Monday, January 11, 2010

Rescues and Auctions

In the recent FHOTD article, Fugs makes two interesting statements:

"It’s not glamorous, and you don’t get attention for it.  Everybody wants the rush of the Big Save and all of the attention that goes with it."

"Sending money to a reputable rescue with an overall good track record is always going to be a safer use of your money than sending it to a private individual with iffy facilities and a questionable reputation."

Given Fugs history of taking credit for the work of others, basking the glory of work done by others, and begging and receiving personal rescue donations which she later refused to provide receipts and financial records for I'm surprised that she would even bring these subjects up.

She goes on about the Auction Horses board when she says, "damn, that board is full of some of the worst known bottom-feeding horse neglecting ignoramuses that aren’t welcome anywhere else, and people are funding their idiocy…Let’s just say that if a half-dozen people are telling you that someone is bad news, you might want to take note of that before you buy them a rescue horse they can’t otherwise afford." Yet, this is typical of Cathy. Characterizing rescues that she doesn't have personal involvement with. Comments like this should be viewed with scepticism when she offers no proof for her assertions. For further discussion of this topic see the "Honourable" Mention topic on Note: In the same topic Fugs uses the forum to start harassing YHI again. Please, for the love of god, stop it!


  1. I would think the view from riding on someone else's coattails would get tired after a while. But Fugs continues to do so time after time. Hitch your wagon to your own star , and take responsibility for only what you actually do. The view is amazing and the possibilities are endless!

  2. Hmm didn't Fugs get that TB mare Lucy handed to her through a rescue board for free? Somone paid to bail the horse from Enumclaw and Fugs scooped her up, much to her regret now since she does not like hte horse and cannot seem to palm it off on anyone.

  3. "Given Fugs history of taking credit for the work of others, basking the glory of work done by others, and begging and receiving personal rescue donations which she later refused to provide receipts and financial records for I'm surprised that she would even bring these subjects up."

    It's easy for Fugs to do this because she has no conscience, no memory of past behavior or doesn't care and wants to continue to sit on her sanctimonious throne spewing forth her daily dose of snark.

    I went to that board and read that "honorable mention" thread. Wow, Fugs has to make her jabs when given even the slightest opportunity, doesn't she?

    What she said about that board is rude and so far out of line, given the veiled explanations about what took place with a couple of people labeled "BYB's" with which the people on that board had no direct involvement.

    I don't know much about that board's efforts but I like what I see; they're targeting auction horses. Get them before the opportunists who jack up the prices do. Now that's an effort I would contribute toward if they could assure me the horse would be going to a good home and would not be bred. I don't condone indescriminate breeding; i.e., let's put old no papers Suzie with young no papers never done anything Waldo and see what we get.

    I think those people who created that board and have had some success with it are to be commended. That effort and board could serve as a model for every area of the country that has horse auctions.

    Ahh, if everyone who wanted to help horses and are doing so would just lay down their swords and put away their blatantly exaggerated egos and get together like that Auction group has done, a lot more horses would get homes for a lot cheaper price than "brokers" or others have demanded for their "rescued" horses.

    I guess Fugs is jealous of what those people are accomplishing? At least that is how it appears to me. Why on earth would she demean the board's efforts as a whole because she thinks "that board is full of some of the worst known bottom-feeding horse neglecting ignoramuses that aren’t welcome anywhere else", for no other reason than........jealousy?

    Is she

    1) heavily involved in getting horses featured on that board out of the auctions

    or is she

    2) just an observer?

    I suspect it's #2. If she were heavily involved, I can't see her kicking them in the gut with her snark. If she's not, I can.

    Wow, this woman actually believes her own BS and thinks she's the horse goddess of the world simply because she has a few followers and writes for HI occasionally.

    What a joke. I'm tempted to write to HI and tell them I will no longer purchase their magazine because I am disgusted that they would sink so low and be so desperate as to ask her to write for them. Geez, where are all the professional writers who DO know horses? HI should have a "talent" search. It would serve their readership better and would make the magazine worth buying.

  4. I think one of the bottom feeder's she is referring to had a stallion that was featured on FHOTD a while back. It was Blue Eyed Handsome Man.
    I sure do not understand why she is trying to make a group of people who are trying to help horses responsible for who signs up on their message boards. Good grief, look at FiSH, HER message board, did Fugs screen who was allowed to post there? No. She was no more responsible for their actions than the Auction board is responsible for their board members.

  5. From what I gathered from the discussion, is that the Auction is a board that can't police all it's members, which is to be expected. The rescues who set up the Auction board and who are independent of it did not give disreputable animal abusers horses.

  6. BHM it looks like Fugs was looking for a cheap shot to take and took it. I think this new blog has her a bit pissy. She seems kind of off, maybe this blog has her a bit rattled.
    I love how she tried to make YHI out as an owner needing intervention by the authorities yet she was keeping her own horses at YHI's property at the same time. She defended her use of YHI's horse facilities because YHI had excellent hired help, Uh how would she know this if YHI's horses weren't being well taken care of?
    I call bullshit on her accusations. Fug's actions do not match her allegations. She did not start bad mmouthing YHI until after she outed Cathy for the lowlife slut that she is. Then all of a sudden YHI does not take care of her horses... It does not add up. Someone THAT rescue minded would not keep their OWN horses somewhere horses were being mistreated.

  7. I think you are right about that. Why would she start, out of the blue, ranting about YHI on a forum were she doesn't really know anyone. My bet is that that she read all the positive comments made about YHI and had a fit and then went looking for a forum to vent on. It doesn't make sense any other way.

    Also, not the "YHI neglects her horses" crap again. YHI has a well cared for property, well fed horses, regular trims, and grooming. If there really was neglect here then the horse wouldn't look so darn well cared for. It just more crazy-Cathy rants. Man, does she hate YHI.

  8. I think she hates YHI because YHI knows the real truth about Cathy. Without YHI around Cathy does a heavy PR job trying to make herself look like a fine upstanding, flag waving, tax paying, hard working, right wing conservative.
    YHI exposed her for the "cock"roach that she is. lol It is hard to maintain that nice clean image when you have made enemies that know too much.

  9. "It just more crazy-Cathy rants. Man, does she hate YHI."

    Of course she hates YHI because YHI outed her in a very public and embarrassing way.

    Everything we say, everything we do speaks to our character. The better it is, the more people want to deal with or associate with that person. The lousier it is, the more people want to walk away from that person.

    YHI exposed a lot of things about her that she didn't want her followers or the public at large to know.

    She also hates that fact that YHI has public support, understanding and sympathy; at least more than Fugs thinks she should have over this humiliating problem.

    If I had stuff to hide and someone outed me, I'd hate that person too...or at least hate what they did to me. Fugs can't handle it so she lashes out every chance she gets.

    The pots are finally calling the kettle black.

  10. Boy, Fugs had no issue when she had YHI board and care for Champ, did she? Of course, she took credit but the truth remains, YHI did all the work, Fugs did not even live close to where the horse was kept. Nor did Fugs even use any of her own $$ to care for him, it was all thru solicitation, which is a whole nother story.

    And FWIW, I got a great laugh this weekend when a subscription sale ad dropped out of the glossy ads from Sundays paper- yep- a WHOLE $10 for a year of Horse Illustrated. Right between the diabetic slippers and buy an authetic gold coin of BO holding an eagle. Classy stuff.

  11. YOu gotta be kidding me!! She actually wrote this?? "Sending money to a reputable rescue with an overall good track record is always going to be a safer use of your money than sending it to a private individual with iffy facilities and a questionable reputation."

    From the woman who scammed so many people over the rescue of Champ???? I guess truer words have never been spoken. After all, no reliable accounting has EVER been made of the funds sent that she publically requested, now have they?

  12. How many horses did Fugs currently own when she left WA and went back to LA? What happened to the horses? Are they still being boarded somewhere with her paying their board bill? Did she give them away to people? Did she just "leave" them there with promises of paying for their care? Is she still getting Ad $$ from her blog? Does Shelly still have Footloose and others that belonged to Fugs? Are people still throwing donation $$ Fugs' way? Where can I read up on the rescue of Champ? Please don't tell me I have to go to the vomit spewing blog of hers to get the story. In that case, I'll pass, thank you very much.

    I know, don't you just hate all these pesky questions?

  13. I haven't read the whole board or the whole thread where the exchange between Cathy and Shelly, but Shelly (YHI) attacked Cathy first. All Cathy did was respond and defend herself. I don't always agree with Cathy and I'm not a follower of here, however I do think the truth should be pointed out instead of skewing the facts. This blog can be a good thing, but don't let your hatred for one person cloud your ability to be impartial and present facts.

  14. Anon,
    I read the whole thread and Cathy bursted in ranting against YHI. I just found it very odd.

    I haven't found anyone here, Dena included, who hates Fugs. Mostly, we get together to have a good laugh. Occasionally, members become outraged over a comment or an action.

  15. You know, I was thinking last night about just how "influential" Fugly's blog is. If there are 9 million horses in the US, that means there must be at least 3-4 million horse owners out there right? Fugs boasts 20,000 daily readership which I think was accurate at the peak of her blog, and I would guess it is much lower now that she has managed to piss so many people off, anyway...

    If there are 4 million horse owners and she gets 20,000 hits a day on her blog, that means that just one half of a percent of the horse people in the US read her blog. Now if you take her international readers out of the equation, as they are not US horse owners, she is not really reaching very deep into the horse owning populace.

  16. We dont hate Fugly she isnt worth the effort. We just like pointing out her neurosis and calling her out on her crap.

  17. Dena did research into the FHOTD readership, and it's no where near the purported amounts. Most of her hits are returning commenter who are there for the fighting and gossip. I don't know what the current stats are now. Dena, can you help me with this? I'd hate to think that her bad advice has reached the youth of the horse world let alone what she's done to the Auction board and it's a associated membership by slamming them.

  18. The sad fact is that most of her commenters on her blog and readers of HI are the very people she spews her vile at.
    Knowlegeable horse people quickly see thru her facade and go to other blogs and boards where there can be intelligent discussion from an intelligent source, not a hate monger.


    I've decided I like that folks are fighting with them on that one thread. It has kept them off the current thread. They appear to be easily confused. *sigh*

    "Hey, like I said, the more impressions I get, the more the advertising is worth so if they want to come put money in my pocket, go for it. The VLC needs a nice show saddle!"


  20. Where is this posted??