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I wish to address the FHOTD comments on Dena (I keep looking on the Voodoo thread, but I can't find the comment. Did she remove it?). Many have heard about Dena's current troubles so I think it's about time I state my opinion on it. If Dena has done anything wrong then she will pay for it. Her actions, what ever they are, do not condone certain blogs and BB dancing with happiness and gloating over misfortune. There is a young child and animals that are experiencing the fallout from the events so if you are truly concerned about horse welfare get your ass over there and make sure everything's ok. Start acting like humans concerned with the welfare of horses and children rather than flock vultures circling the corps. You really are reaching new lows.


  1. She removed the first post here is the one under Its a good time of year...

    fhotd says:
    February 17, 2010 at 8:28 am

    While of course I am equally delighted about karma finally doling out what has been deserved for a long time (and hope the legal system will punish her to the fullest extent of the law – there’s a very long record here including assaulting an officer, drunk driving and drug possession, among other things), the individual in question loves nothing more than attention, even negative attention…so now that the news has been shared, we’re going to end it here.

    Unfortunately, there are many like her. A drug addict will do anything for a fix. Boy am I glad my mom scared me into never even trying anything. Thanks, Mom! And lock up your tack, everybody!

    Fugly is no better than anyone and Im glad your all sticking up for your friend Dena. She has always made me smile. I hope things work out for her.

  2. Well said bhm , and enough said.

  3. And THIS is precisely the sort of harm I think FHOTD does.

    Assuming the charges are true as stated, is anyone truly surprised? Dena has been in and out of legal trouble for years, which makes it nearly impossible to get a good job or to get many types of assistance. Just looking at the problems she has had in the past, it's clear that she needed help then. She came to the attention of FHOTD because she needed help with an electric bill.

    Dena was ASKING FOR HELP. Her animals were not suffering but she needed help. Instead of giving her the help she needed or, at the very least, lauding her for swallowing her pride and asking for assistance, FHOTD chose to attack her.

    What good did it do? None so far as I can see.

    And now Dena is in more trouble and FHOTD is rubbing her hands over it.

    But within a few weeks, I predict that FHOTD will be bemoaning the terrible economy. She won't see the connection between the suffering that someone like Dena goes through and the consequences.

    And, eventually, once again FHOTD will also mention her own formula for what to do if you face a personal economic disaster: ask for financial help via things like gelding or feed, sell or place your horses while they are still in good, well cared for condition. Without seeming to see the irony inherent in viciously attacking people who do ask for help.

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  5. Anonymous wrote: Yeah, Dena needs help alright. A straight jacket, some medication and a padded cell to start and please no access to a computer.

    And that was the sound of the clue jet going right over your head.

    If someone advocated treating a horse with behavioural problems by immobilising it in a rope rig, sedatives and strict confinement away from other horses, I suspect you'd be screaming about abusive and ineffective training methods.

    That stuff doesn't work with humans, either. Doing it harder, meaner, worse does not work either.

    We've seen in the last few years that the trickle-down economics of the Reagan era do not work. We loosened up regulation on our markets and got a huge housing bubble collapse for it.

    When are people going to realise that the other relic of the Reagan era, harsh sentencing, doesn't work either?

  6. I wouldn't think on it, Grainne Dhu, it's just one of fug's sheep that crawled out of it's hole.

  7. I erased the the Anon comment because this thread is only for well wishes and warm thoughts for Dena. I brought this topic up because I thought that someone had to publicly tell the vultures and sheep to back off!

  8. GD,
    I worked in the mental health field before retiring. I couldn't agree with you more.

  9. I think, thinks me, that sometimes ill-wishers need to take a long, close look in the mirror, seek the facts in a case, cast no stones nor pass no judgement until they have the facts straight in their heads. Sometimes things are not quite what and how they seem. Sometimes people need to be given the benefit of doubt. Before anyone starts tap-dancing on someone else's misfortune, they need to make sure it is....

  10. The only ones who are truly suffering in this tragedy are her children, animals (who are probably being well taken care of by family members/friends), husband and other family members. However, to be honest, this is not a misfortune. If she is, in fact, guilty of theft, it was a choice she made, not some calamity that befell her. When people choose the act, they choose the consequence.

    I sincerely hope she is not guilty of the charge of theft and I wish nothing but the best for her and her family. If she is guilty, she needs to account for her actions and pay the price.

    My thoughts and prayers go to her and her family during this very difficult time.

  11. Wow, and here I thought I was still in America where you're 'innocent until proven guilty,' and THEN punishment is meted out appropriately. I do not personally know Dena, but whatever or whomever she may be, no one deserves the Klan mentality that has been directed at her.

    I saw nothing to prove that she has ever been a mean person. No starving horses, etc. Some problems yes, but mental illness is an illness. It's a health issue. The spiteful cruelty of supposedly sane people would lead me to avoid such sanity at all costs! Meanness of spirit is the ultimate sin. Many things are done out of ignorance or illness, but to be deliberately cruel is the most mortal of sins, in my book.

    GD, you said it. I think everyone needs to realize that 'there but for the grace of God, go I' and that beating a horse that's trying probably doesn't encourage that horse to keep trying.

  12. I've been thinking on this every since I got that creepy random email from that Tulip Hill person. (Did anybody else get that? Hello, Dena never emailed me but you did?. It's not like I couldn't figure it out without that - this is all over the horsey internet!)
    I'm not one to judge folks on allegations and accusations (and especially not via the internet!), that's up to our court system which while not perfect, is the best thing we got going. And Grainne Dhu, I agree entirely with your sentiments and our treatment of fellow humans. When did we loose the ability for compassion?
    I wish the family whose tack was stolen and Dena the best in all this as I would any living beings. If Dena is not guilty, than I hope she will be so proved and the real culprits caught. If she was guilty or had a role to play in this, then I hope she can own up to that, pay back her mistakes and emerge a better person.
    What bothers me about all this, and how it is now playing out via online, is how it is one more example of the "high school clique" mentality that seem to be prevalent online. At least in the horse world. Another round of Fugly vs. Dena with all their supporters and enemies, the assorted snobbery, bitchy comments and general mayhem. Ridiculous. Fugly and those of her ilk don't get a pass from me on this behavior but neither does Dena and hers, at least based on past Dena and her camp online rants. Nor does this site receive a pass from me, while I understand the sentiments of why you put it up are many of the same I've just stated and I'm all for healthy discourse and reasoned debate, it still just seems to degenate into a "Oh yeah???? Well remember when she told Joe that Judy was really a big bitch but NOW she's acting like they are best friends because she really just wants her spot as head cheerleader? Oh, and SHE DIDN'T FEED HER HORSES!..." Blah, blah, blah.
    If anybody follows my postings (although I don't know why you would!), I always tended to post on the discussions that weren't a big clusterfuck of snarkiness. I enjoy the sites (and the comments) when they are witty, amusing, have good information or healthy debate. I'm not afraid to post my opinion if I think somebody else is off base. But I always keep in mind that it's my opinion - not "gospel truth" simply because I spoke it. While I often find Dena to be extremely eloquent, funny, knowledgable and to have opinions I have come to share on horse rescue issues, I avoided Dena's site when she was slamming on various enemies in her life and making vague references to their bad behaviors. I avoid FHOTD when it was behaving the same. In fact I debated posting this rather than ignoring all this and let it play out as it will. But I decided I felt strongly enough about this to go ahead and do so.
    I truly hope Dena can walk away from all this ridiculousness online and, guilty or not, focus on what is important in her life. Forget the internet friends or enemies, forget the horses for that matter if it comes down to it. Own up to her mistakes, even if they are only in creating too many enemies, and focus on what is really important - that little boy.
    Here's to a gentler, more compassionate, more HUMAN world...

  13. Anon,
    Even if she is guilt, no one knows this for certain. I still think that it's important to counteract the bile.

  14. Since, I've been away from said Fugly blog, I cannot comment because I do not know the story of Dena........ And it doesn't come to light searching on said blog either. However, Didn't ole Fugs steal some tack from someone she also berated on her blog? Can someone fill me in? Curious........

  15. Counteracting the bile is a good thing because it (the bile) serves no purpose other than to "incite" the masses. No, none of us knows if the allegations are true and she did, in fact, steal the saddle and other tack items. That is for a court to decide based on evidence the authorities have. If she is innocent, that too will be shown.

    I have liked Dena because she is very smart, very funny and, more often than not, expressed sentiments with which I was in agreement.

    I think the use of her past problems against her online have been appalling and should never have been brought up in the first place as they had nothing to do with whatever horse related complaints people had against her. Personal life/problems should never be used as a tool to hurt people even more than is already being done to them because of some horse related incident or other problem.

    She, along with many others, has been treated very unfairly on the internet because of people like Fugs and her ilk.

    I really hope she is able to get through this and goes on to be the witty, smart, compassionate person she has shown herself to be, in spite of her rants online.

    As to Fugs stealing tack from YHI, yes that is what YHI claims happened. Only Fugs and YHI know the truth about that. The rest of us are just witnesses to the online commentary of both parties, much like everything else to which we are witnesses.

    I still wish Dena the best and look forward to her subsequent posts and entries on her blog.

  16. Callie,
    It's on the YHI thread from last month I believe.

  17. "No, none of us knows if the allegations are true (and) she did, in fact, steal the saddle and other tack items."

    I meant to type the word IF, not the word "and". Sorry. Fingers are not working right this morning.

  18. For evil to succeed, all that is necessary is that good people do nothing.

    I started reading fug's blog because one of her rabid followers attacked me for finally breeding a very few horses that I personally would want to ride. I should have been rescuing someone else's mess. I've spent many years of my life doing just that already!

    Fugs is being brought to task for her own behavior, since she has been more of a culprit than Dena in not letting it go. As a matter of fact I've rather admired Dena for not laying down and accepting a public humiliation from the cheerleader squad. Fug's cruel postings created the drama, and meanness is not acceptable. Especially when children are involved. Dena may be the posterchild of the revolt, but I also remember fugs attacking other people and children for infractions that did not involve cruelty to animals (remember the little boy in a diaper brushing his horse?!), so Dena is actually the least of my distaste for fug, and it is sad that she has had to bear the brunt of internet gossip and spite.

  19. general applause, thank you PF.
    Things sure got weird.
    Did TulipHill say that your e-mail was automatically generated?
    I got one too.

    Strange, eh?

  20. Did anyone find out who TulipHill is?

  21. What was this tulip hill email all about; Dena and this latest problem? Glad I didn't get one. Yes, the behind-the-scenes email campaigns do a helluva lot more damage than postings on public boards do. It's sickening how others use this private venue to embark on their smear campaigns and go so far as to butt into a situation by directly contacting those in authority, emailing the supposed offender, trying everything they can to destroy people's lives literally. Of course, since I don't know what this particular email contained, I'm not claiming that it was defamatory or destructive toward Dena. I'm just talking in general terms as pertains to private email campaigns.

  22. Three Plain Bays = Tulip hill. I believe someone posted a link to her sight. I too recieved and email from her.I take issue with that ,in that I alone decide what I think of a situation,and no amount of coersion esp from a total stranger will make up my mind for me. Recieved and unsoliceted email from someone ,who has chosen to revel in someone elses misfortune is NOT OK. I also recieved a phone call form someone asking me about this issue. I am going to give the caller the benifit of doubt that her call was just what she said ,one of concern ,but it does surprise me at the very least that I would be tracked down from the blog comunity

  23. I am heartbroken for all those that have been personally affected by this situation, adult, child and animal alike. I can only have faith that this is recified and those qualified to sit in judgement do so apprpriately and justly. That is what our US legal system is for.
    On the other hand, I have been a follower of the Fish board since it's inception and I can only say the sheeple are stupid. The very people calling their outrage have publically admitted their own crimes and seem oblivious that since this matter came to light of LE, every single one of them can be under scrutiny.
    Talk about idiots.

  24. I truly hope that Dena's family is not suffering additional pain due to the negative postings. No child should have to have that lumped on them in addition to everything else. I also am reserving my opinion as the justice system has just stepped in. My prayers for her family at this time.

    Fugs has one thing correct, karma is something to watch out for. You spread enough bile and it will come back to you (and I mean the sheeple who are gleefully rubbing their hands at another's misfortune).

  25. My prayers for Dena and family!

    I found something perfect for Fugly to enter since she is vegan and likes doing crotch shots :)

  26. Well, It sounds as if she (Fugs) unleashed her mob on somebody once again. As I said, I do not know the story. I do know this, in fact that if it was anything like "the Mob and Fugs" did to my good friend Mikey in June of '08, than it wasn't pretty, certainly unfair and out of control as usual. Precisely why I hadn't been there since after I said my piece and as much as I'm dying to comment on today's thread over there, I simply cannot bring myself to "subscribe". Too bad for this woman and as it has been pointed out, our system of justice is supposed to go by the standard of "innocent until proven guilty". And if all of this has hurt and innocent child and family members as well, than there is just no excuse. What a shame...........

    And Fernvalley, How scary is that? To have received phonecalls.

  27. Fugs doesn't stand a chance in winning that contest; there's too many beautiful women that have entered it already. Besides, who wants to encourage her to get a free trip to Hawaii? BTW, didn't she go to NE last year? Who paid for that? Her? Her followers?

  28. My prayers for Dena and her family. I don't know what's going on, and honestly, I'm not going to stick my nose into it, because it is not my business. Just like it's not any of fugs business, either. It's sad that fugs has such a small quality of life that she has to take joy in someone else's pain without thought of what is going on in the lives closest to those of Dena's. I know the Bible warns about people reveling in someone's misfortune.

  29. Anonymous wrote: However, to be honest, this is not a misfortune. If she is, in fact, guilty of theft, it was a choice she made, not some calamity that befell her. When people choose the act, they choose the consequence.

    Anatole France had something very apt to say about that:

    "Autre motif d’orgueuil, que d’être citoyen! Cela consiste pour les
    pauvres à soutenir et à conserver les riches dans leur puissance et
    leur oisivité. Ils y doivent travailler devant la majestueuse égalité
    des lois, qui interdit au riche comme au pauvre de coucher sous les
    ponts, de mendier dans les rues et de voler du pain."

    In English:

    "Another reason for pride, that of being a citizen! For the poor
    citizenship consists of supporting and sustaining the power and
    idleness of the rich. They must work for those goals before the
    majestic equality of the laws, which forbids rich and poor alike to
    sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread."

    My point is that Dena has been struggling emotionally and financially for a long time, with precious little help. IF these charges are true, are they truly surprising? Even a mouse will turn and fight for its life when forced to.

    Right now, the economy sucks but I suspect most of the people reading this do not realise that the suckage is unevenly distributed.

    If you break out the statistics according to income, unemployment and underemployment amongst those making more than $120K per year is hovering around 5%. That level of unemployment is exactly what is considered to be the ideal level to avoid undue suffering but maintain a healthy flow of jobs and workers.

    If you look at the statistics for people making less than $13,000 per year, the picture is very different. Unemployment is around 30% and underemployment is around 20%.

    The respective lines on the graph incline and decline evenly between income levels, which means that the more money you make, the less you're hurting from this economic crisis.

    It's clear that the economic crisis is hitting hardest amongst those who are least able to. I am not privy to Dena's financial information but I don't think it's unfair to assume that she's probably closer to people making $13K per year than people who are making $120K per year.

    Is it really true that someone making a decision to steal when they have endured years of poverty is making the same decision to steal that someone who has had financial plenty makes?

    I don't think so. To think otherwise is, I believe, to say that it is wonderful that the law prohibits the rich as well as the poor from sleeping under bridges.

  30. A very good point, GD, however, I have to say this and this is not to accuse anyone of anything as I said before , I do not know the story, but what you've just written compels me to say this: One must learn to live within their means as well and a lot of people on lower income are quite capable of doing so. Yes, yes, the economy sucks and sucks more for those in the low income bracket, but it does not matter who you are or your level of income, you should always live within your means and if you take on the responsibility of children or animals in your care be sure you have at least enough in reserve in case of emergencies. IE: Only take on as much as you can provide for including an emergency. I and my husband ourselves, have done this very same thing. When the times were good, we ourselves did not choose to spend, spend & spend, but instead set our sights on providing enough ahead for exactly when the it gets rough. That includes getting our last child through college and I keep only two horses, what I can afford. Oh I have tons of available credit, but we did not use the house for a bank nor did we max any credit cards as the companies continued to up the limit. And I thank God right now for using restraint. I'm not saying Dena did this as I again state, I do not know the situation, however, you can learn to live within your means. And that includes the amount of animals you keep. Again, I don't believe it's fair to kick someone when they are down either, certainly that is NOT right. They should all have the humility to think "there, but for the grace of God ,go I" And I for one am thankful, we thought ahead.

  31. The good news is Dena's home. Apparently someone has sold her their tack and then reported it to the police as stolen while collecting the insurance money. She has the receipts. Family and pets are fine.

  32. Callie wrote: One must learn to live within their means as well and a lot of people on lower income are quite capable of doing so.

    I was extremely blessed in that my parents did give me the skills to do so. My husband and I, our three dogs and four cats, live comfortably on less than $7,000 per year. My savings goal each year is usually 20% of our income and I'm already a little bit ahead on that this year.

    But here's the thing. Way too many people weren't given that blessing by their parents. They don't know how to budget, they don't know how to save, they don't know how to weigh value against price, etc. And they don't have the emotional resources to implement those skills.

    People who have more money have more of a cushion against these sorts of shortcomings in education. If they are homeowners with a mortgage, they can take their interest off their income taxes; poor people who rent cannot deduct their rent payments (the mortgage interest exemption is the largest welfare program today followed up by the exemption of health insurance benefits).

    So people who are very low income are often two steps back: they don't know how to live within their means and they aren't extended the financial privileges that make it easier for higher income people to lack financial skills but still live comfortably.

    And I won't even get into dissecting out the effects of race on all of the above because it's not relevant in this particular case.

    Another factor to consider is a sort of existential despair that many poor people face. It seems so clear to you that deferred gratification (saving money for future goals) is a good thing but it's not at all clear to many poor people. For many poor people, all their life experiences tell them that deferred gratification will be denied gratification.

    Poor people tend to live right on the financial edge (as do I). If they start saving up for some goal, inevitably something will come up that they will have to use those savings for so that they never attain their goal.

    If an emergency cleans out your savings once or twice, you can look at it as a piece of good fortune: thank the ghods I had savings in my time of emergency. But if you never get to the point where you can spend your savings on your goal, then the motivation to save starts to wane.

    And when so many emergencies not only clean out all your available funds but leave you further behind, then the existential despair sets in. The present is all that matters and if there's a choice between saving some cash for the future or spending that cash on some frivolous gadget now comes up, the frivolous gadget (short term feel good) wins.

    People joke that life is uncertain so eat dessert first. It's only a joke if your life experience tells you that you will probably survive the meal.

    I know next to nothing about Dena's situation. But before castigating her for not living within her means, I'd definitely want to know that she really does have the education and emotional resources to do so.

    Otherwise, it's just more picking on the poor for being, well, poor.

  33. "Another factor to consider is a sort of existential despair that many poor people face. It seems so clear to you that deferred gratification (saving money for future goals) is a good thing but it's not at all clear to many poor people. For many poor people, all their life experiences tell them that deferred gratification will be denied gratification."

    I'm liking you more and more, Grainne Dhu. I grew up in a poor family (and escaped due mainly to luck), and I can tell you that what you're saying here is absolutely true.

    I'm happy that Dena is back home and safe. I had a feeling that despite all of her hardship and trouble, she wouldn't do something like stealing tack. It would endanger her family and animals, and even at her weirdest, she seems to put the highest priority on those two things.

  34. I'm not picking on Dena, as I stated before, I don't know the story. Or her situation. Nor am I picking on the poor. I've been there. What I do know is my own story, of which I learned from, maybe some cannot learn from their's. I grew up in a trailer after my parents, who both worked lost their home because my Father was in a truck accident and no longer to do the work that had allowed them a home. At the time, I did not know any different as a child, that I was "trailer trash". I do know this, however, I worked my ass off to finsih college with an infant, not much help either, and get a profession. I also worked my ass off to purchase my first home which I am still in and keep a roof over my child's head. As to home interest being claimed on taxes as welfare, I take issue. I still have a mortgage to pay and as to Health Insurance benefits, I actually am highly taxed on those benefits. And I work in the health field, go figure. And I pay a large amount out of my wages for those benefits. Not to mention what still comes out of pocket for health care, co-pays and percentages on scripts. Now as a person with MS, I could easily say , screw it!, I'll claim disability and y'all pay for my health insurance through Medicaid & house through SSI & pay for my kid's college. I choose, instead, to work a weekend program 12 hours a night for the full time benefits to help support my family and my interests. Does that make me some sort of saint, Hell no, but point being, I worked and worked and still work hard to get to where I am. I wanted and wanted as a kid. I wasn't able to purchase my first horse until I was 37, it's now 10yrs later. It can be done. I grew up poor. Am I wealthy? No, do I have the means to support what I have, yes. Careful planning and hard work and lessons learned. The other point to be made is we all have our own story........It's what we do with it that defines us.

    And bhm, that is good news for Dena, I read her blog post. The truth shall prevail.

  35. I would rather be named as stupid, a sheeple, follower, supporter or any of the other names and have an open heart and be wrong than be a cynic and right.
    Peace Dena. And even more prayers to the ones who wish ill will. They need it much more than you.

  36. And here's one more point.........Another thing that I noticed that Fugly followers have always seemed to do is pick out quotes from others that suits to arguement rather than taking into consideration the entire comment. All of it. I've done that once in my life, here, funny enough. I will not do that ever again. I have no doubt that was done to Dena as well on Fugly's blog, seems to be a theme. It was when she started her blog.

  37. I think most people don't realize that they are one illness or accident away from being a "welfare bum". Any type of medical problem will eat through your savings and property quickly. Often, with in months, the person and family is destitute. After, that they become part of the working poor where they don't earn enough to pay for food and housing at the same time. Many of the homeless are working poor where they work one or two jobs but don't earn enough for rent.

    If you finish high school and don't have the resources for post secondary you may find yourself in a catch 22. In this case the person is not working in a job or can't find a job that pays enough for them to attend college and they can't get a better job until they completed college.

  38. bhm, I totally agree with your statement and unfortuneately it's becoming more and more the "norm" these days. I also agree that is harder and harder to get out of the poverty track, more so now than it was 10 or more years ago. And I do hope that I am not condemmed here for wanting and working to make it just that much better for my child than I had it. I worry too that even coming out of school with a degree may not get her that job in this economy. Nothing is guarenteed. I will also step up and apologize if I offended anyone with my statements.

  39. I'm so glad that Dena proved FHOTD wrong!

  40. Callie wrote: As to home interest being claimed on taxes as welfare, I take issue.

    But it is an exemption available to those with mortgages that is not available to those who rent. It is, in effect, a re-distribution of wealth but since it is one that is mostly available to the middle class and wealthy, it is often considered more acceptable. In fact, to even suggest it is a form of welfare (unearned benefits) usually inspires cries of protest.

    In the interests of full disclosure: I saved until I could buy my home outright because I do not really trust banks. I had deep misgivings about co-owning something so important as my home with an entity that wouldn't cry over me if something bad happened to me.

    So I saved, I did not borrow.

    As for SSI, it is incredibly difficult to qualify for. I had two friends with MS who each died of their MS before the Social Security administration decided that they were disabled enough to qualify. Ironic, huh? And yet a very common story.

    Different areas vary but in most areas, people on SSI are only allowed $2000 worth of personal possessions excluding a single vehicle. If you own a house, you have to sell the house and live off the proceeds until you have less than $2000 worth of assets before you can qualify for SSI.

    It's not as easy as it sounds to qualify or to live with.

  41. Wow. Where is Dena's blog?

  42. I'm starting to wonder if fugs didn't piss off the wrong person? She's starting to sound like a broken record with the...

    fhotd says: February 18, 2010 at 4:31 pm
    "I’ve always said that this is an opinion blog – NOT in ANY WAY an expert resource. Therefore, my opinions – and everybody else’s – are just that."

    Yes, Cathy....there are many, many people who already knew that you are no expert-LMAO!!

  43. Alright, GD, You win, You know all and again take what you want out of context. Did I not say I payed a mortgage? Good for you to be able to own your home outright, good for you. I thought this had ended, but obviously you have to have the last word. Fair enough. At least I had the bullocks to apologize if I offended anyone. And with any luck at all, I'll croak from MS long before I have to use any SSI, there won't be any there when I retire anyway.

    Here ya go Anon

  44. Well isn't that the pot calling itself black.

  45. Callie,
    I don't feel offended by anything you said.

  46. Timothy Leary "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

  47. Whoo! I KNEW Dena would be ok! Prayer power is good!


  48. You people are an endless excuse Pit. It never ends with you. It's everyone and everything else's fault. One pissy lousey excuse after another full of emtion to avoid any reality. The very reason most things are going in the dumps. You'll back Dena's crap up everytime instead of pulling your big girl panties up and taking personal responsibility.

    Jezzus... You'll never accept the blame or personal responsibilty for anything you do. Just another excuse, a blame & escape from reality.

    People like Dena Suck. She's abused the system to the max. We don't need more parasites.

    Good God... How can you women support someone who turned her back on her own children and leads a life of criminal behaviour. That speaks volumes of your values.

  49. Hmm...should I follow the advice of Fugly who would have me harden my heart toward the poor and the afflicted (read: mentally ill), or should I follow the advice of the Bible which blesses the poor and the afflicted?

    Here are a few samples of the Bible's explicit instructions regarding the less fortunate:

    Luke 6:20-21. Blessed are you who are poor, for yours in the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who hunger now, for you shall be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.

    Deut. 15:7. If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers, in any of the towns of the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand to your poor brother; but you shall freely open your hand to him, and generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks.

    Prov. 31:8ff. [Commandment to kings.] Open your mouth for the dumb, for the rights of all the unfortunate. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.

    There's more where that came from. The Bible is full of explicit directions about how we are to treat the less fortunate. Or to put it another way:

    "Another thing to note about these verses is the lack of caveats-- the lack of excuses. None of them add "...once a year" or "...when you feel you can" or "...if they're moral" or "...unless they're black" or "...if they speak English". We have plenty of reasons (I'm sure you can think of a dozen) why we can't go out and feed the hungry, why we have to turn away the needy borrower-- and God help us, how many of us have sold so much as a lawnmower in order to have money to give away? But all those reasons belong to our sinful human nature, not to God. God just wants those needy people helped." (From:

    Remember, Christ spent time with prostitutes and lepers. He died on the cross next to criminals. He was not a snob. He did not pass judgment on those who were despised by society. He had more contempt for the moneychangers in the temple than he did for the common criminal. His was a radical message of victory over greed and prejudice.

    The funny thing is, I'm not even a Christian, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to throw my lot in with Christ's ideas and not Fugly's. Somehow I think the Nazarene teacher had a little more insight into some universal truths than a 40-something woman from California who has an axe to grind.

  50. Callie, I had not realised I was offending you. It's difficult for me to "get" the right tone in text and I often fail.

    I know I tend to over-explain things, out of my own fear that I'm not really good enough at it.

    I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

  51. Anon 11:22, That was beautifully put. Thank you.

  52. Callie,
    I hope I didn't say anything to offend you. You have my deepest respect. I had a similar circumstance to you and I can't imagine doing it with a child. Actually, what you said is not incorrect. Poverty has a variety of causes.

  53. I found this on Buddhism:

    As His Holiness the Dalai Lama mentioned:

    "When reason ends, then anger begins.
    Therefore, anger is a sign of weakness."

    Is anger or hatred ever justified? A direct answer from Allan Wallace in 'Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground up':

    "'Righteous hatred' is in the same category as 'righteous cancer'or 'righteous tuberculosis'. All of them are absurd concepts."

    This does not mean that one should never take action against aggression or injustice! Instead, one should try to develop an inner calmness and insight to deal with these situations in an appropriate way. We all know that anger and aggression give rise to anger and aggression. One could say that there are three ways to get rid of anger: kill the opponent, kill yourself or kill the anger - which one makes most sense to you?"

    And as Khenpo Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche mentioned:
    "Some people feel patience is showing weakness or pessimism.
    But, actually, patience shows the strength and clarity of mind, which are based on wisdom and compassion.
    Without proper wisdom and compassion, one cannot practice patience."

    But of course not only Buddhism recognises the shortcomings of anger, in the Bible for example in Psalm 37, 14-16 it reads:

    "The angry ones draw their swords, the angry ones aim their bows
    To put down the poor and the weakened and to kill those who walk on the path of righteousness.
    But their sword hits their own heart, their bows will be broken.
    With his poverty, the righteous one is richer than all the angry ones in their abundance."

    "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
    The Buddha

    "If subconscious anger had a parallel in Buddhist writings, it would have to do with what is called mental unhappiness or dissatisfaction. This is regarded as the source of anger and hostility. We can see subconscious anger in terms of a lack of awarness, as well as an active misconstruing of reality."
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  54. SO handy to pull out all the Buddhist crap when defending a theif, but turn it around. Doesn't it speak of all your hatred toward Fugly?

    It cuts both ways, dumbass.

  55. No one hates Fugly. We all hate the behavior of Fugly and her followers and will stand up and speak out against it when necessary. There's a big difference in hating the person and hating the behavior of the person. What Fugly is doing and has been doing is just plain wrong, especially when the behavior on her part is rewarded with accolades, praise, notariety, income by way of ads and however else she accumulates payments, and finally, has earned her a spot in a national magazine, all because her brand of snark and hatred is deemed to be acceptable. It doesn't matter that people's lives are shattered, their reputations are destroyed based on, many times, misinformation she acquires and then passes on. This tragic incident with Dena is a prime example.

    I'm so glad that the situation with Dena involves the man who reported the items as being stolen is really the culprit in this as he apparently may have tried to defraud an insurance company by claiming the items were stolen, not sold to her.

    He will pay the price for his "sin" against Dena, if it is true that he did this.

  56. I was the anon at 11:22 who posted the quotes from the Bible. I sometimes have trouble with my Google log-in/profile when posting here. (I know a few other people have said similar things, so I'm hoping it's not just a big failure to understand technology on my part.)

    BHM, thanks for adding the quotes from Buddhism. They were spot-on and really show how many of the world's major religions call for peace, compassion and love. Bill McKibben, the noted environmentalist and a life-long Christian, talks about how Christianity has been bastardized and twisted in the United States in his wonderful essay "The Christian Paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong." (

    My favorite lines from that essay read: "Here is a statistic that does matter: Three quarters of Americans believe the Bible teaches that 'God helps those who help themselves.' That is, three out of four Americans believe that this uber-American idea, a notion at the core of our current individualist politics and culture, which was in fact uttered by Ben Franklin, actually appears in Holy Scripture. The thing is, not only is Franklin's wisdom not biblical; it's counter-biblical. Few ideas could be further from the gospel message, with its radical summons to love of neighbor. On this essential matter, most Americans—most American Christians—are simply wrong, as if 75 percent of American scientists believed that Newton proved gravity causes apples to fly up."

    Anyway, to all the people who come here and say "why bother" or "what's it to you" or "why do you care" or "you're obsessed with Fugly," I can only say that I find her particular brand of scorn and anger deeply disturbing. It's spiritually and emotionally empty, and it does more harm than good. And that's why I'm here. If I can help question or counter her opinions in a way that helps even one person see the other side or another viewpoint, I'll be happy.

  57. "SO handy to pull out all the Buddhist crap when defending a theif, but turn it around. Doesn't it speak of all your hatred toward Fugly?"

    You are correct only in the fact that those people who come and make personal attacks against Fugly based on her personal life (who she's slept with, etc.) or who call her names are not, in my opinion, in step with the spirit of what I see as BHM's goals here. (I'm speaking for you BHM, and I hope not out of turn.)

    I feel the idea here is to get people thinking about the harm that Fugly is doing to others--the spiritual and emotional violence she is perpetrating on others by "outing" them or by opening up their lives to public shame. Fugly seems to do this without thinking about the far-reaching consequences of her actions, or at least I have to assume this because the alternative--that she is doing this knowing full well that she is destroying people--would make her truly evil in my book.

    She says she speaks to protect the unprotected (animals), but she hurts the weak, the poor, children, etc. It's a paradox that I find insupportable, and she is ultimately doing more harm than good and all while profiting from her actions. As the 6:27 a.m. anon says "What Fugly is doing and has been doing is just plain wrong, especially when the behavior on her part is rewarded with accolades, praise, notariety, income by way of ads and however else she accumulates payments, and finally, has earned her a spot in a national magazine, all because her brand of snark and hatred is deemed to be acceptable. It doesn't matter that people's lives are shattered, their reputations are destroyed based on, many times, misinformation she acquires and then passes on."

    Finally, I noticed you didn't go after me when I posted Biblical quotes, but you felt you could slam BHM for posting Buddhist quotes. This made me think you might self-identify as Christian. If so, I encourage you to think long and hard about your feelings about other religions because you may find that you have more in common with your Buddhist (or Islamic or Jewish) neighbor than you might think. Ironically, if we are all following a true path in our faith (not fundamentalism in any of its guises), we are all likely to have similar goals.

    I most closely identify with Buddhism, but I'm not foolish enough to believe that my religion has the cornerstone on the idea of love, peace and compassion. I admire Jesus Christ and His teachings a lot because He did deliver a radical message to his followers that is, at its core, eerily similar to the message that the Buddha delivered 2,500 years ago.

  58. Anon,
    I don't understand why you've come over here in a rage. What are you really angry about? It isn't Fugs as you don't know her. So, is it more to do with Dena? Did she insult you?

  59. Sadly enough, Dena has become the poster child for a lot of people's stand against the cruelty that fugs and her followers perpetuate. I mean, really, no one deserves to be attacked because they actually had the gall to ask for help. If she has had issues in her past, well, who hasn't? To prejudge her guilt or innocence based on internet reports is childish and sad. That would be up to the courts, or society is just a bunch of ignorant villagers with torches, heading out to burn the witch. Get a grip!

  60. Fugs have never come after me. I have several bones to pick with her 1) She is a hypocrite. All stallions need to prove themselves before being a stud. WEEELLL, I do believe that BYC has two foals on the ground. Yes, I know they were unintended/she didn't breed them. He is 5, where are her show stats? How many people would she vilify if they had a 5 year old stallion and two foals on the ground, none of which had done anything? A good temperament and a pretty color? "Off with his balls" she'd cry and and folks would start hunting the offender down with hate mail, spam bombs, night time drive bys, anonymous threatening calls, and vile descriptions of how the owner of the stallion should be tortured.

    She does this not only with "BYB" but people with kids doing things she doesn't approve of, rehabbing horses, rescuing, fat folks, folks with invisible disabilities [not all invisible disabilities are depression ya know, not all MR people are downs, not all disabilities (invisible or not) respond well to medication. Remember the paraplegic who ended up in a driving wreck? People originally acted as if whe was "too fat" to get out of her cart.]

    2. I resent her because I'm now scared to post funny pictures of myself, my trainer and fellow riders, as I try, at age 50 (or so) to learn to ride a new discipline. Funny thing happen yesterday, I hit my trainer up side the head with a whip. One of the other riders got a hysterical photo of it. Did I mean to hit my trainer? No. Was I trying to do a new maneuver with it? Yes. Was my trainer and my timing REALLY BAD? Yes. Was any one hurt? No. I don't dare post that photo for fear that Fugs will find it and scream "Rich woman abuses hard working trainer"
    There is another photo of my kicking my dog. It looks really bad. I was doing some swing dancing with a fellow rider, (swing dancing is fun in full saddle seat attire) my dog joined in. Dog got kicked. We look abusive, we had an accident.

    3) she spend lots of time bashing disciplines/breeds she knows nothing about. Saddleseat can look mighty strange if you know nothing about it. The horses can look even stranger, especially if you are use to HUS or WP.

    Fugs is setting herself up to be the next BIG BROTHER. "Watch what your are doing, because Fugs is watching you."

  61. GD, It's ok, I've got no problem, we're cool.......As to the Anon that just blasted everyone here for sticking up for Dena, did not Dena just prevail in court?, so what's your point about criminals......Am I missing something? OH and Fugs is welcome to come and snatch pics of anything I've got and pick it apart, I have nothing to hide, never had......never will...Cathy doesn't scare me.......Boo! It's all out there. And Kaede, don't let that Crappy Cathy intimidate you. We all know what she's really about.

  62. Fugs has only as much power/clout as people give her. Her abhorrant behavior, and that of her followers, is taking its toll. People who followed her, applauded her, chimed in to the feeding frenzy that is that blog have walked away. New people chime in but have or will tire of the nastiness/gossip/mean-spiritedness that permeates that blog and they will walk away too. This blog has been created as a counterbalance to all that Fugs spews forth.

    People can only take so much negativity before they get fed up and her popularity wanes.

    Fugs has only as much power/clout as people give her. Don't give her that power. Post any funny pictures you want to post, explaining what really transpired in that picture so your readers would know the truth. Anyone with even a little common sense and good judgment won't fall for any turning and twisting Fugs would do and will call her out on her grandiose/convoluted BS.

  63. To a couple of topics:

    First, with an income that puts me in "upper middle class" territory, I greatly appreciate the annual tax deduction on my mortgage interest. I've owned my home since I was just barely at "middle class" level financially. Owning a home has costs to the occupant that renting does not, as well as benefits to the community that renting does not. I greatly appreciate the incentive the gov has given me to own and maintain my home, but I'll be ecstatic when I finally pay off my mortgage.

    Second: an author I admire has said that "anger is fear in disguise". If you are angry about something, ask yourself what it is that you fear? I've found that asking this question of myself whenever I'm angry helps me to either get rid of my anger, or find something productive to do with it.

  64. I have been poor. As in avoid running appliances to keep electricity bills low, eat Top Ramen because it's cheap calories, etc. I noticed then that I paid more for a lot of small things than my better-off counterparts did Car insurance, interest rates on loans, the laundromat instead of a washer and dryer (it doesn't take long for a washer/dryer combo to pay for itself compared to the laundromat), etc.

  65. Why is Fugly so angry?

  66. Oh And bhm, You did not offend me either. I like that I've found this place. I like that people are seeing what I saw so many years ago and shouting it out. I actually appreciate it. I try to live by the words, "harm none". Now with people who go out of their way to make life difficult for others who may not be as strong as I am, I take issue, hence my dislike for Fugly, not hate, general dislike. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I also defend my friends or people I think are good people from all over the map of economics, beliefs , or whatever, if they have been bullied or stepped on by the likes of people like Fugly. If that make me wrong, than it will be my issue to deal with, when Someone or Thing of a Higher Power calls me out. It will on my conscience, my self. And I take my own accountability. And as I said before, I am not offended. MS is great that way, one forgets easily, the small stuff, Ha! LOL!

  67. Fugs is setting herself up to be the next BIG BROTHER. "Watch what you are doing, because Fugs is watching you."

    Hahaha, oh heavens no. She'll never get that big. She may think she is, but in reality, off the net, she's just a little pebble in the horse world. Real horse people can spot a good dose of self righteous BS a mile away and can avoid it. It's just those who aren't eductated of her ways and behavior that often either fall victim, or hop on her wagon. There's still a whooooole lot of real horse people that don't bother getting online and those are the ones who wouldn't give fugs the time of day.

  68. bhm, I was raised Buddhist and have circled back to it in my old age. Something I have noticed is that Buddhism and Christianity have basically the same messages about how to treat other people, so long as you stick to the actual texts and don't get lured off by other people's interpretations. "Prosperity gospel" indeed!

    Callie, I am glad you are okay with me. I often fail the teachings of my childhood but I guess that just means I have more goals to strive for.

  69. hls,
    I really enjoy your comments and input.

  70. Thanks BHM. Right back at you. It saddens me to see how cheapened the discourse on the Internet can become. People don't seem to realize that we can have a good discussion without attacking or name-calling, or maybe it's the anonymity of the Web that makes it feel like anything is possible. I think you're inviting people to do important work, not just in questioning Fugly but also by modeling what decent, informative exchanges can sound like.

  71. Echo hls. This is a great conversation! Too tired to add anything at the moment, but I'm enjoying reading it.

  72. PF,
    Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  73. Oh the irony:

    "FEBRUARY 18, 2010 AT 5:51 PM FHOTD says:
    That echoes my opinion. It is exactly like wanting my charity dollars to go to good horse rescues that help horses, not scammers that use the money for themselves." (

    Since Fugly has refused to formally account for how and where the money she collects for various charity cases is used or goes, it seems to me that she falls into the category of "scammer" until she provides proof. It very well could be that she has used the money to genuinely benefit animals in her care, but it's impossible to know HOW because she has heaped scorn on anyone who might ask that very important question.

    To the Fugly followers who are reading this blog and thinking the folks who hang out here and ask questions are jerks, please keep in mind that Fugly is not a non-profit rescue entity. She is a private citizen who claims to be helping horses, but the truth is, the money you send her can be used in any way she sees fit--from actually helping that half-dead charity case to buying a new piece of tack for herself. The question is: what happens to the money you entrust to her for her various causes?

    So, I'll echo Fugly: if you must give to horse rescues, please give to ones that fully disclose their financial records and that have good track records for making sensible rescues (not the celebrity kind, but the useful kind) and that are able, willing and excited to provide transparent access to their inner workings when the information is requested. Don't give to minor Internet celebrities who swear they are giving your hard-earned dollars to good causes.

    And to Cathy (a.k.a. Fugly) who I'm pretty darn certain reads this blog: Please think about writing a post that details, line-by-line, how you've used the various donations you've received in the past few years. It would go a long way toward satisfying some very angry people, and it would make you look like the hero. Everyone wins, especially your credibility.

  74. And I'll add, for the benefit of the loyal Fugly followers: what sets Fugly apart from other regular citizens who help a few horses here and there? Fugly tears to shreds anyone who dares ask for a dime to help with hay or utilities or anything related to helping rescue horses if the person in question isn't affiliated with a legal non-profit entity (and sadly she sometimes even rips to shreds legal non-profit rescues). So, why would you give to her and not to any of the so-called scammers she targets? Because isn't she doing the very thing she accuses, rightly or wrongly, those people of doing?

    I think you know the answer to that last question, and if you examine it for more than five seconds, I imagine it will make you uncomfortable, and it should. She is not exempt from this scrutiny just because she has set herself up as an expert and runs a blog and writes for Horse Illustrated. In fact, she actually should be held to a higher level of accountability because of her minor celebrity status.

  75. The problem with Fugs reporting where the money went is that it would be her word only. Until she can provide receipts for donations passed on to whomever, she can tell the masses anything she wants about where the money went and they will believe her. If she gave the money to a non-501(c)3, that person probably failed to give her a receipt. She could easily contact them asking them to please vouch for her and we would have to take their word for it.

    Documentation proving where the money went is needed. Even then, that documentation could have been conveniently manufactured just to cover her butt.

    Nobody will ever know the truth about what happened to that money.

    People need to donate directly to the person or charity that needs it. They should not go through someone else. There's never any guarantee your money will end up where it was intended to go unless you donate directly and get a receipt, if you so choose.

  76. Yeah, no kiddin'. I sure made a huge mistake in sending her little empire $$. What an idiot I was made out to be!
    Through the whole Champ debacle, I was amazed that NO-ONE (i.e., eg. the farrier that had posted about working on Champ)
    EVER piped up in the comments.
    Ever. That would have helped, a bit. My e-mail is posted in my profile.

    Nothing ever was sent, except fugs little glowing "Thank you".
    But no. I must be on drugs, asking for a scan of a receipt. From the vet who euthed, or the farrier that worked on him.
    They sure clammed up, when I asked questions.
    Maybe if I was actually ON drugs, it wouldn't have mattered so much.
    Oh, well.

  77. You didn't make a mistake if your money went for its intended purpose. You gave with a clear heart and conscience and you will be rewarded for your kind heart.

    One good thing now is that you recognize just how "iffy" giving donations to Fugs is and you won't be doing it again.

    Count yourself among how many others whose eyes were opened and whose wallets were closed to Fugs.

    We all learn lessons in life and this is one of them. Don't beat yourself up thinking you were foolish. No one who gives out of a pure heart and desire to help is foolish. The responsibility for accountability lies with the receiver, not the giver.

    Thank you for caring about whatever horse it was to whom you donated. Your desire to help is what matters and where your money ended up rests solely on Fugs' shoulders, not yours.

  78. GL - You should never feel bad about donating where your heart was. Even if it wasn't what you deserved back.
    As a former sales person with a lot of marketing skills, I find if amusing that folks are so upset by the Hercules rescue while others are so taken with it. To me its a, well OF COURSE! When you are doing what she, basically actively promoting her views on horse care and rescue issues, an animal with a "story" like that is a no-brainer. I.e. "He bit the kill buyer!" You always look for the person, thing, whatever with the "compelling story" to sell. He's got it all. Did that make him a better more worthy horse than the one in the next stall over Heck no. Was Fugly thinking those exact thoughts when she got involved, heck if I now. I just know as a marketer myself, you immediately grab up the thing with the "story." Cuz otherwise it's a hard sell!
    The whole thing with rescue that I guess I keep in mind, I don't think it's truly possible to do it with no other sentiments than complete altruism. Not financially possible, not emotionally possible. And look what its doing to whatever horse market we do have left? Yikes.
    I've always thought it was ironic when you have a real good non-profit organization doing great things yet nobody wants to cough up money for a decent salary to hire somebody that was really talented and connected and experienced in the field, or the administrative staff they might need to be effective. These things cost money and if we want it to happen we should just recognize that and be willing to pay, with good track records of where that money goes to. The whole thing with horse rescue is nobody wants to recognize that fact because about 90 percent of these places, no matter how much they care about the animals, will last and then we REALLY will start talking about how much we screwed up when we closed the slaughter houses which even though I don't believe in large scale slaughter scenario FOR ANY ANIMALS has still contributed to this crazy situation we are in with equines.
    I've been thinking lately, you know what sorta rescue I would like to donate to? One that is an "euthanasia only" rescue. How non PC would THAT be???? But really, they go to the auctions, pull out the lame, sick, too old, too mental, give them a nice yummy meal and put them down. Establish relationships with places that could use the meat or hide, or whatever, and there you go. Do this in combination with concerted, non-judgmental and approachable "do you really need to breed" educational efforts.
    Off to farm now...

  79. The reason that Fugs will not post where her donations are going is because it opens her up to the IRS. It is considered income as she has no exempt status, she is a private individual. That is why she tried to direct everything to a paypal account under another girl's name for Champ. But some of those $$$ were accepted by her and her signature is on the checks. Hmmmm........

  80. What about the income from the store and ads?

  81. Well, here's a note to ad to the question of income from her ads.......She used to run Google Adsense. They are very strict reporters to the IRS, I know because that is how my husband earns a living on his websites and actually I received my first Google check recenty.......I notice she no longer runs Google Adsense, more than likely, it has already come back to bite her in the ass.

  82. This has been a restorative to the spirit read. Thank you...
    I would like to point out that I have not been charged with theft. Neither are there multiple charges as the gosiip mill would like to cause everyone to believe.
    There is one charge and one charge only. Receiving or being in possession of stolen property.
    Nothing to indicate that anyone is accusing me of raiding peoples property that I am aware of.
    It was a scary and unexpected experience.
    And we were much blessed in our family and friends to see us through.
    I cannot say when the outcome will be made clear. I can say that I will face whatever it may be with a clear conscience.
    I do not steal. And I would not take possession of stolen property knowingly. It isn't a part of my make up to paticipate in or excuse such behaviors.
    As hurt,, and angry as I am that someone would think it was okay to do this to someone, more than anything, I pity the people whose morals are so lacking that they would think nothing of accusing another for their actions.
    It sickens me that my sons well being meant less than a $20,000 ill gained check to someone.
    That they had the nerve to try and appropriate our horses in the process just leaves me wondering yet again at the world I find myself in.
    Thanks again everyone for the well wishes. They really do mean a lot...

  83. Prairie Farmer - Call your rescue "Summerlands", one of the pagan names for the afterlife. I'd donate. I've seen too many horses that were pulled from auction or horrendous conditions, then had thousands of dollars pumped into vet care only to be put down or end up as pasture pets (fine for an old horse that has only a few years left, but what about a young horse that has many years ahead of it? Will it get to live out its life as a pasture pet?). Much better to be honest about their prospects and give them an easy and humane death with love and cookies.

  84. "Finally, I noticed you didn't go after me when I posted Biblical quotes, but you felt you could slam BHM for posting Buddhist quotes. This made me think you might self-identify as Christian."

    And you're wrong YET AGAIN.

  85. "And you're wrong YET AGAIN."

    You know, Anon 7:28, I don't post here to be "right." I post here to have a discussion and to further the dialogue around things that are interesting to me and some other people. So, my apologies if I misread your religious affiliation. For all the rest of what I've said? I stand behind it 100 percent until such time as my opinion is changed. Cheers.

  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. Anonymous 8:48:32 PM
    I have a note here for you from tha dead horse ,It reads STOP KICKING ME!!! Let it go for craps sake , the courts will decide ,NOT YOU!!!

  88. [I]"law officers obtained the warrant to search the Franklin residence, where tack including saddles, bridles, horse pads, stirrups, girths, breast-collars, horse blankets and other items were seized."

    Normally police don't seize property if the owner has purchase receipts,[/I]

    Now this is scary to me. I have only bought tack items from respected retailers but I don't retain receipts, so if someone wanted to claim it as theirs and have it seized, then I could not possibly defend myself against a false accusation.

  89. hls said...

    "And you're wrong YET AGAIN."

    You know, Anon 7:28, I don't post here to be "right." I post here to have a discussion and to further the dialogue around things that are interesting to me and some other people. So, my apologies if I misread your religious affiliation. For all the rest of what I've said? I stand behind it 100 percent until such time as my opinion is changed. Cheers.
    February 23, 2010 10:09 AM
    I just skimmed it. Truth be known, nothing you (or any of your cronies) say is that important to me. Just a way for me to kill some time... It is all just background noise. I only commented because of the severe "POT THIS IS KETTLE" tone. None are as blind as those who will not see.
    Perhaps if you took a long hard look at yourselves, you'd notice that you're just as bad as Fugly herself.
    Probably not, though... Insanity works that way.
    Carry on.

  90. Anon 6:25, care to explain your comments.

    Frankly, throwing around insanity remarks shows your ignorance as to what the true definition of insanity is.

    Maybe if you would pull your lips off of Fug's asshole, you could so some research into the real world. Just a suggestion!

  91. Again, I don't care for Fugs... At all.

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