Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show us why YOU don't get burned out!

Rick James horse

I though that everyone one might need a good laugh today. This is a quote from today's article, 'Show us why YOU don't get burned out!', from FHOTD:

Someone asked yesterday how you can be involved in rescue and not get burned out by all the negative things you see, and all of the animals you cannot help….I don’t get burned out because I pay attention to the positive outcomes

We all know that Fugs doesn't get burned out because she doesn't do anything. The rescues do the work and Fugs is not involved.


  1. She is looking for Out ‘Til Dawn who was at Portland which is closed for the season, in her last race she was away alertly to press the pace from the outside for a half and stopped So Ill bet money she went to....The Feedlot!
    Hey dumbass Fubbs all of the Portland horses shipped to slaughter from Chucks lot the week after after you outted Lorie. Good luck finding her.

  2. Yes SHE rescued Thai. *snerk*
    Well now lets all take a lesson from Cathy Atkinson about how to properly "rescue".
    She got the horse for free.
    She paid someone a very nominal fee to board her all winter and care for her needs.
    She threw her out in a free pasture in Carnation where she lived for the summer.
    She had someone else ride her for free.
    She gave her to a complete novice.
    Yep that sounds like a Cathy Atkinson rescue.
    Get one for free, pay some good hearted person a measly amount per month for caring completely for the horse, because yanno she is a "rescue". Get someone braver than a mouse to ride it. Give it to someone who does not know better, and then BRAG ABOUT YOUR GOOD DEEDS ON THE INTERNET!!!!

  3. Hey, c'mon now, I'm a rescuer...I heard about a horse and told someone else about it! Can I take my bow now?

  4. Oh lordy thanks for the laugh!!

    She paid someone a very nominal fee to board her all winter and care for her needs.

    From what YHI says she probably didnt pay a dime for board either! Yep Fubby you are a rescue for real!

  5. Uh, I have a seriously weird case of deja vu.
    Why would that be?

  6. Kes,
    I think that entitles you to start your own blog.

  7. ROFLMAO...and kicking my heels!

  8. I LOVE THAT PICTURE! Ahahaha! It looks like his left nostril is trying to escape! Oooh boy. *Sighs and dabs eyes*

    That's funny, I'm sorry, but I needed that laugh.


  9. I too am a rescuer! I just rescued a chocolate chip cookie from a devastating lonely life as a stale chocolate chip cookie ! andyone want to pay me to do it again? Love the pic bhm! you are a blast

  10. Can I rescue that other cookie, there?!

  11. Im rescuing lemon basil chicken and asparagus!

    Oh and Fubbs has no truck and trailer so that was included in her delegating for this big rescue

  12. BHM: I have a post I would like to submit. What email do I send it to?

  13. Hey! I rescued a chicken! Ok, wait... maybe a chicken breast. I want my accolade! Where is it!?

    ~DK *Still highly amused at that escaping left nostril on the pic above*

  14. Hi H,
    Send it to

  15. Please send donation dollars to Fern Valley Cookie Rescue. "We promise to never let another cookie suffer from old age"

  16. Kes,
    You'll have to create a special section on your new blog for people who rescue food. (snicker) I think my calling in life is to rescue pasta so please send me your money and a big fork.

  17. Having spent most of a year volunteering at a rescue that looks all pretty and shiny, but...well, the list of things "not right" and outright wrong is rather long...I've developed a perhaps inaccurate opinion of the gap between "sentimental" and "hoarder". The woman who ran the rescue I was at had 12 horses of her own, and did next to nothing with them. Add up to 20 "rescues" on her property, mostly not being worked or trained, just fed and lead in and out of the barn...all on 10 acres.

    It looked lovely from the outside, and she always had good reasons for every horse to be there...but after months it became obvious that the rescue is not sustainable.

    As fast as horses are adopted, or die, she brings in more, so the farm is always overloaded. If not in terms of absolute capacity, certainly in terms of finances and ability to handle and retrain the rescues.

    There is one horse there, only four or five years old, who has a cracked hip. He's pasture sound, but that's it. And he has a lot of "bad" days when his hip bothers him. He needs to be on soft pasture, but all she has are hard dirt turnouts. Yet she has kept him up for adoption for two years with a $500 fee. Call me crazy, but that's horribly cruel and misguided, and (IMO) bording on hoarding behavior when you combine it with her many horses and the constant acquisition of more.

  18. Oops...change of status, now the rescue is claiming that the horse's injury has healed and he is riding sound. Not at all sure I buy it.

  19. My mission is to rescue Blue Bunny "Birthday cake ice cream with fresh "Sweet Charlie" strawberries on top. Failing that I want to save lemon sugar cookie ice cream with fresh "sparkle" strawberries on top.
    OK PF what varieties of strawberries to you grow?

  20. Wow PF has strawberries that we can rescue. I'm sure PF is an irresponsible strawberry owner so they must need rescuing.

  21. Oooohhhh...I'm all for a massive strawberry rescue. When and where?

  22. First of all, this blog rocks. I came across it searching for material. Look, I won't beat around the bush. Fugles annoys the *it out of me and rather than argue with her, I've decided to make fun of her ( and her idiot followers.)

    I have a new blog:

    I don't know that I'll post every day, hell I thought I was finished with this business but then she posts something that's so stupid...


    I'm looking photos of her and or her horses, friends, etc. Maybe that won't set right with some of you all, but who knows. I'd love shots of her at a rescue watching everybody else.

    Also, its unclear exactly how many horses she owns, but I think it's somewhere around ten. I'd like to get an estimate of how many she owns. She has one in retirement board and one in training... I don't know yet what I'm going to do with this information, but assuming she's boarding and she has as many as I think she does, her board bill has got to be through the roof. I'm just saying, for someone who currently isn't employed beyond the under that table crap, she's got a lot of expenses and that money's coming from somewhere. My guess is, she's as bad as the people she "outs" and there's a future train wreck coming. I won't be the least surprised when the rescues she supports end up supporting her, if they're not already.

    Kestrel: Can I use your comment on a poster? It's really great.

  23. You betcha UEUH, now I'm off to rescue those strawberries that PF is hoarding...poor neglected strawberries...and since I'm rescuing them I won't need to pay for them! Woohoo!

  24. Snowponies,
    That is the cutest little face on you dash board icon. Is that steel gray? Beautiful what ever it is.

  25. UEUH love the idea!! One note w/ the black background I have to right click and highlight to see what is typed.

  26. Okay, this is too freaking funny...

    Aficat says...
    "That mare is running in claiming races at Portland Meadows. Doesn't that mean you could get her now?"

    Fubble-butt's response...

    "If I wanted to pay several thousand dollars for an OTTB, which is not my idea of being fiscally responsible."

    princessjess327 responds to Cathy's comment...

    "Yes, and she has been coming in last place. A lot. I have a feeling her price will be very inexpensive very shortly."

    What was that Cathy called Lorie Wigle a few days ago?

    Cathy Atkinson, You Cheap, Ass Bitch!!!!

    Does fubbs ever stop to think about how freaking stupid she sounds?

    She wants everyone else to pay and pay and pay for one of those OTTBs, but she's not going to do's fiscally irresponsible?

    Holy crap, can you all imagine how bad her and her crew would tear anyone else apart for saying something like that?

  27. BEC,
    Considering that she thinks Lorie Wigle should hand over 2K to a rescue for buying her horse.

  28. Im waiting for the big story on that one but Im sure that horse was in the load shipped due to her expose' on Lorie.

  29. So folks, you are on the hunt for my strawberries are you????
    Well, hate to disappoint, but I haven't ventured down the strawberry road to date! (grow veggies, no fruits, at this point...Still working on perfecting the veggies).
    But...I do have loads of lettuce, radishes, kale, chard, arugula and assorted other spring time greens. Plus soon, peas and garlic! Woo-hoot!
    And now, back to regularly scheduled topic...(runs off to weed and water...)

  30. The Rebels have a Chestnut TB

  31. I am going to rescue that poor, mistreated bottle of Chardonnay that I saw at the storelot the other day!

  32. Green peas, PF!? Yummy, spring salad. With garlic dressing...

    BEC, you mean she doesn't want to have to pay for a prospect? What an asshat! Oh yeah, I remember. She wants a free horse and $2000.00 extra. The rescue business is a gold mine!

    My Rebel account isn't working yet, bummer.


    You can see the available horses w/o logging in

  34. CCC, we can put that Chardonnay in with the rescued strawberries!

  35. Somebody dumped a Mojito Ill save it!!

  36. Come to think of it I rescued some home made cinnamon buns that had dried out terribly( how cruel ! who could let it happen ?) and made them into one of the most decadent bread puddings I have ever tasted ... Yup I helped rescue it too!
    Presently rescuing several cups of coffee , damn I am tired this morning!

  37. So Fugs doesn't want to actually pay for the horse , she wants to wait till the horse is broken down and at severe risk then have someone pay her to take it? Worked pretty well with Champ didn't it? ... NOT!

  38. I think that the only solution for the cinnamon bun problem is a firm spay/neuter policy!

  39. Kes,

    I will also rescue that pathetically abused spinach, put about thirty minutes rehab on it and rehome it with some crackers as well trained spinach dip.

  40. Uh, didn't UEUH do some pretty creepy stalking of another writer/blogger?
    And when did you suddenly become so coherent?

    Sorry, I can't be back with that creep here.

    Not that anybody will care. It's all about the bashing, after all.
    But I heard that UEUH was ...
    well, never mind.


  41. UEUH was in the Dena war right?

  42. "well trained spinach dip" snork!

  43. Actually Dena committed the gross faux pas of publically admitting that she found uenduphere's graphic reference to fuglygearof theday bearing a striking resemblence to the Klans Midnight run disguise funny.
    I caught a lot of heat for that and then some folks started intimating that I was uenduphere.
    Which I am not.
    I have strawberries(organic), raspberries(organic), and grape vine that will eventually bear fruit. I have artichoke in my spinach dip. I have already rescued more than my share.
    Fern stop with the sweet bread references I beg of you.LOL

  44. Umm..GL? What does that mean? Where you say you can't be back with that creep here.
    Were you gone? Was ueuh here before?
    I am confused.

  45. I thought it was only the Fat Baby that got you going (hehe) who by the way is looking amazing

  46. I found this blog through a few channels and outlets. Been to uenduphere's blog once before, back when the Fugs was featured wearing the new required uniform and "it only comes in white".

    Actually I believe she thought it was great, because "It shows how nuts these people truly are".

    If people take a stand to point out her idiocracy, she often either ignores it or lets them run with it making a fool of themselves as well. Seen it time and again. Those who question her or try to undermine her self granted authority, aren't worth her time. The poison Kool Aid flows freely over there. It seems to be available in a rainbow of flavors too. I believe her favorite is diet Rockstar?

    She may only have a few horses left, but she has claimed a number of times to have 'placed' countless others and has the first right of refusal through contracts should the horse ever need a new home or the owners can no longer keep them.

    Given her previous claims of so many ending up in rescue because of the economy- how many has she had returned? If they did come back- how many could she reasonably support? Given that she herself is pretty nomadic and supporting at last count 4 horses, one of which being in training, likely to cost around $750-$1000 a month alone. Yet she is 'stalking' the filly Out 'til Dawn. Can anyone else hear the train coming?

    I will just bide my time and wait to hear the tales of woe she will spew if suddenly any (or many) of hers come back or the loaded barrel of bullsh*t should OtD's owners tell her to FOAD! I just wonder which rescue she will cozy up to long enough to dump them all on before turning against them and outing them as hoarders.

  47. I was also accused of being UEUH on that topic on FHOTD.

    This past winter, I was contacted via email by someone wondering if I knew who UEUH was IRL. Apparently, UEUH is also known as The Bludgeoner and had made comments regarding an author that had made him feel threatened.

    Quite bizarre!

  48. I am a littel confused - admittedly, that happens a lot.
    Out Til Dawn is listed on as being by Champ and out of Thai's My Mama. Isn't Thai one of Foogly's "rescues"? Is someone just messing with the pedigree listing?

  49. I'm apparently also unable to spell. That should be "little confused" not "littel confused". What's a littel?

  50. Anon, Fugly is looking for Out Til Dawn because she "rescued" both her damn and her sire and she apparently feels a connection with her.

    Thai was apparently a rescue that turned out well while the rescue of Champ didn't end up well.

  51. If Out Til Dawn is still running, what makes Fubb think the horse will wind up in rescue?

    Poor old Champ wound up in a feedlot because he had terrible feet. Someone had obviously tried to do something about it, if I remember right he had orthopedic shoes on.

  52. Thank you, BHM. She is the matriarch of my merry band of highly mischievious ponies. She started out life a black roan and continues to go a lighter grey every year,(she's almost white now) but retains, to a degree,the dark mane and tail, though that will go white eventually too (as her mother's did). She's currently with a good friend of mine, teaching her children to ride (and to never underestimate the intelligence of a pony) and they are spoiling her rotten. I don't dare tell the others ;)

    And no problem on the past topic. You're a good blog owner - I can think of some other blogs that should take a hint. And I do need to be "slapped up side the head", so to speak, from time to time. My warped sense of humor coupled with a bit of a sarcastic streak doesn't always translate well in print.
    Love the do on the pictured horse and also got a good chuckle out of DK's observation of his escaping nostril.

    Love all you guys food rescues. Too funny.
    Tried to post last night but blogger doesn't seem to like my ipod when it comes to posting so it's hit or miss and my last post evaportated - not the first time that's happened - so guess I have to stick to the desktop to post (and prevent small electronic devices from hitting the wall).

  53. And Cathy doesn't get burned out because she "pays attention to the positive outcomes"? Wouldn't know it from her blog. ADD I guess.
    And how many times has she said that the reports of horses being abandoned are untrue?
    And what happened to the second mare? Oh, I guess she didn't look like any of her dead horses, so wasn't "a sign" and wasn't cute enough for her to rescue.

    Yes, bet she's figuring on conning and shaming the owners of OtD into giving the mare to her along with a 2k donation. And if she can shame them enough, maybe they'll pay for the 3 mo. layup too. If not, no problem - RACE can do a couple trail rides and then she can probably find some novices (who have really nice fencing) to unload her on. Note to OtD's owners: If she doesn't already, PLEASE spend some time teaching her to crosstie.

    I once saw a guernsy that sorta reminded me of one of my dead aunts. Hmmmm

  54. HaHa - word verf: Ratical

    A radical rodent I guess

  55. Just out of curiousity, has anyone alerted the owners of the filly Out 'til Dawn about fugs and her blog? How they may be the next new victim to be drawn and quartered on her blog should they not cower and comply with her 'rescue requests'. I think we owe them at least that. Anyone have that information?

  56. Waiiiiit. I'm still confused. She "rescued" Thai and then by some quirk of fate "rescued" Champ, who happens to have been bred to Thai, producing the mare she is now trying to "rescue" from...but... seriously?

  57. Anon 12:40 A littel is a highly expensive piece of training equipment used only by the highest trained person to rehab and at times, retain wayward produce. Mostly icecream though. My question is... how did you get it and are you as qualified as I am to use it?

  58. I can only dream of someday being THAT special. For now, I watch (and drool) from afar.

  59. I think of something else to say AFTER I've hit "post". It's all the cookie monster cake today, I swear.

    I love how she ASSumes that Out Til Dawn's connections need Foogsies help... because there's no one else on earth...

  60. OTD stopped in her last race Portland Meadows 5/01/10 Portland Meadows closed that day so she is most likely on a slaughter truck since she shows no workouts at EMD or anywhere

  61. If you plan on buying the horse, there is no danger of it "ending up on the truck". It's not a rescue then is it? Isn't that just buying a horse?

  62. "I was also accused of being UEUH on that topic on FHOTD"

    I remember that. Really strange. As if you remotely sound like UEUH.

  63. I'm so...ashamed. I hope you all don't flame me too bad...
    All this talk of veggie and fruit rescue. I've been forced to realize - am I irresponsibly reproducing vegetable matter? Will there be a home for this week's lettuce? And next week? And the week after?
    Everybody says they like my lettuce, but can I guarantee it will find a salad-appropriate home? No...I can't.
    So tomorrow, calling the fix-it man. I've made the decision to disengage the fertilizer on the tractor. He's a good fertilizing tractor. He'll be a great non-fertilizing tractor. No more unhomed lettuces coming from my farm!

  64. What really bothers me is that all the lettuces are put in compost bins. Those bins were designed for carrots and not lettuce. I can't help think that this is inhumane. Plus, being prey vegetables, don't lettuces have an natural aversion to smell of mould.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Bwahahahaha....four ellipsis comedy run......maybe six!

  67. I didn't type everything I meant to.
    PF, I remember your Egyptian Walking Onions. Are they being given room to "walk" or are you heartlessly confining them? Hmm?

  68. Well Kaede, it wasn't my fault. I swear.
    I was busy in the lettuce and those naughty Egyptian Walking Onions dropped their bulblets when I wasn't looking. Early stretch of warm weather which the weatherman HAD NOT predicted. I can't control mother nature, ya know!
    So, yes, we have a new crop of spring onions coming and I'll promise to work hard and do my best by them.
    But really, it wasn't my fault and I swear I'll do better! (runs off to hide away secret stash of vegetable-producing seed packets).

  69. Anon 3:37
    The following is a post by Cathy from COTH

    #17 May. 3, 2010, 12:42 AM
    Grand Prix Join Date: Aug. 30, 2005
    Location: Up and down the west coast!
    Posts: 3,732

    A strange update...

    In the "almost too weird to be true" category, I just found out that Champagne 'Til Dawn and one of my 2008 rescues, Thai's My Mama, have a daughter together called Out Til Dawn that is currently racing.

    This one seems meant to be - if anyone here knows Sharon Balcom at Portland Meadows, please let her know that mare has a place to go if she ever needs one.

  70. OMG....You guys are freaking hilarious today!

    And you know PF, I really wanted some of your lettuce, but didn't want to pay for it, so I was hoping you would let me know when you are ready to throw it in the carrot compost bin. It's free then...right?

  71. Tomorrow, having rescued 2 pounds of purple stemmed asparagus, 5 10 oz dry aged, USDA prime humanely raised and slaughtered New York strip steaks, 5 baking potatoes and Greek salad ingredients, I going to celebrate my daddy's 86th birthday.
    One thing I really like about my daddy is that he fought in WWII against the Japanese in the South Pacific. When I presented his soon to be son in law (a Japanese National) Daddy greeted him warmly and has loved him ever since. Japanese House boy loves Daddy too. They both love to sail. They did have a hard time understanding each other at first. Deep South and heavy Japanese (who eat lettuce _leafs_ by the by) are mutually unintelligible. Daddy wasn't too fond of sashimi (bait in his world), Japanese houseboy was puzzled over chicken fried steak. Both love grits and shabu-shabu. Everybody eats rice.

  72. Oh PF. You've been outed! You're a BYGB (back yard garden breeder). And I bet you think nothing of selling that tender young lettuce to people who keep them in unsafe produce drawers where they just wither and shrivel up from lack of proper care. People who can't get up off their fat, lazy, welfare, disability receiving butts to go spend some time at the refridgerator to make sure there lettuce is properly washed and at the correct humidity. Jeesh, there you go folks - anytime you see unwashed, wilted lettuce you'll be sure to find some fat, lazy blonde trailer trash with some stripper name like Tawney or Brandy. Some of you will cry that I'm being mean, but, believe me (cause I'm really believable) I've seen it happen time and time again and I just get so sick of it.

    Ok - end of flubbs parody rant

  73. Kaede said...
    If you plan on buying the horse, there is no danger of it "ending up on the truck". It's not a rescue then is it? Isn't that just buying a horse?

    You would think so. But it seems like everyone "rescues" everything now days.

    Happy Birthday to your dad. Wow - 86 God Bless him!
    Haha - bait and chicken fried steak.
    The one that puzzles me is chicken fried chicken.

  74. Snowponies, you iz baaaad! I may have cracked a rib from laughing so hard...I will SUE! I want all the lettuce...FREE!

  75. Thanks Kestrel.

    Justsayingfubb- That's weird. I'll change the back ground to white.

    Everybody else: I'm the real me. I just found this blog. It's nice to meet everyone.

  76. BEC,
    Snowponies, PF, Kaede, and everyone else, you know who you are, really haz da evil today. I thought I was the only one that haz da evil.

  77. Hi UEUH, soooo, might I suggest... and also add some've made some intelligent and insightful posts. You obviously know your horses, and are attracted to sensible horse people. Aaand you kinda got off on the wrong foot by hurting the poor writer's feelings and scaring him. Not the best idea.

    Suggestion, the humor on your blog is a little (okay, maybe a freakin' lot!) coarse. Might want to tame it down a bit. Let the audience know whether you just have a tweaked sense of humor, or let them know you really are a stalker from hell. Or reference the video game.

    Just so that you know, I personally don't want fubb or her followers stalked or harassed IRL. That would be playing by her rules, and I never want to be in the same category. The horses are truly the priority. She's a twit as far as I'm concerned, but if she's saved some horses...good for her and that's all that counts in the long run.

    What's up with the knife thing? Emo perhaps? Somehow I doubt that that's the real you! Fess up and join the party!

  78. Haha Kestrel, You can't have the lettuce - not for free. It has to be retrained to a new career. And being it's probably unsound after it's horrible life at PF's (she grew it in a roundpen and then used a shock collar on it), then it will probably only be able to be used as garnish.
    And good luck sueing me. You can't shut me up no matter what - no matter how much moronic, hypocritical, contradictory inflamatory misinformation I spew, you can't shut me up. It's called Free Speech and I'm the one who started free speech, you know (well actually, it was the free speech board. Oh, close enough). And I know all about the law. I worked for a lawyer and studied legal jabberwokky. And I've dated lawyers and they taught me all sorts of stuff. Well, maybe not much about law - nevermind. I dated polo players also, so I know all about polo too. So if you want to challenge me to a game of polo instead of sueing me, I could do that. But...., it will have to be on foot because BYC hates when I swing that mallet around his head (sometimes I miss the ball...oops) and my new "low level barrel horse" isn't trained yet. I just haven't met the friend who's going to train her for free yet. So maybe you better just sue me. Because, like I said, I know everything about the law - the rule of law, the law of gravity (I learned about that one while riding), Murphy's law, in-laws, outlaws, LA Law, Law & Order (I know those two because I know lots of celebrities, actually I'm a celebrity too). So sue me why dontcha'

    Sorry, I'm punchy - time for bed, Nite!

  79. Fine, I've decided I do not want lettuce, the lettuce will give me the runs. I want slower than lettuce, so have settled on peanuts. But you cannot pay me in peanuts...sOOOOO THEREEE!

  80. Word verf crimul...that would be me. I'm a crimul.

  81. Shock collars on lettuce! ROTFL!!!!! I always knew PF was a crimul.

  82. You are all absolutely, certifiably, uncontrollably, freakin NUTS and I love it. I haven't laughed this much in a while now. I couldn't dream up this stuff if I went to college and was walked through how to write it. My vote for one of the best posts on here is from snowponies at 11:26 pm. OMG that was hilarious.

  83. Lucerne, I agree. Snowponies that was freakin genius!

    Starting my day with a smile from all of you clever posters!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. A new definition of rescue according to a FHotD reader
    "I helped rescue this filly from a some what bad situation, her person put quite a bit of training in her, but she needs something better broke."

    You get to be called a rescue if you buy a horse from a person for whom it is not suitable. If they need/want a better trained horse and sell their old horse to you...Poof you have "rescued" it. Geez, so if I have a well taken care of horse and that I have out grown (at my age in weight) and I sell it, I am now a irresposible owner and the buyer gets to call themselves a rescuer...

  86. Ha ha Kaede,

    What's next?

    Someone sees an ad on Craigs List about an emaciated horse that needs a home.

    They contemplate calling the lister but then decide against it; however, they tell their friend about the ad.

    The friend calls and actually goes and gets the horse.

    The person who spotted the ad and told their friend about it now claims they helped "rescue" the horse?

    Yes, the word rescue is bantered about indiscriminately and, many times, doesn't fit the deed at all.

    I bought a horse one time that I knew was old, horribly lame but in good weight. He was useless but I really liked him and wanted to give him a home. Years later, he was euthanized due to age (he was 34)and had cancer.

    I never thought of him as a rescued horse. I simply bought him.

    Hey wait...

    I think I'll start claiming that I rescued him, although from what I don't know.

  87. ....and she round pens her lettuce!!!!!!!

  88. ROFLMAO...A Friday night party and I was too pooped to play. Arrgggh.

    Growing lettuce in the roundpen and using a shock collar on it...too abused to be used as anything except garnish?

    I got nothing that could top that.

    I bow to the superior humor of my colleagues.

    (Well, actually I was laughing like a loon...does that count?)

  89. kestrel- I don't think I'm a stalker (scratches head). I don't plan to either. Even if I did, I don't even live in the States anymore. It would take a fourteen hour flight and I promise you if I going to spend that kind of time and money, I'm going somewhere with beaches. I might go over the top from time to time, but beyond my what I do with words, I'm harmless.

    The core of my motivation comes from a deep seated belief that objections need to be raised, thoughts need to be challenged. And I'm not saying exactly what I mean here. It's just the lack of differing opinions feels dangerous, especially when those who have questions are bullied. Also when I seen someone being bullied I get this overwhelming urge to protect them whether they asked for it or not.

    I never contacted any of Fugles readers. I don't even think I argued with them. I posted my comment and never let myself be dragged into a pissing contest. I've no doubt anyone who agreed with me got jumped on big time.

    Anyway, I used to have horses but don't anymore. Life happened and I had to choose. According to fugly if something happens to them I'm responsible even though I haven't owned them for years. If that's her moral code then fine, but she needs to hold herself to that same standard, which she doesn't.

    If I had to choose between my horses starving to death or being slaughtered, I'd chose slaughter. I've had to euth one horse -she broke her neck- it's not peaceful at all. She twitched and struggled, while the drugs stopped her heart. And supposedly the brain is conscious up to three minutes after the heart stops. What's so humane about that?

    But I also think with a spay/geld release program the horse population could be controlled. The value of breeding stock would increase over time making broodmares and stallions unaffordable to most BYBs, which would further reduce the horse population.

  90. fhotd says:
    May 14, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks for all the great stories! I am at a show this weekend so sorry about the late moderation, but everything will post eventually! :)

    Start Time:
    Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 12:00pm
    End Time:
    Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 3:00pm
    Tacoma Unit

    If anyone is going please sneak a pic of Fubb the Asshat Queen!

  91. Im going to hot tape my peas today which are growing in my corral because my husband stole it that bastard! LOL I actually agreed to the deal since he promised me 330 more ft of paddock and a new run in :)

    Ive found someone who knows OTD's owners and will warn them that Fubbs is looking at their horse so hide it quick :)

  92. BEC,
    I dare you to copy and post the vegetable posts on FHOTD. snork!

  93. UEUH, cool! Good to meet ya! I just had to ask, you know how internet rumors go.

    Somewhere with beaches that is warm, I'm going to stalk beaches...yeeesss, I will take all the abused produce with me, starting with a few limes that I will humanely euthanize with tequila.

  94. Well, first off, UEUH, I do remember that you didn't get into it with anyone on FHOTD, you did post your comments and that was it. However, your avatars of choice, KKK, Nazi/Hitler and the bloody knife are, shall we say, not understood or appreciated by most people. Also, the fact that I and several others were contacted via email by someone looking to find out who you are IRL because of what you had posted about that author was not appreciated one bit. Just sayin!

    You have made some good points about Fugly and I do agree.

    I guess if you look at it like Fugs does, I have rescued three of my four horses and all twenty of my Alpacas, plus both cats and three of my four dogs. Damn, I am quite the rescue queen aren't I? Getting ready to open my paypal account and setup with my bank to start accepting credit cards. Filing the 501(c) papers even as we speak.

    I really need help with my hay bill, $637.00 yesterday for 98 bales of orchard grass and another $1400 for 200 more this week. Any contributions would be appreciated, if I don't get help, the crias have gotta go. They are on the first boat to South America to become paca burgers!

  95. Paddy said....
    PF, are your Egyptian onions free-range? I suppose they can walk within their row of confinement, or do you allow them to roam the whole farm?
    I do some Thai and Champ rescue myself. The Thai has to be swimming in yellow curry and the Champ socks come in either lowcut or ankle height. It depends on whether I'm wearing my running or hiking shoes.

  96. PF, I'm not done here.
    You are round-penning lettuce?! Romaine, meh. I can see it, but never, never iceberg. They might fall over and end up quartered under roquefort dressing on a plate.
    With the others here, I'm dismayed and disappointed that you have let the onions breed indiscriminantly. So what if I misspelled it. Did you even consider checking for those dreadful inherited muscle conditions? I doubt it, 'cause you want to raise them big and beefy- that's so, uh... Impressive. Shame on you.

  97. Aw Jeez Kestrel, I just read your post about not being able to get on the Rebel Board..Gotta remember we are a 'Sooper Sekret' bunch, like all the best advertising groups :). The simple truth is that, with all the craziness, I've locked the board, and you got lost amongst the people trying to sell us sex toys and free ciggarettes. Please accept my apologies for the delay and know you are now a fully activated Rebel.Hey, since I found you in the 'Limbo File', does than make me a Rescuer? Aw Maaan! I don't wanna be a Rescuer :)

  98. Yea bhm..You know fugs and I are like this...(crosses fingers). It's her deep appreciation for foundation-bred and Hancock-bred horses that have made us so close.

    I was going to offer to help train that low-level speed event horse for her, but I hear it already walks/trots/canters. Voila...It's already capable of being a low level horse.

    I tried to tell her she should set the bar a little higher, but she said that since a normal canter is sooooo much faster than that crippled looking trope the VLC has been trained to do, it feels like she is flying.

  99. Hey Helen, I rescued those sex toys and free cigarettes and I am just doing my part trying to find them homes. How dare you lock me out!

    Man, Snowponies, you should do stand up! That was hysterical! All of you guys should do a dirt collar comedy tour and talk about your farming exploits for the world to hear. Then you can write off the 100 buck a head ticket price as charity. I bet that would get your 501(c)3 up and going in no time!


  100. CharlesCityCat-

    My humor is dark, but I get the presentation thing. The Nazi poster had fugles face instead of hitlers but I think it was too small for anyone to see that. I was making fun of how she keeps saying people need to be removed from the gene pool.

    I'm sorry that author attacked you- I'm just scratching my head as to why?

    There were two actually writers. The one was trolling the net, bullying people and spewing crap. I wrote a few plays about him using his own words and posted them in the comments on his blog.

    The the with the self-published book claiming to be an editor was personal- he ripped off a friend for a lot of money. She didn't ask me to do it and doesn't even know I was behind it, but the look of satisfaction on her face .... If you looked at what I wrote, I never threatened him. I just asked a lot of questions about his qualifications to charge people money for his services. Well and trashed his book, but you know I'm not a saint.

    Anyway I am sorry to anyone who was harassed. I don't know why he never contacted me at my email address post right on the blog.

    And according fugly if someone tells you about horse and you tell someone else, your a rescue too. I bet you've rescued at least a hundred under your belt.

    You know what I would love, for a bunch of the people with Fugles rescues to send them back to her- all at one time he, he, he.

  101. Oh, and I wanted to say the sig is of a filly I bred and planned to keep forever but you know life happened. My computer ate a bunch of photos after an incident with diet coke last year. I tried to recover them, but I only have this photo of her.

    She's six months old in the photo and I know it's not a conformation shot or nothing, but she's got it.

    Her momma came from a long line of riding horses. Not one of them have show points. Her dam was the best riding horse I ever owned.

  102. The humor was dark. And the parables coarse only in that they were dead on and not dressed up in unnecessary subtleties.

    I found humor IN the parables. I don't mean to be rude but...I am unaware of anything posted by uenduphere that was offensive in the manner that has often been implied. Just stark in their message of a wake up call.

    There was nothing funny about Hitler or the holocaust. There is nothing funny about the KKK.
    But in the interest of truth, some of the folks here used to ride with fugs on her trash and smash missions from anonymity.

    CCC I love you like the sister I always wanted but how is it uendupheres fault that any number of idiots accused any number of us of being that poster?
    And GL I know that you are enduring a lot of stress right now. And I am sorry for that. But take a breath on this one could you?

    uenduphere had a message to share that has obviously stuck with many of us. I for one hold no grudge against the messenger. And I was in awe of the clarity of that message.

    No offense intended, but how many from here, used to be from over there?
    I think that may be the source of some of the bad feeling towards uenduphere's rather creative form of expression.

    I have zero, zip, nada knowledge of photoshopping. It never bothered me that people thought that I was uenduphere. What bothered me was that I was getting the credit for a brilliant message that I did not construct.
    That's all.

    Oh and if fugly were a horse, I would not put her on a double decker or a feed lot.
    I would sell her to the Amish.

  103. Aaawww, shucks guys.
    But I have to bow to all of you. Afterall, it was all of you who actually pioneered the food rescue movement! Thanks for all the good laughs. As someone else said,"you guys rock"!

    BEC- I just knew you and flubbs would hit it off! Even though the mare's so lowly trained though, I bet she'd still "let" you ride her, maybe even take care of her. Woo Hoo- we'd all be so jealous.

    Kestrel - I just KNEW that you were peddling sex toys to horseman on the Internet!

    Anon 3:46 - LMAO. Too funny.
    I wish I had a littel. I've been told that I have littel knowledge and aptitude (smiles proudly)

  104. You people are mean. I was just trying to be honest. And what do I get in return? Nasty email messages threatening to mow the broccoli field. And phone messages saying CPS (carrot prevention services) should come take away all my root vegetables!
    On top of all that, I just found out my SO (significant onion) is running off with my BFF (Bean - French Filet). They say they are going to start a new line of canned vegetables. Whatever...after all the days raising them, and this is the thanks I get?
    So, I'm sorry. But I just can't handle hanging out here anymore. And anyways, my great new friends at the ABR (Aged, Bruised and Rotten) Forum say that my new plans to start a Lettuce Rescue Farm are great. Afterall, I already have my own lettuce that needs to be rescued. It's the perfect solution! All I need to do is to set up a veggiepedia and they'll start giving me money!
    So I really don't have time for you people and all your negativity. I've got lettuce to grow! (I mean rescue).
    Runs off farting ladybugs and shitting compost...
    PF out!

  105. Well PF if you would take your Beano with any type of regularity you wouldn't be farting anything!

  106. PF have you checked for ulcers? Lettuce straight 'off the row' can have these and can we all repeat "Detox time is crucial for OTRL"

  107. Oh PF, started my morning with a howl of're brilliant!

    Snowponies, you have no idea how hard it is to design a vibrator button that is hoof friendly! None!

  108. Paddy said...
    PF checking for ulcers? Are you kidding me? Even if they are straight from the row, she could give a rip. I heard that one of them bit her so she threw him into the kill pen. On your way, sucka. And you get a look at those hooves. All green and splayed, and she let's the slugs get to them during the night, since she refuses to put on t heir rain sheets.

  109. UEUH,

    Dark humor is not something I get, so no matter how harmless it might be, it will fly right over my head, LOL!

    I didn't realize that Fugs face was on that Hitler avatar. Those pictures are REALLY small. I one time put this really cool aerial picture we have of our property in my avatar and no one could tell what the hec it was.

    While I wouldn't have ever thought to put Fugs face on Hilter, I get it now! Still can't figure out the KKK pic that I think started the whole thing about wondering who you were and if you were some kind of psycho.

    I wanted to say that I wasn't harassed and didn't mean to imply that I was. Just an email from someone asking some questions about your identity and given the fact that I thought you were really creepy, I wasn't too happy about being contacted.

    After I told the person that I didn't know who you were, that was the end of it, so it really wasn't a big deal.

    I also realize that you didn't actually threaten that author, but there were aspects of your blog (pics) that gave it a threatening aura.

    Anyhow, I love your new avatar pic and she is very pretty.

    I tried to go to the blog you started about idiots in the world but haven't been able to bring it up. Any chance you could post a link? I know I could go on for hours about the idiots I meet everyday, LOL!

    Dena, darling, I was not blaming UEUH for me or anyone else being accused of being him/her. That strictly came from some of the idiots who were regulars on FHOTD at the time. At the time that UEUH commented, I had already left as a regular, I did come back on to defend myself because, unlike you, I did not get the humor of UEUH's avatar pics and didn't want anyone thinking it was me. Simple as that!

    Yes, I was a FHOTD regular for quite awhile, I admit to it, but the last six months or so was because it was where I had made friends and could stay in contact with them. I had lost respect for Fugly and many of her followers long before I left.

  110. OMG...If anyone can accuse me of being sneaky or secretive after THIS, they have to have a screw loose :)..But as long as I'm 'fessing up',(Odd advertisements in the Limbo file)..I suppose I should admit that I don't have Veggies or Flowers 'cause I'm living with the last goat of a herd who destroyed every growing thing I've ever planted, as well as the neighbors ancient apple grove...Just figured I should say something about it before I'm 'outed' someplace else...I'm willing to take my punishment, maybe community service?...As long as it's not at a Rescue :)

  111. PF just back in to say, I actually had gotten the Uenduphere "Hitler as Fugly...after checking it out more carefully. A good point, I remember thinking.
    I agree Hitler is serious business, but on the other hand I've always felt you both had to respect and remember history, but also don't get so bound up by it you can't look at it in context of modern day. Just my opinion...
    But I did get UEUPH's reference at the time...but since there was just such a general witchhunt going on I wasn't brave enough to say anything (unlike Ms. Dena who never holds a punch!).
    Back out to plant more baby lettuces! So a big juicy raspberry tongue to all you!
    (P.S. if you want to check out a recent posting on my blog, about lettuce, as a matter of is
    (GL, a little help here????).

  112. PF, I do agree with your comment about respecting and remembering history and keeping it in context.

    As I said, I do not get that kind of humor, not that there is anything at all wrong with it, it just goes right over my head. The point I was trying to make in my earlier comment to UEUH was that some won't get it, so it might well be taken the wrong way. I think UEUH did understand what I was trying to say.

    And you are absolutely right, Ms. Dena couldn't hold a punch to save her life, lol! That is why I love her so much.

  113. I am getting ready to rescue some OTT Better Boy tomato plants from the prison that they are in. I shall turn them out for some months of down time, bring them in and put some training on them and those suckers will become wonderful salads, sammichs and tomato sauce.

    You see, I am a responsible rescuer of OTTVeggies unlike PF who is strictly a BYG of poorly planted, grown and trained veggies. Oh the horror those veggies endure. PF, stop I say, I beg of you to quit abusing vegetables!!!

  114. PF, DON'T LISTEN TO HER! If it wasn't for dedicated BYG's like yourself, we rescue types would have to resort to line bred supermarket varieties! Donations would cease! You have no idea how hard it is to find feral lettuce! You are personally responsible for millions of BYG Rescue funds!

  115. Just came in from a trip to town ,where my hubby helped me rescue a scoop of the very elusive and endangered Tiger Ice Cream ! Sadly I was unable to save it , but it went knowing it was loved!

  116. Hahaha PF - ABR- aged, bruised and rotten. That is funny.

  117. I can too hold a punch. I often hold my punches. It is just that when I do deliver one I see very little reason to hold anything back.
    Well maybe a little. For the next punches you see.
    I think what you ladies mean is that I am not always tactful. Being tactful requires more patience than I am sometimes able or willing to expend.
    It is entirely possible that I am just a mean bitch who lacks sensitivity. That would certainly explain a lot of my tantrums.
    Or, it could be one of my many personalities expressing themselves inappropriately. PMS, early onset of menopause, it could be any number of things actually.
    Awww..Bullshit. I am an extraordinarly patient person. With limited exception, by the time I throw a punch it is because my patience has been exhausted. And I have written myself a free pass. I have an unlimited supply of them.
    And I love you too CCC. PF I am not brave you silly. I am the controversial that fugs tries so hard to achieve and fails so miserably at.

  118. I murdered some carrots last night for super and poured honey all of them. The Coalition of Happy Bee Hives was in a hum about it.

    Dena: I didn't think what I posted was all that offensive either, but I understand why people did. It's the reason fugly pulled the plug.

    Fugles is not an idiot. She's actually very bright, and she knows exactly what she's doing. When you get a group of people on an emotional high they tend to give up autonomy in favor of leadership.

    A good leader will bring out the best of people. A bad leader will get turn kind people into mean ones, smart people will appear ignorant, etc.

    Fugles let me post for so long because she thought I was working to her advantage. But she needed me to get into a pissing contest, because I can't win that. I mean I did look bad, but there was a juxtaposition between my words and people's reaction to it.

    I don't find the KKK or Hitler funny either. And I wasn't making light of what they stand for. I was drawing attention to the similarities of the mindsets. I tend to agree with JK Rowling on this one. Not speaking the name of a thing, give that thing more power that it would have on its own.

    CCC- Fugles tirades about equine genetics (combined with telling people to remove themselves from the gene pool, plus encouraging people to commit suicide) reminded me a lot of the KKK mindset. Or more specifically, the mindset that allows things like the KKK to exist. I was suggesting, in a not so subtle way, she might want to add the outfit to her wardrobe. Remember she's upper middle class. She was born that way and unfortunately she'll die that way. The majority of the people she picks on are un-educated lower class. I'm not saying their breeding practices don't need to be dressed, I'm just saying there are ways to do it without loosing your humanity.
    I'm glad you weren't harassed. I can see how the blog might have been perceived as crazy, but it has also been my experience that sunshine and roses would not have mattered. I had good points. Calling someone crazy is the best strategy when you want or need others to dismiss something. I made a HUGE mistake in that I glib about being called crazy. I didn't realize at the time, but people wanted to know that I'm not. But you know if someone said to me "I'm not crazy," my first question would be "How can you know?"

    Here's the link to my blog: Right now I'm just making fun of Fugles but if you think there's someone I should make fun of, let me know. I won't get into a detailed discussion on my standards but you know people who can't defend themselves or with serious mental issues are off the list- guilty or not.

  119. Snowponies,

    You'd better stop stalking me!!! How else could you know my real name and that my poorly bred supermarket bagged lettuce is languishing in the produce drawer? I want to know who told you I was a stripper? I only did that in private...or maybe it was privates?

    And for your information, it's not a trailer, it's called a mobile home, I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned, and I'm not blonde-it's strawberry blonde. Welfare? Heh, how else am I supposed to replace that wilted, slimy lettuce? When it goes bad, I have to have a way to go get more.

    So whatevah! You don't know anything and you are being mean, because you're just jealous.

    Brandi-the fat, white, lazy, trailer trash receiving welfare whore/stripper.

    HEE HEE HEE! You gals are cracking me up!!

  120. Why uenduphere that is the nicest thing ever. I have never in my life been so proud to be Poh White Trash AND mentally ill. If, it wasn't for the "can't defend themselves" part, I would have hit the fricking trifecta on why I will never be featured on a blog featuring idiots.
    *I am swooning with delight.*ROTFLMAO

  121. UEUH,

    See, I told you I didn't get that kind of thing. After you have carefully explained what you were getting at, ding, ding, ding!

    In the future, could you put a disclaimer for me so that I can get it right off the bat, LOL!

    My, you do bring up some interesting observations of Fugly don't you. They do make sense.

    While Fugly is certainly in the running for head idiot, there are certainly lots of candidates that would make your new blog.

  122. If FHOtD resues Out till Dawn and the filly ends up at the same trainer that is traning BYC. I am wondering how long until there is another "opps" breeding and of coarse it will not be Cathy's fault.

  123. And here I had heard it all. LMAO. Better go rescue those spaghetti os from the cupboard. And will place a fence around my veggie garden tomorrow so no one rescues them.