Friday, February 5, 2010


The story of Hercules is hard to make sense of. One minute the horse is sound and the next Fugs needs $5000.00. We've all seen repeated examples of Fugs looseness with the truth and should know by now not to take this woman's word for it. The bottom line is Fugs and someone else's money is never a good combination. Stop enabling this "Begging Bertha" and find a better cause to donate your time and money to. What has she done with your donations so far? She's spent $300.00 on a tail extension for the VLC.

I think that everyone who wishes to donate to Fugs' latest attempt to separate her readers from their money should read the comments on this blog first. If that doesn't give you reason to pause then one astute Anon. suggests the following:

hey, here are some of Fugly's screen names:
resqtb or resqtbs
go ahead and search the blogs and user groups and be prepared to be entertained.


  1. LOL

  2. Wow she sure has a big ebay habit...

  3. Further evidence that Cathy now lives in California:

    Pretzel Kitty
    Horse Sitting / Dog Sitting / Cat Sitting
    Santa Monica, CA 90405. 310-428-3421

  4. under the table money... good one

  5. This is what Fugs bought on ebay. Your hard earned donation money at work. Gwen Stefani? Rhinestones? Glow in the dark shirt? Do you think she's dressing her cats up?:

    Metallic Dog Cat Pet Personalized Rhinestone Collar (#320467434053)

    Croc Dog Cat Pet Personalized Collar - FREE Name! (#320467434044)


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  6. I think they were asking for $500 not $5000. I hope to God she leaves Washington alone. She has been such a pig.

  7. Fugs herself says "it's only the internet, it's not the real world." Well, donated money comes from real people who work real jobs in the real world. The people she attacks are real people. I personally think she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

  8. Anon,
    You could be right. I just posted a summary of what was said on this blog.

    I have a strong feeling that Fugs can't distinguish between reality and the internet. She can't see people as real only potential targets.

  9. Katie, from Second Chance Ranch, said she needed to pay a $5,000 hay bill, and thus couldn't pay the money Herc needed for some vet work.
    Fugs does not need the money, and didn't ask for it. Fugs quoted Katie, from Herc's web site, and thus it got attributed to Fugs begging for money. Not.

    People need to read for comprehension. I keep seeing things taken out of context and spread like manure.
    It does no good if the people criticizing Fugs for her crap engage in the same kind of band-wagon gossip.

  10. To Anon 6:23 pm

    Ok, then clarification is needed. It was quoted in the comments section of the last blog entry in January:

    Well it seems her (my entry: FUGS) new dream horse is lame and now the boo hoo comes. With all her preaching to the choir she doesnt have $500 for a vet bill WTF
    """The vet bills for Hercules so far are at $500, and I (my entry: Fugs???) have raised $268 toward that bill"""

    Who is "I" referenced in this quote if it's not Fugs? What do the words, "I have raised" mean? Does it mean that she has raised that much so far in donations or does it mean that she has scraped up from her own income that much so far?

    Was Fugs or was she NOT asking for help from her "following" in paying Herc's vet bill?

  11. My recollection is those were katie's words, being quoted by Fugs. I'll go back and look to be sure, and report back.

  12. It is as I recalled. Here is the quote from Fug's comment on Jan. 28, 1:17 pm, left on the "And the Loser is..." blog post. Notice the beginning quote mark, which is where Katie's words began.

    Update on Herc from Katie who talked to the vet:

    “The hind with ringbone prognosis: There is a lot of scar tissue in the pastern from an external injury… possibly got caught in wire… See More? There was a bone infection from that injury which caused the ringbone/arthritis – that and the scar tissue are causing the lameness. An injection to lubricate the joint would make him a lot more sound. The vet bills for Hercules so far are at $500, and I have raised $268 toward that bill. I am hoping to raise enough to pay the current bill and enough for the injection… it will happen. If SCR didn’t have 46 other horses in our program, this would be a no-brainer. Our vet is generous and would probably do the work, knowing the funds will be raised, but I’m also having to come up with $5k this month for feed.

    Hercules is not in any pain or discomfort right now, so we will keep a close eye on the situation and get the rest of the vet work done as soon as possible. We are not concerned about how ridable he is – just want him to be comfortable!”
    (notice the end quotes, ending Fug's quote of Katie)

  13. Thanks for clarifying but the only thing that is not clear is, did the horse, Hercules, belong to Fugs or Katie? If the horse belonged to Katie, than it was Katie who was trying to come up with the money to pay the bill. If the horse belonged to Fugs and Katie was only housing/taking care of the horse, it was Fugs' responsibility to pay that bill, not Katie.

    Please clarify this point.

  14. The horse belongs to Second Chance ranch. Katie, and SCR are seeking funds for him. The horse is staying at another stable. (Does anyone know why? Are they beyond capacity at SCR?)

    This is quoted from Second Chance Ranch's website:
    Hercules is one of eleven horses we took in from the feed lot this year. SCR is currently supporting 46 horses in foster and at the ranch. Most of our Thoroughbreds come directly from the race track in excellent condition, or needing minimal rehabilitation, from trainers and owners who do right by their horses!
    Hercules has Ringbone and is recovering from a hoof resection surgery - at this time he is sound, but will require supplements and a lot of food. He came to us several hundred pounds underweight. Please help if you can - any amount of donation makes a difference!

  15. Well then why all the hoopla surrounding Herc and Fugs? How did Fugs get mixed up in the Herc saga?

    Also, it has been said in the past that Fugs has taken donations in the past then never gave an accounting for the money donated. Is this also not true?

    Sorry I don't know because I don't follow her blog so I'm not up to speed. I turned away from it after the debacle involving that minor child where she was torn asunder.

    If any accusations against Fugs based on incorrect information are on this blog, they should be removed.

  16. Fugs donated two months of board for Herc. She is a supporter of SCR and a "friend" of Katie.
    Fugs likes Herc. He's staying at the stable where her stallion lives.
    Herc is a poster child for many of Fug's concerns and blogged issues.
    But she is not taking money directly for him--when people have asked about donating, she has directed them to SCR's website/paypal.

    That's what I understand, from what I've read. Of course, who knows what the real story is. This is the internet, after all!

  17. Thanks for the clarification again. Then any references to Fugs taking money for Herc in any of the comments on previous blog entries need to be removed.

    Yes, this is the convoluted internet, the harborer of countless lies, exaggerations, suppositions and other sordid "info" that, many times, causes a lot more problems than it solves, I'm afraid. It's also a place where the truth is revealed. Of course, it depends on the "source" whether what is being said is truth or not.

  18. Ya ever notice that whenever Fugs gets involved in the rescue of anything, it becomes a cluster? The indignation and buster she spews? Who knows what is really true with any of her rescue efforts as she deliberately cloudies the water and rallys her troops to deflect and defend.
    When all is said and done most of her "truths" are supposition and assumptions and never, EVER has Fugs made anything right when she has misaligned and attacked.

    remember the school yard bully when you were a kid? Cathy Atkinson never outgrew that phase.

  19. Anon,
    This post is to clarify what is going on so your comments and the questions of others fit. As we have seen in numerous comments from Fugs that the truth and Fugs' comments don't often meet. It's entirely within reason to question the truth to Fugs' statements based on her past actions.

    As to Fugs' past behaviour, she did indeed ask for money on her blog for herself and then refuse to account for how the money was spent. It took a legal threat to compel Fugs to account for how she spent the money. This manipulative and reprehensible behaviour should not be condoned under any circumstances.

  20. I think if everyone is diligent about citing sources, and providing evidence for statements, things will be clearer. No hearsay, and no vague summaries of what's happened. If it's important enough to mention, it's important enough to make sure we've got our facts straight.

    And yeah, the school yard bully comes to mind. Especially the way people like to pick at her in retaliation, always looking for a way to enact retribution for what she's done. I like to think about what could be done if all the energy directed at Fugly was directed toward solving a bigger problem.

  21. Citing sources is a good idea. It would make tracing the story a lot easier.

    The purpose of posting summaries is to clarify the story. It's an area were the topics are to be discussed and the story traced. Now, if we could only get FHOTD to commit to getting it's fact straight.

    Bullying is when a story is fabricated to portray an individual in a bad light. FHOTD is good source for these types of stories. But. if objections are raised to an individuals bad behaviour then that is an opinion on accountability and it is not bullying. I'd like to think of what could be accomplished if all the energy that is directed at covering up and excusing Fugs' bad behaviour could be directed at making FHOTD accountable and accurate. Perhaps FHOTD could start to accomplish what it set out to do. At this point FHOTD is part of the bigger problem.

  22. Anybody take a look at Fugs' posts on the Appy breeder? It looks like she conflating what looks like a responsible Appy breeder with someone who bought or may have bought two of her colts. The at for $50.00 stud fee is not from the But Fugs is blasting the purported breeder of the colts for letting them go un gelded to their new owner. Who know if the colts are from the leopard center? It wouldn't be the first time someone claimed a better background for their colt then they deserve, especially a BYB. When I last looked The Leopard center hadn't confirmed or denied those were her colts. But look at the comments on Fugs's blog, lots are blasted the WRONG breeder for being a BYB breeder.
    I don't know the quality of VCL but if a good stallion makes a great gelding, why not walk the walk as well as talk the talk? Start with the VLC. It's not as if there is a lack of quality dun quarter horse stallions
    There are pages and pages of them. STOP THE MADNESS FUGS.

  23. Good point Kaede: "It's not as if there is a lack of quality dun quarter horse stallions "

  24. Why not this stallion?
    He doesn't have any Impressive that I could tell, so no danger of HYPP. He has proven himself in the show ring and you can see what his intended get look like. Do we need more buckskin quarter horse stallions?

  25. YHI here, breeder of VLC.... There is a lack of quality 16.2 hand buckskin western/english pleasure horse stallions. There are tons of buckskin stallions but most are reiners or cutters. There are a few WP horses but none that are 16.2. He is a bit unique.

  26. There is no danger of HYPP with VLC. Sire was n/n and so is VLC.

  27. Kaede,
    Fugs has a point about stallions with $50.00 stud fees. But, I also don't understand why she's going after the breeder. Sure gelding the colts before they left the facility is a good idea, but I don't understand the level of anger over this one. Send the breeder a email pointing out your concerns, but don't send a mob of angry horse owners after her.

  28. Paddy here-
    there is a new video of Hercules on his Facebook page. He is being hand-walked and he is in obvious pain.

    YHI, I'm just curious as to why people would want a 16-plus hh quarter horse. I'm naive when it comes to the AQHA world, but it would seem that that is deviating from the breed standard.

  29. If Leopard Center IS the breeder. I agree that those two colts don't need to be breeding. Waay to young and unproven.
    What we know is that breed um big is CLAIMING that those two came from the Leopard Centre. I could claim my saddlebred mare is from Periaptor, I could sure as heck find some internet gibberish to support my claim. Doesn't make it true.
    Even if those two are from the Leopard Center what was the sales agreement? I could sell with a must be gelding by 2 and no breeding but is that an enforceable contract? And at what cost and how much will the breeder have to keep an eye on everything that leaves her farm? If I sell to A with a geld and no breed contract and A sells to B with no contract can I as the colts breeder enforce the first contract?
    My beef with the whole mess is that Fugs is conflating the Leopard Center with the $50.00 "breed um big" person. Lot's of the comments show that the blog readers assume the two folks are one and the same.
    "If any accusations against Fugs (or the Leopard Center) based on incorrect information are on this blog (or Fugs' blog), they should be removed. My asides.

  30. Kaede,
    Good point. We don't know anything about the where the colts came from or what was the agreement. It's not unusual to have gelding as part of the agreement.

    Fugs is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for evidence to bring the Leopard Centre in to this. This is really going to damage them. So where's the anon. that was demanding that incorrect information be deleated? I hope she's over on FHOTD demanding that Fugs' delete her inaccurate and misleading information.

  31. Paddy,
    Is there any hope for Hercules?

  32. Paddy, Most AQHA show horses in WP and EP are very tall. The only ones that are 15 hand and under are the cutters and reiners. There are some 15 handers showing WP but the majority are very tall, 16+ hands.

  33. "So where's the anon. that was demanding that incorrect information be deleated? I hope she's over on FHOTD demanding that Fugs' delete her inaccurate and misleading information."

    Here I am and you notice that I said "IF" about any accusations based on incorrect info be removed. I refuse to go on Fugs' blog and I certainly am not privy to the info she is spewing forth is fact or fiction so I'm not the one to tell her to knock it off and delete the inaccurate posts. That's up to those who know for a fact that what she is saying about that breeder (and any other matter) is false, not me. If I know for a fact that what she is saying is simply not true regarding anything she says, I would let her know on her blog.

    My only concern on this blog is that our criticism of her information and behavior is based on fact.

    Thank you for clarifying that Fugs has taken money from people in the past and had to be forced to account for it.

  34. Anon,
    I understand your opinion a better now.

  35. I find it strange that the horse was "saved" in November 2009 from Eunumclaw.
    It took until February to publicize?

    And he looks off on his right front.

  36. Here is another poster bashing a farm that had nothing to do with the horse posted.

    "The worst part is that they offer farrier services at their place, yet they can’t take care of their own horses’ feet.
    We also offer professional farrier services. Our farrier has
    been a professional for 2 years and grew up working along
    side a professional farrier.
    He offers shoeing and trims.
    He will work with your miniture horse up to your draft horse
    and anything in between.
    He uses patience and kindness when working with your
    Many references are available.
    Contact us to schedual an appointment!!
    Log in to Reply

    fhotd says:
    February 5, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Good catch. The stallion seems to be one they are listing for a friend, but if I had a friend in need and I was a farrier, I do believe I’d go do their horses feet for them!

    Elf Creek later comes on say says We have nothing to do with these people. We are just running the ad for them. But Fugs doesn't pull the incorrect material. She does have complete editorial control of her blog at this time.
    So why put up specious material? Why offer someone else's time and material for free? If she is concerned, send the owners a cheque for farrier work. Walk the walk.

  37. Yes, that is really bad. Going after a business that you know has nothing to do with the horses in question. She should have posted an apology yet she has chosen to try to find a way to blame Elf Creek any way.

    If the horses' feet are everyone elses' and not the owners' responsibility, then Fugs is as much at fault as Elf Creek.

  38. SHIT, I had nightmares last night, because I was sure I typed left front.

    I meant LEFT front.

  39. Does anyone here read Fugs Tweets? She went to the Equine Affair in Pomona and tweeted TWICE trying to hook up with someone, anyone.... Doesn't look like she was successful.

  40. The reasons she posts the 'specious' material is because that is Fugs. Her blogging idol is Perez Hilton, and from that we know that outrageousness 'sells' so to speak. In her case, outrageousness rakes in donations. Whether it be for her or somebody else, putting yourself up as a middle man makes you a responsible party with the donations as far as I am concerned.

    I also checked her twitter here and there, and frankly it's so full of 'durpaduuuuuuuuurrr' I cannot handle it. I mean, it's like watching a monkey beat two rocks together. This woman cannot tell cherry coke or dr. pepper from animal blood. When my animals become cherry flavored, I think the scientific community will alert us of this fact. I mean, who is she kidding? When did blood get cola colored? I'll admit, I've nipped a toenail before (thankfully it was barely one) and the blood was red. When you draw back the needle when giving shots on horses and you get's red. *gasp* Does she really not know that blood isn't brown unless it's been there for an extended period of time?

  41. In a household with multiple cats, why assume that a puddle of bloody looking fluid on a pillow had been vomited? The most common cause would be a cat with a UTI that was peeing blood and trying to draw attention to what was wrong

    Checking chins is checking the wrong end of the animal.

  42. Paddy-there is no reason for QHs to be 16+HH, except that is what the trend is in the WP/HUS classes. These horses are very tall and very narrow and quite honestly are not good representatives of what the QH is all about.

    It's not just the sheer volume of QHs that have been produced that has made them so disposable, it is the extreme specialization within the disciplines.

    Halter horses too massive to even be ridden.
    WP/HUS horses too tall and narrow to do anything except hunch along the rail.
    Cutters that are so tiny they are technically ponies.

    It's very, very sad really. All of these very specialize horses that have been created, the problem is, if they don't/can't win...what else is there for them?

  43. About a year ago, one of our cats stepped on a tack and left blood all over my daughters pillow and bed. First thing that springs to my mind is Darling Daughter has been experimenting with cutting. DD is no where to be seen. I think 911 was called and I call the local hospital. No Dice. By now I am in panic mode, then I see said cat winding his way around my ankles leaving a bloody trail worthy of a Saw movie. Quit worrying about DD and take cat to vet. Vet says cat is OK it is just that paw cuts bleed a lot,and to put super glue on the pad. That will be $250.00 please.

  44. My first field hunter was a QH. This was back in the '60's. She did a great job. Turn on a dime, great stamina, great at short bursts of speed to keep up with the hounds. I believe there were only foundation type QH's back in the early 60's.

  45. Fugs is nothing but your typical BYB despite what she thinks she knows. VLC is nothing special. I have seen pictures of one of the babies he has sired and there is nothing there. The proof of a great sire is in what he produces not who she thinks he is. Many great thoroughbreds have been complete duds in the breeding shed. Cathy has nothing between her ears.

  46. BEC,
    How does the halter horse's larger build affect their movement?

  47. "Cathy has nothing between her ears."

    Ha, after seeing that picture that was circulating during the YHI/Cat-fight, I'd say her assets are elsewhere, although there's nothing special about those either.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Bawwhhaaa.

  48. bhm:

    I can help answer that.

    Because halter horses are bred to be so bulky, coupled with straight pasterns and tiny feet, it's just too hard on the horse to demand more of them than standing there looking like beef cows. It's a shame that people have stopped judging them for confirmation, and would rather them look like horrible pitbulls.

  49. I feel sorry for halter horses. I remember one came in where I was interning. It was heartbreaking. Yearling, 16hh+, fatter than a cow going to slaughter, and feet the size of a small pony. His problem? He couldn't stand on his front legs. You know over at the knee? Make that a bad case and that was him. He had to have surgery to help it out. Watching him walk was hard. He just could barely support himself. When cleaning his stall I felt horrid for him. He had those baby eyes and you could tell he just wanted to go outside and be a yearling. So my support of the halter industry is pretty much not there. AQHA in general can go suck it. They stopped representing the best interests of the breed years ago. I mean, yeah I'd assume some variation amongst the disciplines, but good god they let money sway them worse than a politician. HYPP could be gone, halter horses could be horses that aren't rolling around the arena, WP could finally stop being limp-limp faster-limp at a piss poor canter, and finally they could get some good put back into the breed. There are some good ones out there, but let's face it, you can't see around all the bad they've made.

  50. Anon.,
    What picture was circulating?

  51. What I don't understand is if the halter horses are only good for standing around who then is buying them and propping up the industry?

  52. bhm:

    Other halter people and people who prefer that body type on their horses. I know of a woman who wants nothing but the stock halter types even for riding. Do I think that's wise? Heaven's no, God bless her, though, she's had nothing but failure trying to find that perfect horse because she can't get away from the halter type of horse. They just aren't all around horses, but you can't get that through a lot of people's heads. That's why a lot of them end up broken down so young, because not only are they supposed to bear their own weight, but that of the rider's as well, doing things they weren't bred to do. *Sighs*

  53. My understanding is that people who like to win, like the halter horses. There are people who all they do is show halter--the horses aren't for riding. I don't understand it, but to each his or her own, I guess.
    It is sad that one of the most versatile horses--and one of the most well documented, well developed breeds--has become one of the most specialized and fragmented breeds.

  54. bhm, Oh, you don't know about the infamous picture that Fugs took of her private parts and sent it to YHI's significant other (I think via cell phone) when Fugs and he were cavorting around behind YHI's back? YHI herself sent it around via private email to people who wanted to see it. YHI can clarify that if she wants to.

  55. Her blog today says she was invited by a friend to Equine Affair and that she doesnt shop too much LOLLOLLOOLL

  56. Anon.,
    I had heard about the photo but I didn't realize that YHI was emailing it out. Friggin' hilarious!

  57. The only question to ask is:

    do the drapes match the curtains?

    (and, no, I really don't want to see for myself.

  58. Paddy here-
    The you tube video of Hercules can be seen at

    so HUS and WP qh's are getting alot taller... when I was young, it was rare that we'd find one over 15 hh. Thanks for explaining, BEC and anon.

  59. Maybe the crotch picture could take the place of the horse on her blog?

  60. For anyone interested, here is a fantastic article(a few years old) that speaks directly to the demise of the QH as the all-around horse so many of us knew and appreciated...

    As others have stated, part of the problem with halter horses as riders is a lack of bone and hoof to support them. But there are other factors too. For quite some time, at least 2 full decades now, there has been a complete lack of regard for their brain. The vast majority of them are very lacking in the disposition or trainability department. They just aren't real bright and a lot of the predominantly "halter" horse bloodlines are known to be rank. Add on top of that horses bred specifically for musculature traits that are going to limit their mobility-heavily muscled shoulders, thick chests with massive hanging V muscles, "diaper" butts and abnormally large forearm and gaskin muscles. Quality of muscle has been traded for pure bulk.

  61. I am curious why Fugly is such a snob about foundation-bred QHs.

    I recently purchased a foundation-bred QH, and I have to say he's got the biggest heart of any horse I've ever known. He was on a gram of bute a day when I purchased him, and the being retired from a lesson program. He never complained. He never balked. He never bucked. He never took a bad step. He carried lesson kids around the arena twice a day and was a sweetie on the ground when they were done riding him, and I know he was in some pain. (He's doing a lot better now, for the record, and he's improving every day.)

    He's not perfect to look at, and people are always amazed when he trots because you would never expect such a big, springy, ground-covering trot from a little 15h, cow-hocked gelding like him, but he can move beautifully, and he will try anything you ask him to do, even if it's confusing or something he's never tried in his life.

    Ironically, his sire is Irish Love Bar, a stallion Fugly screamed about back in 2007: "AUGUST 10, 2007 AT 12:02 PM fuglyhorseoftheday says: Now why don’t you tell me how many horses at the last AQHA Congress or World Show were sired by Irish Love Bar? Since you think those “foundation bloodlines” are so stellar and valuable, you should be able to show me at least one sterling example of them competing at a national level, right?" (source:

    I'm not sure why Fugly has a problem with foundation-bred horses because it seems to me that even if a horse isn't conformationally perfect or taking ribbons at the national level, we should also be breeding for temperament. And given my horse's outstanding temperament and work ethic, I would definitely consider another of Irish Love Bar's offspring. Maybe my gelding is the exception not the rule, but I wouldn't write off a stud just because his offspring aren't at the World Congress.

    In fact, at my boarding barn, my gelding gets a lot of longing looks from folks who have far nicer looking and "better bred" horses than mine. His mind is what they wish they could implant into their 'better' horses, and of course, it was his mind that made me buy him!

    So, does anyone have any insight into why she's such a witch about foundation-bred horses? I'm dying to know. Thanks!

  62. Paddy, the video of Hercules has been removed or the link is wrong.

  63. Anon,
    That's the eternal problem with breeding for ribbons. The breed you create can be highly reactive. Not everyone enjoys this type of personality. I am not interested in owning a horse that is not trainable as a riding horse. By that I mean a horse that is reactive to the aid but quiet in the mind. It sounds like you've got a winner there. I think I would love your horse.

  64. Anon, 11:12,
    try going to the Hercules site on Facebook, scroll down and you will come to the recent video of him being hand-walked.
    He looks pretty tender-footed, IMHO.

  65. Looks like my post didn't make it, so here goes:
    If you want to see the video of Hercules, go to his Facebook page and scroll down until you see it. IMHO, he is in pain.

  66. I've heard a lot of people talk of photos and videos, specifically of Fugly riding, but I've never been able to find them.

    Have they all been pulled from the internets, or are they still out there?

    I'd looooveee to see some.

  67. If you go to the December posts there's a picture of Cathy riding the VLC.

  68. To quote Anon from above-^^^
    "So where's the anon. that was demanding that incorrect information be deleated? I hope she's over on FHOTD demanding that Fugs' delete her inaccurate and misleading information."

    Here I am and you notice that I said "IF" about any accusations based on incorrect info be removed. I refuse to go on Fugs' blog and I certainly am not privy to the info she is spewing forth is fact or fiction so I'm not the one to tell her to knock it off and delete the inaccurate posts. That's up to those who know for a fact that what she is saying about that breeder (and any other matter) is false, not me. If I know for a fact that what she is saying is simply not true regarding anything she says, I would let her know on her blog.
    2-6-10 5:05 pm

    Don't bother. She posted a name wrong once before, was rapidly informed about it and refused to change it. She could care less about any truths, half truths or blatent, all out, obvious lies. No my dear, telling her about it or correcting her on the blog will do nothing towards getting it remedied.

    It's a numbers thing to her. Plain and simple. The more drama and arguing, the more people have to watch and add their 2 cents. The numbers go up and she feels she has accomplished something in her world of self importance.

    She's her own trainwreck in the making. Something a few of her used to be staunch followers recognized and distanced themselves from her for. And just like a few of her now staunch followers still follow her precisely for.

    She has entertained the notion of selling the blog in the past. Or at least part of it.

    She has made numerous excuses about her bad back being the reason for her lousy positioning in pictures of her riding.

    She has stated she prefers a man who overlooks her legal shortcomings, of which there are a few that I know of...

    and while she has tried a few disciplines outside of her realm and thoroughly enjoyed them, she will not persue them in hopes of learning any more about them.

    For what reason? Who knows. Maybe one of them being it takes money to pay for lessons and she has none? Perhaps. I would put money on that one being the biggest reason there is. But we all know, if you want something bad enough, you find a way to do it. Even if that means giving up something or making a few personal sacrifices to get there- you just do it... Shows how much grit the girl just doesn't have.

  69. I'm replying to the Anon who asked about foundation Quarter Horses. I don't know what Cathy's personal beef is with them, but for a lot of QH people in the know who actually care about quality animals, the whole Foundation fad is a big joke. The Foundation registries are extremely biased about stupid things (no Impressive blood even if the horse is HYPP N/N, etc.) and their only requirement for registration is as little TB blood as possible after the year 1940. That's it. So it elimiates a LOT of good using ranch and cattle-type horses who happen to have some Thoroughbred in them, but it allows everything else, even those with godawful conformation. Their shows are ridiculous with stupid ("down to earth") rules, such as all silver on tack must be covered with duct tape and horses cannot be clipped. And add to that the fact that many FQH breeders only care about Foundation percentage and oftentimes color, while they are woefully uneducated on conformation or useability. Which isn't to say that all FQH's are junk, because they obviously aren't. I've got two mares who qualify for the registries, but I haven't submitted them because there's no point--regular old AQHA is a much better organization.

  70. Also, in reference to breeding for temperament:

    Yes, it should be an important consideration, but it is by no means the ONLY consideration, nor should it necessarily be the FIRST consideration. A useable conformation that is suitable for the horse's intended discipline is of the utmost importance. No, not everyone wants a show-winner or a world champion halter horse, but the animal should stay sound under reasonable use, and it won't be able to do that unless it's built well. Then there's athletic ability for anyone who does want to compete on their horse in any discipline. This is related both to conformation and that elusive "heart" which might somewhat conflict with the gentle dog-like temperament that novices want in a first trail horse. Most horses actually would be suitable for trail riding with your average rider, no matter how they've been bred, temperament-wise. It's the training and mental strain that pushes a lot of them into the "crazy" category.

  71. To be fair about Hercules, his right front hoof was resected, so he is bound to be tender until it grows out again.

    The reason for the resection was allegedly a keratoma; I have no way of knowing if that is true or not but it's easy to see in the photos that it has indeed been extensively resected. I doubt any professional would carry out such a procedure on a horse without good reason, so I'm tending to believe he did have a keratoma.

  72. Grainne Dhu,
    It is so nice to see you back posting ! how are you ? don't mean to pry , but I recall you had been quite ill?

  73. Mozart-you are sadly mistaken about the NFQHA's "down to earth" rules about no clipping. Just like Cathy is.

    The NFQHA does allow clipping and there are certainly no rules against properly cleaning your horse up and making him presentable.

    The NFQHA allows;
    1)Bridle paths the length of the ear. Which is a normal standard.
    2)Clipping of the fetlocks and legs is acceptable. EXCESSIVE clipping of white markings is not acceptable(where the pink skin shows through. Try clipping that sometime. It's a heckava lot harder than "skinning" them.
    3)Ears may be trimmed. Skinning them is NOT allowed.
    4)Clipping of excessive face hair is acceptable. Shaving off eyebrows/eyelashes or the inside of the nose(huh?) not allowed.
    5)Horses may be shod or barefoot, but should be neatly trimmed. No hoof polish is allowed.

    So essentially, you are allowed to clean your horse up and neaten his appearance as any respectable horse owner would, but you are not allowed to remove his natural protection.

    Gee-what is so wrong about that?

    No fake tails or banding of manes is allowed. Again...this is a bad thing how?

    Oh-and BTW-those foundation horses with "god-awful-conformation"? They already HAVE AQHA papers. So what difference does it make if somebody pays to enroll them in one of the foundation registries?

    Good foundation breeders don't breed horses like that. Just like good AQHA breeders don't breed horses like that. But a dumb-ass is a dumb-ass...if someone is going to breed a crappy horse, what difference is it if is is an AQHA only registered horse or an AQHA/NFQHA registered horse?

    In case you are wondering? We don't bother to register our high foundation blooded horses with any of the Foundation Registries either. I don't need that extra set of papers to know we have old bloodlines.

  74. Bec:

    THANK YOU! *High Five*

    From the proud owner of two foundation bred mares with outstanding conformations and floaty trots that are to die for.

  75. Original foundation-bred anon here: OK, see...this is what I mean. Mozart goes off ranting about the registries and stupid rules and this and that without really addressing my original question.

    My question was: why does Fugly have a wild hair up her tush about foundation-bred horses or horses that have a high level of foundation bloodlines in their ancestry? There are some amazing horses out there that are primarily foundation-bred and that are being used on a daily basis that are not winning big at the major QH shows. Yet, they are steady, good-minded horses. Isn't that what Fugly is always bitching about? How adult ammies need quiet horses they can ride?

    There are some abominations, conformation-wise, in non-foundation-bred horses, but if Fugly sees the slightest problem with a foundation-bred horse, she shrieks about how it's not worthy of breeding or sometimes I think, even living. And yes, she shrieks. Now, my question is, why. Why does she hate foundation-breeding so much?

    Final thought: Irish Love Bar, the stallion I mentioned above is nothing good to look at, but when bred with something decent, he clearly produces some nice offspring. My gelding is definitely an improvement of the line. He's a little cow-hocked, but otherwise, he's put together nicely enough. He's not super flashy, but that trot. His trot is out of this world. It blows me away every time. Clearly someone knew what they were doing when they bred him because he's a good-minded, nice-moving horse. I like him so much, in fact, that I'm looking at his full sister right now as a possible horse for my husband.

  76. My point, that became so convoluted, is that many of the people who are intentionally breeding for Foundation percentage neglect the other important aspects of breeding a quality animal. Not all, maybe not even most, but a good number. And the rules against Impressive (but not Poco Bueno!) are ridiculous, as are the clipping and no silver rules. Look at some of the websites of people who boast about Foundation percentage and you'll see what I mean.

  77. I see your point, but are there really that many more breeding abominations in the FQH than the non-FQH and how do you know this?

  78. I don't see the Foundation rules on clipping as ridiculous. Excessive clipping can cause harm to the horse.

  79. Breeding for only one thing , be it pedigree(foundatio) or color or whatever is where the problem lies. Look at the big picture ,my rule is ,conformation, Temperament ability ,then yes color . I used a line of horses that I am familiar with ,but don't breed simply to carry that line ,breed to compliment the best that line has to offer

  80. My beef about foundation horse shows is that they sort out most folks who have an AQHA horse with modern lines and the professionals and show against their own crowd. I have personally watched hours of NFQHA shows and the horses just cannot do anything better than a kid on an arafreisapintaloosa can do. I watched a professional trainer ride a foundation bred grulla stallion and take THREE AND A HALF MINUTES to daub a steer. I watched a high scholl equestrian team member on a shetland pony do it in 19 seconds.
    The other issue I have is that they have an arbitrary cut off of 1940 to eliminate any TB blood. So the horses that were born before 1940 that were 7/8 thoroughbred are "clean" and its full sibling born in 1941 is not. I have no beef against a GOOD foundation bred horse and in fact have some albeit not registered foundation, but to tout the horses registered with their oraganizations as the only GOOD or TRUE AQHA is ridiculous. The regsitries are absolutely unnecessary for a good AQHA horse regardless of pedigree, and are used only to promote those that cannot cut it in real AQHA competitions.

  81. I see some of the points. I was looking at the Foundation Assoc. site and there were many horses that shouldn't be breeding. But, when I look on line, there are many very nice FQH. The thing is not to generalize about the breed based on one registry.

  82. Sure, there are good foundation-bred QHs and bad foundation-bred QHs (in terms of conformation, temperament, etc.); but one gets the sense that ANY foundation-bred QH is an object of scorn in Fugly's world. The implication seems to be that all foundation-focused breeders have their heads screwed on backwards and shouldn't be breeding at all because they fall into the category of backyard breeders.

    To be honest, if I had followed Fugly's advice, I never would have ended up with my guy, who doesn't come from super spectacular, show-winning bloodlines and who isn't perfect looking.

    So, again, my point is that for some reason, she has a bias against foundation-bred QHs. Her hatred of these bloodlines causes her to say some pretty spectacularly dumb things. I mean, not that that's a newsflash that she would say something stupid, but as she seems to hate Appaloosas, so she seems to hate foundation-bred QHs.

  83. Add to the list ponies, feathered horses, and anything with spots. God forbid if you have a 14hh spotted horse with feathers. One of her group was going after the Knabstrupper and her only reason was that the horse was spotted. She also didn't have an inkling as to why the horse was built that way. She also doesn't like anything Spanish. I see it as the same complaint that she has with Appaloosas. She generalizes too much so if one person is breeding for colour then all appaloosa breeder are crazy colour breeders. I don't see that happening with either of the breeds. There are good examples and bad examples.

  84. Some of the FQH have a wonderful Spanish build. Now I see why your horse has gaits to die for.

  85. In the discussion about the foundation vs. non foundation and Fugs' idea about who is bad and who isn't, where she falls into another pitfall is the back yard breeder and their label.

    I would much rather buy a horse from a back yard breeder who has a select few, well bred, responsibly chosen horses than some production farm that puts out a few hundred foals a year.

    Who puts more thought into what is being produced? Who is being more selective as to the breedings taking place and the desired results? Who is overseeing the mare during her pregnancy, handling the foal when it is born and more likely to be involved in the process and outcome?

    If the stallion has a few foals on the ground and they are really something to be desired, does that make them any more or less valuable than the numerous foals, mass produced out of big name stallion standing at big name farm?

    I'm not saying all back yard or small scale breeders are worthwhile, but by labeling them all under one name and shoving everyone into the same unfavorable category, she really has discounted a lot of people who are actually doing things right.

    Seeing as how she has a stallion herself and a few mares- she too could very well be considered a BYB. Any idea how well that would go over in her world?

    Grainne Dhu- Good to see you posting again! *waves happily*

  86. In the Saddlebred world you can look up the percentage of winners a sire has had. You can also look up what kind of winners they were (halter, fine harness, 3 gaited etc) and where the they won (KSF, American Royal or a regional state fair. If you want to work at it you can find out who judged them too). Some of the most popular studs have a very low winner percentage. Just why, I am not sure. It may be just a stastical thing. I mean if your stud only ever had one colt and it went on to win big your stats of having a stakes winning sire are 100%.
    In other breeds is there a difference between a BYB and a home bred horse? There is in the Saddlebred industry.

    Changing the topic has anyone read Fug's column in HI? I can't imagine that HI would let her get away with stuff like today's FHOTD full of insinuations and hints. Fug's has giving herself plausible deniability "I didn't name any names, my readers jumped to conclusions. I have nether confirmed or denied any thing my readers have said. Freedom of Speech!"

  87. Bahahaha! Tail extensions? That's so he can look purty for the "articles" written......

  88. Ok, You two have to get a hold of me........I am so grateful to have found this blog, it's not funny.....
    I do not generally do this, however, here is today's blog post from my blog, seriously , stop by.

  89. "Ditto" Kaede.......walk the Talk.....Her (colored) VLC is not gelded, yet she's able to blast others for the very same..... Ditto

  90. Personally, I think the "breed" Fugly hates the most is the mustang, she has pretty much said that they should all be exterminated.

    Unfortunately, there will never be any answers from Fugly as to why she hates on so many breeds. She is incapable of an objective opinion, everything she is about is based on the subjective. We all know her research skills are superficial at best. She only goes as far as she needs and then she is done, she then puts it out there and doesn't care what happens with that info, no matter how irresponsible it may be. Kind of surprising given that she is supposed to be a paralegal. Guess that is why she can't hold that type of a position for very long.

    The thing that I keep in mind about Fugly and her "knowledge" of horses is that it is quite limited. Her experience in the horse world is so much more limited than what she has and is discussing on her blog and pretty much everywhere she posts. Given her obviously inadequate riding skills, she really needs to be way more careful about the topics she addresses.

    Fugly has really been the poster child of the blind leading the blind for way too long.

    One day the shist will truly hit the fan. I am thinking it will involve the VLC.

    Have a good night everyone!

  91. CCC: I hadn't thought of the mustang as her most reviled breed, but yes, I think you're correct. BHM made me laugh with her "feathered 14hh horse with spots" comment. Imagine if that poor horse was a mustang too. "Die," shouts Fugly. "Die!" :-)

    One can only hope the doo-doo hits the fan, but somehow, I think she's the kind of person who's made of Teflon. Nothing seems to stick to her. She has done some nasty, nasty things, and yet, she walks away unscathed. I don't get it. I guess she hit the karmic jackpot?

  92. Ok, how about a 14 hh spotted, feathered mustangaloosa. She'd be writing about it for weeks.

  93. Bwahahahaha bhm!

    To be real honest...I don't really care what anyone considers the "perfect" horse. If that horse works for them and makes them happy...That's all that matters.

    I know what I like. I know what I don't like. Guess it's my money to spend raising or buying horses that make me happy and my decision not to spend it on "the new trend" or what someone else thinks is perfect.

    Hi Callie:)(waves)

  94. Callie,
    I read your post. Great job. I'll have to go back to read more posts. Now, I'm dying to know who the rescuer is.

  95. BHM- the rescuer was a good friend of mine. (I posted a review of Horse Illustrated on my blog today, and briefly mentioned the disaster.)

    Always an education to read here ;)

  96. Mrs. Mom,
    Can you write up a summary of the HI article? I just can't bring myself to paying money to read Fugly.

  97. I wish the Fugly Wench site would put a new post up with a link to this site. I only found this site by looking at the comments on the final post on the Wench site. I think there are a lot of people who want to know more about Cathy's actions.

  98. "One can only hope the doo-doo hits the fan, but somehow, I think she's the kind of person who's made of Teflon. Nothing seems to stick to her. She has done some nasty, nasty things, and yet, she walks away unscathed. I don't get it. I guess she hit the karmic jackpot?"

    But it has, you see. Cathy Atkinson is 40+ with no real friends, no home, a crass, uneducated, bad check writing bully who is nothing but a whore whose hoo hoo has been exposed to everyone on the internet. FCS, she could not even keep her job at Petsmart much less keep up on the payments on her car.
    That's Not Teflon coated. That is an over inflated ego.

  99. "But it has, you see. Cathy Atkinson is 40+ with no real friends, no home, a crass, uneducated, bad check writing bully who is nothing but a whore whose hoo hoo has been exposed to everyone on the internet. FCS, she could not even keep her job at Petsmart much less keep up on the payments on her car.
    That's Not Teflon coated. That is an over inflated ego."

    This sums it up beautifully. Too bad HI doesn't know this....and doesn't know how she targets minors at times, knowing full well they are minors, yet never once backing off, apologizing or doing/saying anything to right any of the wrongs she has committed via that cesspool she calls a blog.

  100. You all need to get on Linkedin and look at her employment history. Look up Cathy Atkinson. Talk about a serial short term employee.... The longest she has the same job was 18 months? Maybe even less.

    Another blanket statement by fugs (its all wrong all the time) but no thoughts about how better to do it .I personally think they needed a safer area ,and din't use the best judgment in handling what were clearly green horses ,that said I didn't see any frank abuses . The pony that ditched the saddle was the worst in that that was a hugely unsafe area to try working him (other horses in the mix ,too big a space and while I am not rabidly atni barb wire there isa time and place and that wasn't it!

  102. I didn't find Cathy Atkinson on linkedin that was in either the Washington state area or in the LA area.
    Please people, don't go flaming innocent Cathy Atkinson.
    That tactic is one of the things I most dislike about Fugly. A name, gender and area match someone she has taken a dislike to, and suddenly all the folks that somewhat fit that description are getting harassing phone calls, hate email, email bombs, etc. Don't do a Fugly.

  103. she's Cathy R. Atkinson, if that helps any.

  104. To the Anon posting the link to her blog about lunging and long lining- fugs has said more than once she does not know how to long line or ground drive a horse. So hoping for any comments about how to do it better or right will certainly not be coming from her and if they are, should be taken with a grain of salt. If she did try to explain or give tips, I advise everyone not to listen anyways as the information would be as faulty as the person it comes from.

    Looking through the comments, I noticed a huge number of her 'regulars' from back in the day are no longer there. Any suprises there? Seems those who did know their shit and how to do things right, have all taken their knowledge with them when they left the scene. I can't blame them, but then those who are still there, have nobody but bottom dwellers like themselves to learn from. Let's hope they start looking elsewhere soon too.

  105. The regulars have indeed moved on, with the exception of a few hard-core devotees. People got so tired of listening to this narcissist and her hypocritical ways.
    Things started turning upside down back in summer of '08 when someone dared to criticize Fugly's equitation on her blog. Fugs took offense at those comments. Soon afterwards, others called her out on things she'd said or done- sometimes negative, but more often than not, brutally honest. She has a difficult time with criticism, no matter how constructive it can be, without putting people down.

  106. I may sound naive here since I have never gone more than a few months without riding, but once a person learns to ride well and has achieved good equitation(not that fake show-ring stuff), how do you not remember how to ride well?

    Is it that difficult to get back if a person takes a few years off?

  107. A wonderful, well-researched, thoughtful alternative to the Fugly nonsense is Behind the Bit ( Stacey Kimmel-Smith provides a wealth of research and information about a variety of topics--some of them commentary on riding and some of them about health issues or horse care/management issues. I love her careful approach and her research, and I highly recommend the blog for people who've had their fill of Fugly's lies, half-truths and ridiculousness.

  108. Ha Ha she must be getting paranoid. She has removed her Linkedin page..... LOLOLOLOLOL

  109. BrownEyed Cowgirl, it depends on the individual as to how difficult it is to start riding again after a significant period without riding.

    Particularly for women who rode as teenagers, quit and are now 35+ year old re-riders, their pelvis, hip structure and centre of balance can change radically from when they were 18 and perky all over. If the woman has given birth the change can be extreme enough that nothing feels the same as what they remember.

    Plus, gravity takes a toll. I have a friend who says he weighs exactly the same now as he did when he was discharged from the Marines in the mid-60s. He says that his weight has retreated and taken up a dispersed formation. Things bounce now that didn't bounce back then!

    And then there is the way injuries accumulate over time, the loss of flexibility many people experience, the slowing of reaction times, etc.

    Getting older is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  110. I took 23 years off. For me, it is hard. What is even more bothersome for me right now is if I take even a 2 week break I get out of riding shape. I am more conscious of what could happen to me if I fell off. I am more aware of how much it would cost to get medical care for myself, my horse or repair/replace my equipment. I have 3 kids at home and a husband. My mom and my dad are now elderly. My family's needs trumps my wants. So I am more cautious. If the ring is muddy and slick, I'll pass up cantering and work on my leg position at a trot.
    The physical thing, is part of it. My bodies balance changed after being pregnant a numer of time. My hips are wider, my boobs got WAAAY bigger. I'm stiffer and my reation time is slower.
    I am 50 however. So it isn't just being away from riding, but the aging process going on as well. I don't like to ride at dusk anymore because I don't see as well in in low light.

    I have no idea if these are Cathy's issues.

  111. It not that I have multiple bodies, it's just that I can't proof read after 10 pm.

  112. Cathys issues are from a bad back as she has stated on a few occasions. Bad lower back to be more specific. And since the lower back is near the base of your center of gravity when mounted- well there you have it. And when others have given her advice and things to do to improve it? Might as well have been talking to the wall. The wall may have at least listened.

    I am limited as to my riding time. It is sporadic at best. A few rides this week then nothing for a month and sometimes longer. Life gets in the way more than weather and barn chores ever could. Thankfully my horses get out and are worked more consistently that what I can do right now.

    The last time I was in the saddle? Back in the beginning of November. Could I go out tomorrow and ride a horse in a show and win a class? Maybe. If the horse was in shape and ready to go. Would I feel it the next day? In a few places if I'm not paying attention.

    It's a lot like riding a bicycle, as you don't forget so much. But as others have said, your body changes a bit here and there over time. your reaction times slow down and we aren't as likely to throw caution to the wind.

    Your muscle memory still knows how to ride at the level where you left off, it just needs to wake up and get back to work!

  113. My problem is more weight on the front, which pulls you out of balance, and sore joints.

    I think we get more specific about the horse personality that will work with us as we get older. If you are older and not so much into showing then you have no need for a more reactive, hotter horse. That type of personality is too much work.

  114. OK, today's Fugly post is all about disciplines horses like to do and tolerate doing.

    She writes "I really don’t want to start a big discipline war here" and then proceeds to add "but I can’t imagine that a horse ever enjoys something like western pleasure or dressage the same way they enjoy, say, foxhunting or cutting or team penning." Of course, a ton of her followers immediately piled on the abuse for dressage.

    The disinformation she spreads on that site of hers. Ugh.

  115. There are also people who are posting about horses they've known who clearly enjoyed dressage, even preferred dressage.

    I couldn't resist posting about my last horse, who found trail riding a dead bore. In human terms, he was definitely not a "get back to nature" type, he wanted flash and movement and challenge.

  116. But she can read a horse's mind and know what it enjoys?! Riiiight. Depends on the horse. Some horses will never be comfortable outside of the confines of an arena. Just depends on the horse. My old guy is a showoff extraordinaire, and absolutely loved dressage. Hated cows. It's the absolute mindset that is dangerous, because it means that your mind is closed.

  117. The saddlebred I ride is scared of cows. Thinks they are horse eating demons. We can be slow gaiting down the long pass and the neighbors cows let out a moo. Oh my word, she whirls away and tries to head for the barn. I'm glad there are no cows in saddleseat shows.

  118. OK, but it's stuff like this that kills me. Fugly says:

    "Oh, I think mine definitely chooses to go slow – but I think that he’d prefer to go slow with his nose stuck out. I don’t know that collection, whether it’s for WP or dressage, is ever something a horse would naturally choose. I guess I always draw a distinction between things horses would do naturally in the pasture and things horses would NEVER do without a rider and training."

    OK, once my mare learned how to use her back properly, she started running around the pasture more collected, using her back with a nice swinging hip. And I've seen many a youngster naturally collected or doing dressage moves naturally in the paddock. So, I call bullsh*t on the whole "what a horse would do naturally" versus what they would do under a trainer.

    She's just so freaking uneducated but she calls herself an expert. And people believe her. Drives me batty. It really does.