Friday, February 26, 2010


Anonymous pointed out this great bit of information on HSUS from the Consumer Freedom site. FHOTD needs to stop supporting HSUS.

Today's featured draft horse is Laural's Powerful Paul (Shire).

7 Things You Didn't Know About HSUS

1) The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a “humane society” in name only, since it doesn’t operate a single pet shelter or pet adoption facility anywhere in the United States. During 2007, HSUS contributed only 3.64 percent of its budget to organizations that operate hands-on dog and cat shelters. In reality, HSUS is a wealthy animal-rights lobbying organization (the largest and richest on earth) that agitates for the same goals as PETA and other radical groups.

2) Beginning on the day of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s 2007 dogfighting indictment, HSUS raised money online with the false promise that it would “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case.” The New York Times later reported that HSUS wasn’t caring for Vick’s dogs at all. And HSUS president Wayne Pacelle told the Times that his group recommended that government officials “put down” (that is, kill) the dogs rather than adopt them out to suitable homes. HSUS later quietly altered its Internet fundraising pitch.
3) HSUS’s senior management includes a former spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a criminal group designated as “terrorists” by the FBI. HSUS president Wayne Pacelle hired John “J.P.” Goodwin in 1997, the same year Goodwin described himself as “spokesperson for the ALF” while he fielded media calls in the wake of an ALF arson attack at a California veal processing plant. In 1997, when asked by reporters for a reaction to an ALF arson fire at a farmer’s feed co-op in Utah (which nearly killed a family sleeping on the premises), Goodwin replied, “We’re ecstatic.” That same year, Goodwin was arrested at a UC Davis protest celebrating the 10-year anniversary of an ALF arson at the university that caused $5 million in damage. And in 1998, Goodwin described himself publicly as a “former member of ALF.”
4) According to a 2008 Los Angeles Times investigation, less than 12 percent of money raised for HSUS by California telemarketers actually ends up in HSUS’s bank account. The rest is kept by professional fundraisers. And if you exclude two campaigns run for HSUS by the “Build-a-Bear Workshop” retail chain, which consisted of the sale of surplus stuffed animals (not really “fundraising”), HSUS’s yield number shrinks to just 3 percent. Sadly, this appears typical. In 2004, HSUS ran a telemarketing campaign in Connecticut with fundraisers who promised to return a minimum of zero percent of the proceeds. The campaign raised over $1.4 million. Not only did absolutely none of that money go to HSUS, but the group paid $175,000 for the telemarketing work.
5) Research shows that HSUS’s heavily promoted U.S. “boycott” of Canadian seafood—announced in 2005 as a protest against Canada’s annual seal hunt—is a phony exercise in media manipulation. A 2006 investigation found that 78 percent of the restaurants and seafood distributors described by HSUS as “boycotters” weren’t participating at all. Nearly two-thirds of them told surveyors they were completely unaware HSUS was using their names in connection with an international boycott campaign. Canada’s federal government is on record about this deception, saying: “Some animal rights groups have been misleading the public for years … it’s no surprise at all that the richest of them would mislead the public with a phony seafood boycott.”
6) HSUS raised a reported $34 million in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, supposedly to help reunite lost pets with their owners. But comparatively little of that money was spent for its intended purpose. Louisiana’s Attorney General shuttered his 18-month-long investigation into where most of these millions went, shortly after HSUS announced its plan to contribute $600,000 toward the construction of an animal shelter on the grounds of a state prison. Public disclosures of the disposition of the $34 million in Katrina-related donations add up to less than $7 million.
7) After gathering undercover video footage of improper animal handling at a Chino, CA slaughterhouse during November of 2007, HSUS sat on its video evidence for three months, even refusing to share it with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. HSUS’s Dr. Michael Greger testified before Congress that the San Bernardino County (CA) District Attorney’s office asked the group “to hold on to the information while they completed their investigation.” But the District Attorney’s office quickly denied that account, even declaring that HSUS refused to make its undercover spy available to investigators if the USDA were present at those meetings. Ultimately, HSUS chose to release its video footage at a more politically opportune time, as it prepared to launch a livestock-related ballot campaign in California. Meanwhile, meat from the slaughterhouse continued to flow into the U.S. food supply for months.


  1. Ooh...pretty. He's gorgeous and knows it!

  2. Just beautiful!!!!

    Thanks for pointing out the H$U$ reality. They have been bilking the public for years.

  3. Don't have a comment about HSUS at present ,just spent 10 minutes gazing in rapture at that stunning shire horse

  4. HSUS, PETA and myriad smaller organizations get away with that kind of BS by pointing to one or two things good things they've accomplished (or claim to have accomplished) and then turning around and claiming that their critics would prevent them from doing those good things, so the critics are the bad guys.

    I've been watching a local rescue slowly collapse (and am working to move the process along, which is why I'm posting anonymously) - they're in trouble with several agencies and are in deep denial over the problems they have. And they've recently posted a "we're so good, look what we did!" on their web page. How could anyone criticize them, just look at all the pretty horsies they saved, especially that really bony one that was about to be sent to slaughter.

    I get so SICK of organizations and individuals that are screwing up in depth and detail being given a pass because they saved one particular critter. Hercules, anyone?

  5. HSUS thrives on a making profit on others coat tails. Sounds alot like Fugly, huh?
    She talked all kinds of trash about them following Katrina. But she fails to respond to her then supporters about where their money went to. Pretzelkitty, anyone?

  6. Oh WOW I could stare at that horse all day. What a beauty he is. I would be thrilled just to be able to go up to him and pet him.

    HSUS sucks. I saw a commercial with Wayne Pacelle in it capitolizing on poor looking precious little kitties, doggies, horsies, etc....milking the public for as many dollars as they can squeeze out of them. Of course, we know all those animals are being cared for by individual rescue organizations who should be getting the kudos AND the money to help with their care...not HSUS. I hope HSUS is destroyed and goes to jail.

  7. I never knew all that about the hsus, that is simply disgusting.


  8. that is a spectacular shire!
    oh my

    now to go back and read the comments :)

  9. Now that's a SHIRE! Wow.
    Thanks, BHM! He's beautiful.
    And largely.

  10. Its no wonder Fugs is so supportive of the HSUS. They sound like they operate just like she does. Take praise and credit for others work, suck people's money and give no accounting then trash talk EVERYONE who owns animals.

  11. Hahahaha Anon 7:07 pm

    You summed it up beautifully. Talk about "in a nut shell", you've hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the laughs.

  12. But, but, but

    You mean, oh, Noese!
    Very wise blogger I haven't read for awhile said this..
    "As long as the horse industry remains divided, unprofessional, vain and corrupt - nothing good for it will ever happen. I'm just saying."

    Who is "better"?
    GoNotSoSwiftlyLightly, as blooger didn't sign me in.

  13. Anon 7:47 aka GoLightly shared yet another rescue Fugly is involved with. Now, wouldn't you think she'd get blog material from some of these photos?
    Guy standing on horse, kid riding w/o helmets and in halters, woman riding in shorts, and on and on.
    Oh, I forgot, it's okay for her to trashtalk strangers, but when she is affiliated with those that do, it's fine.
    Another fine example of her hypocrisy, right, readers?
    And what is with her seat? That poor chestnut and gray. They look like saints with her on board.

  14. 8:15 p.m. Anon: How do you know that Fugly is associated with Hard Luck Horses? I don't recall her mentioning it, and the HLH's Web site doesn't mention an affiliation. Because if she is affiliated with it, woo-boy. They are breaking every rule Fugly has created. Yikes!

  15. If you look here that is none other than FUGLY riding in her usual crap style, in crap clothes, with no helmet on HLH site. Also the person who owns HLH is very heavy and that goes totally against FUGLY'S overweight phobia

  16. HLH person has a couple of last names and is also Admin on the Auction horses site that Fugs blasted. She was a Volunteer for SOS that warehouses horses, the ABR board bails, in 12x12 pens in mud up to their knees and pays Fugs for ads for said horses. Answer an ad and you wont get a reply because SOS is hoarding them. Its like a twisted version of the Kevin Bacon game.

  17. I have a question here regarding Hard Luck Horses. While I agree that some of the practices are unsettling (standing on horse, inconsistent helmet practice), isn't this person being responsible about rescue? In the about me, there is a full statement that it is an individual spending their own time and money to do this. If you look at the horses pages, it looks like he/she is only taking a few at at time (check out the in / out dates) and posts the financials for each horse. A donation is listed as such as well as the adoption fees; the costs seem a little low but still, there is not the OMG, I am spending THOUSANDS to rehab this horse desperation. I have been looking at allot of rescues and this is the first time I have seen a financial listing for the horse.

    So, my question as a hopeful re-rider in the near future is: is this a responsible rescuer?

    My personal opinion is that they do not deserve to get on Fugly's radar and hopefully will not.

  18. Hi GL. Again, I am a newbie (well hopefully a soon to be re-rider), who is Tash Gaia? Is this someone who is known to be affiliated with FHOTD?

  19. Tash hitches her horse to some bad wagons CBER, PEC, Rescues Only, SOS and lately Fugly Via the Enumclaw Auction but jumps ship when the heat comes down and plays ignorant like she didnt know bad things were happening, That is the beef most have with her. She does rehab auction horses and so far so good. If you want a horse try Save a Forgotten Equine board. Never trust Fugs for anything.

  20. HSUS is merely a money making machine. It is a political lobby group and that is it. I have no respect for that organization and would never have any affiliation with them, not even sending them $1.00.

    That shire is fabulous. I am with you BHM, Buck needs forelock and mane extensions.

  21. bhm- I think the HLH and Fugs involvement needs its own post- enlightening to say the least.

  22. Anonymous 10:13 - thank you, I was not aware of that! (I am the soon to be re-rider).

    BHM and everyone else, also thank you for answering questions without the "You are too dumb to own a horse" attitude. This blog has really helped try to figure out where to look and what to filter out ~ I am not sure if I will go rescue but I would really just like a nice horse that can be a bud, trail ride and have a nice easy life :-). I have seen too many people like me post and get discouraged after being attacked.

    Thanks again everyone!

  23. Anon.,
    You are welcome. I can't stand snide responses. Ask anything you'd like.

  24. I can not recommend an auction to anyone, to me it seems like buying a pig in a poke. But with that said I went to a quarter horse sale today. Lots and lots of horses ridden into the ring and looking very good going for 1500.00. Lots of no sales too. Some nice looking horses going for around $700.00 Lots of horses with good looking manners and looked sound in the ring. I'm not knocking rescues, but many have a $1000.00 rescue fee and lots of conditions about what you can and can not do with your horse. I do understand the reasons behind the conditions, but I'd rather buy a $700.00 QH out of an auction ring (depending on the auction. This on had a consignment fee of $175.00 sale or no sale) then a $700.00 rescue that maintains a significant interest in the horse. Just my preferences.

  25. Yea too.

    So did you see anything you wished you could bring home?

  26. Yes, one mare both delighted my eye and sadden my heart. She was a Zips Chocolate Chip daughter, looked a great deal like him, had a maybe two week old filly by her side and had been bred again back to the same stud. I did not catch the name of the stud. Foal looked like it would be palomino. (it was the color of butter and not much mane or tail, but what there was, was the same color as the foals body) Any how all three of these horses (mom. foal and maybe baby with a GLF agreement) went for $3000.00. The mare was well behaved and walked calmly and chaos (the auction was nice but crowded and lots of noise, kids, vendors, dogs flashing lights) didn't phase her. She only got upset when her foal scampered away from her. All she did was pick her head waaay up and nicker.
    I would have liked to have her. Exactly what I would do with 3 quarter horses, I don't know. I felt so sorry for her owners, a great mare like that and only $3000.00.

  27. Umm, that was suppose to read dogs and flashing lights. Though dogs flashing lights would certainly add to the chaos at that auction.


  29. Tasha and Fugs used to be mortal enemies until they united in hatred for Dean Soloman. Tasha fed Fugles all kinds of inside info when Dean was going down and now they are "good buddies" or so Tasha thinks... Fugs still dislikes and distrusts her but keeps up a friendly attitude towards her to get PNW rescue gossip.

  30. Could I please ask a totally off-topic, stupid question of kaede, who sounds like a technical genius type-type?
    How do asian spammers get past my ping-counter?
    They do not show up as a ping. How do they do that? Why?
    Also, why hasn't blogger updated in months and months? Malware infested a site, and I'd never seen that before.
    iz blogger zafe??

    anyway, back to horses, and that word I cringe at, rescue.

    To a Meeting of the Genuinely kind minds we all share.
    I bleedin' hope so anyway.

  31. Hey, I sent you a present, does that count as singing?
    You insist?

    Key of B, for belated...

    To YoUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,

    Happiest BurpDay, yesterday
    or whenever the heck it

    Happy BroodingDay Birthday, Dearest
    Okay, I'll stop.
    I was off key anyway.

  32. "Anonymous said...
    Tasha and Fugs used to be mortal enemies until they united in hatred for Dean Soloman. Tasha fed Fugles all kinds of inside info when Dean was going down and now they are "good buddies" or so Tasha thinks... Fugs still dislikes and distrusts her but keeps up a friendly attitude towards her to get PNW rescue gossip.

    February 28, 2010 10:03 AM"

    And how do you know this? I'm just curious. Are you friends with both women?

  33. No they united in hate against someone else. Tash stood by Dean until the end, for the horses she said. She just kinda drifts around from person to person, rescue to rescue looking for love or something.

  34. Well, it sounds like this Tasha person is being used and that's sad. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a sense of belonging, a sense of comaraderie in an area where interests are shared. But for Fugs to possibly be using the woman leaves a serious distaste in my mouth and makes me have even less respect for her, if that is what their relationship is truly like.

    It does look like this Tasha person is doing it right with regard to rescuing and paying for the horses she rescues out of her own pocket. Isn't that what everyone cries out for? She seems to be very transparant and should be a model by which other people do rescue. I see nothing wrong at all with her. So what she doesn't wear a helmet. That's her choice as she is an adult. So what that she is what some would consider to be on the heavy side. The horses she has sure looks like they can handle her weight. Where's the rule that only slender people should ride/own horses? There isn't one. Kudos to her for doing what she is doing and for riding horses she rescues. As for Fugs.......UGH, with friends like her, who needs enemies?

  35. Anon 10:03 I have spoken to Fugles about her relationship with Tash. The information I shared about what she thinks about Tash came straight from her. As far as Tash goes? She does a good job rescuing her horses. She puts her money where her mouth is and makes a great effort at transparency. I cannot fault her for that. She does not take credit for other peoples work like Fugles does. Tash does tend to be one of those blindly loyal types and I think age and maturity will change that. She will learn that there is always two sides to every situation.

  36. Well, I hope someone clues Tasha in on what Fugs says about her behind her back. It's really sad that the horse rescue world has people like Fugs in it, back stabbing, two faced, self absorbed idiots. I'm sure there are others who do the same as Fugs...use people. If I were going to rescue, I would use Tasha's model of excellence in rescuing and record keeping. If I were looking for a horse to buy, I wouldn't hesitate to get one from Tasha because I don't believe she would lie about the horse's abilities or lack thereof and she would tell all as pertains to the horse's physical condition, lameness issues if there are any. Would Fugs do that? I am willing to bet, NOT.

    Yes, there are always 2 sides to an issue, sometimes 3; your side, my side and the truth. I guess we are all eager to hold onto one side or the other of any given situation until it can't be denied any longer and we finally wake up and give up holding onto the side we have been clinging to but, that's human nature and I can't fault Tasha for doing that if, in fact, that is what she does.

  37. Tash is no saint on any level. She has exceptional computer skills and will use them to cause hate and discontent amongst the Rescue world boards.

  38. GL,
    Your beautious cantilization has brought tears to my eyes.

  39. Anon 8:05 am

    Can you PROVE that this Tasha person has "caused hate and discontent" using her computer skills or are you just assuming she does because, as you say, she has exceptional computer skills?

    Thinking she does this and proving she does this are two different things. I'll stick with the "proving" part. No need to make allegations that can't be backed up with proof.

  40. I have to agree that Tasha has a reputation of doing bad things to people who do not share her black and white beliefs. It is part of her blind acceptance of people and organizations. She was CBER and Rescues Only's Hench Man for years. She banned people, signed them up for spam, hacked BB's and did other internet troll misdeeds. Not having ever met her in person I would guess like most rescue types she lacks people skills.

  41. And horse skills!

  42. And yet no mention about Fugs's about face on HSUS when she went to the Gemini Awards? Suddenly the HSUS was the way to go in her world. You know, because she was a servant, but got to rub elbows and likely other body parts, with the up and coming wave of celebreties being swooned to help the fight. Or would plight be a better word for it?

    I recall a few of her supposed 'staunch supporters' then, telling her where she could go. Along with the HSUS.

    Anon <3

  43. I really wish many a shelter had never adopted a 'Human Society' name. HSUS in turn has raked in tons over people's thought of a connection between the two. It's really sad as I have no doubt a good portion of their donations are people unaware of this.

    Personally, I think it is best to just donate straight to your local rescues and shelters directly. You know where your money is going. When a boxer showed up at our house we couldn't keep, we contacted a local boxer rescue. When they picked him up, we gave a donation to help them out a bit since he would probably need some vet care and any bit helps.

    I also think people should take a good look at what their HQ is and employees. I know PETA has a massive building with 500 employees or so. How does a non-profit do so well? How does it get the money to purchase a building and hire people? The blind leading the blind, of course.

  44. I found HLH interesting, because they kept a horse with a broken leg alive for a year. He was happy, apparently, but oops, then he wasn't..
    Pockets must be very deep to have that many horses, and to constantly rescue, and constantly encourage the rescue of more. But these horses were in no immediate danger, except the sad brutal fact that is slaughter, that many can't fathom at the best of times.

    run on sentencer out.

    (generally, people love to throw money at things, it makes them feel better.)

    "I think it is best to just donate straight to your local rescues and shelters directly."
    You know, I agree. And I did try to donate to a "local" rescue, advertised by a prominent association. I called to make a donation at the vets. They said they had no more horses.
    I let the association know, but still.

    The net can sure encourage or discourage $$ flow.

  45. ooops,copy/paste fail.
    Nah, I just kept blabbing.

  46. HLH kept a horse with a broken leg alive for a year? What was the name of the horse and what were the circumstances surrounding the situation? Is it on her website? I'm really curious now.

    The following are 2 prevoius posts:

    "I have to agree that Tasha has a reputation of doing bad things to people who do not share her black and white beliefs. It is part of her blind acceptance of people and organizations. She was CBER and Rescues Only's Hench Man for years. She banned people, signed them up for spam, hacked BB's and did other internet troll misdeeds. Not having ever met her in person I would guess like most rescue types she lacks people skills. March 1, 2010 1:02 PM"

    "Anonymous said... And horse skills! March 1, 2010 1:12 PM"

    Unless you two posters have proof that this person did these things, it would be best if you said nothing. We don't want this blog to turn into yet another rumor mill with no proof to back the posts up. How would anyone know WHO sent who spam....or hacked BBs or whatever else you are accusing her of doing? There's no way to prove who hacked into anything. I have seen it happen. They try to find out but can't. They then assume xyz did it and that's what causes all the internet battles, problems and false claims to run rampant.

    I don't know if she has horse skills or not. It appears that she takes excellent care of them by the looks of those pictures. What constitutes "horse skills"? Do you have to be a vet? Do you have to be an expert rider who dabbles in all the different disciplines in order to qualify? I'd say she qualifies as having horse skills by the looks of those horses on her website.

    So, until you can prove what you say about her, please refrain from making accusations. Don't be yet another FUGS.

  47. Tash is under investigation for cyber crimes as we type..

  48. Who is investigating her? Who filed complaints with what agencies? If you can't provide details then you are no better than Fugs IMO. I will believe she is guilty of cyber crimes when she is tried and convicted for them.

  49. I can accuse anyone of anything. Doesn't mean it's true. It doesn't become fact, and therefore worthy of public mention, until the person is tried and convicted. Until then, why propagate rumor?

  50. I used to do Jack Russell rescue. Mostly dogs that came through the vet clinic I worked at. I did all the rehab, vet bills, socialization and placement with no adoption fee but I did have a contract that the adoptor could not get rid of the dog-it had to come back to me. I also required a yearly update including photo of the dog. About 8 years ago, I had to give it up because I developed a severe allergy to dogs. I still have animals dropped at my house (tied to porch, left in back yard) every once in a while. I still do what I can with them (socialization and basic obedience) and then pass them onto a local no kill organization (including fostering if necessary until they have space).

    The real problem is education. Kids need to be taught responsiblity at a young age. Parents need to be compasionate and responsible and to teach their kids that. Unfortunately people can breed indiscriminately. I've met a lot of people that should have never had children. We need to strenghthen our social system for the welfare of kids and animals. There need to be tougher punishments for neglect and abuse against children and animals. There is a coralation between the two. People who abuse animals ofen are guilty of child abuse as well. That just raises another child/animal abuser and the cycle continues....

  51. Go away fugs/sheep of fugs. Tash isn't the issue here and until she is PROVEN guilty of any of these so called allegations you are spewing, then we really don't want to hear about it.


  52. No comment here on Tash's horse or computer skills or accusations of cyber crimes. But I will say, if she is hanging with Cathy Atkinson, her taste in friends is poor.

  53. Thank you DK, I feel the same way. It didn't dawn on me that those talking trash about Tasha more than likely are either Fugs herself or her followers until you posted.

    Apparently the attack against her was spawned by an anon poster who posted a link to Tasha's website on 2/26 at 7:47 pm with commentary folowing at 8:15 pm.

    Yes, we need to get back to our regularly scheduled topic - HSUS and their chicanary.

  54. I agree with DK on this one.

    Also, the only thing that I see wrong with her horse keeping skills is that she uses barbwire around the top of her fence and she has no caps on metal posts. I don't think that someone in this circumstance should be verbally abused. I think that the best option is to take up a collection to buy and install a hot wire.

  55. Wow, Very Intering about the HSUS.........Did not know these things, Appreciate the info!

  56. Anyone else read Fug's update about Hercules?

    ...the Pacific Northwest, a truly scary place for Thoroughbreds as typically they work their way up the west coast, running for less and less money every time, until the day when they are free for the taking. Many of them wind up at the game farm as lion food or in Canada’s slaughterhouses...

    ...He (Hercules) wasn’t quite sound enough to ride yet the last time I went to see him so we’re hoping for this month. He does have some quirks and naughty personal space issues when he’s loose in the arena, but we know he’s been round-penned (a 17 hand TB, good grief) to excess in his past life, so that does not really surprise me. He feels better all the time and really puts on a show during playtime – this guy can buck and fart like a 2 year old! The feet are looking so much better. If you missed this update, it turned out he never had white line disease. He had a keratoma that was removed. This is actually good news as it is not a chronic condition, so his chances are good that the hoof will be 100% healthy again...

    Setting aside the Canadian slaughter issue, does anyone know why Fugs is opposed to a horse being lion food? What the heck is a game farm? I can't imagine that a zoo would allow lions to hunt for their food. Much too hard on the lions. A bullet to the head, the horse dies and the lions chow down. Is Fugs now suggesting vegetarian lions? Or is she following HSUS ideas about zoos:

    "The Humane Society of the United States believes that under most circumstances wild animals should ideally be permitted to exist undisturbed in their natural environments. Zoos are, however, a currently established part of our society and a fact of life."

    "Even some AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) -accredited zoos contain forgotten and outdated exhibits. These inadequate displays are often obscured by the multimillion-dollar exhibits that tend to focus on the more glamorous species and habitats."

    "We also urge zoos to act as sanctuaries for wild animals, providing facilities for animals in need rather than breeding them for exhibition purposes or acquiring them from the wild or from exotic animal dealers."

  57. And please give to SCR blah blah... Remember, a bale of hay feeds a hungry horse for 3-4 days and you can buy that for $10 – what many of us will spend on lunch today.

    WTF world does she live in? A bale of hay lasts 1 or 1 1/2 days for my TB

  58. Anon 2:21 - might be a bale size difference. Bales on the east coast are 40- 60-ish pounds, bales out on the west coast are 90 - 100 or so. My point is west coast bales are huge compared to what I've seen on the east coast (and midwest) so that might be the difference.

  59. I want to know who spends $10.00 for lunch. At the local Chinese takeout I can get an eggroll,soup, rice, a drink and kung po chicken for $5.00. If I bring from home I can do it for $3.00. For a buck I can eat a baker and sour cream at Wendy's.

  60. Oh Fugs. Sometimes you do yourself proud.

  61. Uh... I'm going to lunch with Kaede.

    Just saying. XD

    ~DK who hasn't had good chinese food in quite a while.

  62. I'm not sure if it qualifies as good Chinese takeout. But it is cheap and filling.

  63. I miss BBQ pork and noodle soup with bok choy. My biggest regret is not having a dim sum restaurant close by.

  64. How do asian spammers get past my ping-counter?
    They do not show up as a ping. How do they do that? Why?
    Also, why hasn't blogger updated in months and months? Malware infested a site, and I'd never seen that before.
    iz blogger zafe??

    Exactly how spammers get past any ones ping counter is a mystery to me, I do artificial intelligence and Information science, not software or hardware.
    Why, so they can get their information out looking like it came from you. Some folks are just mean suckers and want to make life hard, most are teens rebelling against authority. I believe there is a lot of authority to rebel against in China. Some get paid for every time a person opens the info pack the spammer sends out. Send out a million spams and is only 1% are opened and at .01 a open that's $100.00 right there.
    I believe blogger is safe, or at least for us as users. Mostly it is just annoying that it looks like you are getting a reader who want's to know if you have hear of the latest enlargement device. I bet that blogger is currently doing their very best to get the spammers out. Too many annoyed users will soon jump ship and go to wordpress. There's money involved Go Lightly. You bet they want it fixed.
    Do you follow international news? China, Google, and the US are hotly debating what to do about this sort of thing. China want's to control the information getting into and out of China. US want's intellectual/creative copy rights protected. Google wants to keep $$ flowing in it's direction without appearing greedy, or as a sell out.

  65. He does have some quirks and naughty personal space issues = aggressive biter.

    Bet you Fug's $10 lunch that is what that means.

  66. I've gotten a couple of those pings. One in Chinese-which I simply trashed and the other came up in English. That one actually came from a Chinese. Perhaps that is how they are getting through?

    Too lazy to sign in-BEC

  67. Under the Herc update Great news!! Didn’t have White Line after all? Miss Fancy Pants should get a different vet.

    Fugs replied Well, that wasn’t her. That was our first guess when we saw a major hoof resection.

    She actually admitted to being wrong wow!

    Now that she knows he had a tumor removed maybe she will find out he is lame and will always be lame.

  68. Who roundpens TB's?

  69. today Fugs has posted a link to the Issaquah Press. It looks like Herc's former owner is trying to start an animal sanctuary. Maybe she's seriously feeling bad about taking Hercules to the auction and is looking to redeem herself. Everyone deserves a second chance, but watch those sheeples of Fuglys. They'll continue to rip her apart.

  70. Kaede wrote: Some folks are just mean suckers and want to make life hard, most are teens rebelling against authority. I believe there is a lot of authority to rebel against in China.

    There is also widespread suspicion amongst computer safety experts that the Chinese government is actually backing a lot of the DOS and DDOS attacks. And a lot of malware as well.

  71. Anonymous wrote: Now that she knows he had a tumor removed maybe she will find out he is lame and will always be lame.

    To be fair, I did look up keratoma on the web; the consensus is that the prognosis is actually better for a horse with keratoma than it is for a horse with white line disease (which is what FHOTD originally assumed he had).

    I am wondering about board in the Issaquah area, though. Does it really cost $350/month for stall board there? I assume it's stall board because until the hoof has finished growing out, he has to be kept out of the mud. That would be high for stall board in my area but I live in the middle of the country where land is abundant and relatively cheap.

  72. Anonymous wrote: Everyone deserves a second chance, but watch those sheeples of Fuglys. They'll continue to rip her apart.

    Even if she is trying to redeem herself, unless she does it exactly the way they think she does it, they will continue to revile and attack her.

    I found this kind of creepy: "And I will follow your ass to the ends of the earth if you try to suck donor money out of people to support your Ferrari habit."

  73. I found this kind of creepy: "And I will follow your ass to the ends of the earth if you try to suck donor money out of people to support your Ferrari habit."

    Ditto, GD- and great to bring up charges of stalking.

  74. I think it is a different Storybook Farm starting the rescue. I thought that the line about naming a rescue Storybook was the same as Charles Manson daycare ridiculous. Wendy Hsue did nothing illegal. It simply did not set well with Fugly's sense of morals. That is IT. Comparing her to Charles Manson is ridiculous.

  75. Anonymous said...
    He does have some quirks and naughty personal space issues = aggressive biter.

    I was wondering about that as well. I bet he's bit someone other than the auction guy.

  76. naughty personal space issues? He likely pins ears, bites and/or charges his handler. Maybe he kicks out at other horses, too. Has anyone thought that maybe he injured someone at Story Book Farm? A possibility.
    GD, boarding for $350 per month is pretty reasonable in Issaquah-if this covers box stall, grain, hay. Some places out here are in the $400+ range, esp. the h/j A circuit barns and dressage out in the Redmond/Woodinville area. I believe Hercules is somewhere south of Seattle, t hough. StoryBook Farm is in the Issaquah area.

  77. kaede, thanks.
    "I do artificial intelligence and Information science".

    I want your job.
    "I bet that blogger is currently doing their very best to get the spammers out. Too many annoyed users will soon jump ship and go to wordpress. There's money involved Go Lightly. You bet they want it fixed.
    Do you follow international news? China, Google, and the US are hotly debating..."

    That's what I find curious. Blogger "used" to do up dates. A reader/fellow blogger has jumped ship, citing too many crashes.
    sorry to hijack, it just mystifies me, really.

    as does this whole internetzNutzoSphere.

    GD, is it true, you are (dang, the name has left m..) Winterlakes, er something from SAFE?
    Just curious.

    and $350.00 for stall board sounds about right. Cheap, really.

  78. Go lighlty, It can be fun. Last year I spent a semester trying to get computers to recognize humor. I also am working trying to get a reading problem program up. The whole IP address thing is important to AI folk because who has info, who wants and how do they get it, it is an interesting problem. Do rural folks have the same shot at fast, accurate, timely info as suburban dwellers? Think about buying and selling used cars. Or perhaps the price of hay. Or what are "hot" crops to be planted for local consumers. Can I increase the use of information to small farms so they can know who and where their best markets are?

    On a different topic, anyone heard of Animal Legal Defense Fund? Are they wing nuts? Fugs has posted a video from them about a registry for animal abusers. I went to the ALDF website and while some of their ideas I disagree with, on first blush they don't seem crazy.

  79. So suppose somebody places and ad for a horse for sale with "naughty personal space issues" Slugs would have a hay day and translate it into about a million snarky variations.

    However, when she just throws it haphazardly into her update about Herc, it's almost kyoooot and obviosuly caused by round penning, and the lameness from jumping oops I mean white line, oops I mean Keratoma... etc. etc.

    Obviously you can only properly train by riding your horse in straight lines, bareback, at the walk...

    Slowly our "totally usable" TB Idol is losing his shine as each day goes by. Quick somebody to the auction we need another cash cow!

    "He bucks and farts like a 2 yr old".... Perhaps you mean that the ex -eventer that I bet is being pumped full of all sorts of food and not being ridden, and lives in a box stall is a little hot right now? What will we do???? GELD HIM!.... oh crap he has no balls....well just don't round pen him before you guys get on, no no no tsk tsk.

    Cathy have you ever tried to take an ex event horse out on the trails? Please blog about it when you do. We have a 22 yr old intermediate event horse we took out this weekend, almost danced his way in front of a semi.... Truth is Herc is BIG, sounds like a fairly hot ride, maybe great for an athletic advanced rider, but being one of those myself I can tell you we are not looking to buy old horses with soundness issues period. The recreational riders or keyboard jockeys (most of your readership) will most likely find this horse very hard to handle, even on the ground. Hopefully he finds a pasture pet home or is euthanized.

    I noticed the sheeple don't even notice that Cathy has printed a retractment, and continue to bash "Wendy's rescue'. Wait, Wendy doesn't have a rescue.... How could Cathy EVER publish false information? Surely this is the first time. Different day, same shit. Cathy why not just pull the post and cover your tracks?

  80. Anonymous wrote: I noticed the sheeple don't even notice that Cathy has printed a retractment, and continue to bash "Wendy's rescue'. Wait, Wendy doesn't have a rescue.... How could Cathy EVER publish false information?

    Did you notice that her very next post was advocating for the formation of a registry for animal abusers? If I were writing a book, I couldn't possibly put something like that in it, no one would believe it. It's like she couldn't think "are there any possible drawbacks to such registries? like, maybe, mistaken identity problems? Does that ever happen?

    Cathy why not just pull the post and cover your tracks?

    I think it's better she leave it up. It's more honest and I would usually think "perhaps she has learned something from this"... except apparently she hasn't.

  81. (checks blood pressure)

    haven't read ol' fugs in weeks, I feel GREAT!

    Thanks kaede.
    Absolutely not, to the question do rural folks get the same speed of information as city folks. I'm just on the outskirts of rural. It's 10x faster than dial-up. But, it ain't as fast as the in-city speeds.
    "Can I increase the use of information to small farms so they can know who and where their best markets are? "

    Oh, man, I sure hope so. Good luck!

  82. Who gets to define abuse? Is docking a sheep's tail abuse? How about removing dew claws from a working retriever? Is working a retriever abuse? To the dog or to the ducks? How about riding in a 3 day event? Some horses jump without riders, but I've never heard of one running an outdoor course without a rider. Using a curb bit? Is putting an unwanted horse up for auction "abandonment"? How about keeping cats indoors or keeping them outdoors? What about barn cats and sheep guardian dogs? To my knowledge the Maremma lives outdoors with sheep all the time, that is how they bond with their sheep.

    So if I live next to a PETA person, is my St. Bernard being abused when I put him on a play tape or is my neighbors dog with the shock collar and the invisible fence being abused?

    My friend in New England has a flock of 5 black Orpington hens with a heated hen house a 1/8 acre run. Are they abused? How about when she eats the non fertile eggs?

    Or as I'm afraid, the mere fact of animal ownership or animal use abuse?

    Discussing chopping off a cats paws may be dramatic, but that is not where law is made. Freedom of Speech cases are usually about porno or instructions on how to build a bomb, not calm, reasoned ideas about the 2010 census.

  83. Well, fugly could pull that post and replace it with the retraction for her nutjobs.
    As for Hercules, he very well could be dangerous and that's why he was at the auction. That's the problem with auctions, you don't exactly know why they are there.
    We have a horse at the barn that only I handle because everyone else is afraid of him. Quite frankly he scares me a little but I just know his tricks so I'm confident I can keep myself fairly safe, and he's a gelding. He's owned by someone that never comes around so I exercise and groom him but we are all worried about the day the guy can't afford him and gives him to some novice for free. Of course we at the barn will let anyone know his issues, but if he takes him out what there's not much we can do.
    I wonder if this was Hercules issue as well.

  84. fhotd says:
    March 3, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    They are gonna learn on the 14th of Never.

    Watch for another huge expose about a the-truck-is-coming rescue, coming to the Fugly blog soon!

    I hope this is going to be the one that has ads on her blog.

  85. Hey Go lightly
    It's what I like to do. One of the big information issues in the rural areas around here is growing hay. I am not kidding. There is a growing population of performance horses and no one is growing hay for them locally. Most of the local hay farmers are putting up hay for beef cattle. Which as I understand can eat poorer quality of hay than can a performance horse. I'm trying to get some of the local small farmers to set up lines of information to some of the performance horse owners. Some of the farmers don't want to change, some are afraid of the investment in a new crop and (to them) unproven buyers.
    Lot's of old tobacco farmers (soil is very poor due to the tobacco) are now growing soybeans/flowers for the local upscale restaurant. Also free range Ameraucana or Marans chicken eggs for sale at farmers markets. I'm trying to get small farmers who have been traditionally out of the information loop to learn how and where to tap into an information pipe line. To see if this new venture (free range eggs, goat milk, lambs for the local Muslim population, flowers, horse hay, soybeans for humans, what ever) is something of interest to them and worth the investment to change what they have been traditionally growing.
    Rural school have a problem attracting reading recovery teachers. Can I make an AI system that may not replace a reading recovery teacher, but help the classroom teacher with figuring out why Tommy isn't doing word internal word analysis. That way we can (hopefully) catch reading problems earlier and only the kids with the most intractable problems need a RR teacher.

  86. She has completely gone over the edge. I believe it is against the law to threaten and harass people who have done nothing illegal, like it or not.

  87. Ohhh, this just makes me so MAD:

    GreenePony says:
    March 3, 2010 at 4:04 pm #17
    Have the fake tails come off the horses and now being put on the children?

    AppyHappy says:
    March 3, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    Oh, no! The fake pageant hair! I’ve seen it once before at the App youth worlds, and I was struck with fear that it might become a trend. People, please, for the love of all that is good in this world do not put fake hair on your daughter when she shows her horse. It is distracting and just downright stupid. Actually, don’t ever put fake hair on your daughter, unless your are a pageant mom, in which case your are beyond help anyway. Sorry for the OT fake hair rant!

    crissy says:
    March 3, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    But what I REALLY love are the “gunts” on those women. Keep rockin’ the FUPA, laaadies.

    MelissaV says:
    March 3, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    At least it looks like she’s got a great kid’s horse – it’s more than half asleep in every pic.

    The kid in question has a beautifully turned out horse and the kid looks great too. NOTHING IS WRONG other then some folks don't like the kids' HAIR. This should be REMOVED. Fugs has complete editorial control of her blog. She has removed some folks for stating such "controversies" as give to Haiti rather than a rescue. No abuse is going on in the pic. Well turned out horse and young rider. And she is being slammed because some folks don't like her hair style?!

  88. I just had to go and look up what a "gunt" and a FUPA were. I'm sorry I did. I've taught my kids and my students that if they can replace a description with Clef palate, wheel chair or dark skin
    (But what I really love are the Clef Palates on those women. Keep rockin the wheel chairs ladies.
    People, please, for the love of all that is good in this world do not put dark skin on your daughter when she shows her horse. It is distracting and just downright stupid.)

    and they cringe then there is something WRONG with that sentence or idea. Revise it before printing it. Especially if you don't know if the skin (or hair in the above case) is fake.

    Maybe we should start a registry for callous whom we suspect of being psychopaths due to the things they say about people on blogs. I think I would be more worried about some of Fugly's followers than someone who docks a sheep's tail.

  89. It was suppose to be "for callous people"

  90. Thank you Kaede I looked it up too and if that's the followers she has she deserves them.

  91. Under the You've got to be Kidding me post, nameless bystander let fugs have it! Poor Cathy got so upset she posted ..fhotd says:
    March 4, 2010 at 10:49 am

    OK, I totally f’ed up the formatting. I apologize to those of you I’m about to give a migraine to…

    Cathy you ignorant cow. Wendy doesn't give a shit about you or what you say. She thought about taking legal action against you but why waste the time or money. The part about her children though was low. You are nothing but a time bomb in need of some serious mental health therapy.

  92. I do believe that under current law horses, cars and art works are all considered private property. Like it or not horses are not companion animals like cats but livestock. And, well, people eat or work livestock. Which is one reason the same standards of abuse aren't followed for livestock as is companion animals.

    Otter says:
    March 4, 2010 at 10:46 am

    "I agree with SmartChic, in addition to the standard of Innocent until Proven Guilty, listing as soon as charges are filed would open up the listing to abuse. Just think what a nasty vindictive Ex- or just-plain-Asshat could do with that kind of setup.

    Cathy's response:

    But the newspapers already do that…what’s the difference?

    So does

    If both places already report and record animal abuse why do we need another place? Unless there is a subtext (like vigilantism) I'm missing. Cathy sounds like she wants to start abusing people.

  93. Cathy sounds like she wants to start abusing people.

    She already does. There's more than one way to "abuse" someone. She does it all the time, shows no mercy and goes after any and everyone, including children. She just manages to squeak by getting away with it because people don't have the money to drag her to court and that is the substance on which she counts.

    IMO, She's no better than a man who beats his wife and then says, "you made me do it".

  94. Now my eyes hurt...I also had to look up the put downs. People never fail to amaze me with their ignorant cruelty. A problem that may be created by common illnesses and aftermaths of surgery should be a reason to poke fun at someone?!

    Fubb (f'd up beyond belief!) is going after kids again? That is just sick and wrong on so many levels. It amazes me that any adult would even tolerate that. Ever.

    And the Herc horse has issues?! Who would have guessed. Do you think the people that jumped on board to 'rescue' the horse are going to pay for the doctor bills when the horse hurts someone? Nope, me neither.

    Cathy already abuses people.

  95. Fubb (f'd up beyond belief!) is going after kids again?

    Not at the moment but give her a day or two. I'm sure one of her ilk will supply her with a website made up by a child that she can pick apart, abuse and otherwise destroy, and have fun doing it too.

    Love the FUBB label. I think I will use that to refer to her in the future.

  96. Ahhh, I went back and re-read one of the posts and I guess this is what the poster was referring to when she posted:

    "The part about her children though was low. You are nothing but a time bomb in need of some serious mental health therapy."

    What did she say about this woman's children? I refuse to read her blog myself because I don't want my "visit" there to add to her "hit" count.

  97. It's one thing to be concerned about a child abusing a horse. It's another to go after that child for something as silly as her hair style. FUBB.

  98. kestrel wrote: Now my eyes hurt...I also had to look up the put downs. People never fail to amaze me with their ignorant cruelty. A problem that may be created by common illnesses and aftermaths of surgery should be a reason to poke fun at someone?!

    What's worst about it to me is that when I looked at the photos, most of them appeared to be of children and teenagers.

    The kind of mentality that makes a comment like that about ANYONE of any age boggles me but particularly little girls and teenagers.

  99. When FUBB and her followers are desperate because they can't find anything else to pick on, they will go after whatever it is they think they CAN go after; hence, the snark about that one child's hairdo. I think she looks darling. Who cares if it is a hairpiece. It may very well be the child's own hair curled and pulled into a ponytail. I think the style is darling and the child looks just precious with that half-asleep horse standing by. If that were my daughter, I'd be very proud of her and the horse.

    Maybe they are jealous because the kid looks better than they would look if they did what she is doing.

    Kudos to her and her parents. I want that horse. Ha ha ha

  100. I haven't been on FHOTD for several months now, so I get my info from the posters here. It sounds like the "same old shit, different day" scenario is still the theme of the blog. How tiresome is that?

    One thing to remember about Fugly, she can certainly dish it, but contrary to her claims, she sure as hell can't take it. Examples of this behavior have provided me much amusement.

    Funny thing about her and her army of fugtwits is that if you go after them with knowledge and common sense, they can't defend their position, hmmmm, wonder why?

    Back in the day, when Fugly actually had some credibility, I was a follower, sadly, those days have been long gone. She, and everything she is involved with are merely a joke.

  101. That girl and her horse are both cute as buttons. Real or fake, who cares? Have they really stooped so low that they need to attack who has no defense?

    Why don't they go kick homeless people? They're already heading down that path. She touts herself as Robin Hood, but really she's just Prince John.

  102. Whatever happened to the old fugly crew, anyway? The ones who used to be just as mean and nasty to the victims (in comments) as she was on the post? The last few times I've bothered to read the comments, it seems like it's a new crew, don't recognize any of them.

  103. Maybe the old crew got fed up when they began to realize that too much negativity and trash talk was not really good for their mental, emotional and physical health. Maybe they began to realize that a daily dose of meanness and, often times, copious amounts of MISinformation began to wear them down, make them feel depressed or put them in a foul mood. So, they decided to walk away, to surround themselves with positive activities, positive reinforcement and found that is what their souls needed to feel good again.

    Or maybe not.

  104. The post on Fugs about Herc the horse in the comment section is pretty much what I have been told.

  105. Newest rescue from Fugs' Blog

    We need your help! We are in need of emergency funds to pay the vet, purchase medications, chiropractor (if needed), feed, etc. & eventual transport to Falconridge, etc. This mare has been suffering for days and days! We were told that she was being given 1 scoop of bute per day. That is equivalent to 1 bute tablet…..not near enough for an injury that causes a horse to lie down frequently. Horses do not lie down that much or that often unless they are in great pain!”

  106. Sounds like she is responding to me on her blog.....

    Cathy Atkison of Fugly horse of the day says:"I am the first to admit that Herc can be pushy on the ground.

    Me:(please define 'pushy' it's a pretty broad term)

    Cathy Atkinson: But I have also heard eyewitness accounts...

    Me:(Hey unless you cite your sources by name, it's all your opinion or hearsay)

    Cathy: ...of Wendy roundpenning the living shit out of him (a SEVENTEEN HAND HORSE!)

    Me:(Please define round penning the living shit out of something).

    Me continued:(1. what the hell does that have to do with being pushy on the ground? It's sort of like saying "My son kills people, but his GYM teacher used to make him run laps."
    2. So it's ok to round pen 16.2hh VERY average colt, but not a horse 2 inches taller? I bet herc even has very high withers and probably measures closer to 16.2 at his saddle position.)

    Cathy:[good lord I don’t think that EVER belongs in a round pen]

    Me:(Cathy Atkison of fugly horse of the day way to alienate any of your readers that start their large young horses in round pens, where the space is small and safe, you are way too bright. Doesn't Horse Illustrated, the Magazine Cathy Atkinson writes for, feature articles about round pen techniques?0

    Cathy: and I’m willing to bet this is what created the pushy attitude.

    Me:(I am willing to bet my nicest horse it didn't).

    Cathy: He is not some kind of killer attack horse…we’ve had the damn horse since DECEMBER and the worst thing he has done is be pushy/challenging.

    Me: ( As above please define challenging, does he challenge you to a game of tennis? Also why wasn't his soundness looked into more in December, when you got him? From the time he left the auction until you posted about the vet report did he see a farrier or veterinarian?)

    Cathy: when loose in the arena. Has not bitten, has not winged kicks at anyone, has not ever been rude in the stall to my knowledge and I’ve cleaned the stall around him.

    Me:(ok then please describe what issues he DOES have, there shouldn't be a need to hold back. As a rescue it needs to be 110% transparent as to what this horse does to warrant being labeled "naughty".

    Cathy:Gee, maybe he’s acting better because…he hurts less and we’re nice to him…ya think?

    Me: (Define "better" You said he is still lame and he bucks a lot and is pushy.....Holy hell you sound like the people you flame. "Maybe My horse bucks me off because he's having fun!"

    Having Multiple ex racers I am gonna say, no he is most likely being a TB, probably hopped up on a combo of high calorie intake and low expenditure. Be careful with all that stall rest and high calories you are looking at developing a cribber, weaver, major colic, or founder. Ps please don't forget he is older and well competed that stall rest for most of the day is really going to aggravate his arthritis! Please find him a pasture and let him live out his days rollin in the mud getting joint supplements. I do like our chats though keep them coming.)
    Ps. We will follow YOUR ass to the ends of the earth calling out every false or hypocritical statement we can. You can bet on that Cat.

  107. A few comments here:

    The reason no one actually sues Fubbly is because she owns NOTHING. Rents/begs rooms, old clunker car (possibly repossessed if other accounts are true), has nothing of value to sue for. Jeez, by her age, most people have earned something tangable and of value.

    As for Herc being LESS pushy on the ground, in almost three months she and her crew have not settled that issue? Give me a break. He has plenty of time to learn his manners if he is going to ever have them. This village has an idiot and her name is Cathy Atkinson.

    As for the old posters, when Fubbly starting losing her credibilty and started her all out war on Dena, she lost us. She did as much harm to Dena's children as anyone could and promoted the mob mentality. Attack!!! Attack!!!
    Leave kids alone and quit being a bully.
    Oh and the former posters were "painfully stupid", ya know.

    Incredible that HI would allow this woman to submit anything more than a job seeking ad.

  108. When was this Herc gelded? His issues could be stallion behaviour from residual hormones or learned stallion behaviour.

    Fubbly's description of "challenging" is interesting. I bet he's challenging.

    It depends on the size of the round pen. A large horse should be in a large round pen. Endless circles are hard on the legs.

  109. Well if that don't beat all. Went to visit the site to see who was getting abused now, and this is what I got:


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.63 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ PHP/4.4.9 Server at Port 80"

    Pardon my ignorance, but does that above mean you have to be "invited" to view her blog now?

  110. "The part about her children though was low. You are nothing but a time bomb in need of some serious mental health therapy."

    This was in reference to what she said about Wendy's parenting skills She has since edited that post and removed it.

    Fubbly = perfect or as she would say Win!

  111. What? She had a change of heart? change of conscience? Or is she just covering her sorry butt because making reference to one's parenting skills and/or attacking children is seriously frowned upon and makes the attacker look like a FUBBLY ASS. But it doesn't take much for her to make herself look like one.

    Even if she did make the blog invite only, someone will ultimately pass on posts she makes and responses from her FUBBLES so that the honest critiquing of her and her blog can continue.

  112. This is the 2nd time recently that the Forbidden error has popped up. It's only because she messed up her html again, not because she is blocking people.

    Fugly will never take her blog private. That would ruin her "faux-famous" status.

  113. Written in the comments section to Fubbly by an insider from the barn that Herc came from-
    "I see you’ve noted some “issues” – You ain’t even seen the SURFACE if what you’ve mentioned is all you’ve seen, problem-wise, from him. He can be a sweety, but he can just as quickly turn into a downright dangerous monster with zero notice. Don’t turn your back on him in a stall, and if he comes at you in the open, be ready to stand your ground, ’cause if you don’t, he’s going to do you serious harm – You run/dodge/similar, and the “game” is on for him, and you’re likely to wake up in the emergency room wondering what the hell happened and why you’re in so much pain."

    Now why did they have to warn her?

  114. hmm. March 5, 12:46 pm,
    so I'm thinking that ol' Tiny isn't the angel Fugs goes around saying he is.
    How many times has she said that she has no problem with aggressive horses being euth'd?
    someone is going to get hurt, and it's not going to be pretty.

  115. So that's why they decided to put Herc down and not retire him. It's because he's dangerous. So the truth reveals itself. I wonder how long it will be before Fubbly and Co. decide to put Herc down.

  116. Oh, so they're going to euth Herc?

  117. Wendy did try to retire him she contacted SCR and SCR did not answer her email. How does Fubb know Wendy wasn't going to donate to his care? I think the whole thing is just a big cash cow for both Fubb and Katie. Typical bullshit

  118. I'm assuming that they were going to euth Herc by selling him at auction? It's just a speculation.

  119. "Really, folks, I’m not the enemy some of you think I am. I just want the truth to get out in situations like these so that other horses aren’t tortured by the bad trainers – and if I don’t scream and shout, these things tend to stay under wraps and then innocent people (like poor Nicole Marr) take their horse to the Big Name Trainer without a clue of what is about to happen to it. And sometimes those horses suffer damage that can never be fixed."

    Oh for shits sake ! Now she is the new messiah for horses???
    Right, fugs ,its all about the horses ! I believe you darlin , but I have been drinking!

  120. Anonymous have you been drinking the Fubbly Bubbly?

  121. Hahahahaha! I love it! Fubbly Bubbly! Perfect! At least it beats the kool-aid. XD

  122. "Really, folks, I’m not the enemy some of you think I am. I just want the truth to get out ..."

    Oh, please. Just admit you LIKE to scream and shout, it makes YOU feel better.
    Tying a horses' head 'round, it's ok, as long as you say so.

    The above "I'm NOT the enemy" line sounds like the pleadings of a nutbar.

    FubblyBubbly, that's brilliant.

  123. I'm speculating, but I think that once Fubb found out how many people read this blog it started to bother her. Now, she's following it regularly and trying to appease people.

  124. Oh yes she is pissed to be on the radar for once and called out on her crap but this takes all....

    From Herc's Facebook

    Hercules the horse I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has said "if I win the lotto - you're on the top of my list!" So, here's what I'm asking... if each of my fans would buy one (or two) Lotto tickets and send it to SCR we would have over 1,400 chances to win!! YOU could be the one to fund an awesome charity and sanctuary for life.... It's only a one dollar investment!

    Now I know they are drinking the FubbyBubbly! Please feed our gambling habit LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  125. Hercules the horse FYI - all lotto tickets sent in are entered into a spreadsheet (date of drawing, type of ticket, numbers, who sent it). This makes it easy to sort on the dates of drawing and then sort by numbers to see if there is a winner. We've got a plan - just need the tickets!!

    Yeah Ill bet if they get a big winner they will announce that *SNORT*

    Im thinking the State needs to look into SCR's finances

  126. Well, it looks like yet another gimmick that other rescues (whether they are on the up and up or scammers) will use this ploy too. It's unbelievable what people who are TOO DAMNED LAZY to EARN income to feed their horsey habit (and call it rescue) will do to rake in the dough without having to lift a freakin finger. I have gotten to the place where I despise horse rescues in general and downright refuse to donate to anyone anymore. If I want to rescue a horse, I'll do it myself and pay for it all myself. While I won't be able to brag about the numbers I have "saved", at least a couple of horses will get a second chance at life. That includes paying for someone to train the horse to ride the trails so the horse has a job in life.

    God I hate rescues more and more and more as each ridiculous plea for bucks floats across the internet waves.

    These rescuers need to get up off their lazy asses and get a JOB.

  127. FubblyBubbly...That's awesome. ROFLMAO!

    As for fugs' comment, "I'm not the enemy...but if I don't scream and shout these things tend to stay underwraps..."


    Whatever did the equestrian society do before fugs came along?

    I've known of a lot of horse trainers that were "outed" long before the invention of the fugly blog. Nicole Marr? Was that the Cleve Wells incident? If so, fugly is taking a lot of credit for something she had nothing to do with.

    But that's what people like fugly do...take credit for things they really aren't part of.

    This whole Herc thing is just ridiculous. The only reason that horse managed to become a poster child for fugly and SCR is because he was a TB. Can any of you imagine that they would have gone to the lengths they have if he was some broken-down, nasty-tempered, foundation-bred old rope horse?

    I think NOT!

    I'm sorry...what exactly is the difference between improperly "round-penning" a 17HH TB vs a 16.2HH WP horse or a 14HH cutting horse? Improper use is improper use.

  128. If Hercules would have been a Mustang, Fugshit would have called for him to be euth'd right from the get go. She is very biased about what deserves savior and what doesn't. Pretty much a horse bigot if you ask me.

    Now off to take care of my 3 unregistered, cross-bred, apparently loser (according to fugs) horses who have far more talent than anything she has ever owned. TTFN!

  129. please tell me the lotto ticket thing is a joke? They would rather have 1399 dollars worth of tickets that LOSE for the chance that 1 ticket is a winner? WTF that is throwing away 1,400 dollars which could buy a shit load of hay for the CHANCE to win big. I think this is the most hypocritical thing to date. I seriously am waiting for my head to explode.

  130. This is most definitely a gripe of mine: she makes a big deal out of rescuing a TB, no matter how unsound or aggressive the horse is. Then the begging for money begins. Remember Champ? Another unsound TB for whom she reeled in donations. The hype surrounding Tiny aka Hercules has spun completely out of orbit. I agree with CCC and others, how often do you see a sound paint, a pregnant grade QH, a hippie-maned foundation QH, a vanner, a mustang, or gasp, a yearling who happens to be out of a TWH dam and by an appy sire rescued by her?
    She cherry picks. It's that plain and simple.

  131. Can all this hoopla over Hercules be grounds for investigation for unscrupulous and suspect begging for donations for Hercules' care?
    how is this any different than those scammers who target the elderly via phones (and these guys do get prosecuted), the Nigerian scammers, or pyramid schemes?

  132. unless they put it in writing that 100% of the proceeds from any winning lotto ticket will go to rescuing horses SOLELY, then sorry no deal. Money changes people and if these people won a million I gurantee suddenly VLC would be moved to a VERY big name trainer, inside his brand new gooseneck with living quarters. You CAN buy a stallion a reputation, trust me. It really makes me sick, and even sicker that people are going for it. If I won the lottery I think I would donate to human needs like Haiti, Darfur etc. Not a podunk rescue in the PNW that selectively rescues horses that will pull in money. Can we just call Cathy $cam already? She seems to be living her life verbatum.

  133. I saw somewhere that Wendy had tried to donate Herc to SCR and was ignored. Anyone else see that as a great game plan. They knew he would be a great "mascot" so they wait until he goes to Auction because that makes a better story with a villian. If we can get the email Wendy sent to them trying to find him a home, that would be great.

  134. I'm guessing that although Herc ole' boy has a 1000+ fans(I'm guessing as I have never been to his facebook page), there aren't that many people actually donating to his cause. The artwork sold out fast...but it was a beautiful piece of art. Heck, I would have bought a print for myself.

    Is it just me or is SCR and fugly's begging for money for Herc remind you of those commercials you see for the starving children in 3rd world countries..."for less than a cup of coffee a day, you can change a child's life...blah, blah, blah".

    Then they did that big expose' on just how much of that money made it toward purchasing food and how much of that food actually made it to those countries. It was pennies on the dollar.

    So what I'm wondering is...Is the rescue earmarking all of Herc's accumulated donation money just for him or is the money collected in Herc's name going to a general pot to pay for the other rescue horses too?

    If people did send in lottery tickets and one of them hit for a substantial amount, would that money be Herc's or is SCR going to stick it in a general fund?

    How many horses does SCR have that have the potential to become using horses?

    How many more pasture puffs can the equine market stand?

    Who killed Jimmy Hoffa?

    This is one of the things that bugs me so much about fugs and her "rescue" poster children...When things go badly or people start questioning where the money is or went...She has, as always, placed herself in a non-culpable position. She did not buy Herc at the sale. She is not directly involved with this rescue. She did not collect any of the funds herself. At the end of the day, she can do exactly like she did in the "Champ" fiasco and say that all she did was use her blog to get the word out.

  135. Yet she is the one updating the hercules facebook no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  136. Ah, BEC, eloquent, as always.
    Hilarious, and sadly true, allatthesametime.

    I hadn't thought of how pathetic the lotto ticket idea really is. I wonder if they get a cut from the sales of the tickets?
    It all washes out, doesn't it.

  137. March 6, 2010 at 9:31 am
    fhotd says:

    "Thoroughbreds break down literally every single day. Stop crying and go rescue one that still has 4 good legs and is going to slaughter anyway"

    From the March second blog
    "He (Kaede in here: Herc the 17th lame thoroughbred rescued because he bit a kill buyer) wasn’t quite sound enough to ride yet the last time I went to see him so we’re hoping for this month. He does have some quirks and naughty personal space issues when he’s loose in the arena"

    I do not think Cathy is evil. I do think she needs to be held accountable.
    Has she joined the Grand Dutch of Fenwick, on whoes flag is a double headed eagle with one head saying yea and the other saying nay? and that along with Sir Richard she learned three things in school:

    1. That "Yea" might be turned into "Nay" and vice versa if a sufficient quantity of wordage was applied to the matter.
    2. In any argument the victor is always right.
    3. Though the pen is mightier than the sword, the sword speaks louder and stronger at any given moment...

  138. BEC and CCC,
    So true. Fubbs would never save a mustang, a cross, a QH, or a FQH.

  139. you said it, bhm.
    dog forbid that one of them ever gets *their* own Facebook page.
    There are so many poor, unfortunate souls out there that go through the auction and never even reach Fubbs' radar.
    But a TB? Even though he's got an uncertain future ahead of him with regards to his lameness, and his 'personal space' issues and so-called naughty quirks, he's a keeper in her mind, so let's fork over donation$, folks.
    And since when is a kill buyer the devil's spawn? Even Fubbs herself used to quote another kill buyer at the top of her blog. He made the comment that he's just cleaning up after people who have to go out and breed their mare.

  140. Why is so much money being wasted on a an old Thoroughbred that doesn't have good ground manners at 17? Sure, he shouldn't go to slaughter, he should be kindly euthanized. Isn't she always bragging about how cheap it is? Okay, so take the donations and euth him, then go rescue a horse that has several years left to be a nice mount for someone. She's always posting those auction reports, lots of young horses going to kbs that could be salvaged.
    Ridiculous waste.
    As for the attacks on kids, parents, everyone that happens to appear on a horse w/out a helmet. I really get the feeling from reading her comments that a good deal of her responders are teenagers or single, childless and angry women that just enjoy being part of the crowd, like in middle school when kids would talk bad about someone and then someone else would join in just to go along with the crowd.

  141. brain warp # 9845938459385
    In her snarky response to the poster on her blog who pointed out Wendy tried to donate Herc, it sounds as if she is in fact agreeing that it DID happen just that way. (don't try to back peddle Cathy Atkinson, because the emails will come out eventually), and they were apalled that some rich woman would try to donate her horse to them.

    I have a VERY hard time donating or supporting a rescue that turns horses away because of the owners financial status and then 'rescues' same horse and turns it into a ' WE ARE THE SAVIORS" story.

    And IF in fact Fugs and SCR did know about him before he went to auction then was the whole
    "help us find his owner post" a planned PR witch hunt. It sure worked, I will give them that. They really are some sick people. Should have been politicians and left the horses alone.

    On a side note. My uncle is a faily known and respected AQHA judge/breeder, has been for quite a while. I asked him about how "Big Yellow Caddy" would be received in the ring after all Cathy's shit storm. He hadn't ever heard of Cathy or the blog, so I gave him a litle run down and showed him the very few photos of Big yellow Caddy.
    I asked him what discipline he would recommend based on the few photos. He responded maybe a trail horse?
    He said he wouldn't worry too much about it because IF the pictures depict his true look then he will not make it to the point where a serious AQHA judge would have to deal with placing him. Obviously that is just one opinion but since I don't do QH's at all I thought it was interesting.

  142. I get the feeling that her followers are mostly teenagers and early twenties.

  143. If you could get the emails then it would make a great post.

  144. Fugs is turning into the Pat Parelli of Natural Horsemanship...

    At one time it may have been all about the horse.

    Now it is all about the marketing.

    Herc has beome the "carrot stick"-LOL

  145. The humane society in Minneapolis has very little respect from animal lovers. They have in the recent past put down puppies for play biting, and immediently euthanize any pitt bull that comes into their shelters. I'm glad to see someone else speaking out against them.