Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Response from Auction Board

I'm response to previous comment made by Cathy on her blog, Auction board posted the following comment on FHOTD. I believe that this the version that was posted on FHOTD:

As the primary administrator of the Auction Horses website, I would like to correct some points from Fugly's post:

1) " ... that board is full of some of the worst known bottom-feeding horse neglecting ignoramuses that aren’t welcome anywhere else, and people are funding their idiocy."

We have no control over who joins our board. The people Fugly is thinking about are members of several other rescue boards, and banning them won't accomplish anything. The two most well-known have left the board, and none of them received any direct assistance from the group beyond advice. We can't control interactions between two private parties either, but we are working to educate our members about where their money is likely to do the most good.

2) "Let’s just say that if a half-dozen people are telling you that someone is bad news, you might want to take note of that before you buy them a rescue horse they can’t otherwise afford."

As stated above, the board as a whole did not buy any of these people a rescued horse. The warnings came only after an unfortunate situation had developed, which took the majority of us very much by surprise. That situation has now been handled and policies put into place to prevent a repeat of this type of occurrence in the future. We do not wish to go into lengthy details here, but the information is available to anyone who comes to our site. We have nothing to hide and in fact welcome any inquiries, within reason.

That said, we are complete agreement with the general message of the article. Rescuing an animal at the last minute, with no plans for its future, is a very bad idea. We are now focusing on education as well as organized support for appropriate homes for auction horses.

Infighting among charitable organizations diverts energy that could being going into making a difference. Although Auction Horses is not technically a charity, the principle applies here as well. We welcome constructive criticism that will make our rescue efforts more effective. What we recently experienced and do no want to repeat was a drawn-out argument with few constructive comments and a great deal of repetition. This diverted energy from the goal we have in common, which is to provide good homes for horses when we can and humane euthanization as an alternative to slaughter.


  1. Classy response ,I am surprised she published it

  2. As I understand, they posted it in the comment section. I doubt Fugs would knowingly post that reply.

  3. Her comments are moderated though,guess this one slipped through


  4. I just checked FHOTD. It doesn't seem as if the response made it through.

  5. Okay, just for the record, cat67 was rebuked by Jaime on the SAFE board, for encouraging unsafe adoption practices. The rush of the Auction, you know the drill. Save them. cat67(fugs) said "Someone said such-and-so pony was kid-safe. SAve him!"
    The SAFE mod had to say, um, please cut that out.
    The SAFE mod had nightmares thinking of a kid getting killed by a "kid-safe", on cat67's unknown person's word, pony.
    skeery sad.
    I would guess the AuctionBoard above was created because of that.
    SAFE has horses, needing homes. Hello?
    I mean really. Shouldn't all these eager folk, ready with wallets, but no stalls, be allowed to rescue more horses off the truck.
    Of COURSE, I hope they are successful! But where will they all Go?
    All the tsking in the world won't change that.

    It's just, I wonder if the hard reality of the situation is just too much for some folk.

    I hope the horses in "safe" rescue get adopted, first. That makes room for the auction. Anyone see auctions stopping?
    Oh, people. (GENERAL people, not YOU, BEC:)
    We squabble amongst our own kind selves, and for what?

    and kestrel, that was the first time I heard that about the snarkette at your door. yeeesh..
    The power of words...

    BEC, yours were amazing, too.

    Accuracy is important.

    (waves gingerly at HD person)
    Don't smite me. I was astounded by the pounce I received. So, yeah. Call me whatever you like, but I haven't been nearly as "schizo" as some would portray me as. I couldn't believe it. Fiction, indeed. Please don't make it up as you go.

    cat67 hasn't been back to HD, and ofcol, (waving gingerly again) really sounds alot like her.
    The outright bullshite factor is skeeeery.
    Is that normal?

    Who dares ask a question in that HD atmosphere? Oh right, the nice ones. And then you get a long discourse on the only good horses known to man. pleeeeze.

    I like HT, very calming, mostly. I was deleted on the dog thread about rabies.
    The mods allowed pertinent comments. I'm afraid to look and see what happened, of course. LOTS of newbie owners, surprise, surprise.

    Can we get past the differences, and work on the similarities? nah, I didn't think so.

    I'll keep asking, though.


    almost forgot. Don't forget to press ignore.
    It's worked well for me:)

  6. Its posted between a bunch of photos and she doesnt comment.

  7. GL,
    Glad to see you. No ignore buttons plzkthnx.

    Yes, some of the HD people are nuts, nerotic, and nasty. I give them the triple "N" award. I mean who would want to walk into some of their discussions. You'd be taking your life in your hands.

  8. Anon,
    I must have missed it. I guess she let them post it and then proceeded to ignore the comment.

  9. Yeah GL, it was interesting to say the least. I had never heard of the website before that. When I checked it out I couldn't believe the bad advice and meanness.

    I have a real problem with tearing horses apart based solely on conformation seen from a computer screen, since the wide screens just stretch the picture to fit the screen. Distortion is common, and most horses will look long backed.

    I also have a problem with tearing a horse apart based solely on conformation. I know of several horses with less than perfect conformation that show very well because they have exceptional minds.

    Many performance breeds, or breed subsets, are not mentally suited to be amateur or family horses. The performance industries that spawn large numbers of those horses should clean up their own mess.

    Another concern of mine is that the equine gene pool is getting smaller and smaller even though there are more horses. AI has contributed to the widespread distribution of genes like HYPP, and there is speculation that there is a genetic component to the catastrophic breakdowns occurring in the racing world. The dedicated small breeders who insist on raising healthy, but currently not fashionable, bloodlines are the caretakers of a gene pool that may be invaluable to the future health of horses.

    A sane, kind, well trained family horse is usually never lacking for a home. It's the broken down, specialized, highly bred, fragile minded horses that roll downhill fastest. Have you noticed how many of them wind up at auction?

  10. Kes,
    Astute as usual.

    There are few on HD that are notorious for attacking others. Yet, the same individuals get upset when it's mentioned that they are alienating many people and rant about how anybody can say what ever they like. Yah, we can say what every we want as long as we don't mind a thorough bludgeoning.

  11. As far as HD, I really don't have much interest in visiting lately. When OFCOL was in charge, it was a higher caliber site. But now it's just seems like rinky-dink snark.

    I really got turned off HD when I logged in recently and saw a comment by Suncolors, who owns the stallion SBR Formula One. She pimps him all over HGS during breeding season and rarely contributes to HGS otherwise. And all the HGSers love her and support her stallion unquestioningly (well...he is a nice stallion, I can't argue that). Her comment, after all the support from HGS:

    "I posted this on HGS just now too, to see what that "group" has to say.....(roll eyes)"

    In the big scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. But it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth and illustrates how HD seems to bring out the worst in people.

  12. OFCOL is stillin charge, and the rinky dink snark has kind of taken a turn with the absenteeism of certain members. Most of us over there WANT a change in how the board is conducted. We aren't all heinous and evil people, believe it or not.

    As for SCR's stallion, she has a right to be proud of & brag about him. There's someone actually doing something worthwhile to prove her stallion is indeed stallion worthy,an so what if she's pimping him out everywhere? Maybe more people will see that and actually do something with their stallion instead of breeding him because he's colored pretty and/or has blue eyes.

  13. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your stallion, and he's a nice stallion (I believe I did qualify that in my post).

    Her comment just struck me as rather junior high popular girl stuff. You know, being nice to the "less fortunate" for their own benefit, but then rolling their eyes to make sure the other popular kids know that they don't really like them.

    Like I said, not a big deal...just my impression. I tend to place importance not only on the value of the product, but also the integrity of the vendor.

  14. I don't read HGS anymore, so missed all that, so will have to take you word for it. If that is the case, then yes, that is a bit juvenile. Then again, considering most of the posters on HGS while I was there were kids...

  15. Yeah, HGS lost its gloss as well. I used to lurk in the breeding section when I had the craving for drama. But now every other post is about sabino vs splash vs etc. Not that I don't want to be educated, but it gets old.

    I'm starting to sound like a cranky old geezer. lol

  16. I guess I'm a cranky old geezer as well, because I found that all kind of tiresome as well, along with the "ZOMG!! SILVER!!" I guess since out of 15 horses here, 5 are silvers it's kind of lost it's novelty to me. I also don't like pintos enough to care whether the pintos I do own are splash, frame or sabino. As long as they are OLWS negative and will breed true to conformation, that's what I want.

  17. I didn't like the "if they had confidence then they wouldn't have a problem with what we say" comment. It's not everyone else's responsibility to put up with your snark.

  18. Wow, no-one from HD will question/answer ANY of what I typed?
    How brave.
    Safer in your own puddle, isn't it?

    Notice cat67 has disappeared entirely.

    I'm done, BHM.

    The nasties of the world, really wanna take over the world.
    I hope CCC can stop it, before it's too late!


  19. submiz = word verf.

    I have NOT submizzed.

  20. GL,
    You don't have to fight anyone, although CCC superhuman strength is putting up a noble fight, just have a good laugh.

  21. Go Lightly I am from HD, what exactly do you want to know?

  22. Another HD'er willing at answer questions if I can.

    CCC has some valid points to ponder, as did MANY of the HD crew. Like I said, we're not all heinous and evil and some of us are not all of one group mentality way of thinking. Some of us can and do think for ourselves outside the box.

  23. Heather,
    I find most HD'ers are like you. No, they aren't all evil and abusive. The above comments should be taken in the context that some are nasty. It's these few that the above comments are referring to.

  24. One issue I have with HD is the premise of the board. Talk crap about people but no balls to do it publically. I would at least have respect for you if you opened your board to an open forum, not behind a members only board.
    There is no excuse you can invent for having a members only forum to talk shit other than you are a bunch of chickenshits. None.

  25. Heather- the few good messages/info found on HD can be found all around the web, including on HT without the spewage contamination.

  26. HD is an open board, you don't have to be a member to read there. We don't duck and hide behind a "By invitation only" forum either. Anonymous, glad you think I'm a chickenshit. Real nice, seeing as how you say that we're so mean. I did not come over here name calling and acting an ass. I offered to answer questions, but I guess you're not interested in my answers. Chickenshit, really? YOu sure don't know me, do you?

  27. Unless something has changed very recently, you still need a member to view HD, Heather. That makes it a restricted forum. One you need approval for. Sure they hide, have from the beginning. Not cool, Heather, not cool.
    If you are talking crap about someone there, yep, you are a chickenshit. Try saying it here where everyone can see.
    As stated by Anon 3:08, good info can be obtained lots of other places on the web without the vileness.
    Water seeks its own level. Maybe you don't belong there.

  28. We have plenty of guests pop up all day long and read and lurk along. You don't have to be a member to read, just post. I'm not the one who set it up that way, and whether that's cool or not, not really my concern- I don't run it.

    And let's talk about "hiding"...


    Talking about people behind their back behind a "By invitation only" forum. At least the folks being talked about on HD have a chance to come over and speak their side and present their case and prove some of the snarkier HD crowd wrong.

    I don't participate in the bashing threads. The whole pack mentality was why I left FHOTD & the FiSH message board long ago. And maybe I don't belong there, but I'm also hoping (without holding my breath) that maybe I can set a better example and more folks follow suit because there are good people there with fountains of info that they can share. I agree the vileness could take a serious backseat, but it's not my place to correct how people word their posts.

    Never said HD was the only place for good information. I'm a member of HT and COTH and several other forums as well. HT has seriously taken a down turn and is no longer as full of good info as it used to be.

  29. I think we need an abbrevation list for all the forums on the side of the blog-LOL.

  30. Sorry, I forget that the codes aren't really clear- FiSH is the free speach message board, formerly the FHOTD message board. It got so bad that even Fugs/Cat/Cathy didn't want to be associated with them, so rather than dissolve it, she turned it over to someone else.

    COTH is Chronicle of the HOrse

  31. HT, Horsetopia, is a public horse related board.
    HD, Horsedopia, is a private board that was originated to bash the members of HT by several old members of Fish. Seems they could not do it publically at HT due to moderation and did not have the balls to do it pubically on Fish (which has NO moderation) so they invented Horsedopia, which can only be viewed by an approved account only, to hide behind. You can be a guest, but you still need approval to view the contents. Since Fugly's outing on a board called The Manure Pile, where she spoke horribly of her readers, she sought refuge on HD.
    Call it what you will Heather, there's some sneaky shits on HD that live in glass houses. Funny how as much as this blog is being viewed by the Dopias, very few will respond. Kudos to you, Heather, on that one.

  32. Heather, I'd agree exactly, and as CCC explained, HDA wasn't for anyone "else" to know about. You had to look. Someone pointed it out, seems to me. HorseDopiaAntidote was really for the same reasons as HT begat HD, though, if you get my drift. It saddens me, these things. Why are horse people so merciless in their path of I'm right, you're wrong?
    Yes, I'm just as guilty. I don't think SFTS really deserved what I said. SB, well, yeah, she did. And she missed the point. I critiqued her nicely. She didn't get that.
    Zoooom, over the head. I wish her, and everyone who owns horses, all the best. I happen to know it isn't easy.

    OH, and I never was able to look at HD without registering, I am too techno-stupid I guess, to log on as a guest.
    So, a private forum that anyone can join, is rather odd. And a private forum inside the private forum, and another one after that..

    I mean, c'mon! We're talking horses here, why on earth is it so hard to be civil?
    I've been rude, and I'm STILL trying to compose something that will clear my air in my head.
    I'm tired of arguing.
    I've got much more important things in real life to occupy my worry time.
    I do worry about horses comfort, and I think we all despise the cruel and the evil.
    Isn't that kinda common ground??

    Just sayin'.

    History like this really isn't worth any repeating.

    I've typed this post several times. If it still makes no sense, nothing new there.

  33. I'm not going to lie and say everyone over on HD are stellar people. There are some sneaky shits that will lie, make up things about other members, and basically just stab you in the back. There are people over there that I like, but do I trust them? Not as far as I could throw them.

    I totally agree, if indeed it is about the well being of the horses (as is the collective cry at HD), then being civil to someone might actually get more results than being an ass to someone. I'm only human and have bad days too, so confess to sometimes not being as understanding as I should be, so might have popped off a smart alleck remark or two, but never about people...never a personal remark misaligning people or their mothers.

    If by private forum withen a private, the AB forum is the mods section for discussing mod business. Why they didn't just call it that, I don't know. The TMI section is accessible by PM the mod in charge of it for the password- just be ready to have an open mind while reading, thus the TMI title. It was made pssword accesible only because we had some youngsters onboard at one point.

    I wish ALL the boards could some together with the same goal in mind- the welfare of the horses first and foremost. While I agree that basically unmoderated and freedom of speech is a good thing in the right hands, I also believe "do unto others" should be a rule to live by.

    Cat67 has not logged into HD since January 1st. I think she's found that she has no real refuge there, either.

  34. >>>Yes, I'm just as guilty. I don't think SFTS really deserved what I said.<<<

    Why thank you, GL, for saying this.

    For the record, I agree with that last comment pretty much entirely. I don't understand a lot of horse people and why they feel the need to be so disgustingly nasty to each other.

  35. Standing and applauding Heather. Swimming against the flow of sewage is never easy and I hope you do not suffer the backlash for it.

  36. SFTS, it's been rankling at me for some time. I advocated for less snark on the entirely wrong blog, I realize that now. FHOTD is kinda built around the nasty know-it-all barn biotch. I'm sorry if I spoiled that fun.

    I of course want horses healthy and happy!
    It was honestly a shock, to read about hoof-sanding. I still do not think that "grooming" method has any place in a beginner manual of hoof care.

    I must say this.
    It's entirely reasonable to expect/hope that "someday" all, I mean ALL, types of horse disciplines should have a common, unifying theme, called horsemanship.
    It would make life so very much easier for beginners.
    That has always been my first interest. Giving beginners the best start possible.

  37. I am joining in the standing ovation with Anon!

    Heather, thank you for speaking up about HD. I also think there was some very good dialogue over at HD on the Heart to Heart thread from a number of the regulars.

    The best way to effect (or should it be affect?) change is to have civil, open discussions.

  38. I am with Heather on this one too. I am from HD and there are good and bad people there just like any other board. There is good information and bile spewage, and you can read what ever you want. But What I appreciate about HD is the ability to say what you really think. Unlike HT where a skinny, long backed, jug headed, crooked legged horse is posted and everyone jumps on the bandwagon with "OOOH so PRITTY" comments and nothing more. I might find something nice to say such as "man that horse has nice big feet", but I am not going to lie to conform to the group, and then I also might mention that he looks a little thin. That would never fly at HT.

  39. Well, then you get the ding dongs who make it personal and have to ruin a civil conversation...

    If there's backlash for me speaking my mind (that's what HD is about, right?) and speaking the truth (and I think I did it civilly) then maybe indeed I do not belong there.

    Again I hope that by seting a better example, others will follow suit.

  40. Heather,
    You set an excellent example. Much appreciated.

    Yes, I do like that about HD. However, if you disagree with them, I'm speaking here of certain groups of individuals, you will get jumped. There's tolerance of thought and then there's tolerance of thought. I've been on boards where jumping was not tolerated and open discussion was valued.

  41. Horsedopia has an inner circle that protects each other, attack people who speak out against them.

    They also have a lot of skeletons in their closets.

    Several members breed mares and dont post it publicly because they know it will look bad.

    Compare BFD's horses to Lollas.. Whats wrong with BFDs that is right about Lolla's except that lolla is in the inner circle?

    Look how they let sarcasta attack people and defended her violently against others.

    LTHL bred that lame red dun mare. Whats so special about her and why is she allowed to breed when others get ripped a new one for it?

    Ibcuttin, have you seen her hidious stallion? Look how many horses she breeds. And she leaves her children with a man she claimed was abusive while she had an affair. She is back with that man and buying more horses. She also speaks negitively about her younger children and allows her older son a membership on HD despite all the xrated talk there.

    RM bred that poor, skinny mare with that hind end problem. She had her turned out with her other mares and stallion when she could barely walk in the hind end. Thank god she didnt take.

    Look at faceman, the proclaimed training expert, he teaches his horses to neck rein before direct reining by playing follow the leader on trails. And dont dare disagree with him, and HE is a moderator.

    OFCOL hasnt even owned horses in years, she rides on her cuz's coat tails and goes to the redbluff gelding sale, so she is an expert!

    Mozart refused to put her lame mare on stall rest when her vet perscribed it, and whined and whined about her being lame all summer long, and whined some more when her gelding was getting worse. Well thats what happens when you run barrels on a navicular horse.

    very few of them have done anything remotely impressive with horses.

    They just feed their egos on their silly little site. It is a total joke.

  42. Anon.,
    OMG, that's awful horsemanship. They do gang up and are oblivious to certain members behaviour. Some of their attacks on fellow members has gone way, way beyond unacceptable.

  43. Anyone know about the outcome of Sarcasta's filly out of Spooky? Last time I looked, the little one was swimming in a sea of mud and filth. Cannot imagine it is much better now that winter is here.

  44. Oh, Faceman is a hoot. I read him purely for laughs. Swishing his way around the board with his pompous "I am a millionare but I never told you that" attitude. Being that he is in banking, it is no wonder the industry is in trouble. He reminds me of a closet dresser wearing his wifes panties.
    Adds nothing of value but sure fans the flames.

  45. "He reminds me of a closet dresser wearing his wifes panties. " Snork!

  46. Well, glad to see my name didn't make your list! For the most part I do agree with some of those points. But as I tend to be the minority in my opinion, sometimes it's best to keep my mouth shut. I think it's stupid to allow passes to some members and not others, but...

    I won't profess to say I know anything about foundation appys to say whether or not Lolla's horses are any better than BFD's. My whole problem with BFD is breeding 4 mediocre to OK mares to a stallion that is mediocre at best when not too long ago, she was complaining about vet bills and can't fix her fences because they dont' have the money to do so. If that's the case, does she really need 4 more mouths and expenses?

    I went toe to toe with Sarcasta that resulted in a PM bitch out session because of her BS attacking others. I NEVER encouraged or defended her for that. She really pissed me off by dragging people into a fray that had no business being in it. Since she's no longer a member at HD, it's been a little quieter.

    I have issues with LTHL breeding that mare, too. She bought the mare knowing she was lame, she bred the mare knowing she was lame, with the possibility it could be passed on to the foal. Cat67 convinced her that if no one ever bred OCD horses, we wouldn't have horses at all.

    I know nothing of IB's personal life, so all that is purely speculation to me. HOw she raises or speaks to and about her kids is also no concern of mine. I can't comment on the quality of her stallion, but will say at least her horses are done something with and not left to rot or dumped in auctions unhandled and unbroke.

    RM didn't breed that mare while she had the hind end problem, and the mare was not skinny when that happened. I am also glad the mare didn't take, but since the poor mare was humanely euth'ed this weekend, it's a moot point.

    Can't comment on faceman's training, don't know whether it's right or wrong.

    So OFCOL doesn't own a horse? Does that mean all her knowledge & experience left when she sold her horse? She has an astounding knowledge of QH pedigrees, and who cares if it came from riding her cousin's coattails- we all have to learn from someone, right?

    I also don't know about Mo's mare being put on stall rest. I do know she spent a lot of money trying to diagnose her. As for the gelding, I think she ran him before he ever became navicular, but could be wrong.

    I don't know the outcome of Sarcasta's filly.

  47. Sarcasta seems a lot quieter these days. I could be wrong because I don't know where she's at these days. It's all to bad about her interactions because there where a some very experienced riders that would have talked to her. I've never really had a blow out with her as I just avoided it all.

  48. Sarcasta posts on COTH under Rugby Girl. Alot of poor me, I am a novice, crappy rider, 6 hour drive to a trainer, blah, blah, blah.
    I did notice she bit off more than she could chew challenging a few of the more knowledgable posters there and was shut down pretty quickly in that thread. Of course, it was done in a much more diplomatic manner than she has ever afforded any of her victims. But refreshing, all the same.
    Every once in a while she adds something of value to a discussion there, but it is hard to find the jewels in all her redundant blatherings and woe is me attitude.

  49. As far as ranking the worst bottom feeders goes bhm I thought you might enjoy the following.
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    Iz your Christmas present.LOL

  50. I am waiting for Cathy to out the former owner of that poor old thoroughbred who should be put down, lik3 right now. Poor boy.

  51. Do you think he's so far beyond redemption that he wouldn't make a nice pasture pet? I hate seeing nice horses put down, but if it's the kindest thing to do for them...And I know there aren't really many homes right now for a high maintenence pasture pet. Poor fella, he looks like he'd be a sweet soul to have around.

  52. Luckier here. My mare was not lame when I purchased her. She did flex a tiny bit positive, and the vet doing the prepurchase thought it was her hock. We xrayed it and it was clean. She rode beautifully, and that vet thought that she might be one to need hock injections at some point, however, my regular vet at the time, after viewing the xrays and examining her that she had just strained it a little.

    Cat did NOT convince me that "if we didnt breed any horses with OCD we wouldnt have any horses at all." That is actually a quote from a vet. I asked 4 vets, three of which are extremely experienced with leg and joint issues their opinion on breeding her and the likelyhood of her foaling having OCD. All 4 vets felt that while it is likely that there is a genetic link to OCD, it is strongly related to diet. One of the vets is a performance horse owner/competitor himself and told me that he personally, as well as several clients of his have breed several OCD horses and he hasnt seen an inhertiance pattern. His clinic does a lot of repo work.

    I was very clear with each vet I talked to that I was not asking if she could physically carry a foal, but If there way a signifigant increased likelyhood of her producing an OCD foal. Only one of those vets had any finicial benefits from me breeding her, and one of them, had they said absolutely dont breed her would likely have got to perform an expensive surgery.

    None the less. I have no problem with people disagreeing with my choice to breed my mare. None at all. She is a very nice mare, and she is a full sister to a very successful AQHA show horse, Her sire has produced AQHA world champion and resserve world champions and has his superior. Her dam also has her superior and has produced multiple superiors. Desi was basically my dream horse. Again, feel free to disagree with my choice, but please get your facts straight if you are going to discuss me.

    I did ask Cat's opinion on breeding her with OCD. I asked A LOT of people for their opinions on it. Cat did say that she didnt have a problem with breeding OCD horses, but she did not say if we didnt breed any OCD horses we wouldnt have any horses. That was a vet. He also explained to me that OCD lesions are more common than people realize, because depending on where they are many people do not know they are there because they do not cause any issues. OCD can also be triggered by an injury or being over worked young, and Desi was a 2 year old futurity horse, and does have a muscle tie and scar on her bad side, so a prior injury is the possible cause. She is not a big mare. I can not even imagine how tiny she must have been at two.

    Some of this stuff that is being quoted was discussed with certain people in confidence and it does speak to their integerty that it is being repeated, but none the less.. now you guys know the facts, and can base your judgements on them.

  53. Wow Anon, I am not sure that we needed to have that much info about those folks on HD.

  54. Dena,
    I had a good laugh because I misread your first sentence as bhm is the worst bottom feeder. I thought, geez when did Dena start hating me. Thanks for the great present. Truly enlightening.

  55. CCC,
    Go on. Of course we do. The more dirt the merrier.

  56. Then I will apologize, Luckier, I was told you had bought & bred the mare knowing she was lame, and had bred her with Cat's encouragement. Guess my sources need to get their facts straight as well.

    I like your mare and know you are breeding for a keeper replacement. I leave the OCD assessment to you, since you did do the research and did ask about it before breedign her, Not too many people would have bothered.

  57. If any of you want to know how hte Fuglyblog.com site is doing goto this link: www.alexa.com/siteinfo/fuglyblog.com

    It appears that the new fuglyblog is much lower ranked that the old fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com. It ranks 121,000+ in the US. That is not very high.....

  58. Been busy with school and have apparently missed a lot! Goodness.

    Chaos chaos!

  59. My filly is now a happy, healthy weanling. She is coming along nicely, after much consulting with my vet on the best feeding program.

    You guys seem to not be able to shut up about me...

  60. And Heather, who TF are you? Can't say I recall any PM bitchfest with you...

  61. How easily you forget. I'm no one significant, that's for sure.

  62. I wouldn't call anyone here, myself included, "significant." That didn't really answer my question. I didn't really have a whole lot of PM conversations.

  63. Let's clear some stuff up, shall we?

    One issue I have with HD is the premise of the board. Talk crap about people but no balls to do it publically. I would at least have respect for you if you opened your board to an open forum, not behind a members only board.
    There is no excuse you can invent for having a members only forum to talk shit other than you are a bunch of chickenshits. None.

    The real reason that we have not publicized the board is for the protection of the people who are 'ridiculed,' for lack of a better word. Because mistakes are, unfortunately, made. This way, the posts are not searchable--you can't, say, find crap on a breeder if you Google their name. Doesn't that seem like a good policy? And every account who applies for membership is approved. I personally make sure of that.

  64. Mozart refused to put her lame mare on stall rest when her vet perscribed it, and whined and whined about her being lame all summer long, and whined some more when her gelding was getting worse. Well thats what happens when you run barrels on a navicular horse.

    I did not barrels on Rebel once he was diagnosed with navicular. When he first started losing performance, I asked several trainers and other experts, and I took him to the vet (and had his back injected), and then I went to a voodoo kinda guy because nothing else was helping. He got worse and worse, but still was not noticeably limping. Back to the vet, and that's when the word "navicular" was finally spoken. The vet told me that I could get another few years of barrel racing out of him if I followed the isoxsuprine protocol. Well, I did, and it didn't work. Once this became apparent, I retired him completely, even though he was my best competition horse and my favorite horse in general. I then proceeded to spend in the ballpark of $1500 just trying to get him comfortable--not even barrel racing sound--just comfortable! Injections, Tildren, freezing of the nerves, multiple different trimming/shoeing styles with two different farriers, etc. The vets (all three of them) are perplexed. They've never seen navicular progress this rapidly. We don't even know what caused it, because it didn't appear until he was 15, and in the seven years I've had him he was never run hard or on bad ground, and he has good leg conformation. As it is now, he's an expensive pasture pet, and there he'll remain until his pain becomes too great and it's time to put him down. I know I owe him every chance and every medical treatment available in the world, and that's what he'll get.

  65. Hey, Mozart, do you know who Heather is? Not interested in detailed info...just a name I might actually recognize?

  66. * run barrels, above, first sentence

    ** And no, sarcasta, I don't.

    As for Bones, the mare with the torn tendon, I balked about putting her on stallrest because I didn't want to do that to her mentally. I was perfectly willing to turn her out for months and months if that would allow her to heal, rather than keep such a high-energy young mare confined in a box. My vet X-rayed and ultrasounded her twice and could not find any problems, which is why I took the wait-and-see approach. Finally it got to the point where she had to go to the veterinary hospital. She was never in horrible pain and she still ran around like a maniac in the pasture, but she was head-bobbing lame at the trot. An MRI revealed three tears in the digital flexor. A $3500 treatment protocol was prescribed, which I have followed to a T. When you're a 19-year-old college student with only a part-time job, that's a helluva lot of money, especially when I was already paying for Rebel's issues. But I did it because that's what my horse needed. I still don't know if Bones will ever be sound (six weeks left), and it's extremely doubtful that she'll ever return to barrel racing.

    And I think that I have a right to "whine" when my favorite horse is permanently crippled and incurable, when my good mare is lame and probably won't return to performance (and can't be properly diagnosed), and when my beloved first horse is diagnosed, at only 15 years, with terminal stomach cancer. Watching Shorty decline and dealing with his death was one of the hardest things I've done. I could not control any of those circumstances and I couldn't do anything to help my poor animals, and that really ate me up. Still does. And that's not getting into the stress from school, work, relationships, and family.

    I'm not going to defend anyone else from HD, because that's not my job. But if you would like to know about my credentials, I could give you a school transcript for my academic record, since I'm frequently called "stupid." In terms of employment, I've worked as a vet tech and right now I'm the trainer/administrative assistant of a large horse farm. I broke a couple colts out this summer and ride and tune horses for people all the time. When I was barrel racing and pole bending, I was extremely competitive on the local-ish NBHA circuit, frequently placing in the 1D. And look! I can defend myself without calling everyone here a bunch of ceiling-tile-staring-whore-bitches!

  67. Oh, and Mo, while it may not mean much, I think you are one of the best, most compassionate horsepeople I've "met"...and never read your posts as whining. I'd be pretty torn up if I had the year you had last year, I think you showed remarkable grace.

  68. Thanks, sarcasta. I'm glad to see you're still around and doing well. Some people have asked about you on HD, wondering if you're coming back. But if you do, prolly not the best time. Major drama shitfest going on right now. It's that time of month, you know.

  69. Yeah, not planning on coming back ;) Miss hearing about your adventures though, so far no fellow Band Geeks have appeared on COTH...

    You should see my Zora...she's a giant. AND SPOOKY! SPOOKY IS JUMPING COURSES! WITH ME!!!! NO MORE REFUSING!

  70. And GoLightly, the page rank is not available because you typed the url in wrong. FuglybLog.com has a page rank of 4/10. Not that I know what that means, but thought I should clarify.

  71. You mean your horrible shitty cantering skillz didn't ruin Spooky for life? ¡Imposible!

  72. I'm sure we all are Sunshine

  73. Um, that wasn't me. I got no interest in you guys anymore. Many more and better sites out there.
    Really, really. You were funny, but not so much anymore.
    I piped up on this post 'cause I was reading the SAFE forum when the fugs rebuke went down.

    Nice to see that GLA paints has been "outed".
    Or whatever.
    Find the latest bottom feeder,people!

    Mozart, Try to understand one thing. None of those ping counters is perfect. My page rank is 1,300,000th or so.
    Go ME.
    That's on Quantcast. Fugs is about 55000th. Right now it says she has a mostly male audience.
    Okay, maybe. I doubt it though.
    I went to that Alexa site, it "says" my site started in 2000? Wow. I didn't get highspeed until around (hmmm?) Well, I "blogged on" in August 2008.
    You do the math, I'm obviously incapable of knowing how long I've been around.

    That's great SB. Love to see new pics of the baby. How's Wolfgang?
    Karen's left some great comments lately on HT. She's mostly pretty good. She also knows she isn't perfect.
    HD "thinks" they is??

    Good luck with all your horses, you bunch of boneheads. You just don't get it. That's okay.
    You don't get me, either.
    Obviously hasn't hindered your ability to be as nasty/nice as you want.
    Have at it, but maybe take it back to HD.
    Frankly, I have had squeamish problems with this FHOTD refute, since it started, and I really tried to convince BHM to NOT post SB's comments on COTH.
    I thought that was rude of BHM, and I still do think it was rude. I don't care if you believe me or not.
    Sorry BHM.
    I did say, in private to you, that negative attention is also attention. After I read through more of that COTH thread, I did indeed get SB's point. It was a good point.
    Of course, us old farts will huff and puff. Which is what most of us would do, if we climbed up on old Spooky.
    Or Wolfgang, for that matter. Damn, I do like Wolfgang.
    I ignore/skim HD/FHOTD now, it's way healthier.
    For ME.

    Put down your swords, you two.
    I did not trash you SB, you are SO quick to skip that part.
    Of course, I posted your stupidest comment. It was classic. But I did not name you, or point anything to you.
    Never mind.
    Find something else to do, I gotta go back to the hospital.
    They ran out of my meds.

  74. Oops, Dena, sorry, not GoLightly. Too many damn posts to scroll through. Need to make blogger more user-friendly.

  75. GL,
    Seriously, if it bothers you that much why are you here. Frankly, I found your post far worse. Make of it what you will, as it's an old post and it's past and gone. I'm sorry as well.

  76. I am having a great time researching Fuglyblog's statistics. Go to www.cubestat.com/fuglyblog.com. Her daily page views are down to 2,643 and her blog is worth a whopping 5,788.17 with 7.93 a day worth of ad revenue. The Horsereunions.com site is even more dismal. That website worth is 295.65 with 135 daily page views and daily ad revenue of .41 cents. I call that one FAIL.

    I just do not see that she really is having ANY impact on the horse world. There are millions of horse owners in the US alone, let alone her supposedly "global" blog. She is reaching 2600 and change a day world wide. Hardly a HUGE following. Everyday she pisses more and more people off. Pretty soon it will be her there and the sound of crickets chirping.

  77. Mozart- I do not know you nor am I familiar with your horses other than what you have posted here but I would like to point out- while yes, the vet care your have obtained for your horses is expensive, being that you respond that you are frequently running 1D in NBHA competitions affords you the ability to offset those expenses with your earnings. While it varies from show to show, I have seen many 1D pots that would pay in full for both amounts you posted here.
    It may very well be that you would have paid the same amount for a backyard trail horse you might have owned, but let's all be aware that your horses as listed above are professional athletes used in the capacity of earning money.

    As for the privacy issue of HD- nice try. First of all, it would hardly be likely that small board would come up anywhere in the first 10 pages of a google search, and not at all since your members assign very colorful monikers to mock the very screen and business names of their targets. Valiant effort but dismail excuse fail.

  78. BHM, substitute "unfair" for rude.
    My head was screaming blue migraines last night.

    If you're still annoyed, I'm still sorry.

    I still don't think it was necessary, and you will notice I didn't comment on that thread.

    Many of these threads.
    I do not think snarking at the snarkers makes anything better.
    But, that may just be my way of trying to make everyone get along.
    Which I suck at, obviously.

  79. I went to cubestat.
    I'm making 400k a DAY from ad revenue.
    So, I must be a zillionaire.
    Which, judging by my living conditions, would lead me to think that I must be even worse with money than I thought.
    Says my site is worth some ridiculous number. $312million or something.

    Just sayin', take them all with a grain of salt.
    Who cares, is my attitude.

    bye bye.

  80. Whoever you are, you're quite mistaken about the the payback at barrel races. I believe the absolute most I ever won in one night was about $150. Usually it was more in the $20-$50 range, after running multiple horses, which doesn't even cover entry fees and gas to get there and back. This was NBHA, which is not known for high payout. I did win a lot of year-end prizes (something like eight saddles over my career, and things like that), but the resale value for them was pretty poor, and once again I was thrilled if I did any more than break even for the year. It was a hobby. My most expensive horse cost $4,000 (my parents money and a gift to a 12-year-old girl in that case!); my least, $550, pulled out of the auction ring, likely slaughter-bound. And I trained them myself.

    And once again on the subject of HD, it likely would pop up high on a search list. If you've read anything about Gbar of the G Bar M Ranch over there (and if you've read the forum at all, you've seen her bashed repeatedly for her horrible breeding practices, dishonest horse trading, and ridiculous moderation), you'd know that her name is brought up repeatedly. And other people link to HD repeatedly, saying, "OMG look at this awful forum being so mad and evil about Gbar [insert url]." And that's how a lot of search engines work, by taking note of things like that. Not to mention that a lot of the people/ ranches "highlighted" have fairly unusual names and don't have a lot of sites about them in the first place. So yeah, it would be visible and public and out there.

  81. Anon.,
    Interesting stats. This blog was up to approximately 830 hits a day and still climbing when there are regular articles. I would have thought that FHOTD was more popular.

  82. Karen's left some great comments lately on HT. She's mostly pretty good. She also knows she isn't perfect.

    I'm glad to see you write that. The articles of yours that I have read actually have a lot in common with her philosophies and methods. She is a really great person and trainer. Nobody (and no horse) is perfect ;) Her best philosophy, IMHO, is not trying to fit square pegs into round holes, both horses AND riders.

    I am sure you wouldn't huff and puff on Spooky, she's a fun, smooooth ride (NOW, not THEN.) Wolfgang...yeah, have yet to see someone sit his trot without noticeable abdominal fatigue LOL.

    A few people have asked for pics of Zora...I might have to get outside and get some. She looks like crap though, coat like a husky and all out of proportion.

    And for the Anonymous who was concerned, sustained temperatures below -10 mean that there is NO mud. Leveled frozen ground covered with snow, yes. Spring is a concern for us with the melt, but I think we have a good strategy, with a back up plan to board the horses out for a few weeks if our land needs some time to get ahead. Unfortunately, we live in an extremely wet landscape (muskeg, maybe you've heard of it) and keeping the entire paddock dry and mud-free all the time is impossible. The horses always have dry land to retreat to (high ground), and a dry shelter if they want it. In the early Spring we are bringing in a few more loads of sand to improve the drainage in the sacrifice area. There are challenges to keeping horses where I live, but so far I've managed to keep mine healthy and happy. There is always room for improvement.

  83. Oh boy as far as outing the TB owner someone accused and emailed an Emily Fischer Bushaw who works in the Thurston Co Prosecuters Office She posted a warning to Fugly about outing people!

  84. Well it seems like you all are doing a fine job of working out your differences.

    bhm you a bottom feeder? Naw...

    Mozart a capital L you say? I missed that.

  85. Okay, now I'm interested...where was the warning posted?

  86. Under the coffee thread down quite a ways. Why dont they put that poor lame horse down?? No... they are starting a FB page for it to get donations so lets see how long it takes for Fugly to take it for the $

  87. She is posting as budgetleak

  88. OMG! Does it never end? I made fugly again!?! Who posted that pic of the unplanned for jump that my yellow horse took while we were working on 20 meter circles?
    And she says my beloved jumps like a drunken deer?
    What a bitch!

    Just kidding not my horse.LOL

  89. "So get your week’s worth of coffee and out the asshat(s) – extra credit for proof, i.e. pictures of him at his previous location or with whoever dumped him! Who the hell sent this awesome horse to die in a slaughterhouse? They KNEW where he was going with that hoof. And why? Sick of paying the vet? What? This is a Ferrari that was nearly crushed into a cube, and I want to know why and who was responsible."

    Another classic by Fugly !!! Lets incite a bunch or self rightious posuring prigs to go on a witch hunt! that should go well!

  90. Sarcasta, it's nice to see you, I've been dying to see how the baby is doing! Pics, please!

  91. I do not understand why these bleeding hearts like Fugly want to crucify someone who sells a horse at an auction. There are any number of reasonable explanations for why this horse went to a sale. Anything is possible. Maybe the person could no longer care for the horse financially. Maybe someone or their child was injured by the horse. Maybe they tried to place the horse for months and could not find him a home. Who knows, but the bottom line is this: It is not illegal to take a horse to the auction.
    Its not like there are shelters that you can take a horse to that you are no longer able to care for. These days you cannot give them away. Especially a 17 hand lame older TB gelding with agression issues. Other than coming up with over 600.00 to euthanize and dispose of one that not even fugly herself could cover all the time, what do these bleeding hearts propose people do? Rescues are full to overflowing. It IS illegal to turn them loose in the woods, it IS illegal to not care for them, it IS illegal to leave them at a boarding stable with unpaid board.... What other options are there out there if someone was desperate?
    Not everyone who sells a horse at an auction is an asshat. Sorry, it is just more of Fugly's Ugly showing.

  92. If she outs the person, he or she will have an excellent case against Cathy.

  93. I agree with anon at 12:51. I was also wondering about this TB gelding. First off, he is very unsound, yet Fugs is giddy movement -even while he's lame. Uh, okaaay. He is then described as having poor ground manners. She's ready to open her vegan-skin wallet for more money to keep this guy alive , just like poor suffering Champ. Unsoundness+bad attitude are both salvageable, but who has the time and money for this sort of intense, time-consuming transformation? I think it's just because he's a TB. She has a thing for crippled examples of that breed, even when there are so many healthy young ones who deserve a chance- and will likely succeed- at rehab.
    - and who needs a Starbucks card anyway? There are so many roasters out there that make a better cup ;)

  94. (- should have read..."yet Fugs is giddy over his movement")

  95. I am also from HD and I am willing to answer questions to the best of my ability.

  96. Heather said...
    And let's talk about "hiding"...
    Talking about people behind their back behind a "By invitation only" forum. At least the folks being talked about on HD have a chance to come over and speak their side and present their case and prove some of the snarkier HD crowd wrong.
    We WANT them to come over and talk with us. Many have. Some of them have even stayed on, and have become 'regulars'.
    Prime Example? Missa from HT.
    She was widely regarded (and not just by us)as a train wreck. She came over, many people offered advice on feeding her somewhat older, hard-to-keep Arabian mare... who now looks to be flourishing with her new regimen. That same mares' colt is now a gelding, and may be attending his 1st show soon. Major kudos go out to Missa for this turnaround. MAJOR.
    Maybe you missed the GaGirl drama? Granted that moron learned nothing, but at least she was outed as the neglectful owner that she is... Not just on Hd, but on HT, too! Hopefully no one will sell any more horses to her to be starved and neglected.

  97. Did anyone note that the new rescue TB was a biter? Anyone want to lay bets it bites more than Kill Buyers?

  98. I agree, Missa has made a lot of progress! We have apologized to her for being so hard on her and now we cheer her on.

    GAG is an unbelievable liar and an idiot. She deserved what got dished out on her plate.

    BFD is a kind person who has good intentions. BUT she has a thin skin and thinks she is being personally attacked at almost every turn. People like her, have tried to share their viewpoints and opinions with her but right now she's too defensive to learn anything.

    I think BFD has some nice mares, there are a few I wouldn't mind in my pasture. Her stallion choice could use some improvement IMO but there are worse choices out there by far.

  99. Can someone tell me what happened with the lawyer and was the letter sent to Fugs posted publicly?

  100. IBCuttin from HD here. If any body has any questions regarding what the anon posted, feel free to ask.

  101. Anyone else got any grievances to air against HD--or any more personal beefs with yours truly's horsekeeping practices?

  102. What do you suppose it means that FUGS has not been logged into SAFE, Coth or HD since the beginning of the year? New years resolution to break her horsey BB habit? Trying to shrink back into the shadows now that the light has been shined on her like any other cockroach? Anyone?

  103. I heard she was going to show her stud this year, probably busy getting ready for that.

  104. BHM- I went and read the comments/blog about the TB rescued from auction. Folks are trying to figure out who were his former owners. Someone thought the horse looked like a horse that belonged to someone. They posted the person's information and then sent an email. Well, it wasn't that person's horse, and as will happen, someone sent the woman a nasty email at her work. The woman in question logged on to FHOTD and explained why it would have been better not to put her personal info on the comments, because now, for the eternity of the internet, anyone searching her name for information (she trains horses) will find the posts about her being a potential owner who dumped this horse.

    Fugly responded several times, and when the woman wouldn't back down or agree with her, Fugly stopped. Several other posters agreed with the woman, saying her personal info shouldn't have been posted.

    Hope that helps.

  105. Regarding the TB mentioned above, it sounds like the old guy was aggressive at the auction yard, and has turned into a real lovely boy since he's been among friends. It sounds like some people would like to connect this horse with former owners, who might want to give him a retirement he deserves, based on his training, breeding, and response to care. I don't see it being as negative a thing as some of you are portraying. Read the whole blog post and all the comments to get a better picture.

    I would like to know why Fugly has not responded to any of the requests for information about the tattoo. At least 10 people asked for info, and another 10 recommended ways to use it. Why hasn't she given any info or posted pictures? Or responded as to why she hasn't/can't? Seems kind of strange.

  106. For the record, on the subject of the lame TB, if you can't afford euthanasia and disposal, you have no business owning a horse. I'm sure it's more expensive in the PNW, but where I'm located, it's at most $100 for the shot and burial on your property is legal. There is a rendering service here and landfills will take the carcass. You can also humanely dispose of a horse with a gunshot, and then the meat is still useable for animal consumption (a zoo's big cats, for example). Or you could contact a rescue like SAFE directly, since they're obviously accepting horses. Taking a horse to auction is the coward's way out to avoid resposiblity and profit at your horse's expense.

  107. SB, that brought tears to these old schizo eyes.

    I hope you post new pics soon!

    Ditzy Bitch out.

  108. I like BFD, and have never been snarky to her. She does have several nice horses, IMO.

    See? we're not always snarky bitches!

  109. Anonymous 7:20 I am sure she is too busy getting ready to show her stallion. I mean he is in WAshington and she is in LA.... What in the world could she be doing down there to get him ready to show?

  110. I really hate that holier than thou attitude about horse ownership that says "If you cannot afford euthanasia and burial you have no business owning a horse." What if you have several horses and something happens that prevents you caring for them? Heaven forbid that anyone would divorce, or get sick, or what about someone who has lost their job and depleted their savings trying to survive unemployment and care for an older lame horse. What if you end up having to choose between paying your power bill or feeding your children or having your horse euthanized or sending it to a sale? The majority of horse owners in the US make less than 50,000 per year and when someone in that tax bracket loses a job or a second income and has a family there is not often a comfy cushion available.
    There simply is no place to take one and drop it off and euthanasia and disposal is nearly 600.00 in the PNW. I know SAFE would NOT have taken the horse in. What do you do? Who do you place an obviously aggressive lame 20+ yr, 17 hand eating machine with? I am here to tell you that placing sound, useable, young, broke, horses is difficult enough, placing an older one with multiple issues is nearly impossible.
    Even IF I agreed that you should have a trust fund if you have a horse (which I think is completely unrealistic) that does not solve the problem of hundreds of thousands of people who DO own horses and do not have a trust fund or savings account available for killing them if they need to. What DO YOU propose they do if they get into a financial jam? I know Fugs leads the band wagon on the issue that everyone should be able to afford euthanasia or not own a horse, but even she had to write a bad check for her last one. That is the kind of hypocrisy that drive me insane about her.

  111. Anonymous 7:50 I think Fugs has not responded to the request for tattoo information because she is not near the horse. She is in LA and the horse is in Elma WA. The person who has the horse may not be able to read the tattoo.

  112. RE: The Anon who rather inaccurately "outted" many members of HD...

    She's been banned from HorseTopia multiple times under different alter accounts. She's made a ton of enemies on HorseDopia, too. Never has found a place to fit in, so she bounces around and betrays and takes on different faces like a chameleon. She can be pretty sneaky, as that little comment of hers shows. Oh, so clever. But she's not quite as smart as she thinks.

    As far as I'm concerned, she should be banned from HorseDopia, as well. The mods have given her chance after chance after chance, and she just keeps coming back after storming off in a huff and waving the "woe is me" flag. She loves to play victim, but in fact she's luckier than she looks.

  113. Re HD: In your "rehab" of Missa, did it ever occur to any of you that you could have accomplished the same results without being so mean spirited? She never, never deserved your treatment of her. Never. And I will be willing to bet, not one of you that wrote some of the ugly missives about her that were totally unwarranted never PMd her on HT and let her know you were talking shit about her. She is a remarkable, forgiving human being that just needed some direction and you were very unkind to her. You people owe her more than an apology, more like a thousand. Again, it was mean and ugly but then again, being nice is no fun, is it?

    Had anyone of you that revel in the bashing really wanted to educate and felt a gag order by the mods at HT, you could have very well started an open MB offering valid suggestions in a civil manner and do far more good. But again, no fun in that either.

    And as for GaGirl- Plueeze. Do not take credit for outing her and her lack of care of those poor, poor horses. The members of HT were on that way before you were, you just huffed and puffed, bashing moderators and proclaimed "I told you so" after the fact.

    No questions about HD from me- I recognize cowardly bullies when I see them. Bet your Mother's would be so, so proud of you.

  114. To anon 5:48

    Frankly, Missa had so much going on, so many tragedies and drama, I had come to the conclusion that she couldn't be real. No way could one person have so much going on, therefore I assumed she was a made-up person, a sock-puppet if you will, to root out lurking members on HT who were also on HD.

    And as to PM's on HT... don't kid yourself. The Mods and Admins read them. I know of people who were banned because of PM's.

    AND as to GaGirl, I think I know a great deal about that situation, seeing as how I was the one who took the pictures. I went there, and saw for myself the squalor those horses were living in. I took pictures. I contacted Animal Control and basically anyone who I thought could help the horses. GERL, and the AG Department included.I know for a fact that most others on HD contacted anyone they could to get help for them.
    What did you do?
    You need to check your facts, dear. A very prominent admin on HT had continued, up to the point of the pics becoming public, to tout that woman as a good and caring owner. She even recommended that other HTians sell horses to her.

    So if you consider someone going out to try to help horses in obvious need and distress being a cowardly bully, then whatever. My Mother knows I went out there and did that to help those horses, and she said she was proud of me for trying to help.

  115. ^ And that's all I have to say to you about this.

  116. SB, glad Zora is doing well, must be nasty cold where you are ,or haver you been getting a respite like central Alberta?Please do post oics , I have yet to see a weanling in winter that doidn't look fuzzy and a bit out of proportion!

  117. It is warm here! Ridiculous, I know.

    I might be able to get some photos this weekend...right now I leave in the dark and come home in the dark. Zora deserves more flattering light, lol.

  118. Well thanks to those who actually think my mares are not so ill conformed as to need euthanisia. Lol.. I think HD has some decent people but can be overshadowed by a few intolerant people at times. It SEEMS to be lightening up a bit, even "gasp" on the topic of breeding. That's a good thing and a positive step in my opinion.

    I get flack for being too thinned skinned. The truth is I just don't agree with the most frequent posters a majority of the time and regardless of what manner or how many times I voice that, it doesn't sink in. They just don't get it. I don't think some of them ever will. I'm not saying they are wrong. I'm only saying I think something different.

    I am also tired of having nearly everything I write about being brought back to breeding by 2 or 3 of the people who have a real bone up their butts because I have bred 4 mares. So, with that in mind, I have tried to stay away from topics of breeding at HD. But a couple of the members there tend to dredge it up in nearly every thread where I post. I swear I could create a thread about the weather and have a 95% chance that OFCOL would bring my mares or my breeding choices to it..lol. I really don't know why she and a few others can't let it be. So far, I can't get an answer on that one.

    As for stallion choices, I know not everyone would like the one I chose simply because he is a color producer. That is their prerogative and I'm not going to slam anyone for their opinion. We all look for different attributes in the horses we buy, breed, ride and/or sell. I happen to find him a very nice horse that continues to prove himself an excellent competitor in the timed event of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. We have a lot of those events in my area.

    Anyway, I have tried to ensure that everything I have posted at HD lately(since the "raindrop" thread) has been opinions and suggestions on topics far removed from breeding that just so happen to differ from the core membership who post the most frequently. How that makes me thin skinned, I don't really know. But I am willing to visit specific posts where I have been thought to be thin skinned. Maybe that would show me what they are talking about. I forgot to add that I did post on an HYPP thread that also got some all upset because - surprise! I think differently. As a result, I'm adding genetic diseases to the list of "don't go there" topics at HD.

    By the way. The comments that were posted here about HD becoming a nicer place sure seemed to really get some at HD in an uproar since I Just "happened" to post the same notion. I think they thought it was me. Whoever you are, thanks a lot..lol..

    I just recently found this website and saw my mares/stallion mentioned. I also wanted to chime in on HD. It isn't all bad. There are some really nice AND knowledgeable people who post there. You just have to sift through some BS sometimes to get to it. Thanks for the venue!

  119. BFD- for the record, I never saw anything inflammatory with your postings and have noticed the out and out attacks from OFCOL. You have some good things to add and bring to light a different prespective in a rational manner.
    I truly think you and Heather need to start a board to expand on the knowledge. Life is too short and the web is to large to have to "sift thru the BS" of closed minded mean people. They are way below your caliber.

  120. Hey, if anyone knows anything about the horses posted on fugly today can you come over to my blog and let me know.


    In spite of Cathy's opinion of the palomino stallion and the paint stallion named Boomarang Bang...Those horses are fabulously bred barrel horse prospects(and would very likely sire very good prospects). I'm wondering if they are still alive and part of the bunch seized?

    Sorry to hi-jack bhm.

  121. Thank you! I very much appreciate your vote of confidence and the compliments. But I am not certain I have the energy to deal with people, on a daily basis, who care so little for another human being's feelings. It really is exhausting to deal with so much negativity and there just seems to be so much of it out there these days.

    hmm.. I had never even considering starting a board. ;o) I have to say I would LOVE an adult horse message board where you could be honest under basic rules of decency. I don't think cruel and unkind statements do anything but more harm and vulgarity is not necessary to make a point either. Just because you CAN say something does not mean you should. I personally think that is the biggest downfall of HD. The lack of civility. I do think it is improving slowly though.

    Again, thank you for the vote of confidence!! It does make me feel good that at least somebody does get what I've tried to say so many times.

  122. BEC, I noticed that as well , there are some decent horses in that mess. Didn't she list a contact for adoption?

  123. linncountyanimalrescue@yahoo.com


  124. BEC,
    No problems. Hi-jack away. It horse related.

  125. Thanks Fern.

    I popped off an email to Linn Couny. We'll see if either of those guys are included in the seizure. That dang paint horse got my attention and after researching his bloodlines, I would hate to see some yo-ho get him and snip his testies cause he doesn't fit fugly's vision of a TB with QH papers. Uggghhhhh!

  126. The post a comment area is uber messed up for me.. I don't even know what's getting through. Until then, I'm not gonna be able to say much.


    OK, so I can do it, but I have to do it in the weirdest way. I have to type something, tab down to comment as, then tab and hit enter on post, then edit it. Obnoxious.

  127. "That’s why I was a little surprised to read a post in the other thread that alleged that Claiborne farms refuses to hire women as stallion handlers or grooms. Now, I haven’t confirmed if there’s any truth to that yet, and I’d be interested to hear the answer."
    And yet she still thinks its OK ,to post the name of the place on the web , based soley on conjecture . What are the odds she will post info if it proves to be untrue?

  128. """Claiborne hires women for jobs they are qualified for - there are like 3-4 women that manage stallions in the US. So - how many do you think are out there trying to get into Claiborne? Probably none. Most places don't hire women to handle stallions - partly because of common sense. Stallions are aware of women's cycles and become unruly. It's not like we're talking Warmbloods - we're talking Thoroughbreds."""

    I didn't want to have to create an account for that bitch just to set her straight.

  129. PS My friend works for them and has alerted Claiborne and their ad agency.

  130. Stallions do NOT notice a woman's cycle. It is a ridiculous wives tale to think that. I have handled stallions for 20 years and they could care less if I am having a period or not.

  131. If you own million dollar stallions you can hire whomever you want to handle them. And as for Ms Knowitall having them lead quietly SNORT!!!! Why has her horse been in training for 6 mo if she is all knowing? She is so full of shit a stallion wouldnt know what time of the month it is on her

  132. As far as Stallions knowing what "time of the month " it is I have heard that for years . In my experience they may know , but really don't give a rats ass! They are interested in ther MARE

  133. That's enough I want proof she ever "worked" in The Polo World and screwing an Argentine guy doesnt count. Anyone have proof?

  134. Hey I already told you guys that she never played polo much, she just knows how to groom polo ponies and blow polo players. Her married, then divorced, then remarried, ex boyfriend of 14 years played polo in Wisconsin, and his family owned the polo facility she rode at as a child. She took care of his polo ponies needs and his needs of course.

  135. Fugly will get a legal threat, and this is the case I have been waiting for. I may even join in on the action. Soon the "asshat" herself will be history.

  136. I found the VLC and her new hangout!


  137. I think this is her last straw too. It is not against the law to take your horse to Auction but cyber bulling is and she is more or less creating a mob mentality.

  138. I do not understand why FUGS has to overlay her "morals" about horse care onto everyone else. The person who owned the horse did nothing illegal. The horse had good care, had his feet done professionally and then she decided to sell him at the auction for slaughter. While not everyone would choose that course for a horse they have had for many years, there is noting illegal about it. Not everyone looks at horses like a part of the family. To many people they are a farm animal that when unable to perform becomes a financial liability and should be disposed of. I know the IRS thinks that way. There are many people aout there that feel the same way.
    Just because FUGS thinks differently does not make someone an asshat or a douche bag or anything else.

  139. Cathy has that horse at Cedar Hill w/ the VLC not at Second Chance Ranch so she will be raking in donations right and left.

  140. ANONYMOUS 4:40 did you see the horse there? I am curious how you know where the horse is.

  141. Does Fugly never learn? she has "found the asshat" she thinks. And again posted personal information ,email ,telephone ,business name etc . Boy sure hope she didn't get the wrong info(like she gives a shit ) how did she confirm this info? follow up on the elusive tattoo?
    While he looks like a decent sort of horse ,and I abhor the "double decker"concept horses go for meat all the time what makes him the poster child for a fugly rant?
    I hope she gets her ass handed to her by someone one of these days .
    This perception of ultimate power she has is long past due for areality check. And enough with the "sending them to CANADA"!comments It is not Canada's fault that there is an overabundance of unwanted horse in the US .CAnad is not the bad guy here anymore than the Kill buyers ,the mess starts a lot farther back!

    Posted at 10:40 AM on January 19, 2010

    Check it Out!

    In the column "Stable Thinking" (Page 62) of the brand new February Issue of "Horse Illustrated". Crystal is quoted as a consulting expert in the article.

    We have a very good relationship with the columnist - so look for more expert quotes from Crystal in future issues!

    Horse Illustrated has the largest distribution of any equine magazine ing the U.S. - Congratulations to Cathy Atkinson for becoming a regular columnist - and to Crystal for being a "consulting expert". Way to go girls!"

    Quoted on the CH site. *gag*

  143. I knew you would catch that CS!!! Crystal is her new wonderful wonderful trainer at Ceder Hill where VLC and Hercules are. Crystal is where she gets any intelligent training quotes for her HI column since we know she is a fake that cant ride.
    The real kicker is on the sale page... last horse Buckshot. He is a SOS Equines horse (pays fugly for ads) He was bailed by donations then never updated to the donator. When the donator asked questions a magic home was found. The donator found him on CL raised a red flag to SOS and was told the adopter changed their mind and would keep him. So it seems Fugs is getting free horses to resale w/ her new BFF Crystal. Can we conclude Fugs is the biggest Hypocritical Bitch ever??

  144. Dear Crystal, Hide your husband or he will be tapping Fugly in a week or so. ROFLMAO

  145. Now now ,I am sure Crystals husband has heard the line "don't bring anything home you can't get rid of"or maybe not...

  146. Sunshine and butterflies , did we get pics of Zora yet?

  147. YHI Here... Crystal was my trainer and Fugs met her when she came and saw Champ. Crystal was riding my horses and Fugs decided she was the perfect fit for VLC. I will say that Crystal is one of the nicest people in the world, and she is a kind, soft, gentle trainer. I have known that VLC was at her place for several months and have told no one to protect Crystal from scrutiny she does not deserve. She is a good person and is a good trainer.

  148. YHI again... Yeah I want to point out to you all that this is just another example of FUGS lying about my horse keeping skills. Um who found the good trainer? Me. It irritates me to no end that she could not seem to find a trainer in the whole WORLD besides MY trainer. I swear that woman wants my life, she just wants me out of it.

  149. I just hope Crystal opens her eyes before her reputation is ruined by the likes of her BFF Fugly. I hope the lawyer calls her this morning to slap a cease and desist over the Hercules post.

  150. I wonder if it hurts her back to kiss her own ass so much? Fugs didnt find out anything poeple wrote in and told her. What a self rightous bitch she is.

    LOL my word veri was fakast

  151. YHI, she is never going to publicly thank anyone for any help received, for she is too much of a narcissist. I could sense that she had to have asked an experienced aqha rider and show circuit owner, like yourself, to find a trainer. She has entered a venue she knows nothing about.

  152. YHI Here, She has no plans on showing VLC herself. She will have Crystal show him. I believe the plan is to start him in pinto breeding stock classes for schooling purposes and then send him to some ABRA and AQHA shows. I have been told by Crystal that VLC is an awesome horse. I always knew he was. That is why I left him intact. I have left exactly 5 colts intact out of hundreds. The ones I did leave intact have done very well in the show world. I expect VLC to do the same.

  153. I do not know Crystal but do know that her decision to allow this person into her life is a huge mistake in many ways. Can't wait for the litigation to begin. For a para, you are really stupid Cathy. You have no money so what does it matter? Well, wouldn't it be funny if someone ended up with your VLC? Maybe you should sell him before you have to give him up for damages. That is if you can sell him.

  154. Oh dear, I have a feeling that this isn't going to end well. Nothing in Fug's life last more than a few months. I really hope that Crystal comes out of this OK.

  155. Found this under Rescues and Auctions WTF is wrong with this wretched bitch? Cathy you really need to get some professional help.. seriously do it now.

    Anonymous said...


    I've decided I like that folks are fighting with them on that one thread. It has kept them off the current thread. They appear to be easily confused. *sigh*

    "Hey, like I said, the more impressions I get, the more the advertising is worth so if they want to come put money in my pocket, go for it. The VLC needs a nice show saddle!"

    January 26, 2010 7:08 PM

  156. Is anyone else catching the blatent hypocrisy going on over at fugly these days?

    I know most of us have seen it all along, but there used to at least some attempt at keeping up "appearances", so to speak.

    A few days ago fugly said(quote)...

    "Actually, you can send them to slaughter all day – doesn’t make it right, but you can."

    But when someone actually does that, they are evil incarnite?

    It's interesting that she used a prostitution parable to make her point(in the comments). Prostitution is illegal. As is solicitation, etc., etc. However, it is NOT illegal to sell a horse at auction. The horse looked well cared for and apparently some sort of attempt had been made to fix his white-line disease. He was not dumped in a back pasture until he was a rack of bones and falling apart before the owner decided to sell him. When the owner could not sell the horse privately, he was simply hauled to the auction and sold.

    From what I understand, it was not the owner who said he was a "kill only" horse. It was the kill buyer that the horse bit who determined that is where the horse should go.

    I'm sorry, I fail to see the "horribleness" of this. The owner did not want the horse anymore. She tried to sell him privately and could not. So she sold him at auction.

    Is it just me or does it seem that no matter what people do they are wrong?

    And I think fugly just succinctly stated why she doesn't have to worry about anyone ever bothering to sue her...(quote)...

    "(FHOTD in: Well, first of all, I have your IP address, so if I really wanted to know who you are, I could find out. Second of all, while I receive a lot of threats, so far no actual lawsuits, but I am not concerned if there is one. I’m a long-time litigation paralegal who is comfortable in a courtroom. I feel pretty confident about my chances of prevailing in any suit brought against me, and even if I didn’t, you can’t get blood from a turnip, as my mom used to say!)"


    Huh-doesn't that pretty much mean that she doesn't have a god-damned thing of value?

    How does that jive with her holier-than-thou attitude that people need to have all sorts of extra funds saved away in case something happens to their horses???

  157. Brown eyed Cowgirl, have you noticed that FUGS is ALWAYS thrashing on people for having financial problems? She makes it sound like a person having financial problems is the worst cockroach society can produce. She does not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of and has plenty of bills she has never paid. Why is it ok for her to have several horses when she lives paycheck to paycheck just like everyone else, and can barely afford her lattes she must have, but constantly harps to the world that everyone needs to have a huge bank account to own a horse? I understand the theory, and it is sound judgment, but completely unrealistic given the current economic times.

  158. YHI Here, the only thing of value Fugs has is VLC, her computer, a 1990's vintage Volvo station wagon, a pair of well worn older Prada loafers, and an English saddle she says someone "gave" her. Of course she never told me who gave her the saddle so I wonder if it was actually given to her after my experiences with her.

  159. Fugs is a slug.

    That is all.

  160. She does have the FHOTD blog, which according to her could be sold. There are also garnishments against any wages she might earn, i.e. her writing for H.I., and any actual work she might do and liens against any tax refunds she might have gotten.

    Personally, I would love to see someone drive up with trailer in tow and haul the VLC off to a home where he actually could reach his potential. I think he is a very nice horse (probably gelding) but Fugs doesn't have what it takes in any way.

  161. Where did you find the info about garnishments and tax liens?

  162. Yes, VLC is quite a cutie. I'm glad he's with Crystal as he can grow with her. I really hope Fugs doesn't damage him.

    What is Fugs doing these days for work? I wonder what she'll do for advice for her column once Crystal isn't around.

  163. YHI, have you been threatened with litigation by Fugs regarding the allegations that she stole tack from you? Since she touts herself as being a paralegal, I would think she could file a lawsuit against you without having to pay a lawyer due to her supposed connections in the legal field. If this is the case, then I would imagine she would have filed one as soon as you made those accusations way back when. If she hasn't, it makes me wonder if she hasn't because she knows that what you are saying about her is true.

  164. YHI here, Actually FUGS did threaten me with a law suit for outing her. I told her to bring it on. The law treats "celebrities" differently when it comes to defamation suits. Celebrities have to prove the person who makes allegations against them knows that what they are saying is untrue, so as long as I say what I believe is true, I can say anything I want. I am here to tell you I truly believe without a shadow of doubt that she stole thousands of dollars worth of tack from me as well as other items, particularily electronics. When your home is locked tight, and 3 expensive bits are lying on your couch, and you leave for a few days and come back, and your house is still locked tight and they are gone, you look to the only person who knows where your key is hidden. That would be Fugs...
    It is also AMAZING how nothing has disappeared since I 86'd her out of my life. Truly amazing.

  165. Anon,

    I really don't have any documentation about garnishments and liens other than hearing about it from others and from being a payroll manager. Which doesn't make me an expert by any stretch.

  166. Well it seems her new dream horse is lame and now the boo hoo comes. With all her preaching to the choir she doesnt have $500 for a vet bill WTF
    """The vet bills for Hercules so far are at $500, and I have raised $268 toward that bill"""
    If you cant afford a horse Fugs why do you have one?? Im betting the mighty Hercules will be rehomed in the next few months. She should take the donations and put him down

  167. Hmmm Hercules is unsound? Isn't that exactly why the previous owner had him marked meat only? So no one would waste money trying to make him sound? I am sure FUGS knew he was unsound and made a HUGE drama over his previous owner precicely to garner sympathy for donations to roll in.

  168. G.R.E.A.T...just what the horse world needs...Another pasture pet! And a 17HH one at that. I guess that Ferrari was a lemon after all.

  169. Word is that the previous owner didn't mark him a "for kill only", but that someone at the auction did, after Hercules bit someone. So, all the sound and fury from Fugs over him being abandoned to the kill buyers loses quite a bit of force.

  170. Is there anyone who knows who actually owns that old thoroughbred? Is it Fugly or Second Chance Ranch? I am a bit confused. I know that Katie has agreed to allow private folks who rescue an auction horse to use her 501 to run donations through and she gifts the monies to them through a special program she has set up to help horses in the community.

  171. Four things have bugged me about the Hercules blog:1) a good many people wrote in about how they had maxed out their credit cards, mortgaged their house,car,whatever, were living hand to mouth and walked up hill both ways in the snow to see their horse 2) Bashed at a Swedish Warmblood stallion who was getting approved but had failed on the first go round 3)Bashing at the children and how F*** *p they are going to be 4) I wish I could have him (or a horse I sold years ago) but I don't have the money to buy him and they (the meanies) won't give him to me.
    1)For pity's sake if your credit is maxed out you are just one speeding ticket away from trouble. The court isn't going to care if all your money is going for horse care. They will ask you to sell a horse in the most expeditious way possible. If that is at auction, so be it. Why don't they take a page out of Fugly's blog and sell the horse now
    2) Isn't fugly the one who is harping on making a horse marketable. Wouldn't having the stallion approved make him more marketable? More marketable than a stallion a 5 years who has done nothing? If the approval regs say you can have two tries why the fuss?
    3)Why hate on the kid? They have nothing to do with what happens to the horses.
    4) If you can't afford to buy the horse, what makes you think you can afford the up keep of the horse? Fair is what you take your kids to.

  172. Anon...

    According to the original post(quote)...

    "If not for Second Chance Ranch, he would have gone to kill."

    This also clears up WHO determined he was a "kill only" horse(quote)...

    "Ron marked him as “kill only” thanks to the bite."

    So neither fugs OR Second Chance Ranch have the measly $500 to cover this horse's vet bill?

    What the hell? That is pretty pathetic!!

  173. I found this on the Auction board.... ""picked up Exclusive Report (OTTB save from Octobers auction) at Serenity along the way. We went to Cedar Hills Training Center in Yelm to drop her off - and got to see Cat's horse as well as Hercules""

    So she has 3 horses at Cedar Hill. I wonder how long before she owes Crystal big bucks and burns that bridge

  174. Thanks for the clarification on who Crystal is.
    Does anyone know where the original Hercules blog entry is (over at Fuglyego's??). I can't find it and the link to it on "the loser is" entry is not active. Am I just missing it or did she take it down? I'm thinking maybe some of th original info/comments wouldn't work well with the current hype. The reason I was looking for it - I thoght for sure that someone had commented that he went through the public sale, even posted pics. Or am I mistaken? I remember the comment about Ron marking him as kill only because of the bite. But in the current post she is bashing the owner (in the comments) for sending him to auction with the stipulation of "kill only".
    Is SCR her "current" rescue? In her vet update comment she says something like - if SCR didn't have 46 horses that "we" have to care for, the vet bill would be a no brainer. And that "she" has to come up with $5k for feed for this month. How many horses does she have?? And if she's able to come up with $5k for feed then what's another $500 for the vet, right? Hey, she's always preaching about being prepared for things like vet expenses. So she's begging donations for the vet bill - but ever ready to bash others "didn't you realize that rescueing horses takes money!", "get a job or a second job!"
    oh and I just love her (ever the martyr) "We'll wait and get the rest of the vet work and injection done later". Cause she just knows that this type if statement will get the donations rolling in. What a slithering piece of work she is.

  175. "this type if statement" should have read "this type OF statement"

  176. what really bothers me about this Hercules story is that there are so many SOUND horses that go to the kill buyers each month, and Fugly only goes for the unsound TBs. She cherry picks her horse of the month, begs for money to go towards Hercules' rehab, which may turn out to be in vain. She has gotten so many sheeple to go along with her and shake their fists and raise their pitchforks and torches as they crowd into the streets.
    What a demagogue.

  177. It's the horses like Hercules that bring in the $$ and get the mob whipped into a frenzy, as well as gets the Cathy admiration society justa droolin' and quiverin' - "oh fugs, you rock!", "oh fugs, you're my hero!". It's what I call "Rescue done right" (right being not in the moral sense). It is my opinion that she knew who the horses owner etc.was when she wrote the first blog entry. Doing it the way she did makes for better storytelling and increases the hits.

  178. Looks like the HSUS can afford to pay her. I knew they had to be crooks if she supports them.


  179. Anon(10:41pm)

    If you go to the bottom of fug's page and click on the older posts link(to the right), the post on the TB will come up.


    That's a great link. I took it over and posted it on my blog.

    I heard on the radio that PETA is going after Puxatawny Phil. They want them to use a robot and let Phil go back into the woods.

    ROFLMAO! I'm pretty sure that Phil WOULD NOT appreciate being released to the wild since he was raised in captivity and been taken care of his entire life. Not that they actually care what would happen to him if he was released, because as we all know, PETA doesn't really care about the animals, they just don't want PEOPLE using animals.

  180. The grovelling that they do around Fugs is really annoying. Oh Fugs, your such an amazing rescuer...blah, blah, blah....

  181. Oh Fugs you saved a 17hh pasture pup! *followers cheer* Owner tried to find a home for (nobody wants a 17h pasture pet)so he went to auction. Now you beg donations from your "idiot" followers for said crippled 17hh pasture pups vet bill, that Ron deemed dangerous. Hmmm Ron has probably sent more horses to kill than you've ever seen. I might trust Ron on that call. *Que theme song from Officer and Gentleman* Way to go Fugs! Way to go!! I hope you can afford the DR bill when your PP hurts you! Epic Fail!

  182. LOL bhm you were posting the short version of my 11:04 post.
    The really sad thing is due to the whole lip flipping shit she started, young beautiful TB's by the 100's are going straight to the kill truck now. Not to auction where they had a chance. Way to go Fugs Way to go!

  183. Thanks BEC, I found the first Hercules post. So I stand corrected and take back my statement about Cathy making it disappear. Also found the pics etc. in the comments that I was looking for - by Tashagaia of him going through the public auction - and not sold quietly on the side "for kill only" by the owner as many allege.
    Glad to see attention brought to HSUS's deceptive fundraising (yet again).
    The PETA thing is truly ridiculous. But not surprising and will probably garner a good deal of sympathy/support from the unknowing public. Scary how these groups spin their lies and subsequently line their pockets.
    Love how Hercules went from returning to full soundness and usability "without so much as a joint supplement" to a $500+ vet bill and "I don't care if he's rideable or not". Send donations to..........

  184. The horse will never be sound and is considered a dangerous horse. I hope he does not hurt anyone.

  185. Paddy here-
    HSUS was sending a team to Haiti because *shock* someone spotted a nursing mama dog lurking near a tent city.

    Hmmm, I wonder how many nursing *women* have been spotted walking amongst the quake ruins?

  186. Nice one Fugs leave out the part that Patricia of Serenity picked Sweet Year up and is cleaning up Deans mess again ....not YOU!!


  187. Did anyone see Fugs bad mouthing Serenity? "If you wish to donate, of course do so, but I want it clear that I never asked or encouraged anyone to donate to Serentiy on this blog. It is not run responsibly. She's had "oops" foals out of rescue mares and there are other issues. I'm hoping the breeders take this mare back or she is quickly adopted"

    Hmmm some bad blood between Patricia and Fugs? Perhaps Patricia did not agree that rescues should be paying for ad space on a blog clearly devoted to rescue issues? I would love to know what went down between these two.

  188. She also announced awhile ago Patricia's mares that were attacked by dogs were run through barbed wire fences not attacked, which is not true. I think its another case of FUG wanting what she cannot have FUG is just a low class bitch

  189. Supporting Patricia might take away from her $$ pleas

    ""I haven’t checked today, but as of last night Hercules had 990 fans!!! Does he have 1000 yet? Now just imagine if everyone of those fans donated a dollar""

    You wanted it Fug you support it

  190. Fugs has a history of falling out with the Seattle-area rescues. One after another, they see her true colors, and bam, she's off to join another. She's in everyone's pots and pans.

  191. Speaking as a past volunteer at and defender of Serenity and Patricia Clark:

    Fugly has attacked Patricia/Serenity in the past, on a combination of outright lies/misinformation and exageration of minor problems. There is definitely bad blood there.

    Sadly, this time she's justified. Patricia did have three oops foals in the past year, two out of rescues. I never saw Fugly say the mare weren't attacked, only that they had gone through barbed wire as well. No matter at this point. The mares were attacked and at least one of them did go through barbed wire. The mares and foals had been turned out into a little-used pasture that had barbed wire on at least one side (many folks involved with Serenity, including myself, had no idea the wire was there). That pasture is directly across the driveway from the dogs, which had threatened to attack before.

    Serenity put down six horses last year. The first could have been avoided by having hot-tape up. The second...who knows. The third could barely chew and needed to be on soaked alfalfa cubes but she insisted on feeding flaked alfalfa, he went downhill after his arrival, colicked and had to be put down. The fourth and fifth were the mares that were attacked. The last developed thrush that apparently wasn't treated properly and she had to be put down.

    She has (or has had, she may have removed them by now) stallions on the property, but no practical stallion containment.

    She's in trouble with the county over buildings put up without the proper permits and not in accordance with county code.

    Patricia is not mean or ill-informed, but she is overwhelmed and stubborn, and so has put herself and Serenity in a very bad position.

  192. I think someone needs to check out Katie and her finances right now She is rumored to be going bankrupt. Maybe thats where the 5,000 hay bill Fugly is talking about is going....

  193. I have heard that about Katie at Second Chance as well. Funny thing is that I have heard she was offered Hercules before all this happened and never responded. Patricia is a great woman but with horses sometimes the ability to say no is the key to helping horses.

  194. Could someone write up the whole Hercules mess so I can post it as an article.

  195. Anon,
    Where did Fugs ask for $5,000.00?

  196. BHM, Fugs did not ask for $5,000. Fugs was quoting Katie from Second Chance Ranch.
    In talking about getting his vet work done, Katie said she wasn't sure where the money was going to come from, and she had to come up with $5,000 for hay this month. Something to that effect. It was on Her's FAcebook page, where Fugs and Katie both post using Hercules the Horse. And then Fugs quoted Katie on the FHOTD blog.
    Hope that helps.

  197. If they do not know where the money is coming from, then they should stop taking horses. Katie got an e-mail regarding this horse and either does not check her e-mail or did not want the horse. What is wrong with these people.

  198. The horse brought in (and will bring in) more money as a rescue snatched from the kill buyer at auction. If she'd taken him (assuming that she did get information about him prior to his arrival at auction. I have seen no evidence of this other than hearsay) as a standard rescue, he would not be getting the publicity.
    Would be interesting if it was true. Much of the "Oh, who's the asshat who did this?" hoopla would turn out to be a marketing ploy, eh?