Sunday, November 7, 2010

Presenting Facts is Hard to Do

" says:
Ummmmmmmmmm. Excuse me? I don’t own or work at Featherlite and don’t have anything to do with the horse in question or any of my father’s horses. How in the world does that make me scum? I was not at the World show and did not even watch it online, except for a few classes, and I did NOT watch the Men’s western pleasure.
There are many facts that most of you don’t know.
As far as I know, Cleve was not the trainer of this horse. He was asked by the horses current FEMALE trainer to ride the horse in the Men’s Western Pleasure as she cannot as she is a woman. He was not asked to ride by my dad. As far as I know, and I don’t know much, Cleve did this as a favor to his friend. There was no “blood money” as you all seem to think. He was never the trainer of this horse. He simply stepped on before the class and showed it. The horse is a nice horse and his trainer is a great trainer and these were big wins for her. It’s too bad her talent and excitment are being sullied by this.
You are all entitled to your opinions, and I have mine. You might be suprised to know what mine are, but I won’t go into that here.
It is easy to jump on a band wagon, but it is ignorant to do so without all the facts.
To the person who posted the like to Walkin in the Weeds. Wrong trainer, Dude. That was Stanley Ryan.
Oh, and the orange tan? My dad has had skin cancer. That is not tan. He is dark skinned.
Stacie Raak"

First, as far as I know, there was no money exchanged. No money was put in any pocket. Of course, since you know everything, you must know there was?
Are you responsible for the actions of your parents, your aunt, your uncles? How am I involved. By genetics? You are crazy if you think that.
No, I don’t care who my dad had ride any of his horses. Not my business. Of course, if horse in question had been abused in any way, I would be highly dissapointed, but that is not the case at all. The guy rode the horse in one class. He is not this horses trainer.
All I am asking is to be left out of it. Genetics do not make you guilty.
But you are shallow to pick on someones appearance. Where is your picture? You must be a supermodel. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones."

"fhotd says:
I never said YOU put money in Cleve’s pocket. Regardless of whether money was exchanged – and come on, I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, Cleve doesn’t ride for free – the fact is that Gary Raak put a KNOWN, FAMOUS ANIMAL ABUSER on his horse, apparently in violation of ApHC’s own rules.
That is a fact.
Now, YOU may have nothing to do with it. I never said that you DID. People are welcome to comment quite freely here, as you may have noticed by the fact that YOUR posts are being published, unedited. The guilt here is with the horse’s registered owner. There may also be some guilt with the horse’s regular trainer. I don’t know. All I know is a KNOWN, FAMOUS ANIMAL ABUSER just won at the WORLD SHOW and that makes me FUCKING NAUSEOUS.
Clear enough?"

OK, so how is Cleve a famous animal abuser? Oh, right! Because you blogged about it. Honestly, unless people were in the AQHA show world or the 'needs to stalk any horse person' category they probably would have no clue who he was outside the realm. I also highly doubt the AQHA calls up the other registries and tells them about their day and who they've added to their naughty lists. Why? Because he was big in AQHA, and if you weren't competing at a high level you probably never had a concern as to who he was. I bet the big name farms knew who he was, but ask the guy a couple notches down before the fiasco and I bet he wouldn't know or care.

But I also forgot how wonderful a person you are! How could we hate a person who doesn't edit the posts of some people?! Is that your way of showing you are dead wrong and bat shit crazy? Heaven forbid you edit the post and make a new entry on the wrong you presented. Oh right, you don't go for facts, you go for the PETA version of facts. Most normal people call those lies. You're very good at them. That's not a compliment, though it is the truth. It must be very hard to face this truth on a daily basis by the sane people across the globe. Must be hard to have the truth call out your lies. Is that irony? Probably.

Another thing you seem to be good at is dragging innocent people down with your lies. They're associated by blood, though not a part of her father's horse showing world. She may know what happens and what goes down because after all, they are a parent-child and they probably do discuss what is going on in their lives. Yes their business involves horses in a back-handed way, but they aren't the ones who you should be pointing fingers at. If you want to play that game, weren't you the one who always said the barn you rode at as a child to get lessons had horses who weren't cared for properly? Well, doesn't that make you an animal abuser, Cathy? By your logic it does. Worse yet, you have it explained to you as point blank as possible. They were not involved, and Cleve knew the trainer (you can know people before you train in a specific discipline and focus on a breed, you know) who needed a rider for the men's class. Well a friend needed a favor, and so he ended up being the rider. From there, you decided to make things up along the way. At this point, anyone who can read can see where you did it.

Top that off with your claims to horse care that have appeared lately, I'm not sure you are the one who should be dishing out advice on such things, either. Considering you are the one who doesn't live anywhere near your horses and has other people taking care of them, you don't have room to talk on how animals should be cared for. Your favorite horse chores? Screwing the help and screwing the people doing the actual labor out of money is what your favorite chores are, honey. Top that off with a little, "If you don't have any room, don't get another horse" mantra that you so blatantly decided you didn't have to follow, and you must be the best owner in the world, right? Yes, by some stroke of luck I posted in the last blog a comment from you stating you do not have room to take in another horse, yet there you were in the next post saying you got one of those horses from the college. Isn't that the screaming definition of hoarder? What is it, Cathy? Is there room so long as they can stand side by side and look around? Or is their room so long as you find different places to take your horses who don't know your name?

While I will not disagree with the ApHC needing to follow its own rules, there is also a failure on somebody's end to check everything to ensure that the rules are being followed and enforced. Let's just make it my fault it didn't happen since the fault seems to lie with everyone but you. It'll make a great story for your blog, and it will be a 100% lie so it shouldn't be too hard on your conscience to post. Go ahead. You can be the next James Frey. Better yet, you can be the next Nixon. After all, he actually attempted to continue hiding the facts because he knew he would be in deep poo, though the commonality you share with Frey is that he blamed it on anyone but himself.

Congrats. You are a lying horse abuser who cannot take care of their own animals even when you have the ability to do so. The next blog you should be writing is about yourself and what you really are following your rules and your own logic. It should be incredibly enlightening.


  1. Cathy is the one saying you can always be a catch rider. You can't have it both ways Cathy, if you expect riders to just "show up" at a show and catch a ride how much time is the owner going to have to do a back ground check?

    If the owner is suppose to do a complete background check (usually takes several WEEKS for the FBI) then you can't just show up and ride catch.

  2. Here here Kaede!!! First of all, I am sick to death of hearing her tell people to go and "catch a ride". Apparently kids are listening to that because they DO show up at the shows in full show attire and carrying a blanket to match their spangles. They ask people if they need someone to show their horse or if they can show the horse to get exposure (this has happened ALOT with youth riders wanting to take one of our horses into the ring) My answer: NO. I am NOT your trainer nor am I going to be responsible for you mishandling my horse or my horse deviating from his training and injuring you. IF you want to ride with me, you become a student or affiliated with my in some professional manner FIRST. I know that sounds really, really bitchy but the mare I am showing right now is NOT reliable. She has NEVER bucked with me but I have seen her do it and she has panicked in new situations. When I showed her English for the first time and cantered her, I was terrified because under western saddle I cannot get her to ease back out of her let's run mentality. Lucky for me, she prefers English and was quite lovely. But I would NEVER EVER EVER let someone I don't know hop on her. Different strokes they say...but still....& shame on FHOTD for chastising someone for practicing something she preaches/ed

  3. CS---if you ever want to go back and pull the story that FHOTD did on me and the emails she sent to a friend of mine who tried to defend me, please feel free. I will tell you every last thing that happened up to the incident, her answer, her emails, and the fall out. She takes disgruntled boarder's word as the only truth, she pulls videos from the internet when someone posts on FB or youtube while they are pissed, she trolls CL looking for the next big blog story, and she has her scum suckers add people on FB who have anything to do with a horse so she can watch them. She is the epitome of a stalker....only thing is she's stalking EVERYONE who disagrees with her OR who she thinks is NOT worthy. Again to FHOTD: who died and many you king of anything!!

  4. I may have to do that. It may not be until Christmas break, however. This is the last hurrah for school at this point.

  5. That's ain't like she's gunna man up her trash talking lying arse & do the right thing by retracting the story and printing the truth. She certainly won't point out that once you let a horse load up onto a trailer that you have no idea where it could be going and you cannot be held responsible for what happens once it drives off. And, she won't admit to that she takes pleasure in trying to ruin people's lives because hers SUCKS! I'm glad that I got to spend all day at my ranch, picking burrs out of my hubby's retired 26 yr old mare's mane & repairing fences after Convoy had a disagreement with the saddle. I don't mind smelling like a goat, I don't care about dust in my hair. And guess what fugs, my children ride, without their helmets, hell mell across a field on a trusty mount and if they fall, they hit the ground and did it doing something they love. NOT being an hateful old hag

  6. I cannot believe that there are kids trying to catchride random peoples horses - I've had a catch ride or two when i was a kid - one was when one of the top local riders had both of her ponies qualify for the championship ride - she couldn't ride both at once - and I was asked because they liked the way I rode my pony, and knew I wouldn't mess up all of their hard work.

    I know the likes of Mark Todd (2x olympic gold medal 3 day eventer) had some famous catch rides - but that is someone who rides multiple horses a day, and is known for being adaptable to riding the horse how it likes to be ridden.

    Why would any responsible person entrust their horse, that they have spent a huge amount of time and money on getting to that point to any random stranger. And how do these riders think they are going to get the best performance out of a random horse that they have not seen or sat on before - in such a high pressure situation... that is just nuts.

  7. It takes a long time to make a good horse/rider team. I would rather scratch my horse then let an unknown person up on him. All I'm out is the cost of the show, if a fool messes him up, I'm out lots more, including the my self respect.

    I do remember watching Kathy Kusner, Rodney Jenkins and some other ride a gamblers choice competition. Every evening the 5 riders would pull horse names out of a hat and that who they would ride over the new course (hidden until it was set up) that night. But, jeeze these were the top hunt seat riders in the USA at the time.

  8. Wow wouldn't that be nice to be able to "catch" rides on expensive horses at big shows.

    I am an experienced rider. I have light hands and a good seat... but I can't get a job riding show horses due to the fact that my only show experience is in 4H and one small show.

    And honestly I don't blame people for NOT wanting me to ride their horses. They have no clue (without seeing me) what I know how to do and what I can handle. They have no clue as to my background. So why should I think that they would just let me get up on their horse.

    Honestly I wouldn't let ME get on my horse without seeing me ride first. And my horse is a $600 grade mare that we use on trails and for my kids to plod around on :)

  9. "I do remember watching Kathy Kusner, Rodney Jenkins and some other ride a gamblers choice competition. Every evening the 5 riders would pull horse names out of a hat and that who they would ride over the new course (hidden until it was set up) that night."

    Oh, kaede, what a wonderful memory, I am totally jealous.. I watched Rodney at the Royal Horse Show, back in the dark ages. never got to see Kathy ride in the flesh. COOL.

    re: this post, aren't fictuals so much better than factuals, in the world of fugly. Take a particle, turn it into a planet!

  10. FHotD is now having everyone talk about their "useless" (old, nasty and lame) horses and how they are keeping them forever. Horrible people want to ride. "Real" horse folk just want pasture puffs.

    I keep being reminded of a scene in the old "Kung Fu" tv show# 62 "Full Circle" Caine saids

    "I do not ride horses...I do not wish to ride...I do not wish to be a burden to the horse." When forced to ride the horse he says

    ""Forgive me." - before mounting it.

  11. yeah - the couple of catch rides I have been offered were from people that we had known for years, and ridden against for years. I grew up in an area with a small population of competitive riders, so everyone knew everyone pretty well. We're not talking top, top level, local/area shows and when i was older some show jumping upto about 1m/1.10m. one of those I refused becuasse I didn't like the way the horse had been trained and jumped, and the only reason the rider wanted someone else to ride was cos she was too humg over...

  12. GL it also means I'm OLD enough to remember seeing them. I also watched Frank Chapot and his wife Mary. I barely remember the USET allowing WOMEN on the team, a move that Frank originally disagreed with.

  13. to Kaede:

    Yeah isn't it horrible? I guess im not a "real" horse person because I want to be able to ride and enjoy my horse, not just enjoy a pasture pet. Dont get me wrong, if I had the room I might keep one till old age. BUT I board. I cant afford to pay board on a horse I cant use. I have and sacrifice for my horse so that I can *gasp* USE her! Not so I can pay $200 a month to go out and groom her and look at her....

    to Dee:

    I have ridden friends horses at the barn and stuff, just not at shows.. I love getting to ride other horses. I just think its nuts to tell people (like Cathy is) to "stalk out" shows to get rides on top notch horses

  14. LEG, if I'm not mistaken don't western show saddles cost many thousands of dollars, like it's not unusual for a real nice show saddle to cost more then the horse?

    Why in the world would I want some one I don't know riding in my Skyhorse/Dale Chavez 10K saddle?

  15. Valerie, around here full board is nearly $1000.00 a month. You bet I want to ride at that price.

  16. Holy cow Kaede! I know full care board at a nice barn in Kirkland is inbetween $375 and $500

    I pay $200 a month full care pasture board, but I live a half an hour past nowhere in Washington state :)

  17. I know, the cost of board is one reason I'm looking to moving to SC. I have to live near a university with my field, so I can have the money to pay board.

  18. Where I was pretty much everyone kept their horses on their own property, but we'd swap at pony club... which was where/how I found out that I have much lighter hands than "normal". It should make you a better rider but in some cases they expect all horses to ride the way they want, rather than the way the horse goes. I thought my horses were easy to ride and not that hot (OTTB's and a couple of who knows what but they're awesome ponies and a QHx over the years), until somone other than my sister got on - damn near every one of them started dtargazing until they lightened the hands and stopped the death grip with the legs. I'd never have let anyone catch ride my horses unless I was certain they could ride the way my horses had been trained.

  19. If anyone can post over there (she refuses to post my comments) Can you ask why she isnt outing the owners & trainers of the TB's dumped at Enumclaw Auction?
    Her friend Katie from Second Chance Ranch got a few. And Katie is emailing the world saying that "Sam encourages race horse trainers to bring their TBs there because she's the only feedlot that will ship them without putting them up on the site for sale. She won't let anyone see their tattoos - it's how trainers make a horse dissapear for a few hundred bucks, and usually tell the owner that they found the horse a good home."

    When in reality, The feedlot owner no longer lists them due to the harassment by Cathy Atkinson and Katie Merwick and their mob against Lorie Weglie in this thread.

  20. The Rebels would love nothing more than to be able to list the TB's and for Katie Merwick to email this will put her in a bad spot in the racing community. Which she truly deserves.

  21. How is this not libel? She's encouraging people to not purchase trailers over this, and apparently they are calling the dealers and telling them why, although I highly doubt her crowd of followers were just going out to purchase a trailer last weekend .
    I know I learned the whole libel slander laws in school, but that was far too many years ago to remember exactly how she gets herself out of this.
    Has she ever actually been to any big breed shows outside of her colored breed Pinto shows? Does she really believe that every Appy judge out there is on the lookout for Cleve Wells to come into their ring?
    Two of my friends are judges and I asked them if they had ever heard of the Fugly blog, they hadn't. So I don't think she is as big as she thinks she is.

  22. Kaede:
    YES!! Western show saddles and tack are terribly expensive. And, many times you have to spend A LOT of money to get a show saddle that fits you AND the horse. It's plain nuts to think someone can waltz up to you at a show and offer to ride your horse (so it gets exposure in other classes or you could earn "extra points") & that the saddle with fit them or worse yet....because they show in HOT PINK...they bring their god awful neon crap out with their saddle that matches and want to plop it on my freaking way. Case in point with the saddle fit: my mustang mare is HUGE...I usually ride her in a treeless endurance saddle because she doesn't fit in my western "every day" saddle. In fact, I'm looking at having a treeless western built for her because she likes the close contact. I show her in turquoise, white and chocolate (she is porcelain gray...looks white..with a silver mane and tail) I have a beautiful chocolate colored bridle and breast collar with turquoise ostrich insets and my show clothing was custom made: light tan suede late 1800's long vest with turquoise sequined trim & chocolate fringe, white blouse, and chocolate riding pants. Custom made topper matches my vest. It was expensive and looks stunning. No one else is going to ride my mare because quite honestly I want her shown in what I think is the best look for her. (in english we buck the system and I ride in lilac, black and white with her bridle being black with royal purple crystals across the brown band and caveson) Point being: most people are not going to show up to a show in these color combos. Visually alone is would be a disaster There is no way, I'm going to let a stranger, climb atop my mare who could act up, in less than stellar looking & possibly poorly made tack that I am sure will not fit my mare....end result=chaos and destruction!!

  23. LEG - you mentioned a treeless Western saddle. How about this: I have the "Town and Country" and absolutely love it. I've had it on three very different horses without a problem. You can ride it with or without a horn, and you can choose English or Western girth, English or Western stirrups.

    Feel free to contact me off-list if you're curious. I'm not riding these days, so if I were close to you I'd happily loan it to you to try.

  24. I'm sure that the person who asked Cleve Wells to ride the horse knew who he was and what he had been accused of. It would be really difficult to get to that level of showing in WP and not know who Cleve Wells is, by name, reputation or face.

    Cleve Wells was the catch rider, not the horses trainer, the horses was never in jeopardy. Honestly, a catch rider doesn't make a world champion, the trainer and a horse with talent and ability make the world champion. The owner didn't tear into a horse and get suspended and fined, he got to the world show and wanted to win. Shame on that guy, who got to the world show and actually wanted to win. Who wouldn't? Okay so I'd be thrilled just to qualify, but I'd still dream about(want)the win.

    Why didn't she stick with the bigger issue which is that the ApHA didn't enforce their own rules? I could see taking issue with that.


  25. To WiltedZebra: since she did attack the OWNER not Cleve as the "animal abuser" I am going to ask this.... was the horse that Cleve Wells showed injured in any way, shape or form? Did the horse show signs of being abused in the ring or did anyone witness abuse??

    The issue is this: FHOTD makes up what she wants the public to THINK is going on.

    My take on this: unless ALL equine organizations take a stand stating that, whether you show from the local show or schooling show to the professional top notch level, you have to register via your social security number and have to show using that across the board-unless we go to that level-YOU WILL NEVER DO AWAY WITH PEOPLE JUMPING FROM ONE ASSOCIATION TO ANOTHER!!!!

    Also: not defending Cleve nor a choice to have him as a "catch rider"-Fug's had NO RIGHT to attack the horse owner nor his business or Featherlite for that matter. On the latter, WTF is Featherlite suppose to do, investigate EVERY dealer and EVERY person who buys their brand. I mean, do we look and see if a serial killer drives a FORD and hold them responsible and tell everyone NOT to buy FORD because they support serial killers??? It's her effed up logic at work again! ~Devil's Advocate

  26. I'm gunna respond to the comment of "I'm sure that the person who asked Cleve Wells to ride the horse knew who he was and what he had been accused of. It would be really difficult to get to that level of showing in WP and not know who Cleve Wells is, by name, reputation or face."

    REALLY???? REALLY??? Do you seriously believe that every person pays attention to the top notch riders in associations they do not show in or if they are new to that level of showing. (And don't tell me that newbies don't get in. Hello people die. Youth become adults)

    Case in point: a friend of ours daughter is a top notch amateur rider in a particular breed association and NOT aqha, apha or appy or pinto. She has won grand national champion youth 2 yrs in a row and will now be moving into adult next year as she has aged out of the youth division. I asked her father (who is a retired world champ in their association) Do you know who Cleve Wells is? His answer: ummm nope, should I?

    Point: just because you may know something doesn't mean everyone does. My girls are wanting to start showing a bigger venues & I can guarantee you that if we walked in and Cleve Wells bit me on the ankle I wouldn't know who he was!


    Her BO has seen the light TB's do need alfalfa Yes they do anyone that owns them knows this... Oh except Cathy *snort*

  28. Link to Horse in Garage Story

    Also, "like" the OSPCA truth site on face Book, if you're on there.
    Thanks, from Chief..

  29. Don't know any of these names but the term 'animal abuser' caught my eye... Would that be like the HSUS/Michael Vick association?

  30. LEG, I don't think cyber yelling at me is necessary. I don't know what discipline your friend or his daughter ride, but since it isn't AQHA, APHA, ApHA or pinto I'm not surprised that they don't know him. I should have been more specific and made clear that I was talking about stock breed WP. I'm going to stand by that statement, it would be hard to qualify for a stock breed world show and never have heard of the man. There really was no need for you to be nasty to me.

    Devils Advocate, I'm not sure why you've taken issue with me. I never insinuated that the horse was abused, in fact what I wrote was that CW was not the trainer and that the horse was never in jeopardy. I don't like the rule violation. I don't have a problem with an owner using a catch rider no matter who it is or what my opinion of that rider is.


  31. Yea WZ-I'm with you. Cleve has a TOP trainer/showman over 20 years ago when I broke out in the WP world. It would be impossible for anyone to show (or even look for a WP video/how-to guide) at the breed level for more than one season and NOT at least hear the guy's name. I would presume that someone could show at the local level and never hear of him, but they would have to be pretty oblivious to anything other than their local set.

    I'd practically bet the farm that Cleve wasn't standing around at the Appaloosa World hoping to 'catch a ride' either. I know you don't have to actually qualify for any of the World Shows, except the AQHA, but I'd presume that they don't just let you stick horses in classes that they weren't entered in prior to show date.

    There is a Grand Canyon sized difference between some kid hoping to catch a ride at the local level and someone like Cleve being asked to catch ride a horse too. People pay top of the line trainers big bucks to 'catch' ride their horses at big shows. Cleve may have rode that horse in that class as a favor, but you can bet he got paid $$ to do it.

    As for the saddle fit...O.M.G! We are talking $6-10K(or more) saddles here. Dollars to donuts that they are going to fit the majority of the horses they are designed for. Most of these horses are built pretty similar anyway. Tall and narrow. As if Cleve is limited to one show saddle anyway. Geez!

  32. I personally don't pay attention to who the World Champions are... maybe if I was showing at that level I would, but maybe not... I try to focus on me and my horse and being the best we can be, not trying to see who is riding what horse and how they are riding...

    As far as different associations watching what goes on in the other associations... I agree that since it is the policy of the ApHA to not let someone who has been disqualified in another association ride that they are in the wrong; however, the question arises as to HOW were they supposed to know? If this guy has been in the AQHA world are the ApHA people really going to know who he is? If I were showing at higher levels then maybe (as I stated before) I would notice people, but I definitely would not be looking at who is the top in every other association too...

  33. oh for crying out we have to watch our caps or someone is going to cry cyber etiquette...put on your big girl britches and deal with caps for emphasis....and how else would you like someone to address something you me, not yelling.

    As far as catch 2002 I had the opportunity to be a "catch rider" for a friend. She was at the TWHBEA regional finals. She had pnuemonia and was thinking about scratching when I walked in to watch not knowing she had qualified. I'm the same size and coloration as she is so her attire would fit. I also rode her horse repeatedly for two years while we boarded together. I rode...came in 2nd out of 17 horses. No one knew who I was since that was the first time I had ever shown in a "big time ring". As I left the ring, some chick I didn't know asked me to ride her horse because of how I had shown. I"m no a big name and I didn't ride her horse.

    You seemed to have missed the points completely:
    1. not everyone knows unless they make it their business to's a universal truth such as without oxygen you don't assume
    2.FHOTD attacked without reason. She had no right to call the man out on his rider choice, his looks, or accuse him of abusing the horse.....if she wanted to argue the rider should not have been allowed to ride due to a suspension in another association, maybe..she has a case....

    Please read carefully what is said and don't infer what you think is being said. I don't mince words. Fugs is a hateful hag who gets pleasure in trying to destroy people because she thinks her current methodology will make her famous. sugar coating

  34. It's NOT (again not yelling....pointing out my correction) a universal truth....dang fingers

  35. BEC---I disagree on the saddle fit comment.
    I have attended clinic after clinic on the importance of a correct fitting saddle. This were put on by vets not saddle makers or tack stores. We saw the damage a horse had from fistula withers in which the only thing that seemed to possible cause it was the saddle. And again,I'll defer to my own ignorance here but since my arse end is more comfy in my saddle than my chair, I personally am uncomfortable in a saddle that I have not ridden regularly. If one saddle "fit" everyone and all horses then we would not need full 1/4 bar/semi bars, treeless, or the umpteen choices of pads.

    As far as him standing around trying to catch a ride...I don't think anyone except those involved will ever really know.

    Still remains...if FHOTD wanted to call out the need for communication between associations or a black list, FINE...going after people on a personal level & then attacking their livelihood is just wrong.

  36. "I try to focus on me and my horse and being the best we can be, not trying to see who is riding what horse and how they are riding..."

    PC--I am proud of you for that comment!! I think about how many times you have shown & worried about taking care of your horse, not not just in the ring, but after you had shown. You didn't hand her off to someone like a spoiled brat. You took care of her yourself.

    I also think about the last barrel race we attended & when your nemesis (LOL) walked over and asked your sister if you were showing. She said "Thank God" when the answer was no. Remember how every time if you ran before her, she blew it because she stood at the gate watching you and waiting to hear your time. The scariest words to her was "That's your new leader" She blew it every dang time. You learned a great lesson from that & it shows in the maturation of that comment.

    However: on the 20th...if a certain woman is riding that yellow colored horse. I am NOT going back to the tack stall to start packing. I want to see her "flying dismount" into the wall and the evergreen trees. I still regret not getting to see that......

  37. How much does a horse and rider team make a difference in WP? I know it's essential in Dressage or in eventing, not so much in hacking.

    I'm still a novice in saddlebreds. I'm just beginning to understand how it's done rather than relying entirely on my trainer.

  38. Kaede-A showman like Cleve could jump on pretty much any decently trained WP horse and get a good ride out of them(barring something really weird). That is why the guy wins. I do get really tired of people always assuming the big name guys are winning j.u.s.t. because of 'their name'. These people win because they can consistently get good rides out of horses and they look good doing it. *According to show standards-Personally, I think the current show ring look for the WP is ridiculous.

    LEG-So are you saying you have a saddle custom made for every horse that comes through your place? No? Didn't think so. A well made saddle, is a well made saddle and fits numerous horses. I never said ONE saddle fits every horse. But the vast majority of the top of the line WP horses are made very similar and the saddles that are made for showing is indicative of that similar build. You don't really find people in the upper echelons slapping ill fitting, poorly made saddles on their horses.

    It's impossible to want to rise to another level of competition...say from the little local show where you can gloat over blowing someone else's confidence...without watching and learning who and what your competition is. It doesn't matter if it is barrel racing or a rail class. It's a constant learning experience and if you block out what everyone else is doing well, you never learn anything new or get any better.

  39. LEG, I wasn't boo hooing about the caps, just trying (unsucessfully) to make the point that they were not necessary and gave the impression of yelling. It makes the message read as nasty, maybe that was your intent, maybe it wasn't. At this point I've addressed it and you've responded in a similar fashion. It seems we are at an impasse on the issue.

    I don't believe that I missed the points of either article. Cathy has connected a horseman, his family and his business to another individual she believes to be the pinnacle of abusive BNT. As a result of that connection, however tenuous, she is laying accusations of abuse at the feet of the owner and his family. She is attacking this man's business, his family and his appearance. She is trying to sell as fact that the owner is abusive as a result of allowing another BNT to catch ride a horse. Instead of focusing on a flawed system that allowed the BNT to show despite suspension from another organization. She is mounting an obscene attack on a horse owner who just wanted his hores ridden in a class that the regular trainer could not enter.

    I don't think I infered or assumed anything. I disgreed with a point made and voiced my thoughts on that. I may have misunderstood your initial response, but since you came back at me with comments about putting on my big girl panties, missing points and reading carefully, I think I know where you stand. If I'm wrong about that, great. I'll be happy to apologize for my role in the misunderstanding.


  40. LEG I was thinking more along the lines of theft and or damage.

    I know my trainer knows the local trainers (local being a vague kinda term, it emcompasses 6 or so states) by reputation and by product. I was looking at a horse on line and admired it. She said "Don't buy a horse that they have trained, they are terribly rough."

    But I sure as heck don't know them by sight or reputation.

    I don't know if my trainer does know (other than by rumor) any one on the West coast. Yes, the breed magazines mention who is winning but not who is noted for being rough/cruel/abusive.

  41. BEC: I shall answer for LEG because I think you may not have seen she specifically said kids are listening to the advice of going and trying to catch rides. In the op, she clearly stated that kids are doing this. And as I have pointed out before I won't discuss other areas but it is happening in the midwest. LEG is taking 13 kids to a show on the 20th in which I will lay down $100 some snotty looking brat in full spangles will be waiting around to see if she can "catch a ride". My daughter rode last weekend and yup you saw it there. Kids that were there to "watch" were nagging people to ride their horses. No, this may not be an upper level event but it's a really tacky habit.

  42. WiltedZebra-
    I will also answer for LEG because when I got off the phone with her a bit ago, she was up at the ranch taking care of the horses. Trust me, she was not yelling at you. I'm sure she was annoyed that you accused her of yelling at you. But scroll up, there was nothing abusive in her posts. She did not call names, accuse you of anything. But she did state her feelings about something. If she had called you a name or had some how personally attacked you, maybe your response would be warranted. And as far as "my issue" with you. I have no issue with you. I was stating my opinion in response to a comment you made. not making the comment I referenced it since you made the comment so other people could take a look and see if they agree or disagree. But as far as some beef. Nah, I have a beef with the points that somehow all associations have to be responsible for knowing who broke what rule. It's impossible.

    I do have a beef with you going after LEG for her sharing her experiences and opinions. It's wrong that you can state your opinion but no one can have a different take on it? Again, not a personal attack but food for thought.

  43. I forget how young FHotD readership is. If she is their main source of information (one of the down sides of the internet, you can pick "information" sources that support your point of view) then why not ask? Cathy says you can and it's not hard. If you aren't spending the bucks on lessons at a quality training facility and don't have a better information reference point.

    Someday I want to write a series of kids books about horseback riding as an athletic endeavour and not a "Lassie/Black Stallion/ my horse is my boyfriend/spiritual advisor, book. The kids I know who are top notch riders put in hours EVERY DAY, either on a horse, at a gym, or cracking the books.

  44. Umm..knowing that it is supposedly impossible to read tone into internet postings would any of you girls like a valium to go with your morning coffee?

  45. nice to see ya again, Dena!

  46. Morning Dena, pass the valium if you please.

    DA, I'm having a hard time finding anything that I would constitue an attack on LEG. I didn't attack her position or opinion. I did not belittle her experience as a horseperson. I did acknowledge and address an error that I made in my original comment. I also addressed what I felt was an unnecessarily hostile response to that post. It has always been my understanding that using caps in that way is the same as yelling. LEG responded by telling me to put on my "big girl panties and deal with caps for emphasis" followed by telling me that I missed the points and that I needed to read carefully and not make inferences and assumptions. The way it was written came off as hostile.

    Also no where did I indicate that I thought that I was the only one who should be allowed to voice my opinion. I fully expect that people will have different opinions. I did not write "REALLY???? REALLY??? Do you seriously believe that every person pays attention to the top notch riders in associations they do not show in or if they are new to that level of showing. (And don't tell me that newbies don't get in. Hello people die. Youth become adults)". Which suggests to me that it is my opinion that is neither valid nor welcome. Whatever tickles you I guess.

    All that aside, I understand your point about the associations and their rules. It is frustrating no matter which side of that you're on. I still think that the only leg Cathy could have stood on is the rule violation in this case, everything else is rubbish. Then Cathy isn't always about the reasonable argument though.


  47. I pretty much understood where everyone was coming from in the most recent comments.

    Maybe we can just let it go?

    Anyway, hey Dena!

    As far as Cathy telling people that they can always just catch ride, well, that is a truly ignorant thing to say, but hey, that is why I call her Fugnoramus.

    First, while that is obviously happening in certain areas, it doesn't happen everywhere. Her spouting that piece of advice to her followers shows her lack of understanding about anything outside of her narrow realm of knowledge.

    Second, she makes catch riding out to be no big deal, like anyone can do it. WRONG! It takes skill and versatility to do a good job of it, to show a horse well and to not get hurt in the process.

    I can just see some of the reactions of owners and trainers in my area and discipline if some kid/adult came up and asked if they could show their horse. It could be very embarassing for that individual.

    I can also see some of the injuries that could happen to some "catch" riders being put on some unfamiliar horse.

    Geez, the possibilities of what could go wrong with Fugs advice to her followers is endless.

  48. So riddle me this. Fugs has *zero* tolerance for people who Parelli their horses. And I'd swear I'd heard her bitch about how it keeps people from actually, y'know, riding their horses. But she supports the whole business of pasture puffs and thinks that people shouldn't ride? WTF?

    On another note (*deep breath*) anyone in the CA Bay area and be able to talk to me about local riding opportunities? I have been thinking about getting back into riding after a few years but really have no idea where is good to take lessons locally.

  49. "It has always been my understanding that using caps in that way is the same as yelling."

    Anyone else ever wonder exactly who decided this and why we all are expected to accept it?

    (Personally I like to use caps and symbols and all sorts of things to emphasize what I type. And my dad likes to use caps because his eyes are bad.)

  50. LEG - I just read your last post in the "aw, Nuts" post. It sounds like your horses are worth every cent. When/if I get back into riding I'd rather pay a bit more from a horse from a seller I can talk to and see the horse worked properly, rather than go to an auction (not that there are any here).
    The last horse of mine that was sold was sold by my sister, who had bought it off me when I went to college - yep, my college fund was my horses! A lot of people said she was over priced - an OTTB, with 4 years of show jumping training, that thought that "real jumps" started at 3'6" but she was only 15hh and that was because of a high wither. She went to a young girl that had grown too tall for ponies, but didn't want a huge hack, and the awesome thing about this wee mare was that she really, really took care of the rider.

    The whole family came to see the horse - Dad was looking anxious after my sister rode over a few caveletti and the horse was eyeing up the 7 wire fence, the hedge along the road side, any thing she could jump really. Then the girl got on, and she went through the same line moving one leg over the caviletti at a time, as she didn't think the girl was very secure in the saddle, once they got sorted she jumped perfectly. They came back (a 3-4hr drive each way) mid week to pick her up, and while at our place asked if they could also buy her saddle and bridle - just so they had the stuff that they knew fitted. You've gotta love a buyer that will recognise the value of a good horse, and then spend extra to make sure that everything is right.

  51. Thanks Dee!!! It's been a very frustrating couple of weeks at the ranch between boarders misbehaving badly and potential buyers coming out to see our horses. Put that with the fact the state apparently decided that hunters have more rights than the equestrians CLOSING our trails to riders "FOR THE SEASON", it's been just plain awful. Missouri has been blessed by Mother Nature this fall. It's been 60-75 every day since mid-September with only one day dropping into the 50s. In October, our area saw "trace precipitation". Perfect, perfect riding weather. Then, deer season opened the week before Halloween and they shut down almost every trail & park across the state. The ones that are normally open even have big yellow signs with dates for managed hunts. I wanted to ride badly yesterday & rain is moving in tomorrow. Unless I wanted to drive nearly 2 hours, there was no where to ride. Sure, we can ride on our own ranch or down the country roads but I really wanted to take out one of the young colts with my seasoned horse, pony him along and enjoy the park.

    I don't mind hunters. If they want to go shoot something and use the animal, fine. But I am so tired of the parks being taken away from the riders for ATV trails, cross country bike trails, & now Nov-May is taken away too.

    This is very frustrating and I worry when that will become Oct-June and then Sept-July. And then, "sorry trails closed to horses".

  52. From FHOTH: They are all “useless horses”

    Ok...yes I am going to pick pick pick here. Why on earth are they "useless"?? And rather than spend our time trolling the internet for people to pick on, shouldn't we be driving to WA to see our horses. I have no idea how long the commute from CA to WA is but this has got to somehow be the epitome of a lacking horse owner. She is keeping by her own admission "useless" horses, only paying pasture board & keeping them out of state because it's cheap. She makes no mention of who grooms the horse (and even a horse turned in retirement needs to be groomed & handled regularly). In our barn, she would be considered a LAX owner. Sure, maybe she is paying the board bill but still. I don't want to hear any defense that "the horses are unsound or too old & I love them" Holding up the BS paddle! IN LOVE, with the idea of owning them. If you love them, you would either find a home for them with someone who DID want to "use" them (like the lady we gave an unsound horse to as a companion for her show horse & he's living the high life now" or a little girl in a wheel chair who wants a horse of her own to pet and brush. Or, move them where you can see them. I doubt she's driving or flying to WA weekly to see her horses and care for them. I really wish the sheep could see those statements for what they are.........

  53. LEG - at first I read that they had closed trails in your area because of hunting season and was going to point out that without hunting season you'd likely be overrun by game (long story, short version is that it happened where I grew up and was ugly - sickly deer all over the place) and that I can't imagine wanting to ride when hunters are out shooting at things. Then I saw closed from November to May! WTF???

  54. Regarding "useless" horses ('useless' in quotes to indicate that I think most horses labeled as such can still have a job): I was thinking about this on the way in to work today. To be able to always have a horse to ride and never have to sell/rehome a "useless" horse, you'd have to be in a position to pay for a minimum of two, possibly three or four horses. I know some people who can do that. They have the combination of funds, room, and time (in whatever mix works) to keep their retirees as companions for their still working horses.

    I can't do that...heck, I can't even afford one. I hope to be able to afford a horse some day, but don't see myself ever having the resources to keep a retiree and a riding horse. Does that mean I should never have a horse of my own?

    I've seen boarded horses who never see their owners. Unless someone at the barn takes them in hand (even just to groom and hand-walk occasionally), they just stand around doing nothing and getting sour. Makes me wonder how many of Fugly's horses are mentally sound after being dumped wherever she can find to stash them.

  55. Caps and YELLING. Speaking as a former e-mail system administrator and sometime instructor in e-mail etiquette:

    Caps are used for emphasis, and are a good way to emphasize or SHOUT a word or two. All caps for an entire message is much harder to read than standard sentence-capping and is generally viewed as the person typing yelling at the reader. No one person or group decided that all caps means yelling, that is simply the most common meaning that evolved over time.

    Other ways to emphasize a word or phrase when you can't use formatting to do it include setting it apart with *asterisks* at either end and _using_underlining_marks.

  56. The whole Net-Nut thing baffles me..I am so out-classed by this group, I won't even try to comment on the idea of some stranger walking up to an active competitor and asking to ride one of these Super expensive horses...Been to a very few shows myself and ,as a spectator, I've stolen a couple of peeks into the back area, from a respectful distance - Horses and people shifting in a small area, trying to concentrate,emotions high...Not that it matters, but, if I was in that position, and some idiot stomped up to me and demanded a 'ride' on my horse, I'd probably end up as a head-line in the Morning Paper :)...You guys, honest to Gawd deserve blue ribbons for your self-control.

  57. Here's a link for y'all to check out... Here's Convoy!!

    (again, sorry, don't know how to do the link thing... anyone who is more technologically savvy care to help remedy this??)

  58. RE Let's talk boarding.... Anyone get the impression Fugs is looking around for somewhere new to warehouse her 'possessions'?

    PS. I'm new here, though I've been lurking in the shadows for MONTHS now. I'm a non-horsey person though I've always had an interest.. anyway, I am (was?)an avid reader of Fugs since '07... and I've watched her slowly degenerate into what she is now. Finally I went looking for a different opinion once her words began to read sour on my uneducated/inexperienced eyes.. and I must say you lot are a great deal more stable and informative. Keep it up!

  59. Hi Lanata Twist. Don't have to be horsey to have a well thought out idea. Good ideas are always welcome.

  60. I looked at the link for LEG's new horse `Convoy' and I have to comment that he is looking quite ribby and lost a lot of condition since they got him. I know you normally take good care of your horses and its hard to notice stuff like that when you see a horse every day, but the difference is quite alarming and maybe you could look at increasing his feed or doing bloodwork before it gets too far out of hand for you?


  61. He had lost weight between the pictures that we had seen of him before we got him and when we picked him up. Not only that but he had no muscle tone, only fat. We are increasing his feed as I increase his workload...

  62. I also just added two more pictures. They are on the bottom of the collage. The left one is a pic that was sent to us before we got him, the one on the right is the day we brought him home. I see that some weight was lost between those two pictures, and I see a little more being lost between the pic of him at home and the ones from me working him this week, but I think some of it comes from him being worked...

  63. LOL-I don't know how 'stable' we are here. But at least the conversations are a little more realistic.

    As for Convoy...Wow! He barely looks like the same horse from the picture that was originally sent to you guys. He looked good in that picture. He had obviously lost weight by the time you guys picked him up. He looks gaunt, but not thin. I have to agree with lolasl...his loss of weight since then is alarming.

  64. Convoy not only had lost a great deal of weight from the pics that were sent to us but he also has not had his feet done. He is terribly chipped up and has a crack running from his coronary band to the toe where he is splitting. He was full of worms. He was not wanting to eat when when he first arrived, just running the fenceline calling to the other horses. He was being fed some kind of hay only. We still have some grass and he got a serious case of the runs when we transitioned him onto our hay & the grass. He also had a slight cough, more than likely from the round worms. His transition was not smooth. Though we know many people use a hay only method for feeding, we do not. We grain because our vets have stated Missouri ground does not have the nutrients needed. We recently began adding pelleted roughage to his feed but we do have to be very careful. As pointed out, we are slowly upping his grain and with him wormy, we do not want to overload his system. He also has a great deal of muscle atrophy especially on the left side of his chest. He is very weak when working to the left. He has not been with us long enough to really make a difference as of yet. Also, we have not noticed him dropping grain and we have not stuck our hands in his mouth yet. I would lay money on him needing his teeth floated too. As both lolasl and bec pointed out, he definitely was not in the same condition as the pics we got. He is increasing in weight and overall body condition. What scares me is a fluctuation of weight.....that would make me think about a metabolic condition. Maybe we should just give Convoy a beer when we are serving Bobby ;)

  65. Also, please remember that Convoy is owned by Purple Chicken. He is not mine nor the ranch's. He is her project and he is definitely a project horse.

  66. LEG: thanks for the update. His condition was a bit jolting and he looked to me to be a little too thin to be carrying a saddle. It does sound like you and Purple Chicken on top of things, though. Not attempting to second guess you (and you certainly don't owe me or anyone else an explanation) but is it a good idea to be working him in his current condition? I can think of reasons why you would and reasons why you might not - light work will rebuild muscle but it may also up his energy needs beyond what he can eat right now.

    I hope things work out for him.

  67. He has been worked a total of 2 days. Our vet says he needs to be worked because his muscles are breaking down. His overall body condition is due to worms and the fact that he had been standing around doing nothing.

  68. Thanks Purple Chicken. You didn't owe me that.

    *fingers crossed* that he gets better.

  69. Hope Convoy feels better soon. I've had good luck feed Safe Choice or Rice Bran pellets. Both will put weight on an otherwise healthy horse. Right now, I'm fighting to keep weight on my 30 yr old and have gone to this stuff called Equine Power looks like loose tobacco, but smells like candy. He loves it.

    You may want to try ponying convoy if he is sensible enough as a stud around geldings. I have used this to bring a horse back with an atrophied shoulder after a year off from injury. Its a good way to get some light excercise into your horse without stressing them too much. Speaking of stressing, have you tried a pro-biotic on him yet? Sometimes horses get ulcers and other tummy problems that lead to dropped weight.

    Wishing you the best. I wasn't trying to start anything, just concerned that he wasn't looking like his original pics. I guess now we know there is not always truth in advertising....good for you for picking him up anyhow and working to make him healthy again...


  70. For my old mare, to get weight on her, I've put her on Equine Sr. and give her a good squirt of vegetable oil on top of it. It's got more calories than corn oil and doesn't get her hot. I thanked God when she stopped looking so rough here lately. It's good to see her butt is actually rounding out again! Old girl got her some booteh!

  71. Cathy is now begging donations to transport the OSU pony to SoCal. She says she has her adopted already to one of her friends. Now why wouldn't the adopter have to pay the transport? Be ause she's one of her friends? Or why isn't she paying for it? Didn't she say that she rescued her?
    She says that one of her readers will be doing the transport and is giving them a great deal on it. So now she'll get the sheep to pay for it (and then some, I'm sure. If donations exceed the cost, will the donators be told and will the excess $$ be offered to be returned? I'm guessing not).
    Andt now that she found someone to adopt the pony, she won't have to put all that riding time into her that she was going to do.
    "Send money folks, send money for the poor pony I rescued (but in reality purchased), so I can pat myself on the back and tell you all how great I am"
    Jeesh. Talk about faux rescue.

  72. Purple Chicken, the updated photos look good. Can't remember the back story with Convoy but good for you for taking him on :-).

  73. snowponies: I just went and looked at the OSU "Pony"... here's something that caught my eye... Best of all, I believe I already have an adopter for her in SoCal, someone I have known for twenty years (I taught her kids to ride in the early 90′s!)

    She TAUGHT someone how to RIDE??? Really???????

    Wish I Had A Horsey: Thank you very much, I'm very proud of the way he's taken to understanding lounging :D

  74. Lots of people have asked Cathy to have a lesson rider come forward and admit/describe what kind of teacher Cathy was. No one has. Cathy get this kid and or parent to talk about you as a teacher.

    Shouldn't a teacher be a good rider? Or at least one who could train their own horse?

    Isn't Cathy doing what she accuses other faux rescues of doing? Essentially horse dealing. Didn't she just "flip" that OSU pony. She had no intention of keeping her, just getting the "thrill" of a rescue and then dumping her (on someone else's dime) on a good Samaritan. Isn't the begging for dollars on line to what she hates about Sam? Hasn't she always espoused using your own money?

  75. Ya'know I almost expect Cathy to say "if we don't raise the money the Truck will be coming".

  76. I cannot even comment on the lesson thing nor the flipping of the horse. Both make me so angry that I am holding my tongue in fear of saying something really out of line.

    Lolasl...I don't think either PC or I took your comments as starting anything. Also, we have found over the years that many horses go through a nuclear meltdown when they come in or go out....we are dealing with this right now with a little girl's horse who left. They wanted to be closer to their horse so they found a barn only 20 min from home. Their horse is not functioning. They do not have a trainer at their barn so the owner allows me to come in and work with her. The horse looks awful. He has only been gone since Sept 30th. He is being fed properly but he is very unhappy. Also, you would think having LESS space to run around would mean he's sedentary so would gain weight. (Right cuz if we don't work out we get fat???) Not in our experience. This horse is used to having 60+acres to run and play on & he was one of our hardest players. He was always galloping and rearing up with his buds, cantering circles on his own. Now he stands in a paddock alone (horses over the fence but they want him in the private fence) & he was being worked 3 times a week with us. He's now ridden for 20 min on Sat and every other week when I come to teach a lesson. His ribs are showing, his tail head is showing and he's bucking under saddle. Point: maybe Convoy is unsure what's up since he was pulled from a feedlot before the gal who we got him from had him. Perhaps the transition is hard on him. What we do know is we are watching him very carefully & he is happier. He nickers at PC every time he sees her and once he's gelded I'm sure he'll be even happier!! :)

  77. Um...if the adopter of the OSU pony can't afford the $500 for shipping, what makes Cathy think they'll be able to afford upkeep? Or why can't Cathy pay the shipping? She said the pony was "hers" before...she can't front the $500 that she would have had to pay for in board anyway?

    Oh, wait. Why pay for anything when you've got bleeding heart readers who can pay it for you.

  78. Kaede said...
    Ya'know I almost expect Cathy to say "if we don't raise the money the Truck will be coming".

    OMG that was some funny shit there!!

    fhotd says:
    November 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    You can tell who knows how to work even in nice clothes…you just look at hands! What was that line from Gone With The Wind…”those are not the hands of a lady!” ROTFL. That is me. Bite my nails off (because if I don’t they just get in the way anyway) and have permanent stall cleaning calluses on both hands, you know the ones you get right below where your fingers start… :)

    Cathy you haven't cleaned a stall in years so quit your whining!

  79. Folks, much as I like to see a bully outed, are you sure that Cathy claimed to rescue the OSU pony? This is what is on the blog that day that she headed "I get a pony":

    Cathy said: "Well, not to keep but I will be putting some riding on her! Thanks to Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue for saving her and Strawberry Mountain Mustangs for picking her up and quarantining her."

    It looks to me like she's saying that Falcon Ridge rescued the pony. I point this out only because this group really does try to be correct about things, and I never saw Cathy say she rescued that pony (although I'm sure she took credit for making the auction public).

  80. The way I see it is if she is the one "registering" the horse, the horse is hers... and since that entire post was coming up with a name, barn and registered, then she is in fact, planning on registering her... either way, I think the big issue is why is Cathy "working" with new horses instead of the ones she already has?

  81. PrplChkn: so on the who's claiming it. I didn't see her taking credit for rescuing that particular horse, so I'm not comfortable slinging arrows at her about "flipping" it.

    Definitely with you on the "how about doing something with your own horses?" bit.

  82. The appy folks have done it. Fug's blog is down again "error establishing a database connection." Uh. Huh. Those Evil Spotted Horse Hackers.

  83. Thanks for the good catch DJ. You are right. I do think that Cathy's intention was for us to believe she was rescuing the pinto. But with her past history of claiming rescues she didn't do, it makes more sense you way.

    Cathy will claim the rescue on someone elses dime and time. Now she doesn't even have to ride it.

    Um, if I showed up to work smelling like a barn I would be fired. My average work suite costs about $275.00. Not a whole lot. $100.00 for the jacket, $30.00 for the shirt, $50.00 for the skirt/slacks, $45.00 for the shoes and lets toss in $50.00 for the underwear and stockings/socks. (my bra is expensive 'cause I'm built like Dolly Parton. I ace bandage my boobs down when riding.)

    I keep a change of clothing at the stable and work gloves. I can't afford to abuse my work clothes. They need to last several years.

    I know that Cathy isn't currently working on any of her horses or at their stable. But do you really think she wouldn't change out of a business suit to work in a barn? Or put on work gloves? Why not clean your nails with a nail brush after the work?

    If Cathy wants to hang with the stars,she needs to be more image conscious. They sure as heck are. They don't need a dirty, unkempt person hanging on to them. It would tarnish their image. Imagine what Perez Hilton would say if, oh say, Jerry Langford were seen with a tatty, smelly Cathy? Why would they take that risk?

  84. Snork!

    Fern Valley Apps must have gotten to her computer. Those spotted ponies are positively computer whizbangs!

    Kaede, while I don't go to work smelling like the barn, I have been known to have a piece or two of hay sticking out of my hair and a white horse/dog hair or ten stuck to my clothes. It is kind of a running joke. Gotta love that bunch, LOL!

    We are now on cria watch, my next girl Chantilly is showing signs that she is ready. Positive thoughts would be really appreciated!

  85. Not horse hair or hay, but St. Bernard hair and cat hair. No meal or outfit is complete without dog or cat hair in/on it somewhere.

  86. Oh and blessing on you and your animals.

  87. DJ you are probably right - I must admit, I read the blog and thought she was representing herself as the rescuer (can't bring myself to read it again so I will defer to your objective observation since she pisses me off so much).

  88. Yo, Fern Valley I had a couple of servers crash this week - can I borrow your appys??? PLEASE???

  89. Bwhaahaahaa-Fern's Techno-Geek Appy's. Now that's a marketing ploy fern...Appaloosa's are the smartest horses e.v.e.r!!!

    Yea, fugs posts have be read carefully. She is really good a implying things. Fugs is well aware that most people don't read her posts for content. She also counts on that fact as far as how much people will remember about what she previously posted as well.

  90. ROFLMAO...

    Word verification = gowin

    Go Win = Something fugs has never been able to do.

  91. WishIHadAHorsey , please forgive the hokey response , but I gotta."we have an app for that"

  92. I think Fugs was hoping to have the pony near enough to her in the Los Angeles area that she would have a horse to ride this winter since her own horses are out of state. I don't understand how someone who must be making at least $5 to $6,000 a month in California (and spent the major portion of her first year down there not having to pay rent because of living in three different homes of other people) still not be able (or willing?) to rent a place where she could keep a couple of horses. Sure it's more expensive down there, but she could probably find something within driving distance to her job for $2,000 a month or less.

  93. Cathy is moving LV soon to be G down to LA. She is just looking for the "right" (free?) trainer.

  94. Anonymous 9:22 Cathy will not rent a place of her own because she would have to care for her own horses. She feels THAT is someone else's job!
    Interesting that she has stayed at three different people's homes in the last year. It does not surprise me one teeny tiny bit. She has no boundaries when it comes to other people's possessions, spouses, and privacy. She soon wears out her welcome. That and her 6 stinking cats with their boxes she rarely cleans. For some reason she thinks everyone should enjoy the smell 6 cats cooped up in a bedroom can create.

  95. Maybe someone should take pictures of the cat boxes and post them on the internet!

  96. On the hands here for gloves. Also, I have a total guilty pleasure, I keep my nails manicured....with acrylics painted in wild colors and hand painted designs. I started after ripping my nails off repeatedly. They are not kept long at all & I have found that the designs keeps the polish a little longer (white tips and no one knows the paint is starting to wear). I also wear gloves. But we advise gloves for everyone. We do not lunge without them (burn your hands a few times and you learn they are vital). Also, I'm with Kaede on the getting fired going in smelling like a horse. When I was teaching, I had to feed before school. I certainly did not wear my "teacher clothing" into the barn. HA HA on the panty hose had I. I kept all my school clothing at work in my coat closet. Changed at school (used the locker room if need be for a shower if I got gross) & then back into barn clothing after school. I could only imagine the horror of some of the snooty parents if they walked into my classroom and saw me looking like Farmer Ted. Hard to be professional that way...

  97. I can't recommend gloves enough... two years ago I was grazing a horse and he suddenly bolted (it was during a show and there was a lot going on). The lead rope ripped away, out of my grasp. The palm of my left hand was suddenly peppered with nine painful, large blisters.
    I've since become a been-there glove convert.

  98. I just about always wear gloves when I'm around horses. Fingerless on warm days, full finger on cold. Like Paddy, I learned the hard way when a horse I was leading after a ride spooked and yanked the reins out of my hand. No blisters, but it stung and I lost some skin.

  99. Hi everyone back and thanks. BECs you are like me aren't you? Don't listen to the messages and just go by the caller ID? That's great but the 507-***-**** is me! And it is important!!!! Hellloooooo???;)

    I don't know what is the matter with me. I just cannot seem to get het up about anything THAT woman does anymore.
    Reading her is like listening to a hyperactive kid with Tourette's Syndrome.
    Why is the sky blue?
    Why is the grass green?
    Why is the ocean so big?

    Instead we would have horsey stuff.

    Can anyone tell why this horse will not move well and should never have been bred?

    What does everyone think of this craigslist ad?

    This is the woman who owned Hercules.

    It is hard for me to take anything she writes seriously anymore. More I often I read or hear about something she has presented and find myself thinking, that wasn't very nice.
    But we already know that she isn't a nice person.
    Which is why, I think it is good that there is a cyber support room her intended victims can go to. And be heard if that is their choice.

  100. Hey Dena!
    When do you start college? Do you have a major? I think it should be writing/journalism. You write so well.

  101. So much anger... me thinks you protest far too much. Everyone should be on the same page regarding any kind of abuser whether or not you're related. Looking after horses that can't be ridden is not a sin nor is not riding them nor is riding them. I can't imagine asking Cleve to ride my horse at a world championship without knowing him. I mean come on. Trying to argue that point is really silly.

  102. Hey Kaede.

    I started this morning actually. IT Management. With a concentration in software systems engineering. All wrapped up in a pink Business Admin Bow.LOL

    Thanks you for the compliment Kaede. I have another friend who is going to be some type of fancy schmancy highly educated physchiatrist and she was on my to pursue a degree in psychology. I have no interest in fighting that particular battle/system.
    I wanna grow up to be a gubbermental hacker extraordinaire!!!

  103. Oh Fine...You Guys are so helpful...Now I have this Mind Image of Dena sitting with her books in a lecture hall with one of Fern's-Techno-Geek-Appys standing behind the podium :)

  104. thanks coffee on monitor moment Helen

  105. LMAO@Dena....if journalism doesn't pan out for you..there's always impressions ;)

    Seriously on the appy thing...I wish ours were talented enough to feed themselves and pay for their own farrier services...I guess we got the low end of the gene pool in the appy world.

    Anon 11:07--where in the heck did that comment come from? And I think might have missed out on the fact that in FHOTD world lots and lots and lots of innocent people are horse abusers. I'm one when we are looking at the World According to Fugster. When we look at the reality though, we get a totally different picture.

    I don't see anyone protesting that animal abuse should go on and I did not see one person stated they would allow Cleve to ride their horse. I recall seeing a lot of people debating whether or not they would know him, allow someone unknown to "catch ride" their horses, and this fascinating world of techno-savvy appy who have developed some amazing hacker skills. Me thinks you are a troll.....

  106. LEG, its a tough breeding program we have here , only the top Appy geeks make the cut.

  107. And none of those straight shouldered Appy Geeks :) *waves to Dena* Good for you!!

  108. Well I don't know you LadyEvieGray...too funny. If you do abuse then that is sad for everyone involved. If you don't like this Cathy woman than so what who really cares. You're starting to look like a bully to me. This thread is just really a good bitch and stitch for reasons that are completely unclear to me. If people speak out against abuse then in my opinion that is great. Just how do you think women got the right to vote - by keeping their mouths shut. Maybe you did abuse someone - I don't know. If you did then perhaps someone speaking out against you will make you think twice.

  109. Oops, looks like somebody forgot to pay their web server fugly blog today, I'm getting an error message.

    As for her newest target having Cleve Wells ride his horse at Worlds. I can see how it happened. IF he happens to just be a hands off owner, he entrusts his trainer to get the horse shown. Trainer tells owner that they have a catch rider because they have more than one horse in the class and this guy is a multiple world champion....owner says `cool'. I'm used to hands off owners that aren't well informed from racing. It does happen. Doesn't make it right, but I"m not sure that Cleve could have unleashed much abuse on that horse by just riding him in a class. I personally wouldn't have appreciated having him on my horse, but I tend to keep myself informed of such matters. Not everbody does. Doesn't make this guy a bad guy nor does he deserve her going after his business or attacking his personal appearance as a cancer survivor. That's just not a line I would ever cross....


  110. I am beginning to understand some of the dynamics of anonymous that were escaping a label.
    I haven't been around lately to spike the kool-aid.LOL

    Valium at the first window and please feel free to help yourself to the beverages.:)
    psst. The red kind is the best. It covers the flavor of everything else. I mean it has a lot of sweetener.

  111. Dena I find you hard to understand. Perhaps you are illiterate.

  112. Please ladies, don't feed the troll. It will grow weak from hunger and go in search of another meal.

  113. Yassum, I iz ill..iliter..dat wird dyou usded.
    Dats y Is goen ta scool.

  114. Dena, would you like Johnnie to give you reading adn writing lessons? super techno Appy geek that he is?? blinks inoccently

  115. firetruck!!!! dang spell check missed it again!!!

  116. It's okay Fern I just remembered where I saw this particular anonymous.
    Yep, she was hanging around the valium window and drank several glasses of the speshul kool-aid.
    Believe me, that would go a very long way towards explaining her comprehension difficulties.ROTFLMAO

  117. Ok I am not planning on feeding the troll but would someone like to tell me exactly what LEG did to NOW be attacked. Being called a bully? Are you kidding me? Who on earth is this anon? Just another nameless, faceless FHOTD who is going to just die because they can't follow the lead TROLL like mindless sheep. Instead, they come over here and start attacking. Do they make troll spray like they do for bugs? How about a glue trap? Can we get a guard dog?

    So anon 1:41--I DO know LEG and she is the furthest thing from an animal abuser or a bully. She was unfairly attacked by the FHOTD self proclaimed horse goddess & the fall out was unreal. I just cannot believe you would show up and call names. Something LEG never ever does. She even normally hold hers tongue when speaking against the queen bee. Turn around and point that bully finger at yourself. ~Devil's Advocate

  118. Congrats Dena, you do well. You are smart and articulate.

  119. This is unfair of me, I don't don't know any of you IRL. Dog knows, maybe you are my next door neighbor. But, when anons come over and start up with how mean we are, I'm tempted to dismiss them out of hand. Or for that matter folks who only show up to tell us we are "mean" with no evidence.

    "So much anger... me thinks you protest far too much. Everyone should be on the same page regarding any kind of abuser whether or not you're related."

    What anger? Cut and paste please. Who protests to much? Me, LEG, BEC, CS? Which one of us? Use our exact words please. Hopefully we can talk. We sure as did talk about using ALL CAPS. Figured out what folk did and didn't mean.

    Which page of which book? I agree if you are saying Cathy is an abuser... of people. Related to whom? Dog forfend Cathy being related to me.

    Why would I have any idea who Cleve is? I don't do stock horses. I've SEEN a stock saddle. I even touched one at a used tack sale this fall.

    Are you suggesting that we all agree with you on who is an abuser? on how we should treat abusers? Can we have some definitions first? Is it abuse to sell your horse? Cathy has said it is. Is it abuse breed your mare if your(the humans)age is over 40? Cathy has said so. What about What about shoes? I've never been able to figure out exactly what Cathy feels about shoes. How about clipping and blankets? Or walking a horse in a parade? or on Macadam? or near traffic? All have been cited as abuse by Cathy at one time or another.

    I would like to hear your well reasoned and quoted and documented ideas.

  120. I see reference to libel and think that many of you defaming Cathy should be worried. You claim that she says such and such on her blog which is totally false. Be careful girls! Yes girlies I know a thing or two about defamation and if I were you I would stop all the BS you're spreading about. You girls act like a bunch of three year olds. Cathy did this Cathy did that - who the fuck cares. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this blog or its followers. Bye bye.

  121. Oh me first please? I haven't had reason to use this phrase in such a long time.
    Like yesterday.

    Oh F*uck Off!

  122. Well Anon, my come back to you is what Cathy's comeback is to everyone else who says she has libel/slander/defamation them: "Free Speech!" "I'm entitled to my opinion!"

    One reason I want you to quote and document, put into context too would be welcome. Cathy doesn't do that however. Think about that poor man from a few months ago. He was having a private FB conversation about how annoyed he was with his horse.

  123. Ha! Defaming Cathy. Right off the top of my head I can name 5 people she has libeled and those are the ones I have personal knowledge of. I say bring it on....

  124. Anon 4:34,

    It's not libel/slander/defamation if we are talking amongst ourselves about statements that Cathy has written on her own blog.

  125. My knowledge of the law is uncertain on this point, but if Cathy said it, and we can point to where she said it, and we have not taken it out of context or attempted to bully her (For example "OK sheeples go bug Cathy by doing the Antler Dance when she rides) In fact we have been Discouraging folks from doing that. How can that be libel/slander/defamation?

  126. What is the Antler Dance? Can I learn to do the Antler Dance? It sounds like fun!

    As for abuse: is it considered abuse when I ride my horse in spurs? How about when I ride her with matching baby pinks polo wraps and saddle pads?

    As for libel: the title of the blog is "FHotD REVIEW." Note the part where it's called a REVIEW? The idea here is to re-cover and hash out what has been said (and often cited word-for-word) from another "news" source.

    I'm gonna go do the Antler Dance now. I'll post pictures later.

  127. From a SNL skit in the '70 "And he dropped his pants and did the Antler Dance"

  128. To those of you who think Fugs' horse knowledge is limited, how many of you have ever heard her try to explain her political beliefs?

  129. I'm not sure, but I think if you sue someone for libel or slander, it is they who actually have to prove that what you said is incorrect. May not be the same for all states. I would check with an attorney if any of you are wondering, and not take even a paralegal's word for it. It sounds as if there are enough people on this website who personally know enough about the Fugster and/or who are quoting her own writing, that it would be hard for her to sue. Plus it probably costs a few hundred dollars to file.

  130. "As for abuse: is it considered abuse when I ride my horse in spurs? How about when I ride her with matching baby pinks polo wraps and saddle pads?"

    Well. of COURSE it is, for dog's sakes!
    PINK, are you INSANE??
    Depends on the horse's aura, if he can even wear pink well.
    And that's where the abuse STARTS.
    End Colour Trauma Abusers, NOW.

    The strawberry-roaned appy galloped away, screaming in terror at the sight of the pink polo bandage atrocities coming towards her.

    I've started a new business, "How to Gauge your Horses' Colour Tolerance Range".
    $399.00, just in time for Christmas!

    FV, Tell Johnnie I received his latest coded message.
    Gleeble him for me.

    Thanks, FenrirsRagnarok.
    I needed that.

  131. No, I haven't heard her explain her political view points, from my reading of her she seems to be a Regan Republican, except when she is a libertarian or a Socialist.

  132. Golightly,

    any updates on the horse in the box? He's been on my mind a lot lately and I hope there is some positive change for him...


  133. @kaede 9:01 -- You hit it on the head! It's the same in person, bounces back and forth just like that with seemingly little knowledge of what any of those parties is actually doing.

  134. @Golightly, so funny! You are a very creative writer. Also glad you asked about the horse in the box. Hope someone has news.

  135. I'm a member of the "Anti Stupid Party". To me it sounds like Cathy is a member of the "Self Serving Party"

  136. ...which brings to mind a lady I met at a barrel racing one time. She had a beautiful palomino all duded up in a; Pink ostrich bridle and matching breastcollar studded with rhinestones. Pink saddle blanket. Pink Sports Medicine boots all around. No, it wasn't a breast cancer event.

    She was a nice lady and we visited a bit. She complimented me on my horse, so the only polite thing to do is try to be nice back. I told her, her little mare sure looked cute with all of her pink gear. She bowed up a little bit and told me 'HE is a gelding' and rode off.

    Well, who the hell thinks to look when you see a horse duded up in that much PINK? Why would anyone do that to a gelding? Okay, so why would anyone over the age of 13 do that anyway?

    However, I do have a question...I am having a hard time finding a saddle pad that looks good on my Bay Tobiano gelding. Black looks blah on him. Red/Black didn't look good. Black/Turquoise/Lime not good. Even my tan/navy pad looks ugly on him. Purple not so hot either.

    Would blue or green be a good choice?

  137. Ah...wipes tears of laughter away. This was a fun read tonite girls! I love the clever, goofy, repartee. Dena and GL take the cake on that one, as always!

  138. Yes, Dena and GL were delightful. Loved Dena's "tourettes" rant! Also agreed with Kaede's "political" observations.

  139. BEC ... I think I would try a nice Emerald Green, Orange or Salmon saddle pad on your Bay Tobiano.

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. BECs I will have you know that when I purchased that all pink with rhinestones ensemble I was told that it was the hottest thing on the market.
    I did not realize until later that it literally was the hottest thing on the market.
    I and my horse are still struggling to overcome the trauma and stigma attached to our experience with PINK!

  142. Whooops, can't be too paranoid..
    BEC, I will send you a complete colour swatch, complete with all the various combos, for the low, low price of $399.00.
    JUST in time for Christmas.
    Shipping included. I take cash and firstborns.

    Nah, all youze guys make me laugh, and give me ideas.
    I am an empty vessel, without ye'.

  143. OSPCA isued a press release for Chief, Nov. 3,
    he is just FINE.
    Humpfh, how can you even QUESTION that a horse in a garage is anything but..
    TWO vets say he is "in good health".
    ANYBODY with a DVM degree wanna refute that claim?
    We need one more vet's opinion, to balance the BS.
    Someone out there has a sadly accurate sense of humour..
    Check out the picture and info..

  144. I was thinking we probably should not be too hard on the anon who presents so ummm..unpleasantly.

    Kaede you and I sometimes out think our fingers typing. And LEG if you are a bully these girls(girlies)can help you with that.
    They will have you hugging your enemy quicker than fugs favorite rescues can fart a rainbow.

    I went back and checked my posts for illiteracy indicators. I now know exactly how long it takes for the pain killers to kick in and make me stoopid.

    And to address the anon who called us "girlies."
    The only people who have ever called me girlie in my life were two old men that I did not know.
    And it was creepy. And your post reminded me of that.

    Constructive criticism is a good thing. I am not afraid of it. But I think some of the anons are. And that is okay. I mean really can we blame them?
    Look at who they are defending and standing in support of.
    A woman who makes her living abusing others. A woman who targets and attempts to victimize total strangers.
    Wow, when you look at it from that perspective it all becomes just so much more clear doesn't it?

    Oh and G those are some great ideas. But I think you need some credit applications for those of us who would need to pay over time.

  145. BECs olive green, with slight accents of sapphire, burnt sienna, and a small amount of winter white.

    Go on over to Maytex they have lots of colors and you can custom order a pad to go over whatever pads you already have.

    WP isn't good for much in my opinion but they sure have the color choices.

  146. O . M . G!!!

    I totally forgot about your pink experience Dena. :O LOL

    Ooohhh-I never would have thought about Orange. That might look really good. He is that color of bay. Thx!

  147. Anon NOVEMBER 12, 2010 4:34 PM

    Cathy is a husband screwing, child abusing, absentee equine owning, fame whoring, tack stealing, non tax paying Bitch
    IN MY HUMBLE OPINION of course so frickin sue me or head back over to her blog if she paid rent (oh yeah she doesn't know how) and blow some glitter up her ass.

    Word verv igsud LMAO

  148. I LIKE pink. So there. Pink and tan, for some unknown reason. I don't mean pink.
    I mean pink, pink.
    Ugly name for a purty colour. I don't like strong shades, but I don't hold it against people who do.
    Oh, and for the first time in about 12 years, I went back to the used clothing store for my summer shopping "spree". (spent $150.00 CanadiaN, 7 items. Not bad. taxes, y'know.)

    Saleswoman said, "oh, pink isn't your colour, I used to DO colour choices for people."

    TFB. I like pink. Of course, there was nothing in the store that I liked that was pink, anyway.
    Had a pair of pink runners once, my favourite shoes..

    To Safe, Happy, Healthy Horses.
    A little, okay, a LOT more honesty in the world.

    OH, and I do blame the current situation I'm watching on the state of the horse industry. It splintered into a million pieces, and nobody over there talks to anybody over there.
    Dressage is the devil. TB are eaten at birth. H/J sneers at western sneers at arabs sneers at barrel racers..
    ya know?
    Tired of it. If H/J had known about ...
    There should be a database of equine employees across ALL of the industries. And they should actually get paid well, when they do a great job. Yeah, I know, as if..

    (word verf kitchoph)
    Word verf makes up some pretty cool words!

    "Pictions", on my friend's art site..

    sorry, just blathering until sister and nephew get here..

  149. Fubbs newest rant is up... I agree with saying that riding an 18 month horse is not the best to do. Starting them under saddle should be ok, if it is a light saddle. However, the way she goes about calling people out is ridiculous. Is it that hard to say "Hey guys, I saw this on youtube and I wanted to inform you all (her readers) on why this is bad" and go through the fact that knees aren't closed yet, etc. ??

    Also, this is from her blog today "There is an estate sale of Thoroughbreds going on today in Banning, California:
    Estate Sale.
    Neighsavers is trying to save as many as possible, but of course feel free to head out there if you have space & money for a Thoroughbred! I am not sure if I’m going to get there or not today, but I am going to try."

    She's going to try to guy "rescue" a thoroughbred from a sale.

    First of all, these horses don't need rescuing or saving, they need a new home, again, a pet peeve of mine, calling every buyer a rescue or "saver". Second, she's going to try and get ANOTHER horse?? Really???

  150. Typing fail... "She's going to try to BUY a "rescue" thoroughbred..."

  151. I am enjoying this blog. I started out over at FHOTD and was soon very disturbed at the tone there. It's the tone that is called "weasel words" in advertising. You know - "*May* help sufferers of arthritis!" "Key* Ingredient for Health! *This statement has not been evaluated." and so on... except that she has no disclaimers.

    Also I never got the whole "It is evil to sell your horse, you are either "dumping" or "flipping" it!" So where do horses come from then? If no one is ever allowed to sell one, where on Earth are you supposed to get your first horse? Very puzzling.

    The post attacking someone for hiring someone that was an abuser at some point and then going after the person who hired that guy's livelihood and appearance is very disturbing. First of all it presumes that NO ONE CAN EVER CHANGE. WTF? If that were true there would be no point in punishing someone - they can not change, may as well put a bullet in their head. Does this Cleve guy deserve to be shot because of this tainted past? Also a person can quite legitimately not be in possession of knowledge that someone else may have. Does the owner know every single thing their catch rider ever did in his life? And if they don't, how is that such a crime that they deserve to have their livelihood taken away?

    The whole thing is just disturbing. I am glad to have found this blog.

  152. Ladies, thanks so much for the chuckles. I love it when the comments are on point but also have humor!

    Dena, so good to have you back on line. Your wit and observations have been sorely missed by me, and it seems that my girl GL and her wit are back with us too! YEAH!

    I think that the anon might be gone or at least not posting, but, what he/she is missing is that (I believe) everyone's problem with Fugly is not her overall stance, it is how she goes about it. For me, the crux of the problem is that she crudely attacks based on assumption and does not research before she attacks. While she says she does not send her drooling pack of hyena after her targets, she most certainly used to. I was there, I saw it. She created the nasty, ungainly beast that FHOTD has become, she just needs to admit it. Oh silly me, Cathy couldn't admit that she was wrong if it meant saving herself from certain death, which, of course, is a whole other problem.

    Sorry Anon, this blog was created for just the same reason that Cathy created FHOTD, if you don't like it or it's comments, well, that is just fine. Comment or not, that is your choice, but if you do comment, or anyone for that matter, please make sure you have concrete facts, don't waste our time with juvenile comments about Fugly.

  153. BEC's, now you have to consider that I am from the hunter world, but navy blue looks really good on lots of horses. You could have some bright color as piping done on the pad. I have also found that navy blue looks really good on most people too.

    Actually, I like pink as well. Would never have put it on my pally Spunky and would look totally silly on Buck the Perch, but looks great on Whinnie and especially on Wizard the very dark bay gelding, but then again, he is kinda of a girly-man!

  154. I miss me too CCC. My wit? Hmmm...I have just learned that without humor lifes lessons might be a little too painful to bear let alone learn from.
    I used to wait for the fat lady to sing. Now, I am hanging with a new crowd and school of thought.
    We are the ones with the "Bring on the clowns" signs.

  155. Hey BEC: I know several people have said it but I concur that Hunter Green or an Emerald Green would look very nice. I have a very dark bay and white paint that my students bought for me when my Jack died and I am having issues finding a color for him as well. I can't bring myself to use hunter/emerald because that was Jack's color. Have you also considered using a camel color? I don't know what color your other tack is but the softer camel is neutral and should bring out his warm rich bay tones. Just a thought....

    As far as the whole libel/slander...I can't **LEGALLY** to anything about the statements that FHOTD posted about our ranch and me as a person. Apparently cyber world doesn't have to follow the real world laws. She can call me a POS all day long and say I abuse horses and blah blah. Where the line was crossed was when her sheep started calling our home and threatening to kill us. I quote here "if I lived closer I would break into your home and slit your family's throat and yours just like all the horses you condemned to die by selling them to that dealer" THIS is prosecutable. For clarification: all those horses-1 poor horse that I sold in Missouri in town and that horse ended up on a flipped trailer. Tragic yes. Horrifying yes. Saddened us...terribly. But we did not sell the horse to a dealer. We did not put him on a trailer. And we certainly did not flip it over.

  156. We have a young lady who rides a gelding at our ranch who yes...she uses pink...but it looks so cute on her and her horse that we just smile when she enters the ring. He is a flea bitten gray qh, barely 14hh and she's 17. Cute little red head who loves sparkles and loves pink. She rides in two shades of pink, black and silver with lots and lots of spangles & sparkles. However, she got a gorgeous black and lime green (but not neon) leather show bridle with so much bling on it that I don't know how the horse holds up his head. I cannot wait to see how she blings him up in this.

    I do admit we are a spangly, sparkly bunch in our barn. We like the crystal bridles/breast collars and fringe in matching colors. But, unless its me or one of the few moms, we also are 12-21 yr old kiddos and not showing at big time levels. Its a lot of fun to see the girls planning out their show stuff and usually they show all season in one outfit and then trade or put it in the show closet for a younger rider.

    And I am open for some thoughts on what to put my dear Frost in. Very dark bay and white tobiano. It's hard to find something I like. :)

  157. See, that's why I could never get "on-board" with the tacky Tack lady.
    If it fits you and the horse, is comfortable, and you like it, have fun!

    I hate sneerage, I really, reallllly do.

  158. LEG:

    Sounds like a nice rich chocolate would look good on your dark bay and white. Maybe a cookies and cream color to offset his bay and white?


  159. DK: Thanks!! Hadn't thought about that. I tried a powder blue halter on him but just couldn't fathom him in that color. He looked so girly. He also looked really great in yellow but I don't. We shall try chocolate. :)

  160. For anyone who needs a real good laugh, here you go. I work at a dog grooming shop. The rest of the conversation is self-explanatory.

    Customer: Hi! Bella Rose is here.

    Me: Oh, she's just a bath today, right?

    Customer: She stinks! I came home last night and couldn't figure out what the smell was. So I called 911. It was 9:30 at night and I had three fire trucks at my house. The firemen told me the smell was my dog.

    Me: Yeah, she got skunked.

    Customer: Oh! You can tell??

    Me: I smelt it as soon as I walked around the corner.

    Customer: I think she was sniffing around somewhere where a skunk sprayed. I don't think she got sprayed because she didn't come running into the house yelping.

    Me: Sure... It's okay, though, we've got a home remedy shampoo that'll get rid of the smell.

    Customer: Douche.

    Me: Excuse me?

    Customer: You can use douche to get rid of the smell, right?

    Me: Um... yeah. But we use something else. You didn't bathe her or wet her down, right? That sets the odor in the coat.

    Customer: She doesn't fit in the bathtub. So I sprayed Febreze on her head.

    Me: ...

    Folks, I couldn't make this shit up!

  161. I actually used Febreeze on my GSD when she got mildly skunked. She didn't get a direct hit but ran through some grass where a skunk had been. I was careful to keep the Febreeze off her head and sensitive parts and it worked awesome. I bathed her with horse shampoo after and then febreeze rinsed her again...She was a house dog and I really had no other options as I had once tried the old tomato juice thing on another dog and it didn't work at all.....


    BTW why is Cathy thinking its ok to give her latest `rescue' to somebody that can't even afford shipping? If you can't afford to transport your horse, you probably aren't prepared for a large vet bill should something go wrong.

  162. How about an off white or camel to go with the chocolate? I liked that camel idea and it would offset the dark colors as nicely as the white against his bay would. :)


  163. lolasl...

    I read a comment on her blog where someone asked that question and her answer was that since it is a 501c3 rescue group that is taking in the horse that donations are always welcome...

  164. BEC I was playing with a online color wheel, depending on what shade bay your horse is teal if he is orangy bay or a purpleish blue (iris or harebell) if he is a dark bay. Those are the colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Is he mostly white or mostly chestnut?

  165. Oh, I'd say he's about 60% white/40% bay Kaede and he's kind of an orange bay.

    I have always had good luck with teal(turquoise) looking good on just about any color and maybe it's because this horse is a Paint, but it sure didn't do the trick for him.

    Having as many horses as I do, you would think I would have something that would look good on this horse, but my tack room came up empty-LOL. Woe is me, I 'have' to go shopping for horse stuff (giggles...Yea, that's a hardship ;-)

    Thanks for the help guys.

  166. It would appear the motivation behind attacking her latest target is jealousy.....The woman appears to have some success showing AQHA and some nice horses. Of course Cathy is gonna find something to snipe about considering VLC was a huge failure and didnt' even make it through to showing AQHA....he never got out of the breeding stock pinto walk/trot classes....

    Also, where is Cathy getting this idea that everybody who wins or makes money from horses are injecting hocks???? Honestly, in my entire career with horses, I have had cause to inject one horse's hocks and that was a racehorse with some significant wear and tear going on. If used therapeutically and correctly, injecting a joint is NOT the worst thing in the world. Hell, given the fact that her own horse is a big ole cripple and lame as hell behind, she may want to give it a try! Instead she's bragging that she would never do it because it ruins their joints......So, she's never done VLC and he's still lame.....where is the logic behind this?????


  167. I really don't get why she (Cathy) continues to make such obnoxious statements. Injecting joints, IMO, is hardly the worst thing that can be done to a horse. Also, I have yet to come across a horse whose legs have been ruined by joint injections. A horses legs can be ruined a number of ways, the injections are a treatment for already trashed joints. People don't just have joints injected for the novelty of it, it is done as a therapeutic measure. I don't even think it is ethical for a vet to do injections on a healthy sound horse, why take the risk of introducing bacteria directly into the joint unless the horse really needs it?

    As for the assumption that big training barns inject all horses, bullshit. I worked at a breeding facility that stood some big time AQHA stallions who had been campaigned as two year olds and won world and congress championships as two year olds, junior horses and senior horses. None of them were unsound, none of them. In fact, two of them went back into training and the show pen as senior horses. They came back fit, sound and with new titles not lameness issues.
    I never saw any of them take a bad step, I never saw joints injected and there were no notes of that happening in their medical records.

    I know that my hands on experience is meaningless in the fantasy land that Cathy inhabits. It just makes me so crazy that she spouts off about things she clearly can't prove or even know about. Has she ever even had a horse in a AQHA show/training barn where all they do is AQHA on a pretty big time level?


  168. Though I disagree with starting a horse under 2 yrs, I think every horse is different. I don't know when the youtube video was posted but according to the owner, the filly is 2 months shy of her 2nd bday. Maybe they x-rayed to look to see if the knees were closed; maybe not. That aside, with all the nonsense going on in the horse world and the horrible cases of abuse & neglect, FHOTD decides to go after a well fed, willing horse on a property that is clean. From their website, they have nice horses, none in bad shape, & the property is again well maintained. I think there are more note worthy things to "educate" about. I agree 100% with Lol and WZ on their comments.

    Personal note: the catty comment about "put some helmets on those kids". It appears the level at which the youth are riding at is fairly elevated. I don't recall ever seeing a helmet in the western ring outside of fun shows and 4h shows. Again, this is personal experience but I'm pretty sure at the show we are attending this coming weekend the only helmets will be in the English flat work the beginner's and classes.

    Don't get me wrong, helmets are a preventative safety measure. But, they are not a catchall for preventing head injuries or death & it's a matter of parental choice when the kid steps into the competition ring.

  169. Just glancing around Winger's site, it looks like the kids do wear helmets around the barn. But it's exceedingly rare for kids to wear helmets at the breed show level unless it is absolutely required.

    Fug's mob jumps all over this trainer's weight and does anyone remember them ever making a comment about her old trainer's weight? Fug's trainer was wayyyyy bigger than this gal.

    Way back when (oh the years are piling up) I trained at WP barns, we did start the WP horses in the fall of their yearling year as well. There was no loping those first few months and the rides were kept short. No more than 30 minutes. After the 1st of the year, we were allowed to start the lope, but just a circle or two at a time.

    Also, we only rode the babies every other day.

    Are there things I didn't like about WP training? Yes! I learned how to do things back then, that I certainly do not do today. And a lot of that crap is the reason I got out of training for the public.

    But, I will say that we were all well aware of the babies ages and level of development and took precautions to ensure that we weren't 'deliberately' destroying those babies futures.

    I wonder if this is someone fugs tried to get to take on the VLC and she wouldn't do it for free? LOL

  170. BEC, I was thinking more of this color or perhaps a nice mauve taupe?

    I don't disagree with with the general idea behind FHotD. Treat animals well. Think before you breed. Get lessons before you get a horse.

    But the devil is in the details. Who gets to define abuse? If we call for laws, definitions must follow. Think about poor GL, clearly a case of neglect/abuse but not defined as such in the local animal care laws.

  171. In the past, I worked for some big name trainers. Not once, with them did I see one joint injected, one tail blocked or any of the other things Cathy insists happens all the time. The guys I worked for also had world championships under their belt and multiple AQHA champions. Yes, we had 2 yr old pleasure futurity babies, but I never recall any of them being crippled up.

    Eventually I moved onto the racetrack where its the norm to start a horse late in the fall of their yearling year. Again, none of the horses I worked with were ever pushed into heavy work before their knees had a clean set of xrays showing them closed. I realize that some do push on, but there are unethical people in every single discipline. Cathy isn't taking into consideration that some breeds naturally mature quicker than others. For instance, a TB or QH will reach physical maturity much quicker than a warmblood. That's a fact.

    Cathy hates on anybody that has or does something she can't accomplish. She paid way too much money for a horse that didn't have the right tools to cut it in AQHA shows. She's pissed and jealous. She would have saved herself a LOT of grief if she knew `form to function' conformation. There was no way that horse was ever going to be a winning WP of HUS horse in the AQHA. One look at his build should have told her that. So, she went to a `non-abusive' trainer and didn't start him until late etc. She still has a cripple on her hands. What has she proven? I have a 30 yr old QH that was started young, had a nice show career, went on to being a lead pony at the track (very hard work for a horse) and despite having a metal pin in his coffin joint is still as sound as can be. He barely has arthritis and Oh and legs are clean as a whistle. Yes, he did have his coffin bone injected after surgery as a therapeutic measure. We injected it exactly twice in his entire life. Personally, if VLC was mine he would have his stifles AND hocks injected and then turned out as a gelding for six months. There is no earthly reason for this horse to be unsound as he is given the fact he's done nothing most of his life.

    Cathy just needs to STFU about things she knows nothing about. Interesting that her mob is all over this trainer about her weight. Cathy's trainer is larger and many of her followers are sofa riders that need a roll of quarters to go for a ride. NOBODY wears helmets in AQHA level western classes. Until I see Cathy wearing a helmet and proper boots when she rides, they all need to shut up. The way Cathy perches on a horse, she is at a far greater risk of coming off than these kids on that website...


  172. @Anon 9:29, loved the "roll of quarters" line!

    Also, I wonder if Fugs' objections to joint injections is because maybe she can't get VLC's insurance policy to pay for it for her?

    As for picking on people for the most flimsy of reasons, perhaps she just gets busy with her job and/or other activities that she doesn't have as much time to search for things to complain about and just picks something quickly to get the blog written because her schedule is tight that day or week or whatever.

    I just cringe at hearing people spout off on things about they have no knowledge or experience.

  173. I think the actual objections to joint injections is that she doesn't understand why you might inject a joint. She thinks it's something you do to hide abuse. But it's an actual medical treatment for a medical condition, and not always one that's created by abusive treatment.

    I feel kinda bad for VLC. If he's in pain from bad joints or a pulled tendon then that should be treated. I badly sprained my ankle about 10 years ago and still find myself favoring that foot because it never quite healed right. If she's just letting 'nature take its course' it's possible he'll never move quite right.

  174. I highly doubt VLC was ever insured for much if at all. That would actually require her to make payments on time. I suspect her real objection to join injections is the cost of them. Its not a cheap treatment at all. However, as somebody who has had several knee surgeries and injuries myself, I can attest that a joint injection provides real relief almost immediately.

    Yes, longterm injecting of cortisone into a joint can break down the cartilage, but its not always cortisone that is injected. Hyaluronic acid injections actually increase the viscosity of synovial fluid and help a damaged joint rather than break it down further. These cost more, but are worth it as far as a horse's longterm soundness and comfort. The one filly whose hocks we injected at the track, actually needed the top joint to fuse a bit so we had cortisone injected to speed that along. It worked, she didn't need continual injections past that one series and continued on pain free. More often than not, its ankles and knees I have seen injected on racehorses. Again, in all my years prior to workign with racehorses, I've had occasion to inject one horse and that was my own. He broke his coffin bone in half in a paddock accident before he was ever shown the first time and ultimately required a metal pin and bone graft. As I said earlier, at 30 yrs old, he is still sound and feisty. Its been over 26 yrs since he has had a joint injection....

    The more Cathy shoots off her mouth, the more obvious it is that she really is uninformed and driven by the green monster. I doubt its work that has caused her unresearched blogs lately. As BEC suggested, it likely has more to do with some imagined slight or envy of her subject. Several months ago I emailed her some information on a real abuse situation that had happened and was about to happen again....she completely ignored it and as a result..there is a dead horse and another with fractured cannon bones....(yep, both fronts are fractured). I even gave her links, and hard facts that were easily verifiable......Guess it just wasn't her particular axe to grind...


  175. Rather like a local rescue in my area that Cathy is familiar with - multiple preventable deaths, four "oops" pregnancies, no financial statements, no separation of rescues from private horses (volunteers clean up after and feed all of the horses), hot tape up only in the last few months but not on the gates. She's attacked it in the past, but lately isn't interested...probably because a friend of hers is now associated with that rescue.

  176. @anon 12:35. How disgusting if she could have directed her followers to prevent that tragedy and didn't, yet picks much lesser issues (or sometimes even "non-issues" to address). Maybe BEC and NotAFollower are absolutely right about her. How could someone spend $7,000 to take VLC to Tulsa (hoping for glory?) but not spend the few hundred or $1,000 or whatever to ease his pain now?

  177. I also want to know if VLC is gelded yet. If not, what is the hold up? I have a sickening suspicion she's going to breed him to one of her `rescue' mares she has stashed through the west coast. Because, really now is the perfect time with cooler weather and less flies to worry about. I can't see why there is so much secrecy around this.....

    Oh and Cathy doesn't feature friends on her blog. Even when your friends/roommates are crazy color breeders and standing fugly unaccomplished stallions to grade mares. Kinda like what was going on when she lived in Washington state, but before the whole husband stealing/freeloading from YHI thing....instead, she had that pinto `One Sly Private Eye' or something of her own that was getting bred to the fugly stallions. A horse that has now dropped off the face of the earth. The same one she claimed was going to be her cow pony. Apparently, Cathy views cow horses the same way she does barrel horses. Something any horse can do when they fail at everything else.....dont' even get me started!


    PS. Has anybody actually found somebody that took lessons from her or hunted down her real `polo credentials' yet?

  178. I can't disagree with the presentation of breaking horses too young. I do however disagree with choosing just one person as the poster child to sic her readers on.
    I highly doubt the person featured is responsible for creating and funding all of the 2 year old futurities.
    I wonder sometimes do some people think these horses just maqically become trained on their second birthday.
    Which is why I am with BECs on this being one of the reasons I left off training WP horses.
    That and all of the trend factors.
    The training repetitions to get those super slow gaits and that head way way down don't happen in 10-20 minute rides.

    With regard to the VLC I think we all know that he represents the sum total of Cathy's knowledge and aspirations.
    No offense to YHI but the VLC certainly isn't the best representation of her breeding program.
    I think there were several factors at play in Cathy ending up owning the VLC and as I wasn't there to witness it I will leave my opinion at that.

  179. Lolasl...I'd love to see the credentials as well.

    I'd also like to see her equine credentials over all. (With dates, trainers, show records, etc.) I think it should be made public knowledge so the sheep understand they are following someone who may not have correct first hand knowledge. I'd like to know what her college degree is in and how that makes her an expert. When people bring their children to us, I present them my resume, give them the names of our vets & farriers, provide references, etc. We have documented proof of working with the State mental health department for our therapy, we can show how many students have received vouchers from private organizations, and we also encourage them to contact present and past students. We ask them to sit in on lessons and make an unscheduled visit to the ranch during business hours.

    You would think someone would ask her "what makes you an expert?"

    OT whine of the day: Man offers a trade for my 3horses that are for sale. Insinuates a new gooseneck trailer and wants me to "agree to the trade BEFORE looking at the trailer". I said, "well I at least need pics". HOLY POS!! Rusty bucket of a gooseneck stock. Bad floor and no title. Uh...Uh...Uh...can you say, "HELL NO!" we have watched trailers just like this one go for $500 at the sale, listed online for $800-1200 and he wanted ALL 3 of our horses for it. I wouldn't have traded 1 for it. Makes me want to swear!

  180. LEG: Fugs' college degree is in English, plus a year of law school, if my information is correct. Oh, and a paralegal course. Good credentials for an unpaid student loan, bounced checks, repossessed car, and of course for offering online horse care and riding advice, huh? I might be more sympathetic to her if she had someone other than herself to support. But she has achieved this sorry financial standing while simultaneously criticizing others who are forced to sell their horses because they actually pay their bills and/or support family members who have fallen on hard times or are suffering health problems and need medical care.

  181. I believe that Cleve Wells DID abuse a horse in the past... I saw the photos, read the vet report and heard the accounts from the owner and stable staff. I think he is too hard on horses, and has a 'gung ho' way of handling them.


    I don't think that his daughter had anything to do with it, and I don't see why Cathy is calling her names. It's not the girl's fault she's related to a (one time?) animal abuser.

    The owner of the horse Cleve recently rode probably had no idea about his past, or had been recommended him from a friend, a friend she believes more than the abuse rumours. Anyone might do that, so I don't think that makes the owner a bad person.

    The person who is at the most fault here (or the group, I should say) is the ApHC for failing to enforce their own rules. It sets a bad example, and creates precedent that some truly abusive rider/trainer might try to exploit.

    I think the Fugly blog does often make some good points on many topics,such as horse slaughter, cruelty towards horses and poor breeding, but having said that, I think more research needs to be done before anyone starts pointing fingers. If you have the facts, ok then post them, but make it PROFESSIONAL. State the facts, not your opinion, or your version of the facts.

  182. Anon 5:43
    "State the facts, not your opinion, or your version of the facts."

    Exactly... and when people call Cathy out on this, she says that she is entitled to her opinion and she thinks... (fill in the blank). She doesn't care that calling someone a POS is rude and not a fact, but her opinion.

    (word verf: quaggin)

  183. The fact is that its not Cleve's daughter that posted on the fugly blog. It was Gary Raak's, who is the owner of the horse in question....That kinda makes what Cathy did all the worse in my opinion. Hell, even if the guy knowingly put an abuser on his horse for the finals, it gives her no place to call him out on his loooks, which happen to be the result of skin cancer according to his own daughter. It wouldn't be my choice to put Cleve on a horse no matter what, but I highly doubt he was able to `abuse' the animal by riding it in a class. Therefore the owner is maybe only guilty of bad judgement, but more likely just not well informed since Cleve is actually more of a big name in AQHA and not the appy circuit.

    Cathy's message about poor breeding practices pretty much loses its punch for me considering the campaign she had for VLC and the fact she pretty much ONLY showed him in color shows. She also goes after people that are professional breeders who aren't using bad practices because according to her, you're a bad person if you don't keep each and every horse you breed for life. God forbid anybody make a living in the horse industry! If it was up to her, nobody would and then there would be even more horses floating around with no homes and not very good prospects. I wish I had the energy to go look up her list of criteria for when she bred BYC. It was absolutely ridiculous unless she was campaigning a future Hall of Fame and multiple world champion. Cathy thought an ROM was all it took to have people beating down her doors. Some people can put an ROM on a decent horse in a matter of a couple of weekends if they show under enough different judges. It really isn't a stallion making award. It fully illustrated just how out of touch and uniformed she truly is about the breeding profession, let alone the AQHA. It should be noted that campaigning in the Buckskin shows is pretty much something people that don't like a lot of competition and can't cut it in the AQHA or whatever other breed their horses are do. BYC never got so much as one AQHA point......

  184. That above post was mine...


  185. Cathy mentions she spent her childhood working with polo people, but she never mentions with who...

    I am ignorant on this point but I've never heard of the the Midwest as a polo hot spot. Florida, yes, Aiken SC, you bet, sections of Maryland and Virginia, uh huh, Pennsylvania, NY, MA and Arizona and California. But not Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Arkansas. I've never heard of the Pacific NW as being a polo hot spot either.

  186. I think she lived in Wisconsin before years before moving back to California. Do they play polo there?

  187. Can't believe latest FHOTD entry (I think Nov 13) showing a little mare named Broadway being ridden and Fugs announcing the mare is still available from Shiloh. No problem with that of course, but then Fugs actually goes on to say that she absolutely loves that mare and someone should go get her before Fugs does. Fugs could go get her? With what? And put her where? Maybe it was just an expression, but still laughable considering still needing money for the pony from Oregon she was seeking transport for last week (and the blog even going down from time to time).

  188. Wisconsin or Minnesota? I think it was Minnesota she grew up in.

    Couldn't tell you if polo was a hot thing there or not. But it's kind of funny how fugs manages to build on her own stories.

    I seem to vaguely remember her posting a picture of herself as a teenager on her show horse. Didn't she also claim that she 'grew up' around a 'crappy' (her word) barn and showing at open shows?

    The story of how she has been involved with horses her 'whole' life is also a bit tainted because I also vaguely remember her calling herself a 're-rider'.

    Oh what a tangled web web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! (Sir Walter Scott)

  189. How come it's ok for her followers to bash other peoples weight, but they don't say a word about cathy's?

  190. Go camping for a few days and boy what do I miss!

    Purple Chicken, I thought the rescue horse was going to a friend. Did she really reply that it was a non-profit so donations were welcomed????? (Hmmmm, maybe THIS is how I can get a horse....)

    LEG - I enjoy following your real life stories. They have the kind of tidbits of knowledge that I am looking for.

    Going to show my ignorance here: what is a tail block? Fine, go ahead and sick your minions on me to edumacate me.

  191. This comment has been removed by the author.

  192. BECs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We have 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, our state bird IS the Loon, but FGS don't tell me that we have to take credit for Fug's too!?!
    Say it isn't so??? I had never heard that before. Is it possible there is some confusion?

  193. WIHAH: Thanks...I appreciate it!!

    On the polo MO and IL, there are several very exclusive polo training barns. They focus on training the horses though and not riders. Most of them pack up about this time of year and head for warmer climates. In the mid 80's in a suburb of St. Louis, there was a polo club which did play every weekend. I worked at the trail barn on the other side of the park from where the polo games were held. I dated for a very short time, one of the guy who played for this club. However, that club shut down in the early 90's due to urban sprawl. The barns and practice fields are gone (along with the rowing club & the boat house). The flood of 93 pretty much wiped it out and they put in an industrial park instead. To my knowledge, there is no where in MO where polo is played. I hear there are however some polo clubs up near Chicago. In 2003, we had a young lady board with us who was from Minnesota and her dad talked about the polo barn in their area but if memory serves me correctly, they too simply used the large acreage for training and raising of their mounts and traveled elsewhere for matches.
    He was envious of their big trailers and often asked me when I was cleaning stalls if I "didn't wish I had several mexicans like the polo barns had to clean the stalls" Nah, I like cleaning my horses' stalls :)

  194. Darn it, my post didn't show, then it did, so I rewrote...ugh, just deleted the first one....

    Ok...I have to say this. It is going to be ugly and I would apologize if I meant it. However, I am not going to.

    As stated, I dated a polo player in high school. Though I had been around horses for years and was working in the local trail barn, he schooled me on proper polo match etiquette before taking me to the barns. He even suggested clothing for attending matches.

    The young men and teens playing were the cream of society. Old money. Gentlemen's private country club kind of people. They didn't clean their own stalls. They didn't groom or tack their own horses. They rode in Jaguars and Mercedes while the horses were transported by hired hands or professional equine transporters.

    Point is: Fugs isn't exactly tactful nor couth. She doesn't appear to have the social grace of a cockroach much less what it takes to be an acceptable part of the polo world....especially to play. I believe she is older than I am and I NEVER saw a girl on the field. Having said that, while I was dating Mr. Polo, I did see some girls in the barns, hanging on the men in the sitting rooms and trophy rooms. They weren't allowed to sit in on tea. They didn't arrive by car service. And, I'm pretty sure they never attended a dinner party on the arm of the men they were cozying up to.

    Like I said....I'm being catty :)

  195. LEG you just reminded me of my youth. Who you parked next to was important, as was what you brought in you hamper. It was there I was introduced to artichoke bottoms stuffed with parmesan and prosciutto, tiny red potatoes hollowed out and stuffed with Sevruga caviar, Really ripe (runny and stinky)brie cheese and red grapes and Blue cheese cheese cake and seckel pears.
    This was back in the late '60's and early '70's before food became fashionable. It was there I learned to hold stem wear by it's STEM not the bowl. "That's why there is a STEM, Honor. It there to keep the heat of your hand away from the beverage!" To this day I can tell who had their manners hammered into their head by nannies by looking at how they hold their stem ware.

  196. Hi Everyone!

    Cathy grew up in Wisconsin.

    I believe her polo days were as a groom on the West Coast, she did not play, at least she did not play polo. I think her play was pretty much limited to the "horizontal bop."

    She "dated" a married polo player for a long time, he left his wife and ended up marrying someone else. Poor Dear Cathy, what a blow that must have been.

    LEG, I didn't want you to feel bad about being catty, thought I would join you, LOL!

  197. Hey Cathy claims LEG is hiding but if you know her ranch name you can find her.

  198. My side splitter for the day courtesy of Cathy

    At one point, Mommy even argues that people are JUST JEALOUS because Tania wins at the shows. WTF? OK, APHA folks, has anyone actually seen Tania win at a show? Are you skeered she is gonna take your ribbons away? Yeah, I thought so.

    Now didnt Cathy whine because someone rode a Champion horse in a class against the VLC and was pissed because she took the ribbon away? Oh Cathy you should remember what you write because the good folks her at the review do LOLOLOL

  199. Thanks CCC: I was feeling a bit ugly after posting my insinuations. I should not cast stones for I might live in a glass barn ;)

    However, since we are being really burns my butt that Fugs is always pointing out how terrible everyone is but never points at herself. We are up every morning between 4:30 & 5:00.....we have the ranch to care for as well all the day to day life things. Hubby off to work....PC off to work and then college 3 days a week...the little one has school...but everyone around here works....including the boy friends and the grandpa that lives with us. I am so very tired of this woman telling everyone how they should live when she is not caring for her own horses. Give them to someone who wants them....I bet WIHAH would love to have one of her "throw aways"

    Anon 7:52..No I am not hiding. We took our website down in 2008 after a move and just recently got to putting it back up (its pesky you know...when you actually care for horses how building a web site or blog is just not a priority) I just hope the trolls don't attack it now...though we have nothing to hide and will take whatever criticisms are thrown at us

  200. here we go again....I am not going to defend this Tania person but I am going to ask what give FHOTD the right to post all this information. Yeah I suppose if the links are already out there its not different than posting the newest hot (insert some star's name here) video released on youtube or some TMZ bit however .....

    She's attacking the mother's comments about her daughter and the show ring stuff. If we are going to really call someone them out for the crimes they have committed but only once they have been found guilty.

    There is a guy here in MO who bought a buttload of thin, sick horses at the Sat night auction. He took about 13 of them to a facility down south for care and the remaining 11 were too sick to travel. They were on his property with hay...with water...Sunday morning, one of the horses still wearing his auction tag from the night before was Sunday night, they had been seized....pretty damn fast...and then he's arrested. IT GOT TOSSED OUT because he showed his receipt for the horses. But the local fugsters had him guilty already.

    Again...not commenting on THIS case as I have not had time to research it & quite frankly I don't have the time. But it's the other comments, the name calling, the picture of her on the beach...this is really not the way to solve animal cruelty and neglect. It really cheapens the message