Friday, February 5, 2010

Kitten cuteness

TBy the way, if you are interested, I put my kitties baby pictures up on the Trooper and Sarah blog.


  1. This has nothing to with kittens, although I may head over and look, love kitties, but the latest crap I found on Fugs blog was calling out an obvious Nigerian scammer. Of course the angry mob all went for a visit to said scammer's site.......I thought what a bunch of fools & Ignoramuses! When you go to a site like that, the scammer collects your IP address and wham, he's got what he wants....Why oh why is this world so full of idiots.........I actually have recently found you and have added you to my blog roll.....I was never taken in by her fodder and actually, this was one of the first visits there in approximately 2yrs, not since she derailed my friend, Mikey, at which time, I went in undercover and said my piece........I see you also visit my friend at Oh Horse Feathers........good people, they are.

  2. Yes, I also visit jme.

    If you want to write a post about Mikey you are welcome to do so. Or any other topic for that matter. I'll post it for you.