Monday, March 22, 2010

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare.

The Schwartzwalder Fuch Coldblood

I don't believe Cathy understands the difference between Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare..

Animal Welfare is about treating animals humanely.

Animal Rights is about animals being viewed as non-human persons.

If the latter is so, how will the courts deal with a horse who bites and injures another horse. Humans have the ability to reason morally, I don't think horses (or most non human animals) do.

If Cathy is advocating Animal Rights, then logically she can't breed BYC. That would be using an animal for human


  1. What comments indicated that Cathy is headed towards Animal Rights?

  2. From FHotD Mar 21, 2010
    "countries where animals don’t have any rights"
    "people who consider them to have zero rights,"

  3. She sure is blurring the lines isn't she?

    I find it very telling that someone who actually states the only time she has ever been out of the country was once...when she TEN, is ranting about something she apparently has NO actual experience with.

    The fact that she put the word rabies in quotation marks just smacks of her 'disbelief' that it's an actual issue in those countries.

    My husband was military and worked international for just shy of a decade. The number of shots he had to get prior to going into certain countries was astronomical. Rabies shots were required twice.

    Nice huh?

    The fact that the American soldiers adopted the cat is pretty much just American nature. The actions of the commanding officer toward native people of another country were deplorable.

    Good job to the commentors who pointed those facts out to the un-worldly fugs!!

  4. The message that military officer just sent to the people in area was "one cat is more valuable to us than your lives."

    And then people wonder why there's resistance???

  5. You know, I have a suggestion for this blog. I rarely go to fugly's blog as I know she makes $$$ of the number of hits. Is there anyway someone can C&P her blog her as a topic so it can be commented on moderation free and not line her pocket?
    From her way of thinking, what is on the web is fair game for the taking.
    Just a thought

  6. Do you really think this story happened? I do see a cat being adopted but I have a REALLY hard time believing that the officer's rant happened. I think this is fugly taking a nice story and twisting it.

  7. I find it hard to believe that the CO broke direct orders.

  8. BEC I love this comment

    fhotd says:
    March 22, 2010 at 9:23 am

    By the way, now that I think about it, it’s interesting how at age 10, I could identify horses that were way too thin but we constantly encounter 50 year olds who deny being able to “see” it. It’s weird, I mean really…is it denial or something akin to color blindness?

    Oh FUBBY you never seem to amaze me and who knew at 10 you would be destined for greatness?

  9. I agree with Anon 2:30AM. I rarely visit her blog and when I do, I wish for her not to get the 'hits' or let alone, ANY monetary gain from it. And if she is receiving any monetary gain from it, wouldn't that and her writing for HI put her in the category of a professional and remove her ammy status altogether for showing purposes? Not that she will ever rise to the level where it is an issue.

    Where was she screaming about animal rights while at the Three Strikes Ranch? Oh right. She was hanging out with the 'rodeo crew' watching, while the local news cameras were rolling and one of the 'rescuers' was kicking a donkey's ass, (literally) to get it loaded in the trailer.

    That's right. Ms. Animal Rights, stood by and did NOTHING! Well, Nothing other than stand around and watch, laugh and encourage the abuse.

    Actions speak so much louder than words.

    Anon <3

  10. Against my better judgement, I just went over to have a look at the story on flubby's blog. I have a couple of questions which really concern me.

    The cat was picked up and taken to the 'shelter'.
    1)Who's to say the cat was NOT bitten by another while in custody and possibly now rabidly infected? And
    2) How did the soldiers know, without a doubt, that the cat was picked up to begin with? Did they see the cat being picked up? If so, why wouldn't they go out and stop the process on the spot?

    Too many holes in the story for me. But then that's pretty much 'normal' over on the Flubby blog.

    If the story is true, behavior like that just spreads more hate. Way to go there guys. The acts of a few often reflect poorly for us all- no matter where you reside or your country of origin.

    Anon <3

  11. BHM
    Thanks for all the lovely photos of draft horses. They are just beautiful. Draft"porno"

  12. Oh WOWOWOW, that horse in the picture is beyond gorgeous. Please tell us about that horse. What's the breed? Who owns him? What is the color? I have seldom seen horses with a white mane and tail on a dark body so this is a real treat for me. Yes, I know, I have been "sheltered" all my life, don't get out much. Hahaha.

  13. That horse has better hair than me. Not fair!

  14. The horse is Schwarlder Fuch. It's a German coldblood horse and a multi-pupose horse. It's used for everything from harness to hunting to dressage. There are breeders in North America. Truly a beautiful, sane breed.

  15. "Where was she screaming about animal rights while at the Three Strikes Ranch? Oh right. She was hanging out with the 'rodeo crew' watching, while the local news cameras were rolling and one of the 'rescuers' was kicking a donkey's ass, (literally) to get it loaded in the trailer.

    That's right. Ms. Animal Rights, stood by and did NOTHING! Well, Nothing other than stand around and watch, laugh and encourage the abuse. "

    WRONG, Anon, wrong. Fubbly did do someting. She bitched that she got no free pizza nor was any provisions made for vegan diets. Look it up before you try to smear her rep. :)

  16. I may be wrong but I believe that number of hits is only one of the metrics that goes into determining the value of a blog for advertising. It used to be just about the only metric but then some blog owners set up programs to drive up their hit count falsely.

    What I was told recently was that the average number of comments is the most important factor in determining the value of the advertising space.

    So simply reading FHOTD has minimal effect on her advertising value. Leaving comments has much more effect.

    And then one has to decide whether offering a different point of view is worth the possible increase in her advertising value. My decision was that since I only comment there a few times a week (and not at all for months on end), adding a comment probably has negligible effect on her advertising value but may offer some of the readers a different point of view.

  17. Fugly went to the "Animal Rights" side as soon as she hooked up with HSUS, which is NOT an animal welfare organization, but an animal rights organization.

  18. The breed is also known as the Black Forest Horse, and there's a breeder not far from where I live:

    The owners have developed and sell their own line of treeless saddles. I just got one and love, Love, LOVE it! Best contact I've ever had aside from bareback, and my horse (a TWH) is comfortable and moves well under it.
    (I hope putting in a plug is okay)

  19. "WRONG, Anon, wrong. Fubbly did do someting. She bitched that she got no free pizza nor was any provisions made for vegan diets. Look it up before you try to smear her rep. :)"

    I remember that. That and a particularly nasty rant from some of them that headed out to 'the ranch' one day and only one of them was smart enough to pack a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. There was a bunch of bitching and moaning about how hungry and thirsty they all got...even though that person shared her sandwich makings.

    I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Going prepared is something those of us that grew up in that country learn from the time we can get around. Always carry water with you...or at least something to put water in so you can drink and it never hurts to carry at least something to snack on. It's a long ways to the nearest convenience store. But the whole "woe is us, they forgot about the vegans and vegetarians" rant was the most hilarious.

    Hellooooo...where did they think they were?

    Ummm...the middle of beef country. That's where!


    OMG, whatevar is da world comin too!

    I didn't hear about the lack of food and beverage service, but I did hear that Fugs didn't DO anything but stand around, watch, get in the way and then take credit for being a part of it.

    BHM, I too thank you for posting all of the lovely Drafty pics. They are just so beautiful and special.

    Darcy Jane, lucky you to be so close to a farm like that.

    I am telling you what, Buck my Perch is in big trouble after all of these pics, LOL!

  21. oh, bhm, you've got a Blackforest Horse here. There is a breeder southeast of us and I've been wanting to go down and visit. They are like chocolate Haflingers with cream manes and tails. Beautiful.

  22. Darcy Jane, is this breeder the same one I'm thinking of, near Eunumclaw, WA?

  23. Oh,thank goodness.
    BlackForest Horse I can remember.

    The above breed name...



  24. I love Black Forest Cake. That's vegan, right?

  25. No GL, I think it is a Snickerdoodle.

    Oops, no, that is a cookie.

  26. Anon,

    Doesn't cake have eggs and milk in it? Doesn't that exclude it from a vegan's diet?

  27. Oh, gawd, I had to go look. You MADE me look. But how strong am I, not commenting ever again?
    Not very. Not very interested.

    Ol' fubb's shrieking has reached a new fevered pitch.
    Julie Goodnight uses SHOCK COLLARS to train horses!!

    yes, folks, for every single situation, Julie Goodnight (whoever she is) takes horses for training, and shocks the SNOT out of them.

    Oh, right.
    No, she didn't.
    No, she doesn't.

    never mind.

    Next up, anti-Cesar Milan. How much you wanna bet?
    HE's used a shock collar!!! KILL him. heck he's Mexican, kill him Twice!
    I'm KIDDING, do not shoot me, please.
    (cowers, as a canadian.)

    Calm assertion is really hard for some people to understand. It can't actually be taught very well. It can be emulated or mimed, but it comes from within. Dogs get it. People, some, not so much.
    Ol Fubbs & crew could work on that.
    Makes for a better trainer/rider/person.
    The calm assertive part.

    If the horse consistently was exhibiting extreme dangerous/destructive behaviour?
    I'd try it. I wish I'd tried it on Tad, a terrible stall-wall kicker.

    Unnatural situations (and bad training/breeding/whatever) can call for ultimately safer/more humane solutions.
    Like death.
    I'd try the shock collar first. Perfectly timed, by someone who knows what they're doing, behaviourally, instantly.
    And Julie was NOT advocating it's use for beginners!
    jeez, learn how to read, Fubbs.
    Put down the RedBull.

    To Slowly reading, all the way to the end.
    And getting it.
    (hard part, right there.)

    It's the idea that we're krewelly sending millions of volts into their bodies, she's fomenting too. Nope, not. A static tingle is the low setting, and usually well serves to re-direct/startle the behaviour to extinction.
    That means the animal stops doing it.
    The bad behaviour, that is.
    Ya follow?

    No surprises there.

  28. Isn't electrobraid fencing (highly recommended) a LOT like a shock collar?

    Just sayin'...

    The horse RILLY doesn't differentiate between shocks from a fence and shocks from a collar. Here, try them both out! You tell me if you get a message besides "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW."

    word verf...CONISM. Srsly.

  29. From the old mare herself, "I guarantee you that I can fix anything a horse might do on the ground without any tools, sticks or gimmicks." No one but a complete fool would ever make a blank statement like that. Other thing you really need to get through your sweet brain is that someone who can really ride a horse, does not do ground work. The problem with you Fugly is that you can not ride well enough. A trail ride makes you nervous. People who think you are all that special probably can not ride very well either or they would not be flocking to you. I also want to remind you that you made some incorrect statements about the horses of Seawind and SOS and the reporting requirements of communicable diseases. Fess up like the big tough woman you are.

  30. Schwartzwalder Fuch = Blackforest Horse.

  31. BHM= can we get a C&P of Fubblys latest as a topic?

    IF nothing else. I would like to point out how she took a bitchy mare and turned it into a herd bound, terrified horse. And what appears to be quite knowledgable owners into beginners.

  32. Well, electro-braid fencing is OBviously krewel TOO.
    How could you, S&B!!

    Let those horses run wild and free!

    I'm shocked.
    Twuly shocked..

  33. My favorite Fubbism of the day....

    Bottom line, horses are hard work. I know, I know, news flash, right? But they are. They are a whole bunch of hard work. Having them live outside does not, in many cases, create appreciably less work! You still have to clean up after them. There is still feeding and watering and scrubbing out water tubs and troughs. One horse is quite a bit of work. Five to ten horses is enough work that you need to have a good solid hour to hour and a half on both ends of your work day to provide care. Get past ten and it either needs to be your full time job to do it right, or you need to be able to afford barn help, or you need a miraculous ability to motivate your teenagers (and if you can do the latter, please write a book, everybody will buy it!).

    FUBBY FULL CARE BOARD ISNT HARD> You spend what 10 hours a month w/ BYC and that is watching your trainer ride him in low class shows? I think WalMart is having a blue light special for idiots like you and I shall buy you one..... A FRICKEN CLUE!!

  34. Padraigan_WA - yes, I'm pretty sure those are the folks near Enumclaw. Enumclaw/Black Diamon aren't that far apart. I've yet to visit their farm, all of our communication (for buying my saddle) has been by phone and e-mail.

  35. Darcy Jayne, yes, that's it!
    in Black Diamond, WA. If anyone's interested, go check out their website! I might just have to take a field trip down there some day. Maybe you can join me, DJ!

  36. Padraigin_WA: I've definitely been meaning to visit them, but didn't want to impose on the owners, especially since I would be a "tourist", not a buyer. I'll give a shout out if I ever do go, though. We can make it a dual visit.

  37. WRONG, Anon, wrong. Fubbly did do someting. She bitched that she got no free pizza nor was any provisions made for vegan diets. Look it up before you try to smear her rep. :)

    Ok so she did Nothing to help the animals. I stand corrected in that regard.

    Bitching about not getting pizza and no provisions made for vegans, hmmmmm sounds like another contradiction in terms there. Pizza dough often has eggs in it and cheese is made from the milk from cows. So even a plain pizza would have something in it to exclude her. But yet she wants some anyways. Fascinating, that.

    Anon <3