Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Even Zombies Known the Importance of Brains

I'll expand on this later. For now I thought I'd put this up to simplify the whole strangles talk (and if Fugs does watch this blog, she can learn something.) The video is very simple, slow, and boring because of such, but I feel it presents it well enough to understand the basics.

Apologies for the video being cut off. I can't fix it because I do not have privileges to do so. Just click on it and it should send you to the whole thing.


  1. Can't sleep. Cathy just said "No, but you can’t compare horse labor to human labor. I mean, mares might take 10 or 15 minutes, if nothing goes wrong. Don’t you wish the same were true for women? You don’t have the same exhaustion, the hours of pain and suffering, that you do with a human being in labor."

    Uh, 10 or 15 minutes total? Not in my experience. from start to end it was usually several hours. Not just the pushing part, but from when the mare started acting "my, something is not quite right here" to when the after birth is delivered. Granted it varies from horse to horse and if the horse has delivered before and how many years separate the deliveries. But not just 10 or 15 minutes total.

    As for the hours of (human)pain. My last kid (#4) only took 2 hours start to finish. I did it naturally and it didn't hurt all that much.

  2. yeah, I've been nodding along furiously, re: the idiot known as Fugs pretending she has any knowledge about strangles/purpura.
    How much ya wanna bet some idiot who reads her makes their horse REAL sick, with the wrong shot at exactly the wrong time..
    (shivers in horror)

    I wish fugs would stick to what she actually knows.
    Not much.

    Wow, mares pop them out in 15 minutes?
    Which planet is Fugs on, anyway??

  3. GL she inhabits a very speshul planet. One known to and visited by thankfully a very few.

  4. GL: SO SO SO true on some poor horse owned by a sheep being made sick by the damn lack of knowledge being spewed. I wonder if you could hold her libel for death of a horse based on "advice she gives"??? Practicing internet vet med without a license??

    Today's catty bit: I get up at 445 every morning. We feed the ranch before kids go to school. Everyone helps. Kids get off to school and then my "work" day begins. Yesterday, that meant farrier visit (he comes every other week) he arrived at six...we ran for coffee then got started. 13 trims and 2 horses shod later it was time to start lunging a few of the youngsters and walk out the injured horse on rehab. Break until 330, then lessons and evening ranch care. Evening was spent sending emails about the show schedule and confirming all the transport drivers for the caravan heading out to the show this weekend. Repeat of yesterday except we are getting ready to load up and hit the vet this morning: coggins, teeth floating, ultrasound on a horse with some kind of digestive mess going on, weight check on our lush saddlebred. I probably won't get home from the vet (he's a saint and doesn't charge me a "call" if I bring my brood in) until around 2 or so. Then, it's therapy afternoon and a riding lesson followed by the ffa labor auction.

    So my cattiness today is this: What the hell is Cathy the expert on everything horse doing with her horses today??? Telling everyone what a great horse owner she is.


  5. LOL-LEG. Yup...the arm-chair quarterback of everything horse is moving on to her next area of expertise....foaling.

    Hmmmm...maybe she is preparing for BYC's spring foal crop?


  6. Thanks for posting the video. I found it very informative and interesting.

    I have been wracking my brains from when I used to ride (late 70's to mid 80's, ending when I was 17 yo in CO) and I swear I don't remember strangles! We did not quarantine new horses, shared stuff, and basically did nearly all the no-nos! Either we were VERY lucky or I just had my head up my teen-aged butt and did not realize it was there. Either way, I was lucky because neither of my horses had anything that resembled what I just saw.

    Not trying to minimize this - just trying to demonstrate the potential lack of education on this (and how dangerous improper education could be).

  7. I'm just speechless.
    -a mare foaling vs. a woman delivering.

    once the foal has its hooves out (facing down, as we breathe in relief that those are the forelegs) and nose out, then it might be quick. A few pushes. Same with a baby crowning- that's when it's time to come out and greet the world. But the full labor and delivery (all the stages) can take hours for both a woman and a mare. Complications are possible.

    Again, I'm speechless as to how Fugly thinks she knows about labor and delivery.

  8. As always, I don't really care what Cathy Atkinson/Fugly says on her own board as long as it stays there - I can just continue ignoring it. And yes it would be tragic if one of her readers killed thier own horse by following her advice. But what really worries me is the fact that any member of that particular 'Brain Trust' could move in next to me, or anyone else, and we wouldn't even know there was a problem til our Horses started to sicken. Maybe we could get Animal Control to shut her down as a health risk :)..The thing about the 'Birthing Process' reminds me of the time My Husband decided to share a Family Recipe with a friend of his. He(Chuck) had seen me prepare this particular casserole a thousand times, he knew all of the ingredients and knew it was baked. He knew all the technical details but didn't understand the subtleties of the process, so the resulting 'dish' was was a complete disaster. There are some things you just can't describe properly without some 'hands on' experience :)...On another note has everyone seen the new Horselink magazine? It's online, it's free and they have people like Clinton Anderson and Julie Goodnight writing some really interesting articles- Just doing my 'bit' to offer an alternative to HI.

  9. You may be on to something, BEC. Maybe she's talking foaling now to soften the impact for when she's showing off pics of the vlc's new babies?


  10. I think I'd rather go through labor than find out she's purposely breeding him. Not that he's a bad horse just not stallion quality. Although if someone could prove she's breeding him then maybe her followers would see what a hypocrite she is.

  11. LEG I was up at 4:45 'cause I couldn't sleep. First Thanksgiving without my mom. It's worrying me I tell ya. Deep fried Turkey, sweet potato pie, collards, apple salad and corn bread stuffing! My family is looking at me expectantly. Maybe I can do pimento cheese and pecan pie.

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  14. Kaede: I'm sorry about your mom. Holidays are hard on families. I am sure you can do it!! And if you get really panicky check with the local grocery stores and see who delivers a full meal with trimmings and all ;)

    Seriously though, it's not too terribly hard. Hardest part is time management to make sure everything comes out hot at the same time.

    I am so please with the hubby's family. We got assigned "soda" LMAO can't screw that up
    Here we come Sunday

    -LEG (too lazy to sign in)

  15. Thanks LEG, it's been tough this fall. So often I've wanted to call and talk to her. Talk about Halloween and making popcorn balls for putting in a care package, secrets for good dark fruit cake, how to make pine rosin boiled potatoes, how to make bread pudding and sully lunn bread, with nutmeg.

  16. I'm a former-fugly-now-lurker here,but I do appreciate the strangles info. My horse was innoculated for strangles when I first bought him 7 years ago, but two years ago he came down with a case. I learned a lot! first, a horse's head can hold quite a lot of pus; And your hand can fit up there too! Also, an aggressive vet with an enthusiatsic owner can make an abscess mature rather quickly. It also spreads, but we limited it to one other horse. Also young like mine. It was awful, gross, smelly and labor intensive, and as someone who has a passing knowledge of medicine, I know that antibiotics don't get to abscesses, because there isnt a way in there.

    Anyway, I'm glad there's someone out there promoting the right way to handle this!



  17. Welcome Pipkin. Glad to have you here.

  18. Glad to see a new face, Pipkin! I am sure you will love it here (I sure do). I'm sorry you and your horse had to go through strangles (and, yes, the guttural pouches are HUGE, somewhere around 300mL each), but I am glad he is better now.

  19. I am certainly learning things, and that's good!

    and FenrirsRagnarok, I must say that I was astounded at the size of those pouches. Though it made me wonder how much space was in there for his brain...hmm...

  20. Pipkin - was your horse named "Pooh"? A horse of very little brain? (sorry, couldn't resist)

  21. Kaede, I am going through the same thing here. Dad died in May so Thanksgiving will be the first holiday without him. Gonna be really tough. Hugs from me!

    Quick little story on Fugs lack of understanding on the whole birthing issue. As some of you may know, we recently lost one of our alpacas a few hours after she gave birth. Delivery went fine, cria was fine but Annie pretty much choked to death a few hours later.

    Just heard from the state vet, she had an undetected heart valve defect, the birth and all of the pushing involved exacerbated the defect, her heart blew out and she bled into her lungs and she choked to death on her own blood. The vet said nothing could have been done.

    Yeah, nothing to it, right Fugnoramus?

    Stupid fcuking c**t!

  22. Ok, who out there habitually vaccinates against strangles? I don't show my personal horses any longer so they aren't really travelling or exposed, but due to the old guy and his purpura issue in the past, I won't do it. Last time I had to on him, due to barn requirements, he blew up like a puffer fish. He didn't get purpura again, but he reacts very badly to that shot. I know when we have horses brought in to the track, we insist they have the shot at least two weeks before coming in our barn. Maybe its an unlucky coincidence, but I've had more horses blow out a mild form of that from the shot than just leaving them alone, keeping barn, tack and equibpment disinfected. Anybody else?


    It might be helpful to know that I live far enough north, we get a serious freeze in the winter so we do not deal with EPM and other diseases that can lie dormant in soil.

  23. CCC I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Annie and I am sorry about your Dad...
    But Fugs isn't a c*nt. She is a shriveled up old dick holster. Unfortunately, it would appear she has never housed a gun of her own.

    *hugs girl and you better be laughing through those tears because I do not do rude AND vulgar for just anyone you know.

  24. Lolasl...we do NOT vaccinate for strangles...same thing...every time we had, we ended up with what the vet called a "mimicker" 1-2 symptoms of a full blown case...however, in one case it mutated and we ended up with a young one sick....this was several years ago but we have taken a pretty strong stand on....preventative through quarantine and bleaching of stalls at shows...we bring all of our own feeding/water buckets (even if provided)...new horses are not let in our herd for 4-5 weeks...and we have not had a case of strangles in 5 years (never on our new ranch) Some folks we know say the nasal doesn't cause the mild case but is not effective....i see it as a crap shoot...

    CCC-I'm sorry for your loss of your father. :( I'm also sorry about your Annie. When our "oops" was foaled we were lucky our 16 yr old mama birthed her first baby on her own and is a terrific mom (with a guardian llama looking on) I was scared shitless the entire time....we don't breed and losing one of our mares in a huge fear for me...plus, there are so many horses why should we add to it just because we feel like it....nah, give me a diamond in the rough ;)

    word verif: eticus (proper use of cussing!!)

  25. I'm so sorry CCC. I'm missing my mom the way I remember her as a teen. I had nannies until I was in the 6th grade and mom didn't spend too much time with us kids. But she was lots of fun when I was a teen.

    What is really weird now is I'm the oldest female on either side of my family. I'm officially the "crone" of the family. I prefer the term "alpha female" or "Matriarch" but lot some of my younger female relative like the triple goddess aspect of womanhood and want to have a new "crone" to head the family.

    I'm an information person not an anthropologist.

  26. My thoughts and prayers for all you on your of your losses. I am lucky my Dad is holding on and headed to 91 in March. He is tough on my Mom and still has his sense of humor. In the last week friends have lost 3 Fathers and a Mother. Holidays are sad when they remind you of those we lost.

    Welcome Pipkin This is a righteous bunch of gals here Cathy could only wish she had 1/2 our knowledge and class

  27. Dena,

    As usual, you crack me the hell up! Really, really good rude and vulgar there, but also very true, LOL!

    I had just gotten the news about Annie so just reading the flippant and ignorant attitude from Fugly on strangles and mares birthing really rankled.

    Is it just me or does Fugly WAY overreact to some things and WAY underreact to others?

    And, thanks for the kind words about my dad and Annie. I appreciate them very much!

  28. CCC-You're dead on again!!! Some of the things she gets all up in arms about are just ridiculous. As you know, her attack on children and novice riders is my personal pet peeve with her. They don't have quiet hands, they don't sit correctly, they don't keep their heels down....and attacking a little girl's riding ability and her pony's conformation when she lost that pony and is sharing with friends and family via youtube or facebook is beyond reproach. It's just plain wrong.

    Children make mistakes and it's how we as adults handle those mistakes that either help them grow or make them angry & defensive. Case in point: one of our riders tried to shut a gate as a horse was coming through. The horse got mildly injured. I did not yell and scream at her. It was an accident (hence the word) We quietly discussed why it was a bad idea & I told her that she was going to have to come help me keep the wound clean. She did...every day she came out or stayed with us and hosed the cut, doctored it. Horse healed without any issue and the child learned a very valuable lesson not just in what NOT to do with a gate but also how to care for a horse's wound properly. Maybe if fugs had any idea about psychology or education, she could get her message across.

    But, being a glory hound and feeling powerful due to the sheep that do her bidding is all she's about

  29. CCC I am glad! Truth to tell, I am still blushing today from putting that in print.
    We can thank Roses for the term "shriveled up old d_ _ _ holster."
    She also used to tell folks that got all hyper to "Yank up their skirt and rub some Vagisil on it" remember?

    Odd isn't? How Cathy's strongest opinions are on subjects that she very provably doesn't know shit about?

    LEG I sent the hag master an email one time where I told her she could pretty much say anything she wanted about me but that if she ever EVER said that I rode with my heels up I would sue her into a new lifetime!
    THAT is one of many things that I do not do.
    I should have included a few of the pictures I have of her riding.

  30. Dena: I don't know who posted the pic and coined the term "puppy paw hands" but OMG....I about fell over when I saw the pic of Fugs in that pose. We have actually showed it to some of our riders who have less than perfect hands and all I have to do is yell "puppy paws" and suddenly the hands are much lower and not rolled over. I'd love, love, love to see the pics......just for the hell of it.

    Now, off to hitch up the gooseneck trailer....one truck packed, 2 more to go....13 horses, 15 kids, all the supplies for 2 days away from home, saddles, bridles, show toppers, drill team clothing, show class clothing, 3 drivers, and a very exhausted coach will be rolling out tomorrow.....

    Hope to see you all Monday!! Have a great weekend ~LEG (lazy again)

  31. Dena, somehow that does not surprise me that the holster comment came from Roses, she has always had some really good ones!


    Fugly is a case study in totally inappropriate behavior. There are many examples of that. Personally, I think it comes from her Narcissitic Personality Disorder, which unfortunately, it really hard to treat.

    I hope you have a very successful weekend although it sounds like you will need a long nap when you return!

  32. Wow, proofing fail:

    "which unfortunately, is really hard to treat."

  33. Bad hands are probably one of my biggest pet peeves on a rider. I'm not referring to novices that are learning, although I don't think they should be allowed to have reins attached to bits until they have their balance, there is no excuse for somebody like Cathy, who claims to be some sort of authority, to look like she's playing the piano. The way she perches on her crotch, its clear she is ready to hit the eject button at all times and likely balances off her hands. Uggh....We used to use the term `riding light' at the track. It was in reference to the bigger gallop boys. I always said I didn't care what they weighed to gallop a horse as long as they rode light. In my experience, bad hands usually = shitty balance or `riding heavy' on a horse. I know I cursed them at the time, but I thank heavens for my coaches taking my reins and stirrups away from me and sending me down a gymnastic grid over and over until I could sit just about anything. I have yet to own a riding horse with a dead mouth, including my OTTBs. Oh, and I ALWAYS keep my heels down too! Even bareback! My absolute worst crime in riding is I forget not every horse is my `old faithful' and don't pay as much attention as I should. Why is it that the ground gets harder as you get older?


  34. Catty moment of the day for me. Did you all know that recently a 2010 Buckskin World Champion Stallion that is 3 years old and 15.3h sold for...wait for it...$3500 or less?
    He was listed at $3500 BO.
    Yeah because tall buckskin stallions are so hard to come by.ROFLAMO

  35. Has anybody asked Cathy why she is waiting to geld BYC? I have a sick feeling she's going to breed him a few times first. Considering her last blog on him mentioned something about her wanting to move him down there and `micro-manage' his injury, what is the hold up? Does that mean he is just kicked out in a pen, with his balls still dangling, waiting for his big move to LA? Something stinks more than usual about this situation....


  36. fhotd says:
    November 19, 2010 at 11:46 am

    I agree – cross training is often the answer to a sour horse. And why not? I hate it when I hear people say that letting a horse do something different or fun is going to spoil them or mess up their training. Boy, if you can’t go out and chase some cows or yahoo around bareback without messing up your training, I am not too impressed with your training.

    Didnt her trainer get miffed for her chasing cows with VLC??

    The comments in the new post make Cathy sound like the Polo Queen! That Ive got to see!! As shitty as she rides I highly doubt her story. She went on a trail ride with a friend of mine and was terrified. How the hell could she play polo

  37. I'm confused at why she keeps talking about `chasing cows'. As far as we know, she has not yet made claims on being a rancher, yet we have seen countless references to chasing cows as something fun to do with a horse.

    Clearly she is not aware that moving cattle, in an actual ranch setting is hardly exciting or fast action. You basically walk along behind and there is very little actual `chasing' that happens. In fact, if my grandparents had ever caught me `chasing' cows on their place, I'd have been grounded off riding for life.

    Cathy doesn't understand that asking your cutting horse to all of a sudden work a cow down the fence is undoing a lot of training, but taking him for a trail ride or even a play day with barrels is not. I'm all about variety, but some activities you do with a horse will compliment their discipline adn others will undo a lot of training. I wouldn't expect Cathy to know enough about anything to be able to make a good choice on that.


    BTW, if I was Cathy's trainer I'd probably be miffed about a whole lot of things.....the lack of money she pays....her riding anything....the way she looks at my husband....etc.

  38. chasing cows? Meh, so big deal, she trotted around an indoor arena with a few heifers.
    She got a taste of team pening on a Friday night.
    Activity night at the barn.

    She's NOT at home on the range!

  39. penning, not pening.

  40. "the way she looks at my husband"

    lolas, you should be ashamed!

    Unfortunately, totally true, but still....!!!

    Anon 10:24, not only is she not at home on the range, she isn't at home anywhere. Rather pathetic isn't it?

  41. I think the delay in gelding or moving the VLC down to California is more about needing time to pay off the Oklahoma trip expenses than any plan to breed him. She has a job in California and is also involved with other rescue-related fund raising, like the cupcake camp thing I saw on either her blog or twitter. Is that this weekend?

  42. OK Cathy wants to rescue for what ever reason. But isn't this were she would start with the irresponsible comments? The You should pay for what you got before going into debt to go to a show type thing?

  43. What? Cathy is now into rescuing cupcakes??? How evil.

    Guess I will have to pull my shades down when I start baking this week-end.

  44. thanks for the warning, WIHAH.

    I think I'll stick to brownies.
    Just when I had the liners sitting out on the counter. damn.

  45. I think cupcake camp is to raise money for Angel Acres (Pennsylvania?) and one other people-related charity. From what I saw on the internet, local bakeries donate cupcakes and you pay either either 15 or 30 (VIP) to go in and sample whatever number of cupcakes your donation level allows.

  46. Thanks for the post! I have owned horses for over 15 years and I have never had a case of Strangles. Actually I haven't seen a case of a lot of things and am consistently trying to learn more so I know what to look for/ what to do in case it happens. :)

  47. God bless that vet! WHOOO!


  48. Read through the comments, and I think I am in love with that vet!! Someone get me an address that I can send flowers and chocolates to!!

    <3 <3 <3

  49. Just being grumpy,but in her latest post Cathy says "but when we watch, we see a horse with pinned ears, a wringing tail and a sour expression. Or in the Saddleseat ring, we may see a horse who is not bright and alert, but instead white-eyed and scared out of his mind."

    Um, setting aside some of the obvious signs of horsy unhappiness (bleeding from gouge marks for instance) doesn't it kind of depend on the horse what signs of it's unhappiness are?

    I remember one hunter who would prick up their ears on sighting a fence as once he had sized up the fence would pin his ears. It was his sign that he was concentrating.
    Another horse would flap their tail as a way to let off steam. After doing a triple her tail would swish. Better than bucking.
    A Saddlebred of my acquaintance bugs her eyes and bares her teeth when trotting. When ever she trots, coming across the field with her friend, eyes bugged out and teeth bared. This is a sweet mare. Never been mishandled or abused, never been a show horse, spends most of her time hanging out in the field with her friends. Gets ridden by a competent amateur four times a week (about 45 min to an hour), and groomed every day but Sunday. Go figure.

  50. I really hate it when Cathy offers a commentary on breeds and disciplines she knows NOTHING about. She gloms onto some propoganda or something that is not the norm and posts it over and over as fact. I freely admit to knowing nothing about Saddlebreds or gaited show horses. I have read about the soring, tail breaking and other `tricks' that have received way too much publicity, but I also don't think its `normal' or `usual'. Just like I know that not all AQHA trainers abuse their horses and block tails etc. I've ridden for and worked with enough to know its not an accepted practice, but Cathy continues to post like the non-abusive trainers are few and far between and ALL the world champions are doing it. BS. She really needs to stick to what she knows best and just post about cats and adultery from now on. Anything she posts about horses, i immediately take with a grain of salt (not counting linked article of abuse). For the record, to my eye polo isn't exactly an easy or kind thing for a horse to do either. Ever checked out the heavy artillery in those horses's mouths? Yet, since I haven't actually been in polo or slept with a polo player, I tend to refrain from commenting. See how that works?


  51. @Anon at 9:09 PM, you said it so well (and I'm still laughing). I know someone who used to dance for a living, and some people commented on why she didn't smile enough. She said she really loved being up there on stage, but was just concentrating on the beat and enjoying the music. Just being in a world of her own with no regard to an audience in front of her. It was not a sign that she didn't like dancing. She was just focusing, similarly to, as the poster above mentioned, the horse who pins his ears as he concentrates on clearing a jump. And we've all seen people who, as they type or write something which takes concentration, will sometimes bite their lower lips or stick their the tip of their tongue out slightly over their upper lip and frown. They don't sit and smile at the page or computer screen. Maybe Fugs should write more about people who really hate having to pay their own rent, student loans, car payments, taxes, bad check reimbursement, or board to keep their horses in the same state. I wonder what kind of expressions they have on their faces.

  52. http://auctionhorses.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=otherhorses&action=display&thread=4613

    Well Cathy here is a thread about the shining star Lanne (race equine) partner of Second Chance Ranch that got Feebie Fritz from Rebels and you plastered the owner Lorie Wiegle all over your blog!! Then Katie Merwick, Lanne and you extorted $$ From Lorie Weigle for his care. I wonder where he is or if she dumped him?

    I dont see an update coming by Cathy to say the horse wasnt cared for by the wonderful rescue that got him....

  53. Haven't read everything yet. But thank you. Thank you, thank you. I do read Fugly but have ceased to comment. I got snarked at a couple of times when people were railing about "you should do something" yet when I said "did you say anything when you saw this abuse" I got whacked a time or two. "Oh, no, we'd get thrown out..." SO?
    I am glad you are all here and glad to be joined up with you all.

  54. Interesting. I recently was forwarded an e-mail Katie at Second Chance wrote that was full of twisted truths and outright lies, and she said the source was Cathy AKA Fugly. Way to lower yourself to what I call Fugly standards.

  55. "Sam encourages race horse trainers to bring their TBs there because she's the only feedlot that will ship them without putting them up on the site for sale. She won't let anyone see their tattoos - it's how trainers make a horse dissapear for a few hundred bucks, and usually tell the owner that they found the horse a good home."

    This statement alone can get her ass sued. Sam doesnt own the feedlot so how can she encourage anyone to bring their horses there?

  56. I'm sick if there is a shred of truth to that. I know it was reported that Sam had a `deal' with the feedlot owner and there were maybe some kickbacks involved. I'm also not really sure how things work down there but up here we have brand inspectors that check horses on those shipments, or at least they are supposed to.

    I also don't think its a realistic picture that there is widespread dumping of TBs in feedlots. Most trainers I have worked with and for actually care about their horses and many have their `outlets' for the ones that can no longer run. We had a polo guy (Yeah, I know POLO, but I never really got involved with what he did) and a Hunter/Jumper lady that regularly bought from us. Several of our owners took their horses home to retire and be pets. I hate that Cathy comments on racehorses because unless you've been involved, you really can't comment on what people do. Like anything else its always the bad ones that get the most publicity. I've seen way more good than bad on the racetrack in my lifetime, but maybe that's just because of who I choose to associate with.


  57. No truth to it except that Sam assesses the horses for Rebels to list so they can be saved from the slaughter truck. Katie is shady just like Cathy

  58. Does Shiloh have GFAS accreditation? If not, why not?

  59. The Blogger thing keeps eating my posts :)...I don't know who set the policies for CBER, but I know for certain who set the policies for the Rebel Group, 'cause it was Me, Sam had nothing to do with it. In my opinion, any one with a half a brain can see the dangers of trying to 'Out' the past owners of the horses on the Feedlot. And if they couldn't figure it out before the 'Frisco Fiasco' they should know it now...The OTTB's aren't being listed because of the chaos surrounding the Laurie Wigle mess, not because of anything Sam did. We were listing the OTTB's before Fugly 'smeared' Ms Wigle. Since then our access to the identifiable horses has been closed off,by the FLO, to avoid another fug-up 'Outing'- and all of those beautiful horses are sent directly to Florence Packing without a hope of being saved.This was all documented on this board as it was happening, so there shouldn't be any confusion about it. As for the FLO or Sam 'scamming' some poor old deluded Breeder out of his herd..For the Love of Gawd, there's a glut of horses on the market, big sturdy, healthy horses - What possible sense would it make for a successful FLO to scam someone out of a herd of little horses, and pay for the priviledge, because he did pay for these horses. They were not, as originally reported, donated to a Rescue. The FLO does, as a matter of habit, ask the owners if they would object to rescue attempts, again,going back to the "Outing' problem. If the owner says no, the FLO will designate them as NR (No Rescue) and we can't list them. As far as I know this has become common practice with most of the FLO's, not just Chuck Walker.All of these wild rumors are as silly as my personal favorite...The one that says I'm married to Chuck Walker..I have been married to a wonderful, long-suffering man named Chuck for over 40 years, but his name is Chuck Love, not Chuck Walker. As I understand it Mr. Walker is a couple of years older than my Eldest Child...Just another example of the Net-Nuts sitting around 'Supposing' themselves into a certainty then posting it for other Net-Nuts to believe.

  60. Welcome aboard, Kallista!

  61. As far as polo goes.. I know of a few rescue organizations who will not adopt horses out if they are going to be used for Polo. I know at one time it was a forbidden activity for CANTER horses along with racing. (Not sure on their current stance on polo) Not saying polo is evil, but "she" sure acts as though it is all wonderful. I've heard some horror stories around that sport as well, (injured horses still being used in games, not receiving vet care, being dumped, etc) doesn't mean I think anyone who plays is evil.

  62. Morning all!!!! Missed you while we were off showing. It was a GREAT weekend. The drill team rocked it really hard. There was a ranch clinic in the main arena. Both shows arenas took lunch at the same time and the cowboys from the clinic kept filtering in during the performance. The kids were HOT HOT HOT!! Very few errors (one horse got really antsy and reared but her rider just pushed her down and kept going). We have some awesome pics and a website to share as soon as the professional photographer gets it up.

    Next post....will be about some of the LOVELY things we saw at the show and some really, really bad behavior (must be fugs followers or attended her school of thought!!)


  63. Ring Etiquette: our kids waited 45 minutes to enter the ring during practice the night before. They did not hot rod around. They rode 2x2 at the walk and trot and then split up to do small lope circles. Another trainer went and complained that our horses were "scaring her young riders and novice horses". So the show organizers asked us to leave the ring until they were done (about 9 riders total in the ring). They continued to ride for another full hour...including galloping all over the ring and riding around double. And we scared them? Hmmmmm

    Catch Riders: I personally was approached by 3 asking if they could ride our horses in the adult classes (girls about 21 or 22) since they didn't have a trailer to bring their horses and they noticed that 11 of our 13 riders were youth.

    Spotters on the Rail: there were people standing right on the rail going "whoa" as horses went by or kissing to them during a walk trying to get them to break gait. WTF?? Your kid can't win without you cheating???? Geeeeez

  64. Previous Owners Approaching Youth Riders: I had 2 of my riders approached by the previous owners of horses we now have. 1 of them had her horses taken by the sheriff, placed in protective custody with us and eventually relinquished. We sold that horse for just the vet bills and farrier work to one of the girls. She has spent months taking a horse that bucks and turning it into a great horse. He rides drill, pleasure classes, and speed. She took a 4th out of 27 horses in youth western pleasure and the previous owner had the audacity to walk up to her and accuse her of "stealing" the horse saying "had we known what he was we would have not let the sheriff have him". Upset her so much she was in tears and refused to get off her horse to pee or eat for fear this gal would go to the stall and walk off with him. Another one of our riders was approached by a woman who dumped her horse on us. She showed up in 2005, dropped the mare off and left a letter stating she could not care for her any more and relinquished all ownership. She asked us to give her the horse back after watching her barrel race with a novice rider. WTF

  65. Reining Class (Coaching from the Rail)-
    This class was run like a medal class for show jumping. The competitors were all given the pattern at the same time and part of the competition was memorizing the pattern and executing it correctly. A coach was sitting on her horse on the rail and when her student began, she started yelling out the pattern. I am not sure why she was not stopped and asked to leave the ring. I certainly would not have allowed that...yes she was a youth rider but so was everyone else in the class and she was one of the older girls. CRAZY!!

    Challenge In a Gaming Class: there was a fun class---stupid game--form of relay. They randomly paired the riders up. Rider 1 ran to the far end of the arena and passed a pumpkin pie off to the other rider who had to get home. Fastest time without dropping the pie wins. SOMEONE CHALLENGED THIS! Stopped the show for 20 minutes complaining about the random pairings. Then got all pissy and demanded her kid be allowed to run it like a plug race. They let her. WTF It was a fun class....just a game for crying out loud.

    English Tack in the Barrel Classes:
    OK...maybe i'm being a bitch here but come on. You aren't allowed to ride western attired and saddles in the dressage ring. You aren't supposed to in show jumping. English flat work is not done in the western saddle. Also, it was a really huge waste of time during a class with 54 riders in it to have to sit there while this girl slowly cantered the barrel pattern. It wasn't a training class and it was quite pointless. Come on....proper tack and attire please!

  66. Congrats on what sounds like a good show (with a dash of drama on the side). I can't believe the audacity of some people - sounds like you handled this with grace and class. I find that instead of trying to win on their own, a lot of folk (and kids learning by example) will try to tear down someone out of jealousy rather than be the best they can be.

    Can't wait to see the photos!

  67. I sure don't miss the showring after reading all that. Same old drama plays out year after year....

    As for Cathy and her feedlot antics. I wonder if just one of her fugly followers realized just how many nice horses have received a death sentence due to her `outing' the wrong people on the blog. She sure can't grasp the bigger picture when she savages some slob that dumped a horse. For one poster child cripple that she plasters all over her blog, countless others from the same connections will ship to their death without a single chance at rescue.....charming. I'm 99.99999% sure she is not self aware enough to realize this....


  68. LEG and Helen and anyone else fugs has featured there is a little something for you all here.
    Call it a Happy Anyday Gift.


  69. Aww thanks Dena :)
    My show rant was interrupted by computer issues. The ISP crashed in town. Growl.

    My number 1 rant from the show was (drumroll)
    The child with her feet stuck between the fender and the leathers above the stirrups!!!!!

    OMGOSH......can we say "severe accident waiting to happen"??? This child was cowboying all over the ring during practice, nearly falling repeatedly. Twice her little foot went THROUGH the fender as she almost fell. I envisioned this child falling, her foot slipping through and her being dragged along hanging from the side of the horse. I still cannot believe the show organizers said nothing and when another trainer said something to this girl's trainer she got a flippant "we just got back from the ApHC World where we took blues...I don't need YOUR lousy opinion." OMG

  70. today's complaint: TURN THE DAMN HEAT BACK ON!!

    When I rode yesterday it was 75 degrees (windy as all get out but still). It's 30 this morning.

    UNCALLED FOR!!!!!!

  71. Sorry it's fuzzy...hopefully the disk is cleaner

    This gives you an idea of what LEG does with the youth at their ranch (purple chicken is in there somewhere)

    Enjoy ~Dev's Adv


  72. This story made its way to another forum today.
    I thought that might interest some here.
    This is my response to those that did not understand what is going on or who Apppalachian Chief is,

    "The OSPCA has lots and lots of excuses for why it is apparently okay for a horse(a TB Stallion no less)to live in a garage. On concrete, with poor quality food, or no food. With or without water. And exercise? What is exercise? Apparently, the OSPCA feels that exercise, air quality, appropriate food, care, and accomodations, are in fact electives.
    The newspapers have really begun to pick up this story, finally.
    A friend tried to buy the horse, the price doubled, anf most likely would have doubled again. The original owner tried to buy the horse back with no luck.

    The lady, woman, bitch, abuser, neglecter, whatever you want to call her that owns this horse, seems to get her jollies thinking that because people have offered to buy this horse that he must be very valuable and therefore she has something people want.
    Translation, she has power.

    It is pretty sick. And horrible. And very maddening and saddening. A friend of mine has to look at this every day. My friend actually loves horses, and knows in what manner they should be kept for their well being.
    I cannot even imagine what she goes through knowing this takes place within a few feet from her home.
    Yeah, the horse who exists in a garage because according to the authorities this is somehow okay."

    I have been negligent in not adding this to my blog. I wll rectify that later today.

  73. Is there someone anyone who could email me some pictures of Appalachian Chief? I realize I could copy what is already existing but I prefer not to.
    I would very much appreciate if this could be done within the next 12 or so hours.
    I would also like to give Cathy Atkinson of the fuglyblog.com a little time to rectify her huge error in neglecting to run some type of story to draw attention to Appalchian Chief's plight.
    A very little time. Otherwise, I may also have to publish with regard to her pick and choose attitude towards rescue and who is deserving of a save basede on who is represented by som3eone she likes or can use.
    OR, will pay her.
    I was thinking that after having taken several months off from blogging her readership may actually be bigger than mine.
    If, she doesn't get her scrawny celeb chasing ass in gear and at least attempt to do the right thing she might find that I suddenly have a wealth of time to point pout all of her shportcomings. AGAIN!

  74. "a wealth of time to point out all of her shortcomings."
    Fumbley fingers sorry. I was up til the wee hours completing a paper.
    Tick Tock fugs you don't do a story on Poor Chief and you can believe people are going to talk!
    I mean really aren't you even remotely concerned about his suffering?

  75. For Appalachian Chief and someone who stood in defense of while many of us sat.


  76. Dena, put your palm up, because I am ready to give you a high five! Go girlfriend!

  77. Great blog Dena ! I only meant to follow the thread and read the part about Chief. But I got 'sucked in' and ended up reading for the past hour :) I have it bookmarked now.

  78. I hope one days of, ahem, passion does not stop this blog. It started out as a review but grew to become an educational tool for me. I enjoy the not quite like minded RESPECTFUL discussions and look forward to additional topics.

  79. Wish I'd known my stalker was on Fugly trying to direct Fugly members my way in 2010. I would have appreciated your blog even more. Fugly is finally over.