Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Mess Du Jour

Every few posts on FHOTD readers are reminded to supply a "forever home" for their horses and to not do so is irresponsible. This is why I find Fugly's following statement on HD beyond stupid.

"As for forever homes, I've probably owned at least 50 horses and have kept, let me think, seven until death and one is still living that is 29. I do intend to keep Cecil for his lifetime. So that would be less than 20% that I gave a "forever" home to, and I suspect I'm more likely to keep an old horse who can't do anything useful than the average person. I do not think producing horses with the idea that you will keep them forever is the least bit realistic. None of us knows what will happen to us in life. I could get in a car accident tonight and be unable to work and Cecil would have to go to a new owner no matter if I liked that or not - at least I know he is registered, attractive and well trained, so that he would be wanted."

Some how I don't think that her legal assistant job would pay the board for fifty horses. If not that, then she buys a new horse every year and dumps the old one. In addition to a series of horses that she has bought and dumped, there is the question of how many rescues does this woman own. In the following statement by GL, Cathy has given the impression that she's rescued more horses.

"Yet she posted about "her" horse rescues, on HD, quite recently, without ever mentioning where/when/how they came to be rescued. That struck me as very odd. If you are into rescue, and have rescued some horses for a rescue, wouldn't you tell people where they were? How YOU could help?"

Anonymous 7:33 response clarifies the situation.

"Go lightly those were NOT her rescue horses. Do not let her chatter about "we" and "OUR" fool you. They were "rescued" by someone else I guarantee you. She may have been there but someone else is doing to work and footing the bill on those horses. The photos show horses in an area with large fir trees. Fugs lives in LA. Those photos are not LA and those horses are not with Fugs."

Anonymous 9:59 clarifies the picture more for us in this quote.

"FUGS is not involved with horses in LA at all. She is head over heels involved with dog and cat rescue, just a quick check of her twitter account will tell the story. She left Washington in disgrace and left all of her horses behind. So typical for her to palm her horses off on other folks to care for, cause yanno the day to day work of caring for them is more than she really wants to do. Shooting her mouth off about "Celebrity Rescues" and posing for photos is really more her style. Just like her time spent "on the job" she is more flash than brilliance. "

It appears that Fugs has moved to LA to hob nob with celebrity rescuers and has dumping her ancient rescues and the VLC in the process. It appears she is telling everyone online about all her horses yet not owning any. I don't even need to mention the hypocrisy of her actions. Please up date me on this issue. And, if anyone can expand upon the "left Washington in disgrace…" comment it would be appreciated.


  1. Fugs left her horses behind when she left Washington. She is paying board and for training but has no physical presence in their lives any more.
    Her mode of horse rescue is to obtain one, hand it off with a nominal board fee to a soft hearted rescue minded person to actually do the rehab on and partially pay for, and she stops by a couple of time a month to brush it and take photos. Then she places it with someone else in a "Forever" home... lather rinse repeat, voila 50 horses. I can tell you she has been extremely annoyed that the TB mare "Lucy" has come back 3 times from her "ZOMG forever" homes. She seems to be stuck with that one. LOL
    As for her leaving the NW is disgrace, when people find out that A: you are a liar, B: You like married men only and that shows a complete lack of personal character, C: you do not practice what you preach, D: She screams that only people with good finances should own horses but it has been proven she is incapable of living within her own means, E: You brag about your riding abilities and general horse knowledge, but people easily can see through the facade, add those things together and you get knocked off your rescue God pedestal rather quickly. She was proven to be a charlatan. She ran back to the anonymity of LA and left the horse scene completely.

  2. You sure her name isn't Tammy Faye Baker!?

  3. I am not sure she moved to LA, frankly. On her Twitter she says she's down there for a month. She was hobnobbing with the Hollywood set and stuffing envelopes for the HSUS and enjoying vegan meals. She also mentioned on her fhotd blog that she's just adopted a mare, Soot, who came out of the Dean Solomon cruelty case. She's sending her to her VLC's trainer. Solomon, if I"m not mistaken, is a Washington case. I have also wondered where on earth she gets the bucks to do all this training and boarding and hoarding!!

  4. Anonymous, how she affors things is simple, she is a parasite. I am sure she is living with someone who has put her up for free out of the kindness of their heart just like YHI did. All of her earnings go towards her lattes, her new laptop, and her horses. I wonder how long before that person's belongings start disappearing as well as their husband?

  5. For starters fugs went to Cali quite some time ago.
    It has already been longer than a month or so.
    I was also wondering how Soot is now entering into training. Wasn't that the horse that supposedly had a broken leg and was so horribly neglected?
    And I did laugh about her reference to beginners at auctions accidentally ending up with stallions. Gee..isn't that what happened with Champagne Til Dawn? Aww..and now he has offspring. Which is not necessarily a bad thing but c'mon already telling other people what and how to when you so obviously can't and won't live by your own words.
    Credibility 101.
    I find it amusing that she still has followers.
    I just finally came to the conclusion that she is so deep rooted in her particular brand of delusion that there is no bringing her into the light.
    Oh I must run. I think I hear vehicles coming. Must be the humane agents with their trailers coming to seize the animals in my care.*insert huge snork here*

  6. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the insight. Are the rescues in Washington all rolling their eyes at her?

  7. BHM... they have all along.

  8. Anonymous,
    Does this have anything to do with Fugs last a only a few months with Pony Up.

  9. kestrel, re: Champ.

    Yup, fugs says ol Champ managed to put a foal on the ground. Maybe when he was breeding the mares in the holding area at the auction.
    Someone bought a mare he bred at the auction, maybe?
    I have no idea.
    She sure didn't put a link to THAT story, did she:)

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  11. Well, Parelli has followers? Why shouldn't fugs have hers? Heeheehee!

    Damn thing of it one point Parelli was actually a really good horseman, not the caricature he is today. Cathy is not a "Has Been", she is a "Never WAS".

    By the way bhm...You are doing a bang-up job!!

  12. Padraigin_WA I thinks he left Cowgirl Spirit and Pony Up several months ago, like last winter/spring? As for SAFE she was never an official member of Safe just a BB personality like many. She has never fostered, or volunteered other than at their show.
    She tried to get involved with SOS but that never went anywhere.

  13. You mean she left the next World Champion VLC?! Amazing. Personally, there is no such place as a forever home. Forever homes are from birth to death. Long term homes are more the proper term as far as I am concerned. A horse that sees 5 homes in its life doesn't make for a bad horse or one going to bad homes, especially in the show world (I presume.) You get a horse, you make a certain level and say that horse can't go to that level with you. You sell and get a new one, and the old horse goes to a home where the same thing may or may not happen.

    Getting up, leaving, and paying someone else to feed is a different story. I thought Fugs preached visiting at least once a month to check up on them to ensure they are properly being cared for. *shakes head* Whoever mentioned her dining vegan meals with PETA or the HSUS was spot on. Homegirl has put another notch in her wacky totem pole.

  14. BEC,
    Thank you very much. If you want to write an article please post it in the comment section with a note to me.

  15. Cinnamon Swirl said: "Homegirl just put another notch on her wacky totem pole"

    What made me think she has just jumped off the deep end was this comment on Christmas morning... From her Twitter account "Just delievered a rescued kitten to his new glad Starbucks is open! 6:16 am from mobile web"

    No one but a wacked out vegan animal rescuer would be out at 6 am to deliver a kitten on Christmas morning. Normal people are home with their families and loved ones. Show me someone who is deivering rescue kittens at 6 am on Christmas morning and I will show you a middle aged woman who is an animal right activist who is off her rocker enought that no man wants her!

  16. You know there is this theory. It even extends to some portions of The Humane Society and other no kill shelters.
    No adoptions for Christmas, Easter, and that type of thing.
    It is commonly believed that those holidays represent the greatest number of irresponsible impulsive animal purchases.
    But what do I know.
    And who the hell can afford Starbucks???

  17. Yes Dena you are correct. Fugs herself has posted about people who were trying to sell horses for Christmas presents and how wrong that is. But it is just fine and dandy if you are delivering a kitten on Christmas. More hypocrisy.

  18. I had a cute little paint pony that Looooved kids, but I swear she read their birth certificates. After age 11 they were no longer allowed on her back. Period. She stayed with me through my 2 kids, went to another friend, raised their kids, then found her last home with a family that had more little ones for her to train. She was happy at every home. If fugs has gone through 50 head...that's dumping a lot of horses. And dumping is exactly what it is.

    Yah, I would imagine something is not being told about the Soot horse, because the original horse was a total cripple and even attempting to train it would be cruel. Sadly enough there are a lot of people (I used to be one of those) that thought fug was telling the truth, and now that I know differently I do not trust her or any of the rescues she is involved with. That's why Pony Up and so many other rescues shudder when they hear her spouting off. She destroys their credibility as well.

  19. I think she is fixated on taking things from certain people.
    She is obsessive when it comes to Dean Solomon and we all have heard what she did to YHI.
    She strikes me as a very strange serial type stalker.
    I don't hate her anymore. But I have zero desire to know her.
    I think Cinnamonswirl nailed it with the notch on her totem pole reference.
    She is the ultimate look at me attention whore and yet she doesn't fare well under any type of light.
    The simple truth is, I pity her and what passes for her life.

  20. I be sooo confused!!!! I have obviously missed some stuff, Champagne til Dawn produced a foal (what about apropriate stallion management??? Its not rocket science ,also if she didn't want a pregnant mare out of the deal there are ways to fix that,or prevent it in the first place , she is in LA, then PNW then ??? probably hasn't left her house in months and is hiding from creditors and angry wives.

  21. OMG Fern! you are so succinct sister!

  22. Anon 8:02, I've volunteered with SAFE and CSRDT work parties and riding, and haven't seen her name on their volunteer schedules, whether it's mucking, riding, or fundraising. Yes, she does frequent the SAFE mb's and she has ridden a couple of the rescues in the SAFE show. That's where I met her. I was not impressed by her equitation nor her persona.

  23. So Padraigin__WA How would you describe FUGS? You have met her in person. My questions would be:
    Do you think she is sincere about horse rescue?
    Do you think she knows what she says she knows?
    Is she a fake? A flake? A Wacko Animal Rights Activist? Please share your impressions of her personally.

  24. I have alot to say about the post Jan 5. Can you start a thread for it? (Hint: infuriated is what is going through my mind).

  25. Maybe you should change it to "The FHOTD Refute."

    Hah, I stopped reading, and promptly deleted from my brain whatever it was she typed.
    I do that with most extraneous info.
    and yeah,it was typical.

  26. I hope the person she's bashing now, the daughter of the celeb that just died, catches wind of what was said. I have a feeling she'd have the money to take ole fat-bashin' fugs to court.

  27. Since when is OK to bash people like this? Bashing children is not enough? How dare her target a couple dead young women? The reference to Britney Murphy was as bad as the reference to Casey Johnson. These are two families in mourning and we will never know the whole story; why should we anyway? What business is it of ours? It is their tragedy that they must live through it in the public eye.

    So, Cathy’s answer is to cut off our family members in their time of need and give her the perceived amount of money they are ‘blowing’. Make your children, siblings, friends disposable if they do not suit your needs…kind of sounds like her philosophy for horses.

  28. I haven't been there in quite awhile and won't. Even I can't believe that that piece of human refuse would say such things. Keep digging the hole deeper there FUGS, there will be a time when you will be buried in it.

  29. Anon,

    Also sounds like what the "men" in her life feel about her.

  30. GL,
    I find that after menopause it all random deleting. Enjoy your selective deleting while you still have it.

  31. Good God...

    Hate to break it to her...but most of the world could give a crap less about "old Thoroughbred mares". Hey, I love horses as much as the next person here, but I certainly do not think that ANYONE should feel obligated to hand money over to fugs(or anyone else for that matter) for THEIR personal agenda.

    That woman is sick, sick, sick!!!

  32. OK, against my better judgement I went and read today's post.Wow! what absolute poor taste! I don't care who you are , or who the individual is , you never, I repeat never,use a persons loss or death as a way to further your own agenda!!! What a classless bitch!