Sunday, November 28, 2010


Due to extenuating circumstances, I am moving the blog here.

Posts will resume there when I return after classes are over (about 2 more weeks.) I apologize for the inconvenience. I will do a quick post in order to explain a few concerns I am sure you may have.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Even Zombies Known the Importance of Brains

I'll expand on this later. For now I thought I'd put this up to simplify the whole strangles talk (and if Fugs does watch this blog, she can learn something.) The video is very simple, slow, and boring because of such, but I feel it presents it well enough to understand the basics.

Apologies for the video being cut off. I can't fix it because I do not have privileges to do so. Just click on it and it should send you to the whole thing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Presenting Facts is Hard to Do

" says:
Ummmmmmmmmm. Excuse me? I don’t own or work at Featherlite and don’t have anything to do with the horse in question or any of my father’s horses. How in the world does that make me scum? I was not at the World show and did not even watch it online, except for a few classes, and I did NOT watch the Men’s western pleasure.
There are many facts that most of you don’t know.
As far as I know, Cleve was not the trainer of this horse. He was asked by the horses current FEMALE trainer to ride the horse in the Men’s Western Pleasure as she cannot as she is a woman. He was not asked to ride by my dad. As far as I know, and I don’t know much, Cleve did this as a favor to his friend. There was no “blood money” as you all seem to think. He was never the trainer of this horse. He simply stepped on before the class and showed it. The horse is a nice horse and his trainer is a great trainer and these were big wins for her. It’s too bad her talent and excitment are being sullied by this.
You are all entitled to your opinions, and I have mine. You might be suprised to know what mine are, but I won’t go into that here.
It is easy to jump on a band wagon, but it is ignorant to do so without all the facts.
To the person who posted the like to Walkin in the Weeds. Wrong trainer, Dude. That was Stanley Ryan.
Oh, and the orange tan? My dad has had skin cancer. That is not tan. He is dark skinned.
Stacie Raak"

First, as far as I know, there was no money exchanged. No money was put in any pocket. Of course, since you know everything, you must know there was?
Are you responsible for the actions of your parents, your aunt, your uncles? How am I involved. By genetics? You are crazy if you think that.
No, I don’t care who my dad had ride any of his horses. Not my business. Of course, if horse in question had been abused in any way, I would be highly dissapointed, but that is not the case at all. The guy rode the horse in one class. He is not this horses trainer.
All I am asking is to be left out of it. Genetics do not make you guilty.
But you are shallow to pick on someones appearance. Where is your picture? You must be a supermodel. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones."

"fhotd says:
I never said YOU put money in Cleve’s pocket. Regardless of whether money was exchanged – and come on, I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, Cleve doesn’t ride for free – the fact is that Gary Raak put a KNOWN, FAMOUS ANIMAL ABUSER on his horse, apparently in violation of ApHC’s own rules.
That is a fact.
Now, YOU may have nothing to do with it. I never said that you DID. People are welcome to comment quite freely here, as you may have noticed by the fact that YOUR posts are being published, unedited. The guilt here is with the horse’s registered owner. There may also be some guilt with the horse’s regular trainer. I don’t know. All I know is a KNOWN, FAMOUS ANIMAL ABUSER just won at the WORLD SHOW and that makes me FUCKING NAUSEOUS.
Clear enough?"

OK, so how is Cleve a famous animal abuser? Oh, right! Because you blogged about it. Honestly, unless people were in the AQHA show world or the 'needs to stalk any horse person' category they probably would have no clue who he was outside the realm. I also highly doubt the AQHA calls up the other registries and tells them about their day and who they've added to their naughty lists. Why? Because he was big in AQHA, and if you weren't competing at a high level you probably never had a concern as to who he was. I bet the big name farms knew who he was, but ask the guy a couple notches down before the fiasco and I bet he wouldn't know or care.

But I also forgot how wonderful a person you are! How could we hate a person who doesn't edit the posts of some people?! Is that your way of showing you are dead wrong and bat shit crazy? Heaven forbid you edit the post and make a new entry on the wrong you presented. Oh right, you don't go for facts, you go for the PETA version of facts. Most normal people call those lies. You're very good at them. That's not a compliment, though it is the truth. It must be very hard to face this truth on a daily basis by the sane people across the globe. Must be hard to have the truth call out your lies. Is that irony? Probably.

Another thing you seem to be good at is dragging innocent people down with your lies. They're associated by blood, though not a part of her father's horse showing world. She may know what happens and what goes down because after all, they are a parent-child and they probably do discuss what is going on in their lives. Yes their business involves horses in a back-handed way, but they aren't the ones who you should be pointing fingers at. If you want to play that game, weren't you the one who always said the barn you rode at as a child to get lessons had horses who weren't cared for properly? Well, doesn't that make you an animal abuser, Cathy? By your logic it does. Worse yet, you have it explained to you as point blank as possible. They were not involved, and Cleve knew the trainer (you can know people before you train in a specific discipline and focus on a breed, you know) who needed a rider for the men's class. Well a friend needed a favor, and so he ended up being the rider. From there, you decided to make things up along the way. At this point, anyone who can read can see where you did it.

Top that off with your claims to horse care that have appeared lately, I'm not sure you are the one who should be dishing out advice on such things, either. Considering you are the one who doesn't live anywhere near your horses and has other people taking care of them, you don't have room to talk on how animals should be cared for. Your favorite horse chores? Screwing the help and screwing the people doing the actual labor out of money is what your favorite chores are, honey. Top that off with a little, "If you don't have any room, don't get another horse" mantra that you so blatantly decided you didn't have to follow, and you must be the best owner in the world, right? Yes, by some stroke of luck I posted in the last blog a comment from you stating you do not have room to take in another horse, yet there you were in the next post saying you got one of those horses from the college. Isn't that the screaming definition of hoarder? What is it, Cathy? Is there room so long as they can stand side by side and look around? Or is their room so long as you find different places to take your horses who don't know your name?

While I will not disagree with the ApHC needing to follow its own rules, there is also a failure on somebody's end to check everything to ensure that the rules are being followed and enforced. Let's just make it my fault it didn't happen since the fault seems to lie with everyone but you. It'll make a great story for your blog, and it will be a 100% lie so it shouldn't be too hard on your conscience to post. Go ahead. You can be the next James Frey. Better yet, you can be the next Nixon. After all, he actually attempted to continue hiding the facts because he knew he would be in deep poo, though the commonality you share with Frey is that he blamed it on anyone but himself.

Congrats. You are a lying horse abuser who cannot take care of their own animals even when you have the ability to do so. The next blog you should be writing is about yourself and what you really are following your rules and your own logic. It should be incredibly enlightening.