should not have to shoulder all the blame, either - sometimes there is nothing you can do to get someone out of their self-destructive spiral, and that in itself is a horrendous experience, especially when it's someone you love. I know from experience what it feels like to watch someone you care about fuck up their mind, body and life and be helpless to stop them; if Fugly does, I'd be either very suprised or even more irritated by her lack of compassion in this case.

    Drug user =/= waste of space. Horses =/= an automatic saviour from destructive behaviour. Most importantly: someone else's personal tradgedy =/= a profit opportunity!

  20. Fugly was an only child, and both of her parents are deceased. She is married but not living with her husband, and they have no children. She has never raised any kids other than her married polo player ex boyfriend's kids. In an unofficial capacity of course. That is as close as she has come to parenting and that is as close as she comes to having any family. She knows nothing that I can tell about being around people with substance abuse problems.

  21. Kes,
    My mother has diabetes. She's going to have to get a shot now. It's a very serious illness.

  22. What makes this woman think anyone should give her money???
    Get out and earn a living, Cathy Atkinson instead of scamming and whoring your way thru life.