Monday, July 26, 2010

Um What?

Honestly, this is just a hold post. I'm currently still gone on vacation + I get to go home and play move into the apartment/start school game so I cannot exactly get everything too too together right now. Internet resources are limited, plus it's buggery slow. So yeah, the summer of chaos continues. Why the picture? Because somebody's crazy has to be funny.

In all seriousness, I need to gather together some info because something is going down in the comments that I cannot sort out to save my life. Maybe it's because I get on to check when most of the populous is asleep and I'm about to go to bed, or I just fail at basic comprehension (OK, so it's this) so I'm asking somebody to gather the alphabet soup and start spelling things out for me. From my lack of basic comprehension I'm reading on the Fugly Blog, I'm feeling like I'm getting a big dose of hypocrite in between a "Yeah, we know what they did was wrong." Maybe I should just go read there and get it sorted out before I make a legit post.

I'll try and get something together if I can. In the meantime go do something productive like...stuff. I also promise if I do get something up, it won't be so terrible/casual. Until then, go forth and spread chaos, panic, and disorder...or just let your cat into some catnip. You'll get the same results.