Friday, March 26, 2010

Capstone Stables

Percheron Foal

A brilliant Anon. took it upon herself to write to Capstone Stables and express her regret over the abuse that they've received from Fugs and her followers. This is a great idea to counteract the nastiness that FHOTD spews. I attempted to contact Capstone but it the email didn't go through so I created this thread for those of you who would like to send positive message but can't get through.


  1. Thank you BHM. What was done was mean and cruel. I hope Capstone knows that the non-sheeple outweigh the sheeple. I hope by now the BS has stopped for them (I am still fuming over it, though). Capstone's character will show, I am sure in a positive light, as has fugs in a negative one. Good thoughts and hang in there y'all!

  2. I would love for someone in the area to go to the next show and film BYC

    Thursday April 15, 2010 All day

    I sent my good thoughts :)

  3. Hmmm... Fubs blog is suspended again.

  4. It's very likely she's doing something stupid with scripts on a shared machine that's causing problems to other people on the same machine. This is what happens when you run a busy website on $3.95 a month hosting. This could be solved by upgrading, but she won't.

    If her webhost had any sense they'd get rid of her, she's costing them much more in overhead and support than she's paying them for.

  5. My big thing is that I want to go trail riding now that I finally own a really SENSIBLE horse (the VLC) that I can relax on and not have to worry he'll be a nut. The weather has been great lately in Washington so I think we will be doing that very soon!

    March 26, 2010 10:36 AM

    OMG that made wet my pants a little!! She is afraid to trail ride anything and she is going to ride BYC?? This I need pics of LOLOLOL

  6. The suspended notice coming with this notice...which I haven't seen before....

    "In most cases we suspend customer's accounts because of billing problems.(your host account has expired and you didn't renew it.)
    Probably because of administrative or technical questions (unacceptable content of your site, fraud activity, complaints, server overload, etc.)"

    Her site host is

    Sooo...Out of all of those things, fugly had to pick one to tell people why her blog is down...y.e.t....a.g.a.i.n!

  7. Maybe we should all make complaints to her host every time she attacks some innocent person?

  8. FHotD at March 26, 2010 11:56 AM said

    "BTW, a previous target of this blog took one of her former Board members to court yesterday and tried to get an anti-harassment order. She failed MISERABLY and got a lecture about free speech and having to actually have some evidence that what people are saying about you is untrue.

    Is this target one of the rescues that Cathy was associated with? Was she the board member who was taken to court? Could that be the reason for the puppies and kittens blogs of recent days?

    Anon is Cathy saying that VLC is about to bow out of the show ring and become a trail horse? I

  9. I believe Fubbles was on the board of Pony Up rescue last year.

  10. Anon,
    That might be a good idea. How do we file a complaint with the host?

  11. No on her old blog she asked what everyone was looking forward to and she posted she was going to trail ride BYC which is hysterical because the last time she went trail riding she was freaked out scared!

  12. Umm, would you want to go trail riding with a stallion? Even a quiet one if your mare is in heat? Will she have the final say so on who is going trail riding with her? Will she even tell folk that BYC is a stallion and give them a choice about going or not? People don't trail ride by themselves do they?

    I believe she doesn't like to use hobbles, so how is she going to restrain BYC on a long trail ride during breaks? A picket line, hold him?
    I know nothing about trail riding, but I assume that they are generally longer than 1 hour.

  13. I simply cannot imagine her riding in the western Washington foothills and mountains, if she is as fearful as she says she is, ie." a middle aged chicken sh*t rider". She is a very timid rider, preferring arenas to the outdoors. Maybe someone will pony her!

  14. I'd understand wanting to ride with somebody, but I cannot imagine she has any riding buddies left.

    I'll admit to not wanting to take my horse on trail rides. He is spooky and mother will insist I take Lucy (the dog) who will run into the trees and make noise, then pop out of nowhere. I've done this before, and it was not fun for me. We do fine doing exercises in the yard, but if I had a horse who wasn't scared of his own shadow and I wasn't alone I'd certainly go for a trail ride as I am sure it would do him wonders for help. Difference is her horse is 4 and mine is 22. I've ridden through his snotty attitude, too. Probably more than she has. Oh wait, she's ridden polo horses. I forgot that makes you a riding guru. I understand having issues with trails on horses who aren't accustomed or have a personality for it, but she always sounds so scared of such silly things.

    There's reason, and then there's the world she lives in. Why own a stallion when you are scared of such little things on a horse she always says is so mellow and other things? I think she coined lazy once on him. She wasn't scared enough to get him green broke (if you can call it that) but then again his worst reaction was stepping away.

    Doesn't she always tout re-riders getting lessons and getting beginner horses to build confidence up again and take it slow? Seems to me she's not following her own advice much.

  15. Friday, March 26, 2010
    On and off again!

    I sincerely apologize for the blog being on and off like a light switch at! We are taking steps to resolve the unreliability and it should be much better next week.

    Last Chance Corral has alleged to me that there is some sort of federal investigation having to do with Twice Out East but has provided no actual proof of any such investigation. Obviously, I would edit or remove any blog entry if asked to do so in writing by any law enforcement agency, but if I let the Presidents of rescues tell me to take down posts, plenty of you might still be getting scammed by some of the faux rescues we have exposed in the past. So it's my policy to ignore such requests unless they come from an official source, and in three years of the blog, I've never had a single request of that type.

    At any rate - Happy Friday if you're here looking for the Fugly Blog! I hope we'll be back up soon at our regular location, but in the meantime, tell me what YOU are most looking forward to (horse-related) this summer!

  16. It sound to me like Avahost has received some kind of legal documents regarding Fubbs blog. My guess is she will go off shore to a less reputable hosting company. You know the kind of hosting agent that other scam websites use.....

  17. About the court thing: the rescue is one that Fugly is not associated with, nor has she ever been beyond a short-lived free link on her site. A few months ago, multiple former board members got fed up about problems at the rescue and sent a letter to the founder saying so. They also filed complaints with the county and state, and spoke with local feed stores about misuse of donated supplies. Instead of addressing the problems, the rescue's founder decided to fight by trying for an anti-harassment order against one of them.