Sunday, November 28, 2010


Due to extenuating circumstances, I am moving the blog here.

Posts will resume there when I return after classes are over (about 2 more weeks.) I apologize for the inconvenience. I will do a quick post in order to explain a few concerns I am sure you may have.


  1. Thanks for your concern, but I have no interest in the move or going to yet another website to be heavily moderated.....Good luck with the move. What started out as a reasonable place to post some frustrations about the Fugly blog has become a little too much like it by nature of the posters that have shown up here in recent weeks. Not everbody Cathy went after is a poster child for good horse care or stability. I just didn't agree with the manner in which she went after people or her own double standards. Now we're housing some of her crazier rejects adn I'm not playing anymore.....good luck.


  2. It's not moderation. 2 rules- No personal info posting unless it is your own and no going at each others throats with personal vendettas, etc. Those are the only grounds for deletion. There was absolutely no need for the comment section to turn into what it did in the last post. That was not a quick vent, that was not releasing some frustrations, it was personal attacks and bickering that needed to be taken somewhere private.

    I gave warning, and instead had it continue. I asked for the persons involved to knock it off and they did not heed it.

    I am sorry you do not wish to follow us. I do hope you remain here to wait for BHMs (hopefully) return as I do want the reins to eventually go back to her/him. Maybe you can stop by sometime at the new location now and again.

  3. I'd also like to add that I ask in the commentary on the new blog about any thoughts or suggestions about the rules. I'd like for you to tell me the issues you have there just because it could be helpful for formation.

  4. Just get back to the mission, calling out Fugly.

  5. I'm going to follow on the new blog... trying to write a comment there and I can't see the word verification box... i think it's my computer, but not sure...

  6. I'll try and fix it ASAP if it is on our end. Still working with layouts that work.

  7. Wow. What did I miss? Last comment I saw was mine and I certainly hope that it didn't contribute to this decision. Certainly didn't intend it to.
    lolasl - I have enjoyed reading your comments and views. I think you added alot to the discussions and will truly miss your perspective. Hope you'll give it a chance. I myself am not thrilled either with the change. I really liked this blog. But I understand CS's frustration and although I really hate the idea of moderation, I agree that personal info posted by anyone else should not be allowed. I'm guessing that someone posted someone elses personal info after my last post?? Not cool at all. CS has done a good job of stepping up to the plate to keep the blog going and put up some really good posts, so am hoping that moving shouldn't be too much of a change provided that all the great folks who follow this one head over to the new one.
    I do wish that BHM would check in here from time to time.
    CS, can you post the link to the new site? I know that you've made reference to another site and I think I followed a link at some point but haven't got a clue where it is.
    Really hoping we don't lose the readership and all the folks who post over here due to this episode AND a two week lapse. I find that the internet almost seems to encourage ADD.
    Also CS, will you still allow Anon posts? I hope so.

  8. If you click 'here' in the post, it should take you to the new one. :D

    Yes, anon posts are absolutely still allowed. It will also take you to the post which will explain a bit more in terms of what exactly I consider no no's.

    These are up for discussion, but then again I hate repeating myself so just click here and all will be explained. *mystical hand*

    Also tell me if you can see everything properly and posting is simple.

  9. PrplChkn, wheres the new blog?

  10. Found it. Nevermind.
    Thanks CS
    Guess I type too slow :)

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. No CS I did not abide by your rules. Why is it okay to piss, moan, and bitch about fugs or anyone else that certain folks agree upon, but, not okay to point out when one of the certain folks acts in a like manner?

    I could also point out that I did not start it.
    I did however, respond TO it.
    If the rules are to ONLY target fugs then I guess the liberal in me doesn't want any part either.

    I find it absurd that what some posted today was just fine. No comment made about the inappropriate content no uh uh.
    But, when it was responded to, well hell, major overhaul required, including, but not limited to, the complete erasure of any of the truth contained.

    I have never asked for these type of concessions anywhere I go.
    It should be noted that I was originally invited to have the same abilities on this blog as you CS enjoy. I declined the invite because the blog was directed entirely at one person.

    I have enjoyed the support of many here through some very trying times and I thank all of those who gave it.

    It should be noted that no attack or negativity against me that was ever posted was removed by my request or otherwise.
    I would never have expected such.

    I think you will find CS, that when you start telling people what they can and cannot post, and show a distaste for the truth, the very people you want will be the ones who leave.
    Partial truth has no place on a blog designed to critize and critique another.

    And on that note, I think I will be taking my fugly reject ass on outta here too.

  13. I did not care for the arguments and name calling (amongst other things) that ran rampant back and forth for easily more than 20 posts. It was entirely unnecessary on anyone's end, and needed to be hashed out some place other than here. If you felt as though it needed to be brought to somebody's attention, it could have been linked with no issue.

    I also did not agree with the phone number and info posted earlier, either. I did not have time to deal with it over the holidays, and by the time it got right down to it this whole fiasco started. It was the nail in the coffin.

    I also asked for the conversation on the matter to be ended. I gave a warning. I did not feel like dealing with this, especially not after the holidays. Those of us here know who it was that really helped that poor horse, and I do wish that they would come around and tell us what happened.

    You are more than welcome to come to the new blog and address the situation of 'moderation' at hand. I just do not care for the snide tone and vibe I am getting from this post.

    I will not say more on the matter, as I am entirely through with it as this point. The move is made.

  14. There was no snide tone or vibe intended in that post. None. It doesn't matter.
    In real rescue people learn very early on that it isn't about them. Their suffering, their angst, their pain, the amount of work they put into it, or their glory.
    In real rescue no one requires a pat on the back or an assigning of credit, nothing matters except addressing the problem and alleviating the animal suffering.. People who do not like each other actually work side by side, elbow to elbow, to accomplish a common goal.
    That is not directed at anyone. It is just another one of those pesky and inconvenient truths.
    Don't worry, I am not stomping out of here with my tail feather singed.
    This just doesn't appear to be going in a direction that I am interested in following.
    Truth is important in my world. Admitting and learning from mistakes is also important in my world.
    Signing on where there is an evidenced partiality regardless of the truth, yeah, I just don't see that happening.
    I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water because of a few. I am just not getting into that water as it stands.

  15. dena, just walk away. One bowl of cheerios has just been shat in. Enough already.

    lolasl, I'll miss you, I sure hope you don't leave for good.

    GL, I love you, girl, and I'm sorry this whole mess blew up.

  16. For those who tried to help and were refused any information.
    "Chief was moved by his owner on Saturday Nov 27th to a boarding facility at an undisclosed location."
    This is the verifiable truth of the matter.

  17. ayup, and it was posted on ABR. Funny, that.

    You're an asshole, Dena. Wish I'd figured that out sooner.

  18. >So, I finally made my report to the cyber police, not to be confused with the spelling and grammar police.

    It went something like this.

    No sir, it wasn't a reindeer that ran me over. It was a horse.

    Yes, I am sure.

    It was a horse. A horse in a garage to be specific.

    Well not actually a real horse in a real garage. Just someone pretending to be that horse.

    Am I on meds? No sir, but they surely should be.

    And yes, I am an asshole. And no, I am not particularly concerned about that condition.

    December 3, 2010 7:05 AM<

    Looks like she scooped you all again.

  19. Not a big fan of the anon feature myself never have been.
    For the anon who called me an asshole all I have to say is, I have never made a secret of being one.
    But I am not alone in that designation.

  20. So fugly the horse expert can't tell the difference between a halter and a lead and a hackamore.

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