Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now, hold it a minute!

Lorie Wigle IS a responsible horse owner

In the article "Dear Racehorse Owners of America" FHOTD outs Lorie Wigle for dumping her horse Fritz at a feedlot. Apparently, Fritz raced Monday and in less than 24 hours ended up in a kill pen. FHOTD refuses to accept Wigle's response when she states," It is the usual “I gave him to someone who was going to retrain him.”  Well, he was in the kill pen less than 24 hours later….  Ship-to-kill date was yesterday, Lorie." So, clearly FHOTD uses the timeline to establish culpability.

Now, just hold it a minute. Perhaps it's best to look at Lorie Wigle's statement. In response to FHOTD, Lorie Wigles says, "The entire thing is completely untrue. Fritz NEVER went to a slaughter facility. We gave him -- completely sound -- to someone who retrains race horses for second careers. The posting is a complete fake. The person we gave Fritz to apparently sold him to a woman who SAID she was going to train him as an English pleasure horse. Unfortunately her intention seems to be some sort of Internet scam.

If you visited my farm you'd find two 26 year-old mares, one of whom has been blind for 10 years and a gelding that I've nursed through a broken leg and two colic surgeries. I treasure my horses.

But a 3 year old would not be happy just being a pasture pony. As i said, Fritz is perfectly sound, he's an attractive horse and a real trier. I wanted him to have a chance to make someone a good riding horse. And I don't have the skills to complete that training. " I don't see anything in this statement that denotes an irresponsible owner, rather, caring for senior horses says a lot to me about accountability.

What is stated in Wigle's response is easy to verify with one trip to the farm or a phone call. Rather than do this, FHOTD has chosen to base her evidence solely on the 24 hour time line. Within 24 hours it is possible to buy a horse and drive it directly to the auction. The 24 hour window proves nothing.

Now, let's compare another time line. Within a five hour window it is possible for Fugs to write and publish an article citing Lorie Wigle for animal abandonment and encouraging an entourage of young people to attack race horse owners, trainers, and track owners. This group of track professionals are essential to the continued rehoming and retraining of ex-race horses. The rescue community relies on the goodwill of this group to continue receiving racehorses. The FHOTD article, if it has any effect, is to damage the relationship on which horses' live hinge. If there is culpability to be assigned for irresponsibility and the death of horses, then it lies firm on the shoulders of FHOTD and her followers.

I would like to thank justsayingfubb for contacting Lorie Wigle and getting her response. Well done, JSF!


  1. From the Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales site. They broker the horses on the Zillah feedlot Spoke to Chuck (feedlot owner) We talked about TB's - the process that takes place. The trainers give Jason the horses - Jason sells some as riding horses and some to Chuck.
    So Lorie is telling the truth.

  2. fhotd says:
    May 4, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    CBER is the third party. I don’t know which particular individual obtained the horse yet, but I’m sure that will come out.

    The horse WAS advertised by CBER, WAS on CBER’s not-so-seekrit message board, and the usual threat was there that if he did not get purchased, he was going to kill on Monday.

    FUBB CBER hasnt been CBER in over a year educate... you idiot...educate

    We were planning on having the Homes for Horses Coalition conference there next week – I don’t know what’s going to happen with that yet. But I’ve got my ticket, so if we cancel out on the conference, maybe I can come and just volunteer somewhere. I’m game for that. Fortunately my 30 year old mare who is boarded in that area is on a nice hilly property – woo hoo, good planning by Paradigm Farms!

    Ill bet snatchshot is burning em up in anticipation of her visit to YHI's ex Volunteer much LMAO

  3. Anytime :)

    The horse was sold to a Jason who makes the rounds of the tracks to resell TB's and he sold to the feedlot.

    Im interested to learn more about this RACE Equine who uses SCR's 501.3c status and is on property owned by Tractorco. I have Eburg connections Ill call this might be a whole new twist in Fubbs shady dealings. JS

  4. So Jason and the trainers where involved in the deal and not Lorie. Wow, how easy was that to resolve.

  5. "I point the finger immediately because if I give people time to think they will come up with an elaborate story of how it’s not their fault. Sorry, the horse was in your ownership on Monday and is in a kill pen on Tuesday? That is your fault. It’s not like it wound up there three months down the road after not working out in a pleasure riding home."

    FHOTD's comment on her blog. Classy gal, isn't she?

  6. JSF - great job contacting her. I hope she realizes not everyone is sheeple.

    Word Verf: slyth (wish fugs would slyther off!)

  7. At what point is it nessesary for anyone to justify anything they do to the likes of Cathy Atkinson? WHile her statements are volatile and full of presumptions about the actions of others,and almost always geared to garner a huge reaction form the masses,she rarely bases anything she says on real hard facts , and frankly If she see's herself as setting the moral standard, wow is that a low set bar!

  8. You know, they question why Lorie didn't name the person she gave the horse too, but it doesn't sound like fugs has the whole story herself does it? There's a whole lot of drama and OMG!!!'s about this supposed 24 hour time period. Even fugs is admitting that the horse was AT the lot, but that it is Sam who is the one who runs around saying "If they aren't rescued, they are going on the truck." Who the hell knows if this horse was ever intended to be put on the truck. I know A LOT of KB's who are also traders and if this horse was as nice as they say, he probably wasn't in immediate danger of being placed on a truck.

    Reading through the comments though I came across this gem...

    "How about the fact that 99.99% of every horse in this country has been given, at the very least, bute at one time or another?"

    Ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent huh? Well, I guess I own the only horses left in the U.S. that fit into that hundreth of a percent. I have NEVER, EVER buted a horse IN MY LIFE!!!

    So not to detract from the current drama, but I'm wondering how many other people here have or have not ever used bute on their horses?

  9. It's easy to see where and how things have failed the horses involved, if people would just shut up for a minute, ask questions and actually listen to the answer...

    Sounds like flubs is all wrong again and will hold herself accountable to no one. Least of all herself.

    FV- "At what point is it nessesary for anyone to justify anything they do to the likes of Cathy Atkinson?"

    BINGO! Justifying it to her or anyone else for that matter? Not necessary to some degree. As long as the animals involved are not in danger or harms way- who are any of us to judge the actions of others?

    Anon <3

  10. BEC,
    It's my understanding of the situation that the horse was in possession of Jason who was most likely trying to find a buyer for the horse.

  11. Aww, fugs's just jealous 'cause my TB story is true.

    gawd, that was a bad joke.


    (slythers back under rock)

    was word verf.

    I get so tired of name calling!

  12. BEC- Bute is not the root of all evil. Buting a horse to keep them comfortable or knock the edge off and manage pain, etc. is not anything to be overly concerned about.

    Even buting a horse before a competition on some levels is allowed. So still not a horrible offense even in the eyes of officials on a variety of levels and competitions.

    Non Steroidal Anti Inflamitory Drugs or NSAID's are allowed for some competitions. Low levels for maintenance- no big deal.

    Ever check the list of drugs allowed on the track? Might blow your mind. Race horses run on Lassix all the time. That's what the "L" means in the program.

    Ever check out the supplements section of the online shops and catalogs- whole array of Bute like, low level maintenance type, pain management substances that are 'guaranteed not to test'. WHY IS THAT?

    Anon <3

  13. I just love the attempted blackmail..."a nice donation to RACE..." It really does sound like an internet scam.

    BEC, I've used Bute twice during the last ten years, on one horse that was injured and one that had foundered. Out of approximately 40 or so head that have been raised or trained here. Is that 99.99%?! (Maybe in fubb years!) I've never used Bute to compete.

    Sooo, my understanding is that this horse was never in danger. Simply stalled at the facility? Oh the drama!

    These so called 'rescues' seem pretty determined to wind up with the horses they want, and have enough extra funds to outbid someone else to the tune of $1000.00. And claim that they are rescuing the horse? Huh.

  14. OMG! Word verf was stdesist!

  15. I believe I wrote about the whole Bute thing some time back. Bute does not stay in the equines system very long at all. It was necessary to get the specifics from the pharmaceutical companies to satisfy the EU.
    The constant planting of that OMG Bute stays in their systems forever myth was just one more attempt to derail slaughter with those who did bother to gather the correct information. It may be very securely filed under "URBAN Myth."
    BECs Bute isn't much more than an analgesic type pain medication IMO. They chose the most popular and commonly given medication for a reason in their anti-slaughter campaign.
    Horse drugs and human drugs are one and the same in that they are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies.

  16. One other thing I wanted to point out is that I do not ride or use medicated horses period.
    Bute is a pain relief drug if I am giving pain relief meds I can wait until that pain is gone(not masked) to ride or work again.
    That has always annoyed me. Out of the 10 horses I currently have at home 0 have ever been buted either.

  17. That's my understanding of it as well. Given the evidence we have the horse was probably not in any danger. Advertising Fritz as a rescue is probably to raise money.

  18. Anybody else hear Aretha Franklin?

    "Rescue Me, oh keep me in your heart.."

    "C'mon and rescue me...

    OH, the drama!
    Oh, the hypocrisy.

  19. Dena- I have to agree with you on the use of Bute. I am not making a major defense case for it's use, but rather stating that yes, some competitions do allow low levels as in a maintenance doseage.

    I too do not and have not used bute or any other of the readily available drugs or herbal rememdies to mask the pain a horse is in, just so I can compete on them. If they hurt, they hurt.

    Anon <3

  20. Spell check is my friend. Damn that blooger won't let you edit your posts...

    Anon <3

  21. Well looks like Fubb fubbed it up so bad she is pulling a cber out of her hat :) Her usual go to excuse is to bring cber up.
    Cber is no more Rebels are a few old members that broker the horses on the lot like the Camelot or Fallon feedlots Sam takes pictures of the riders and what the hell difference does it make if she makes a buck if these horses are getting a chance?

    Love this comment

    fhotd says:
    May 4, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    RACE is the one who provided me with the story and the pictures of him post-rescue, through Second Chance Ranch who introduced us, so they were completely aware the story was going on the blog.

    They are not trying to be friends with Chuck Walker. They just rescued this one horse after, I believe, seeing him on Craigslist.

    Way to toss SCR under the bus fubb I will forward that to the WA TB Breeders and make sure she never gets a dime to hoard them

  22. Just reading Ms Wigle's response, I've got more respect for her in that 45 seconds than I ever did ole fugs.


  23. Oh, and thanks for the post about Bute Dina! I'm not against using the medication at all, it is a very effective anti-inflammatory, and does a great job of managing pain. I was just making the point that it isn't used 99.99% of the time.

  24. Yes there are trucks off Chucks lot each week. He shipped a whole load of TB's on Monday after Fubbs did her dirty work. Unlike SOS, who Fubbs supports, and crys the truck is coming on ABR when in reality the head of SOS attends the sales w/ her buddy that doesnt have a feedlot, its his yard.
    Chucks lot is a real Feedlot

  25. E-mailed Lorie via facebook with the subject line "Ignore that stupid blog". Signed my real name. No answer but I do not blame her. It sounds like a lot of gutless wonders harassed her from the comments on fugs...and yes, my eyes are STILL burning but there appear to be a couple voices of reason there.

  26. Anon, I'm totally confused by all the acronyms. You have to really spell it out for me! Chuck is the guy who owns a feedlot, to fatten up slaughter horses, I take it? Does he also do auctions on his property? Who are all these different rescues? Are they competing with each other to buy horses from him? Does the general public also bid on horses? Are there any serious horse traders who frequent the auction for prospects? How far is it to a slaughter house from his facility? Does he employ his own drivers?

  27. I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't very clear, I'm neither for or against the use of bute per say. I was just astounded that someone would make such an assanine comment that 99.99% of horses out there have been on bute at some point. It just piqued my curiosity as to whether the use of bute was that prevalent or not?

  28. Hey Fubbs, bet FP would have something to say bout all them horses you have rescued from there.

  29. Oh hell, now she's trying to draw attention to the flood in Nashville.

    NO FUGS, we DON'T need and or want your help! Things are covered from New York to Florida, TYVM.


  30. Excuse my rant, I meant to say that things have been covered in the media, for the most part, all over the country. Blahglarglegaha!

    ~DK Thank God the creeks surrounding this area didn't go too crazy.

  31. The flood thing is her usual tactic when she is wrong On to something that has nothing to do with her.
    But she will be visiting the Ex in question....

  32. It was established early on that Chuck does not operate a feedlot. The old CBER always called it a feedlot saying that is what people in that area called it, even though it isn't a feedlot. He's a horse trader, pure and simple. CBER used the "feedlot" gimmick to get people to buy the horses. Does he ship to slaughter? YES.

    Look it up:


    Again, it was a gimmick CBER used to get people to buy the horses.

  33. Kestrel

    You asked:

    Anon, I'm totally confused by all the acronyms.

    (yes, it can become confusing after a while as more and more "rescues" pop up)

    You have to really spell it out for me! Chuck is the guy who owns a feedlot, to fatten up slaughter horses, I take it?

    (No, Chuck does not operate a feedlot. He's a horse trader who sends horses to slaughter. He allowed CBER to peddle his horses for him because he made a heck of a lot more money off the "rescue minded" people than he ever did through outright sales/shipping to slaughter.)

    Does he also do auctions on his property?

    (No. He may be doing that now but he didn't when CBER was in operation there)

    Who are all these different rescues?

    (who knows, they pop up all the time)

    Are they competing with each other to buy horses from him?

    (they don't need to compete against each other. Chuck will sell his horses to anyone. However, they are probably trying to one up eaach other because egos are involved and, of course, money is involved.)

    Does the general public also bid on horses?

    (Not at Chuck's sales lot. The Gen Pub can go to any auction and bid on horses)

    Are there any serious horse traders who frequent the auction for prospects?

    (probably every horse trader frequents the auctions to get prospects to sell for twice (or more) what they paid for the horse)

    How far is it to a slaughter house from his facility?

    (Florence Packing is the nearest facility and is located in Stanwood, WA. That is where the horses are/were taken. They may be taken elsewhere as well)

    Does he employ his own drivers?

    (Chuck, I believe, does the driving)

  34. Thanks so much Lucerne. It's hard to figure out who's who, with all the hysteria going on!

    A good horse trader is performing an invaluable service to the horses and public. Horses can be held, evaluated, and sorted for temperament, market appeal and soundness. I've 'traded' a few in my day, and the doubling in value came from retraining them to the point that they could be sold. Value added... Are there bad traders? Yes. Used cars come to mind!
    The horses that are sent to slaughter are at least not going to be abandoned or starved, and the truly incorrigible are not going to hurt or kill someone. Shipping CAN be done humanely, or horse trials across the country would not be happening.

  35. For more info on Washington's pipeline to slaughter please
    see http://www.kaufmanzoning.net/InvestigationoftheslaughterhorseindustryinWashingtonStateMay2008externalreport.pdf

  36. Okay, so looking at the article Chuck's place is well ran, and he ships to Florence, which is also well ran. The place in Moses Lake is terrible. It looks like Wa. needs to enforce statutes already on the books to make the bad one come up to code or shut down.

  37. From Lorie...We gave the horse to a trainer in Hermiston so he could be re-schooled as a riding horse. He has a bill of sale for Fritz from a woman who said she was buying him as a riding horse.
    We’re still working to follow the trail from there, but am heartsick that he might have been on a feedlot. I will let you know when we discover the entire truth.

    She is contacting Sam from Rebels to learn more and yet FUBB only uses it for begging and doesn't retract her hateful statements.

    "Not sure what the whole story is, but I agree with other posters that a hefty donation to the rescue that has the horse would not be unreasonable."

    From what I know and read Fubb has a serious hard on for Sam, who can ride a horse, has a wealthy parent and has made some mistakes in the rescue world. But the ones that continue to bring it up were in charge of CBER at the time so Hmmmm.

    As far as the connection to Katie and SCR I feel RACE Equine cooked its goose by riding on SCR's 501 and now the questionable criminal record of their sponsor Mitch from Tractor Co. But her lame ass denial of leaking the info to Fubb is the last straw in my book. I think she could have quietly contacted Lorie on her own and been the hero instead of the loser in this. Lanne you hitched your cart to Katie and Fubb so....Epic Fail!

  38. Lorie replied to me as well and she seems more concerned with finding out what went wrong than covering her butt. This makes me so mad again. Had to peek and one of fubs followers actually said they contacted her with their fake facebook account. What a coward! As usual, I made sure to sign my real name when I corresponded with Lorie.

  39. I think Cathy Atkinson needs to contact the nearest Mental Health Clinic.

  40. Isnt that special her mob is now using secret accounts and bad spelling. Shame on all of them!

  41. just wondering here, has anyone ever conacted Wendy Hsu re. Tiny aka Hercules?

  42. Yes Wendy was contacted and she never put a no sale on Tiny, Ron the Auction house owner did for biting him. So she did nothing wrong.
    Wendy didnt care about anything Fugly said except the part about her children which it seems Fugly removed.
    From the pictures posted on Second Race he has lost alot of weight probably because he is in pain.
    Im waiting for Fugly to ride him LOL

  43. I really think their should be a "horse rescue soap opera" show. Or maybe, "Horse Rescue Reality show."
    Seriously, the drama. Ri-dic-u-lous!

  44. Oh, I had to look and now my head is going to explode re. new fubb advise...don't help hoarders with cash, feed, etc! Wouldn't that apply to the supposed rescues that need money to purchase horses that they don't have the money to take care of? Christ on a pogo stick. Never mind. Gotta clean the coffee off my monitor...

  45. Yes, exactly, kestrel.
    But make sure you pull them ALL off the truck! Where will they go?

    Poor creatures, being used as emotional financial weapons.

  46. PF,
    I think that they should do a show where Fugs and other rescuers are put on an island and forced to rescue horses, care for them, and retrain them.

  47. Of course, if you are indicted, tried and sentenced in the court of Fug, any testimony you can offer that might exonerate you is disregarded as being pathetic excuses. I don't wonder that if God Himself parted the clouds and said "Lorie Wigle didn't mean to do it," Fugly would say "Riiiight, nice excuse. Obviously Lorie is running a PR campaign." And of course, her fans would chime right in and say "That God...always on the side of horse killers and animal abusers."

  48. OMG This one killed me!!

    This is a super cute teenaged TB mare who needs a home as soon as possible. She is being fostered by Hard Luck Horses in the Redmond, WA area and you can contact them if you’d like to meet her. She is sound and supposed to be well broke but they don’t have a saddle to fit her at present to try that out and I’m too far away to do my usual hop on bareback, ha ha.

    No saddle and Fubb cant hop on her broom and fly in to save the day? Since she is a self appointed trainer lately LOL Ummm Fubb hopping on bareback isnt an assessment. Between em all Id pay to watch Rescue Isle just for the laughs!!

  49. I'm surprised that she didn't beg for money to buy a new saddle to fit that mare.

  50. Hey Ang. You have a cease and desist and it is still in effect!

  51. Okay, I'm gonna be snarky here, but why can't they find any decent riders to show off these horses at the rescues?
    Some of these horses look like they could go well with a decent rider on them, they would have such a better shot with a five minute you tube clip under someone who's toes aren't perpendicular to the horse and puppy paw hands.

  52. Well, there appears to be no one available at Hard Luck Ranch to just jump on bareback and evaluate a horse, so that may be a clue...I wonder if their evaluation could be trusted?!

  53. No saddle to fit?

    And a person couldn't just saddle her up with something semi-appropriate to see how she acts?

    It's not like they have to take her out for an all day spin. A few minutes being worked in a saddle that isn't a perfect fit isn't going to sore or damage a horse. Yeesh...talk about excuses!!

  54. Well, like an idiot, I went over to COTH, see what happened with my "tirade" thread.
    there are STILL people defending my neighbour.

    Oh, if only I could send them my neighbour, express post.
    Here, YOU have her.
    They picked up on the feces-filled water, which I have pictures of, from when she had her dog(s). Doesn't take much imagination to know she isn't gonna be cleaning his water out too often, as in ever.
    But right, I am unstable.
    Why can't people believe the truth?
    The bile thrown at CCC for saying fugs wasn't the be-all, end-all.
    Oh, all the GOOD she's done.

    Gawd, I am so GLAD I am OUT of the horse business.
    People like my neighbour and fugs deserve each other.

    I couldn't believe it, CCC. When is it ever okay to neglect your animals?

    Oh, right, I forgot.
    It's legal:(

  55. BEC - I wonder about the lack of saddle to fit, too. Unless there's something seriously wrong with that mare's back, just about any saddle should do for a test ride. Most barns that I've been to have a few "just lying around" saddles in addition to the saddles that are in regular use.

    Seems to me that if there's something so wrong that you can't make do with whatever saddle and some pads, you shouldn't even joke about jumping on bareback.

  56. Disclaimer: I am a relative newbie, so what I posted above about saddles, bareback, etc...is based on a year or so of observation, listening to the more experienced and reading, and very little firsthand experience.

  57. About the Shiloh video

    #3, the rider is as quiet as possible, which helps the mare have a good, non-scary experience, and only has the ball of their foot in the stirrup (this is how you don’t wind up hung up and inventing silly devices like the “imprinter”)

    Now wasnt it just a few days ago it was toes only? Damn it my trainer fubb is confusing me LMAO

    Cant she get a job writing for a star trash mag??

  58. Darcy, your observation is spot on. Multiple saddles are tools of the trainer's trade. A craftsman without tools is probably not an expert.

    JSF, why would they even post a poor ride? And then make excuses for it? Isn't the marketing mantra 'make sure the horse looks good?!'

    For all the shrieking about the ads showing a rider hanging off or standing up on a horse, it does prove to the viewer that the horse is not going to have a meltdown if you get a little out of position. I usually add an extra training step to a horse that is going to be used as a beginner or kid's horse, and train it to stop if the rider gets too far off balance. Saves a lot of misunderstandings between horse and rider.

  59. It was the horses first ride and fubb was making the usual stupid comments. That one #3 made me laugh because of her "only toes in the stirrups" advise last week. Here is her take on the first ride Gah!!

    If you’re looking for a big draft cross trail companion, Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada has just started Latte under saddle, and from this first ride video, I’d say odds are good she will be an easy one to continue training. This is a pretty good example, too, of how to do a first ride.
    #1, the horse has a halter on over the bridle and that is what the ground person is using for control – there’s no rope snapped to the bit, as I see people do.
    #2, the horse is not forced to stand perfectly still for the first mounting – the steps sideways as she balances herself are allowed and she’s not punished for them.
    #3, the rider is as quiet as possible, which helps the mare have a good, non-scary experience, and only has the ball of their foot in the stirrup (this is how you don’t wind up hung up and inventing silly devices like the “imprinter”).
    #4, they’re in the round pen – a safe, small place for the mare to get used to this new idea.
    #5, all they do is walk. I see so many people screw up the first ride by asking too much and making it scary, and you’re just laying a foundation for trouble if you do that, even if you don’t get that trouble during that first ride. Maybe the only thing I’d change is that the ground person should be next to the horse, not out in front in case she leaps forward, but overall, this is a good example of a safe and smart first ride.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I do really like that Shiloh horse though...my and my draft obsession!

  62. Is Fugly really that stupid. It is very obvious that she has not been around people who can break babies and ride. Hey Fugs. You want to see how someone rides a horse for the first time that really knows what they are doing. What is it with the line attached to a horse. Professionals do not do that.

  63. hmm, that's a very pretty mare, that Latte. She reminds me so much of a friend's half Perch, Cortez- he was also a buckskin. He had to be euth'd during surgery at WWU for a stifle injury, as it was a bleak situation.
    I give the rider a thumb's up, too, for wearing a helmet on a greenie. Smart cookie.


  64. I wonder if contacting every Rescue that advertises on Fugly and telling them they will not be supported untill they find another outlet to rehome will open their eyes.

  65. Anon- 1:18
    Hey Fugs. You want to see how someone rides a horse for the first time that really knows what they are doing. What is it with the line attached to a horse. Professionals do not do that.

    Um, Yes. Yes they do. Some of them have their own safety in mind and really take it to heart. This is why a ground person can be a Godsend in some cases. I would rather use a trainer that takes every step possible to ensure their own as well as the horses safety, than one who throws caution to the wind and climbs on anything and everything that comes their way. The smart one will be around for years to come. The other one may get killed next week.

    Anon <3

  66. Taken from JSF, quoting flub-

    #5, all they do is walk. I see so many people screw up the first ride by asking too much and making it scary, and you’re just laying a foundation

    Sounds like she is quoting one of her faux fans there, none other than SFTS. A person flub will tell you about- "I have it on record from reputable people in rescue, She's Fucking Nuts!"

    Seems there may be a battle in the kingdom over the crown of the Queen of Condescension!

  67. GL,
    That's just nuts. How could anyone possibly defend lack of basic needs then to defend fubs. I find that unless the site is specialized that mostly amateurs frequent it.

  68. Hey Fugly, it is libel because there is nothing illegal about selling a horse to auction or to slaughter. Strong arming the racing industry are you? It seems that your threats of outing people and then going after them for money just may also be against the law.

  69. I think its called extortion plain and simple. I also see Katie is crying for donations for the 40 something horses Second Chance Ranch has. Sounds like hoarding to me.

  70. "I think its called extortion plain and simple"

    Yes, that is exactly what this is.

    Others do it too. I would place a huge bet on it with regard to those who want the tattoo numbers of TBs on feedlots. They then do the research and contact everyone who was ever even associated with the horse (owners, trainers, barns, etc) to do 2 things: Reem them out for letting that horse end up in a kill pen and coerce them into giving money to the "rescue" that has the horse because, after all, it was their responsibility in the first place to ensure the horse was protected from going to slaughter and they should pitch in to help financially care for the poor horse now that he/she is with a "rescue".

    Happens all the time. The problem with that is, these little stunts the zealots pull only serve to cause the doors to shut, preventing any future TBs from getting the help they need. Their stunts, in effect, are doing the very thing they purport to ward against....sending those horses to slaughter.

    So, if they want to seal those horses' fate, they should keep doing what they are doing. In their own stupid little "look at me and what I accomplished" world....they are killing a lot more horses than anyone else ever has.

    Idiots, all of them. I hope their stunts come back to bite THEM in the butt.

    It's tragic that money really is the root motivator; whether it's winning races or getting dollars to care for the "rescued" horse and they will stop at NOTHING to acquire those funds.

  71. I looked at Latte's first ride...anyone else notice the $1000.00 adoption fee? For a grade draft cross that is not trained. A rather exorbitant price for a horse that you won't own even after handing over the cash. (Oh, but you get to feel all warm and fuzzy because it's a rescued horse.)

  72. OMG!! On the FB page
    R.A.C.E. Equine Rescue
    Talked very briefly with Ms. Wigle. Nothing was said in regards to a donation, will update if something changes.

    I update you alright when Ms Wigle contacts a lawyer and sues you Fugly and SCR!! This is why rescues have the cringe factor in the racing business. Its called biting the hand that feeds you. You get the horse w/ donations, put a few bales of hay in it, also donated, graze it on donated land, then blackmail the owner for large donation and then sell it. I see it is about the $$$$$$ not the horse.

    Jenna cause im too lazy to sign in

  73. This whole thing is far from over as the owners are hot on the information trail. I suspect that Fubbs days of blogging will be numbered.

  74. Shiloh's adoption policy: http://shilohhorserescue.rescuegroups.org/info/display?PageID=3776

    The part that grabbed my attention: "Some horse rescues forbid the owner to ever sell or place the adopted horse into another home- but we feel this is not very realistic. We feel that there are so many horses that need to be rescued, that if we can break the cycle of neglect and abuse, educate people about slaughter, this gives the horse has a second chance at a full life."

    What are you opinions on this rescue?

  75. Explain to me why Ms Wigle is a villain....
    She gave the horse to someone, likely someone recommended by her trainer,
    Who sold or traded it to Sam I would guess,
    Sam listed it on Rebels site,
    Who then sold it to RACE...

    As far as I can tell the only evidence they have of Ms Wigle's supposed irresponsibility is that the horse was listed on Rebels site. We already know that Sam lists her personal horses on the "rescue" on occasion, so my guess is that the horse never was in danger of being shipped to slaughter, his appearance on the Rebels site was just more fakery and smoke and mirrors rescue.
    Why oh why do the rescues have to create such incredible DRAMA? I personally know people involved in the racing industry who simply haul their own horses to the slaughter house and have them killed instead of even trying to re-home them or placing them with the rescue/rehab groups. They want NOTHING to do with the "My Little Pony" attitude of the rescue wackos. I think if I were in their position, I would want to avoid them at all costs, because as is evidenced by this fiasco, even when you are innocent, you become a villain due to other people's actions that you have no control over.

  76. I looked at Shiloh's website, and they look like a very successful horse trading outfit. They pick up cheap horses at auction, do some feed and training, and then resell them.

  77. Quoting dingleberry(fugs) in her most recent post"Yes, all of these things cost money but wouldn’t you rather be on my blog as a good guy/girl who put in the effort"
    Nope sunshine I couldn't give a flying fig if I ever graced your blog one way or the other ! But if its what floats your boat...

  78. Looked at Latte's first ride as well, not the safest I have ever seen. Quite a few things going on that could have been a trainwreck. Though Latte looks like a sweet horse

  79. Sam didnt have the horse the feedlot had the horse. Ask RACE they took the horse directly from the feedlot. Sam is just the go between because Chuck refuses to deal w/ nut cases.
    The Rebels group came to light after CBER got sick of the bullshit and dissolved. A few of the CBER members wanted to keep saving them. Sam still assesses them and the group lists the horses for the Feedlot owner Chuck Walker. Chuck will not allow any rescues on the lot because of the crap.

  80. Oh Lord snatchshot is now telling the owners how to rehome *snort*

  81. she wants the owners of the racehorses all the work (retraining,layup,etc.) and then give the horse to a rescue along with a large donation of course. delusional much there fhotd? I don't get why she is so agaist auctions or even actually selling a horse.

  82. I noticed that too, Anon 2:24. So you have a racehorse. You no longer want him, so you give him to a rescue. You should now give not only your horse, but hey, hand them around $2000 out of your wallet. That's so they won't smear your name all over the place. And you may as well feel pretty darn guilty handing him over.
    Now, folks.... do see where this mentality is heading? That's right, more and more TB owners/trainers will be dropping off their TBs right at the meat buyers to avoid this drama-rama.

    I think I'm going to start an OTTB rescue this weekend out of my garage. May as well be as scammy as the others out there that old
    Fugs plugs.

  83. ANON 5:02 Quoting flub-

    This is a super cute teenaged TB mare who needs a home as soon as possible. She is being fostered by Hard Luck Horses in the Redmond, WA area and you can contact them if you’d like to meet her. She is sound and supposed to be well broke but they don’t have a saddle to fit her at present to try that out and I’m too far away to do my usual hop on bareback, ha ha.

    I know the saddle fit thing has been beaten to death already, but how many saddles DON'T they have at the rescue? And their volunteers DON'T have ANY either? Because it takes how long to try a saddle on a horse?

    Sounds more like a painfully pitiful excuse that "We don't have any that fit", instead of a more truthful thing like "We don't have any at all".

    Which sounds more like the actual answer? Just curious.

    I can understand not wanting to even take a test ride in a saddle that clearly doesn't fit, since the horse may buck or do something else counterproductive. You want every ride to be a good one, don't you? Besides, the horses have suffered enough and will continue to do so as long as they are in one of those type of 'rescues'.

    Anon <3

  84. GL, as far as the stuff on COTH, I do think you had more that were supportive than not. There are always going to be people who want to argue no matter what the topic, whether it is about the conditions AC is in or about Fugly. No matter how hard it may be, it isn't worth one nano second of time in worrying about it.

    What is worth time is helping in whatever way we can to help those who need it.

    I am going to have to join those who think it is really sad that a suitable saddle couldn't be found to do a trial ride on that mare. For heaven's sake, why wouldn't they have a few options and some different pads to choose from. It isn't like they were going to put her over a course of jumps.

    I guess Hard Luck really lives up to it's name!

  85. I got curious and checked out Hard Luck: http://hardluckhorses.com/index.asp Looks like not so much a rescue as a hobby.

    I'm surprised Fugly hasn't ripped them to shreds. Lack of helmets, inappropriate footwear, fat people.

    Most interesting to me is that (based on pictures on their site) back in March they had at least two horses located at a rescue that I know is struggling - as in massive violations of county code, "oops" pregnancies, etc.

  86. OMG. The wench thinks she can tell the racing world how to rehome their horses. And for God's sake, don't use the track vets. She has gone completely mad.

  87. I agree with NAF. And we don't know that they don't have a saddle - could be fugs stretching the truth again trying to sound cutsie (gag!). I like that Hard Luck lists the costs for each horse.

  88. Hard Luck is Tash Gaia who is Fuglys friend and now with auction horses

  89. Oh - I can't keep all these things strait!

  90. If an owner or trainer gives a beautiful sound 'off the track' TB to someone who will be retraining the horse in a different discipline, the horse will be worth money. The person has already received a valuable horse, and then the owner should kick in an extra couple of thousand?!!! The recipient of the horse does not have to wait for it to grow up, train it to halter, trailer, and be ridden...etc.
    I could see a funded retraining center for ex racehorses. I know of several trainers that have been in business for years that do not use the word 'rescue.' They are trainers looking for prospects. Sadly, most racing barns have been burned by the simple minded to the point where they don't want to even talk to the young trainers who get their start retraining.
    It is arrogant and demeaning to insist that every horse off the track needs 'rescue.' They need retraining.

  91. What is with Fugly's constant reminder that she 'grew up with polo ponies'? After all, she grew up in an area of Wisconsin where she admitted she taught kids to 'ride' in a pasture with other horses on the loose. That's a really safe situation, Fugs.
    With all her name-dropping, why doesn't she share with us the names of the people (trainers and barn owners) she's worked with? Most if not all horsemen give thanks and accolades to their mentors. With Fugly, there's not a boo coming from her.

  92. Now she is back to the cber bullshit. Fubb cber has been dissolved for over a year. When all that crap was happening wasnt your friends Shawna from SOS and Tash from HLH and Auction horses volunteering? Yes they were!
    Way to make your friends look bad LOL

    Under the outing Lorie post someone brings up her advertisers SOS Equines

    draftlover says:
    May 5, 2010 at 12:41 am

    You guys keep saying scam when there is no scam.they have a website offering up horses for sale. They state that the horses are on a feedlot in east washington.They are not on Abr or facebook begging for donations to bail all these poor skinny horses before the truck is coming.You wanna talk scams look at save our slaughterbound..The truck is coming is being screamed from their barn all the way across the united states begging for money and her horses have been in a pasture for over a year waiting on homes..

    And her reply deflect to cber LOL

    fhotd says:
    May 5, 2010 at 11:50 am

    They are not ALLOWED on ABR which is why they’re not there. They USED to be there, and on COTH, begging for dollars.

    I have seen $am collect THREE TIMES the purchase price of the same horse!

    I have seen her put a PAID FOR HORSE on the kill truck.

    She took a horse that was returned to her and PUT IT ON THE KILL TRUCK

    I could go on forever. She is not an honest person and whatever business name she is using, she is 100% guaranteed scamming people out of money. That is what she does.

  93. She posted this the other day and I saved it maybe Ill contact them as a personal ref for Fubbs :)

    I just think you’re generalizing. At Santa Anita, I’ll give you a good example – Amza Bossom. I’ve worked polo ponies for her husband, and she has racehorses.

  94. Ha. We have what we need once more! Now we are really going to do it.

  95. Anon 12:46: Oooooh! What's that?

    Whoa, word ver is slicer.

  96. Hmmm, just read fubb post about the CB woman, (whoever she is) ragig that the charge is $150.00 'for a bullet.' She may be missing the point that the carcass would still need to be disposed of. Our water level is high, so burying a horse is not an option. I'm not sure what the regulations would be in Washington, but I'm pretty sure that shooting a horse and letting it lay there would be frowned on. The landfill charges $125.00 to accept a horse carcass here. We have fabulous vets in our area that charge the cost of the drugs plus a small fee, and the landfill charge. It's not cheap.

  97. Whoops, that should have been 'raging' but I may have tried to type ragging...

  98. In that area $150 is for shooting and disposal I am pro bullet after holding a horse that didnt go after 2 shots of the juice. That will never leave my mind.

  99. Yeah, I'm with you on that one anon. Same reason. A friend's horse struggled for an eternity...over 20 minutes. It was horrible. At least a bullet scrambles their brain.

  100. All right you all. I've gone and done it . I've agreed to buy a horse. He is not a rescue. But a Saddlebred show horse who isn't coming along fast enough to suit his owners. He will turn 4 this month. If the radio graphs and the vet check says OK. I get a "washed up" show horse. His trainer (who I go to church with) says to turn him out for a year to let him grow up. Then he (He is a gelding) will be ready to start training for show if I want to. Or I'll just have the best looking horse in the county to poke around on.

  101. Good for you Kaede - I hope he's great fun for you! Does this congratulation count since it's coming from someone all the way across the country who doesn't even know you? I think so.

  102. I haven't yet told my Japanese Houseboy. I'm going to see how long I can put it off...

  103. Whooo! Go Kaede! That's great news!


  104. Congrats Kaede!

    'Washed up' at 4? How freaking sad is that?

    Good for you though.:)

  105. Not precisely washed up. He is not coming along fast enough for his owners. The trainer (whom I know and trust) recommended to the owners to turn him out for a year or two to let him grow up. He is flighty. They wanted results now. So they sold him to me, for the price of a well trained (he is) saddle horse. But not for the price of a show horse. They wanted him to have a good home they knew would take care of him.

  106. Woohoo Kaede, SCORE! He'll be a fabulous horse for you! Saddlebreds are a lot like Arabs, some of them mature late, but the ones that do are usually fabulous into their 30's. That's what's great about connections. The horse isn't suited for what they want now, but you get all the benefits of a trained horse, cheap. You win, horse wins...sigh. I just love happy!

  107. Congrats Kaede! He must be beautiful and you must be excited. When do you pick him up?

  108. Hurray, Kaede! Your new horse sounds like a diamond in the rough.

  109. Congrats Kaede!

    I second what Kestrel said.

  110. Congrats Kaede! Sounds like fun.
    As an aside from the previous topic...if anyone is interested and is on facebook the American Polo Horse Association recently created a facebook page. Just search "American Polo Horse Assocation" in the facebook search. They have some great photos of polo ponies in action. Lots of "equipment", but nice soft hands, loose reins. No big jerking and stressed out looking ponies. But you can also see in many shots how agile the players get on the horses back, yet are doing it without yanking on their ponies. Of course, pics are of some of the best of the best players and ponies! But still, cool to see.

  111. Amazon.com is running a sale on Horse Illustrated. $10.00 for a year's subscription. Go to Amazon and rate the magazine folks! It used to be a fluffy but readable rag, now it's the horsey equivalent of the National Enquirer. Sad!

  112. Happy Mother's Day to all you horse moms. It's cold and windy today, so I opted not to ride; but I did stop by the barn and walk out into the field to give my gelding a treat. He seemed very perplexed when he saw that I wasn't in riding gear and that I didn't even want to haul him into the barn to brush him.

    When we got home, we discovered that our goslings have started hatching. The geese parents are making a ruckus and a fuss; but we managed to see two little peepers peeking out from under mama's wing. What a wonderful gift!

  113. Hello, My Name is Helen Love. I'm a 62 year old Mother and Grandmother who's been married to the same man for 40 years. I was a CBER volunteer for a year and when CBER dissolved I started Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales. There's nothing secretive or 'hidden' about anything we do -We advertise the Horses on Chuck Walker's Feedlot in the hope of getting them to safety before they are shipped to slaughter. And please make no mistake, if we can't get them sold they will ship. In the last year we have managed to 'save' 60 but lost 17. We are a simple listing service. We do not solicit funds and we do not accept donations.The prices are clearly marked and the Horses are assessed as well as we possible, under trying circumstances.I can't see anything wrong in this system. We ask for nothing but the joy of helping the horses. Yet, it seems we have earned the wrath of Cathy Atkinson and her group. So I thought I would 'log on' and offer whatever help I can to clear up any misunderstands. If you have any questions about the Rebels, please just ask...and I thank you for your time...Helen

  114. Thanks Helen. What a voice of reason in a hysterical mess Fubbs makes. I have a question cber was dissolved by the BOD and Volunteers right? Somehow Fubb has it in her scrambled mind they got their 501 taken away but when I asked this before I was told it was legally dissolved.


  115. Fugly wrote...

    CBER has no business being a 501(c)(3) and representing themselves as a rescue. They’re horse dealers, and they’d better start admitting to it and paying to be licensed and paying their taxes, or they’re going to have a whole lot more to worry about than the Fugly blog.

    No fubb I think you are wrong there YOU need to watch your P's and Q's all hell is about to break loose in your little world.

  116. Helen,
    Nice to meet you. Can you please explain what is happening. What is Fugs saying that isn't true etc. I avoid reading FHOTD so I'm not on top of everything that she says.

  117. Of course I can only offer an opinion from my point of view but,as I understand it, the time for the renewing of the 501 was coming up, everyone was exhausted with the constant attacks on our board -it was horrible- To my mind, at least, it was like trying to keep some kind of order in the middle of a war zone. It can be done, but it's very difficult. And, at the same time the costs for running the QT were sky rocketing.We couldn't raise prices and couldn't lower quality. So at some point, the Admins just decided to dissolve the group and allowed the 501 to lapse. It was perfectly voluntary. CBER has been dissolved for over a year. And if anyone would care to check the BBB, they could see for themselves that nothing 'hinky' was going on....Helen

  118. Thank you Helen, for a sane voice in this mess. What you are doing sounds wonderfully sensible.

    Triage is never a fun job, but it must be done. Saving the ones that can go on to another career at least saves some of them.

    I'm glad that Chuck works with you and your group. The hysterical attacks would make some people close their facility to the public entirely.

    Fubb seems to think horsetrader is a dirty word, but a good horse trader does an invaluable service for the horses. Putting cross training on horses, making contacts across disciplines, (and yes, making money by adding value to the horses,) opens up the market place and opens eyes to the possibilities of selling a horse instead of slaughtering it.

  119. The decision to give up the 501 was voluntary and done under the guidance of an attorney in Yakima. The reason was financial.

  120. Fugly, you are a fool. 500 people? Where do you get your figures. Sam's truck? She is making payments on a used truck. Sam's trailer, was purchased with money from her mother's estate after she died of cancer. Would you like me to go after you because if you do not cease and desist, I will along with other people drag your skinny little ass into a court of law. This country was founded on the Rule of Law and there are certain things one can not say and do to other human beings.

  121. Christ on a pogo stick, dingleberry, and snatchshot. In that order. Those are my favorites.
    Congrats Kaede on the new pony!
    Good for you Helen.
    A subscription to HI for $10 a year? That explains so much...
    Can you all imagine if fugly and Perez Hilton were to reproduce with each other? Give the child a mirror early enough in life and they might not ever leave their own little world of fantasy.

  122. Dena we could totally hang out :)
    Congrats Kaede!!
    Fubbs is off to Tenn taking some snatchshots as we speak!

  123. Helen,
    What types of attacks where you getting? Did they come from FHOTD?

  124. The decision to desolve CBER was a mutual one with all of the BOD. We talked about it for a few months prior to disolving. The amount of debt to the rescue was high. We just didnt see a feasible way to continue. The ugliness and meaness was just to much to take daily over everything. It got to a point where I was just tired of all the BS. All the joy of seeing the horses go to new homes was gone. The strangest thing is that it still hasnt stopped. Why would someone continue to harass and bad talk others a year later. I think those people just have a lot of problems. Anyway, I have made great friends through CBER and do not regret it at all. But I am as FUG calls me "snowed by Sam" Whatever! At least I know I did my best and actually cared for the horses.
    Shelley Dunaway former CBER President.

  125. Shelley and Helen, thank you for voicing your stories. Alot of new people like me do not know the whole story and while I do not believe the bile fugs spews, I am often left wondering about the other side of the story. The truth of what happened should be out and now that the emotional turmoil seems to be brewing down, maybe more truth will out.

  126. HA! Word Verf: dronyon

    Fugs tends to dron-yon until i get a migraine!

  127. If Fugs is lying about anything pertaining to CBER, then those who were involved in CBER and/or who are now involved in this other operation in which Sam is involved, need to take action against Cathy and what she is saying. Complaining about Fugs does no good unless they put actions behind their words.

    So, let's see if Sam and the others file a lawsuit against her for Libel.

    Nobody seems to want to do that; at least none of those who have been victimized by Fugs.

    Why is that? Don't tell me it's money because some attornies work on a contingency basis.

    Don't tell me it's because Fugs has no money to speak of and, therefore, no one would get anything out of her anyway as far as monetary compensation.

    People DO sue others based on principal where getting damages is not their focus, getting their name cleared is.

    So, again I ask why hasn't the former CBER group, including Sam, filed a lawsuit against Fugs?

    Usually, the truth does come out if evidence presented is allowed and people who testify are telling the truth.

  128. For everyone who wants to see fugs sued I will tell you why that will not happen.
    First of all, you would have to sue her in the county of HER residence. Now how do you prove residency when dealing with a transient professional squatter? Unless, she has a current lease or mortgage you are SOL.
    Secondly, she is just cagey enough to know that unless she admits to having written something on the record you are SOL. There might be a bit to be had as she bears some responsibility as the owner and with proven advertising fees but that would barely cover do it yourself legal fees.
    Thirdly, please refer to the first of all portion. What type of damages could you possibly hope to receive?
    We all know that she is a poor addition to society but personally I have found her to be tolerable. When put into proper perspective.
    Her life is a direct reflection of who and what she really is. A transient and professional squatter with a dirty mouth and no real knowledge of what she speaks.
    She is a HO all right. A HOBO to be specific.

  129. Hi Anon 1:44. I personally think that society has become WAY too litigious.

    Very recently she puts a "horrible" story out in breaking news fashion and then the crowd is whipped into a frenzy to attack that person. And they often attack them anonymously (that is one of the definitions of cowardice in my book). Now the target of this story must either choose to ignore it or try to defend themselves.

    Grow a thicker skin, you say? Have you read the comments that appear in her blog? They are hideous! I can only imagine what the targets get thrown at them. And sorry, when you are talking about people who are younger (20's and under), the internet is much more of a society to them than to older people (define older yourself). The bite is much deeper for them.

    In two very recent cases, people were harassed and their only crime was to handle a situation in a different manner than fugly would, they did NOTHING against the law. And one person was unaware of the outcome and is trying to correct the process that led to it.

    If I were to become a target of hers (which could easily happen based on her profiling), I would not sue. I would not waste my time and energy on such a negative situation. I would more than likely seek areas where I could post my side, for better or worse, then walk away.

    This blog seems more interested in correcting mistruths where they can and making sure hypocrisy is not gone unchecked. While some may wish that a suit would happen, I think most here know that probably will not happen.

    So while you see complaints, I see people at least trying to get to the truth. And when someone signs their real name, I tend to think they are closer to the truth.

  130. I want to clarify a few things..Cathy does own/care for/evaluate rescue horses..she owns several.
    If a horse is at a feedlot, even if its in the care of Rebels/CBER, it is in danger.
    Lorie Wigle has a responsibility to her horses just like I have to mine, she knows that TBs are slaughtered, especially off the track, and it is her duty to ensure hers do not end up there.
    Those of you who don't think a horse ending up at a feedlot isn't deathly serious business I encourage you to watch one of the videos taken at a slaughter house,if it doesn't disturb you, you shouldn't own horses.

  131. While I am highly against slaughter myself, I don't think, anon 3:20, that you have any right to tell people they shouldn't own horses if they are not against it. Ms. Wigel did no wrong and Rebels/CBER are not on trial here.


  132. Fugs makes my head hurt.................

  133. "it is in danger". No, it isn't. If a cougar was slinking up on it, maybe. But in a slaughter-bound feedlot, the danger isn't apparent to them.

    To you, yes. Not to them.

    I love the pronouncements. Good thing I don't own any horses anymore, whew. Oh, but my psycho neighbour does. She's handing him a slow death by neglect. She "saved" him.

    Yeah, the horse universe is totally bass-ackwards.

    Sorry, make that the horse-people universe.

    Yes, it is interesting how CBER keeps coming up, over and over and over.
    Bunch of horse batty rescuers, too, weren't they? Couldn't keep the funds coming? "Rescued" too many horses, not enough homes? Rescued horses, and put them back on the truck?
    It's a horrible, harsh reality.
    Saved from the knackers has become RESCUE.
    Who'd have thought?
    Genius, though. Wealthy young gullible horse-owning people and all, lots of disposable income, spare time, passion (oye, vay, the passion)...

    Sorry, just musing aloud. Yet another wonderful business opportunity I didn't get into.

  134. Signing one's real name to a post does not guarantee that they are telling the truth. I have learned that long ago. I don't know who is telling the truth quite franky.

    People will lie to protect themselves and organizations are no different, especially because they have a reputation to maintain; hence, they have a good reason for giving "their version" of whatever the truth is.

    I don't know what the truth is concerning this group formerly known as CBER.

    However, I don't take anyone's word for anything anymore because too many people and organizations have been less than honest in the past and I have become cynical.

    I still maintain that if lies are being told, those who are being victimized must do something other than posting opposite information so that the one purportedly telling the lies is forced to stop telling the lies. Lawsuit seems to be the only answer as it shows, to me at least, that they are not afraid of the truth coming out.

    Let the threat that was made in a previous post on here be carried out; i.e.:

    "Would you like me to go after you because if you do not cease and desist, I will along with other people drag your skinny little ass into a court of law. This country was founded on the Rule of Law and there are certain things one can not say and do to other human beings."

    My answer to this is..........

    DO IT. Don't TALK about it.

  135. Anon, I am in agreement with the majority of your post at 4:16. I am also cynical enough to know that even in court, people lie.

    The only question I have with the comment you selected is it is from someone anonymous. Is this person from CBER? From another target? Mad at BHM and trying to make this blog look bad? It is difficult to say - plus even if they signed a name, is it really them?

    Oy, my head hurts but thank you for making me review my thoughts on trying to get to the bottom of things.

    And I still stand by my belief that some people just do not want or need to deal with the negativity of a lawsuit (I watched one my mother had to go through nearly give her a nervous breakdown - 5 years of hell to right a wrong).

  136. When the time comes, I will reveal myself. In the meantime, I do not wish to be harassed. The thing about Fugly is that she overestimates her importance. She is read by few that matter. I do think that horses have suffered because of the current rescue mentality. She has saved a few, but with great drama. There are many people out there working in a thoughtful quiet way who have saved many more and with mostly good outcome.

  137. WIHAH...you asked:

    "The only question I have with the comment you selected is it is from someone anonymous. Is this person from CBER?"

    I don't know but common sense tells me it is someone who is/was on the inside and a supporter of CBER who feels he/she can make good on their threat to take Fugs to court. No one but an insider who has information contrary to what Fugs is saying can take that position. I honestly don't think it is someone who has just been reading about CBER in the past or the group that is in operation now. Just a hunch on my part.

    Yes, lawsuits can be very negative and draining, both physically, emotionally and financially but....if the one making the threat does not have the means to carry out the threat, don't make the threat in the first place. Without action, it's (the threat) nothing more than grandstanding to look good on a message board/blog, IMO.

    It's not another target of Fugs' because the person posting was responding to stuff Fugs must have said on her blog either in the initial post about Cber or the later comments on that subject.

    To Anon 5:13 pm, yes many people do the rescue thing without fanfare, drama or grandstanding and do a very good job of keeping a horse from going to slaughter and ending up in a good home. It usually is the quiet type who does a lot more to get the job done than all the trumpeteers who beg for money constantly.

    I have found that the horse rescue world is cut throat, gruesome and downright hateful toward each other. It makes me wonder where they get the desire to help animals from if they can't even treat other human beings with decency and respect.

    Yes, I know....I must return to planet earth.

  138. A simple answer to why not to sue: in order to successfully take someone to court for libel, you have to prove not only that they told an untruth, but that they did so deliberately and with intent to harm, AND that they harmed you. Not just hurt your feelings, but caused you direct harm.

    If someone is selling a horse and Fugly posts a lie about them and then potential buyers back out saying "gosh, I was going to pay your price, but Fugly says you're a bad person", THEN that person might have a case against her.

  139. NAF

    Yes, I understand what constitutes Libel and the ability to win in court.

    This new organization Rebels could easily claim that Fugs' rants about CBER and them have hurt their ability to sell Chuck's horses. They could get a friend to pretend to be a potential buyer who is willing to put it in writing that he/she was turned off by Fugs' rants against them and subsequently decided not to purchase a horse. It doesn't make it true because the person would be in collusion with Rebels but the court wouldn't know that. They would believe that the cohort is, in fact, just a potential buyer who was chased away from purchasing by Fugs.

    It's a tricky situation and one in which people can "fudge" the truth a little just to get back at Fugs for her rants.

    All I am saying is don't make asertions or write threats to "take her skinny ass to court" if they, in fact, have no intention of doing so. It's called bluffing.

    Maybe this is how they operate...by bluffing people into shutting up? I don't know. I'm just weary of all these claims that Fugs is making and all the claims of innocense the other side is making.

    Bluffing is a powerful tool used in many areas of life to get what one wants; in this case, silence.

    I don't even want to know the sordid details because it sounds like an ugly wound that has not healed and people involved have not moved on, including Fugs.

  140. Fugly has forgotten one point of the law and that is horses are considered property and as such an owner may choose to sell them to anyone including a kill-buyer or auction yard. And to harass anyone for doing something that is perfectly legal constitutes libel and the owner of the horse is entitled to damages especially a professional person or a kill-buyer who can demonstrate that her actions have caused them harm. And harm can be as simple as distress.

  141. Ying Yang was purchased by a school teacher who was never told of the origin of the horse. The Christmas Eve Surprise. Last I heard, the horse was still with her.

  142. Jeez! I don't read the Fug-Up blog but it seems Mz Atkinson is tossing another hissy fit :)...It's wonderful to say that One Organization or another is better than the last and it's Super to say that We are right while everyone else is wrong but the simple truth is that we are talking about different systems here. I'm not attacking Fugly or anyone else.I just don't believe that the Warehouse system works as well as the 'Single Person, Rescuing One Horse' method... The Rebels are not CBER. I loved CBER and all the people and all the support we had there.And I love the Friends I met there. But CBER was dissolved a year ago. CBER was a Registered 501 with hundreds of Members, Presidents and BOD's and all the complications inherent in 501's..The Rebels Group is different,we are a much smaller group.We list the horses for sale and try our very best to move one horse at a time off the lot, I have, personally, never defined the Rebels as a 'Rescue'. We are a listing service. Chuck Walker owns these horses, we don't.And we have no control over which horses get shipped and which don't. We've never asked for the approval and support of the Rescue community because we don't need it, and, frankly, I'd prefer to avoid all the angst. If we hadn't been dragged into the chaos by Mz Atkinson and the mistaken 'Outing' of Mz Wigel, I wouldn't have bothered anyone with my Public declarations. I would have been perfectly content to write my ads and chat with my 'Buds' on the board...This whole thing seems 'Odd' to me and I can't quite figure out what Mz Atkinson is trying to accomplish...The Rebels found a beautiful horse on the Feedlot, I named him Frisco, and we advertised him to try to save his life. He was purchased by some sort of a Rescue Group who involved Mz Atkinson and she seems to have been ranting ever since...It's been a weird week :)...Helen

  143. Well, I for one am glad that you're here, Helen. I'm thankful for what you guys are doing for the horses, even if it is just listing them. You didn't have to do it, but you're helping them, one at a time. I wish you all the success in the world.


  144. Homes For Horses Coalition Conference 2010

    The conference also addressed the hard task we all have of saying no when people beg us to take horses. I loved what Jill Curtis of Shiloh Horse Rescue had to say – she made it very simple. She asked people, if your donations dried up one day, could you still care for your horses? I have always believed this should be the bottom line standard on how many horses you take in. Both donations and grants are simply unreliable. Sure, after a few years, you can predict donation patterns to some degree, but it’s never going to be 100%. Keeping a number of horses you could pay for yourself is certainly a less stressful way to go. As several other people said, if you can’t say no, you shouldn’t be the one answering the phone. Others suggested letting all calls go to voice mail so that you can think about how to respond and don’t get caught on the spot dealing with a hysterical person who has 20 horses they cannot feed.

    Well lets see who needs this info Fubb SOS Equines... Second Chance Ranch..... RACE Equine... All rescues you recommend and praise that are all begging to support the horses you help them get. Shame on you!

  145. FHotD makes some portion of her salary from blogging. In order to "up" her salary she must have readers. To get readers post drama. Come over here and post an opposing view point and send more people to her blog.
    I read FHotD for the same reasons that John Mill suggest we have freedom of speech "They might be right, they might be wrong, they might be a little bit right and a little bit wrong" If they are right we need to hear their message. It they are wrong we need to hear their message so we can understand why they are wrong and defend ourselves against being duped. It they are both right and wrong we need the practice in pulling the gold from the dross.
    Everything that FHotD says isn't wrong. The way she sics her readers on others IS wrong. Her black and white view of the world is, at best, immature.
    Take her latest rant against the government. Folks in information systems (which is what she is really complaining about, not the government) goof up because their information is "bad". They have to trust reports "on the ground" If some on is complaining that "Beaver's dam is being built and there seems to be human activity involved" Does that mean a Mr. Beaver is building a dam and deliberately flooding his neighbors field? Is a beaver being tormented by a human?
    It's not just governments. Any information system has this problem. Think about when you call a mechanic and you aren't a car/tractor person. "Well it makes a funny sound, sort of like rice underfoot when I turn to the left" You have left out lots of information. What gear are you in? Does this happen every time? Or only when you first start out or how about pulling a load? What is the weather like? Where are you parking the car/tractor? Etc. "Bad" information equals "bad" decisions.

    I feel this blog offers people a place to get a different view of what FHotD says. It's doesn't have to be a place to "put up or shut up". We haven't have the problem that FHotD has with rabid followers spewing hate on this blog. Most remarks are thoughtful and well considered even when we disagree.

  146. I have a sort of rhetorical question:
    I assume kill buyers are for profit business men. So wouldn't it be a prudent business move to triage the horses as to which ones might be reasonably resold at a profit after a bit of feeding (the horses are at a feed lot to presumably fatten up for slaughter) and a hoof trim? Why should FHotD care about the size of the profit? If she is a Republican telling someone else the size of their profit sounds like unwarranted interference in a private enterprise. Something that most Republicans hate.

  147. Anon 9:36 said: "to harass anyone for doing something that is perfectly legal constitutes libel"

    That's not so. In very broad terms, libel is a written or published lie. Slander is a lie, be it written, spoken, etc. Harassing people for doing something legal may not be anything from a legal standpoint. If she goes far enough, it may meet the legal definition for harassment and possibly even for assault (which does not require physical contact). Fugly is perfectly within her rights to criticize people for sending a horse to slaughter.

  148. Even when Fugly does outright lie, most judges will just throw out any complaints against her unless the people who drag her to court can show real damage. Getting a handful of people from CBER (or any other organization) to testify that Fugly hurt them wouldn't be enough - they would have to prove that if it weren't for Fugly, CBER would still be around.

  149. Kaede - just guessing here. I would guess that in many cases the kill-buyer is going for the quick turnaround rather than investing in an animal. A hoof trim and feeding up means days at the lot, and probably wouldn't make that much of a difference in the price a horse would be sold at. If a horse is really skinny and needs weeks of feeding, it's quickly going to cost more to "fatten up" than they can hope to recover.

    I'm sure there are individual horses that would show a profit, but my guess is that the overall would be a net loss.

  150. Helen,
    Thanks for the input. I can see your point and also why you are angry about being mentioned. This helps clear up what happened.

  151. Is it just me or with the font size change on fugs blog does anyone else think that it now has the appearance of a kindergarten reading primer?
    As to the rest of the drivel regarding the UHC?
    Sure fugs. Because you say so.
    The accreditation program is only for 501(c)(3)chaptered rescue.
    And it's biggest selling point as clearly(for once)defined by fugs is to enhance the generation of revenue through donation. One would have to thoroughly investigate the program to determine if it is a fit for their needs.
    Angel Haven rescue and their $5,000 sale..ooops..I mean rescue horses. Jill Curtis? The same woman who would possibly stand in support of a local to her plant for processing equines for pet food because the euthanasia costs at Shiloh were killing her.
    I am not trying to pick a fight or slam anyone in this mess. But it sure would be beneficial to the cause if people would just keep it real.

  152. Font on FHOTD looks normal to me.

  153. Truthfully I'm not angry about being mentioned, I don't read the blog and wouldn't even have known about the chaos if it hadn't affected our ability to save the horses. I'm not saying that I couldn't screw up..At any given point I could 'Mess up' big time..If you want stories I would be happy to provide them :) I can be just as arrogant and stubborn as anyone else when it comes to my passions and I am passionate about the feedlot horses.But the focus should always be on the Horses, not on individual personalities. And I am very, very angry that Cathy Atkinson's latest temper tantrum has closed off our access to the TB's... we were already crippled by not being able to 'flip lips' and check out the pedigree's. every single time we tried to advertise these beautiful, well bred, horses the past owners, no matter how far back or innocent, were harrassed by nasty phone calls...So we stopped posting pedigrees to protect past owners. Now, because of the Frisco thing...all of the phone calls to the past owners and trainers and even the track officials - The FLO has closed off all access to the TB's - Doesn't matter that Cathy Atkinson screwed up, doesn't matter that her follower's didn't know what they were talking about. It doesn't even matter that no one knows what they were trying to accomplish..All that matters to me is that the FLO has decided that we won't be allowed access to the TB's anymore and there's nothing we can do about it..All of the TB's will be shipped to the Slaughterhouse,..period, full stop..They will still be dumped, but no one will see them, no one will be able to help them and not a darned thing has been gained..There must have been a 'point', but I'm just not seeing it...So any explanation by 'wiser' minds would be gratefully appreciated.

  154. "HILLCAT says: May 11, 2010 at 1:26 pm
    I just wanted to say that I read a really good article a while back written by an anti-slaughter person about the pro-slaughter people. It was probably posted on your site I don’t remember But the writer made a great point, These pro-slaughter groups aren’t just looking for a convenient way to dispose of horses, it’s more like SLAUGHTER AT ALL COSTS.

    I think they started out looking for disposal, but at this point I think they have lost all sight of any possible legit reason for killing 100,000 horses. I think they just want to ‘win’ the argument at the cost of innocent horsey lives!! It’s really frustrating when they talk in circles and want to blame the anti-slaughter movement for neglect\abuse cases when the people who neglect\abuse are the people who don’t care about the horses!!

    I guess a good question would be ‘when you hear pro-slaughter people talking about what a great thing murdering innocent horses is, how do you keep from hitting them with your truck?’

    JUST KIDDING (kinda..."

    Gee-how 'bout that for the pot calling the kettle black?

  155. In considering the whole controversial situation about horses being 'on the lot' and rescues fighting over who saves the worst of the bunch a strange though occurred to me.

    Both sides are winning.

    The rescues are fighting over and usually saving the worst of the bunch. Why? Because the starved and neglected are often the saddest looking ones to be found. They need the most help and can be bought for low prices. Rescues chalk up a win and they chalk up a win for the horse.

    Is the feed lot owner bothered by this? Hell no. Those are the horses who are costing them. They need more feed to bring even a decent price once they ship. Those are the horses who sit on the lots longer, eating and costing them more than they bring as a return. They may not have even run through the sale, but went straight to the kill pen. If this is the case, the feedlot owner likely didn't pay anything or very little for them so any price is a profit. Instead when they sell to a rescue group, the feedlot owner chalks up a win. Cash for disposing of their culls.

    The horses who are of reasonable weight and condition- don't seem to be in a precarious situation or a world of hurt. For they are not starving. They shall fetch a higher price, because that's what they will bring when they ship. They will ship sooner because they do not need to be fattened up. These bring a quicker return and again, the feedlot owner chalks up a win.

    Doesn't anyone else get that? The rescues are doing the feedlot owners a favor. They are basically cleaning up what even the KB's don't want. So I guess there is a purpose to be served even by the lowliest of the bunch. Sad when you think about it this way. Sad mostly for the horses involved.

    Anon <3

  156. I know several caring horsemen that are pro slaughter, and I'm not hearing 'slaughter at all costs' from them at all. I am hearing that the process should be humane, and that long distance shipping should be avoided at all costs.
    Realistically, whether you poison the horse or slaughter it...the horse is still dead, and a human killed it. Wasting hundreds of pounds of meat is disrespectful.
    As a horseman, I understand that death is part of the circle of life, and as Temple Grandin says, "nature is cruel, but we don't have to be." There are a huge number of horses out there that no one wants. that is a legitimate problem.

    When I hear anti-slaughter people talking about "running people down with their truck for murdering innocent horses" I am appalled. Especially when the same people think it's okay to use chemicals to kill a horse. The level of hypocrisy involved seems to evade the rescue ranters.

  157. Hi Kestrel: I've heard those arguments as well. But the Industry had years to develop something better than the 'head clamp- explosive bolt' system of slaughter, and they didn't. This machinery was built for cattle. But cattle don't panic at the smell of blood, horses do. They are usually squeezed into the chute too tightly to buck and run, but they can jerk and lift their heads, which is why in Canada, their spinal cords are sliced (In Mexico the vertibra is crushed with a hammer) before the bolt is shot between their eyes. But even then this often fails and we've all seen the pictures of gaping holes and horses, still struggling, dragged with a hook through a hind leg, to be jerked up in the air to have their throats sliced. So they ,eventually, bleed to death. The people who are villifying the transport and saying they can offer a more 'humane' slaughter system, are the people who are trying to shift public opinion in the hope of building new slaughter houses in the US. I haven't seen a new poll in the past year or so, but the last ones I checked showed public opinion fairly clearly..Anywhere between 75% and 85% of the American people are opposed to slaughtering horses for food...Americans do not eat horse meat and American horses are not raised as 'Foodstuff'. They are full of chemicals and even proven Cancer causing agents.- This is the whole point of the New EU plan which will go into effect in August- And if anyone is telling you they have any 'High Minded' thoughts of dealing with the Unwanted American Horses, by slaughtering them, please remember that horse meat is considered a delicasy and sells for 'Big Bucks' in Europe - I've heard it is $30 a pound, but I haven't been able to verify this - I'm not some kind of a 'Starry Eyed' Rescue Nut. I know Horses die and often need to be Euthed. I've had horses 'put down' myself. But the Slaughter system is not the same as euthanasia . It's not quick and it's not humane. It's torture pure and simple....The slaughter industry is driven by profit. They will always choose the cheapest method of killing, no matter what they say. And that method will never be 'Humane'..IMO...Helen

  158. At least 30 thoroughbreds have been transported to slaughter in Canada without a chance. Thank you Cathy Atkinson and friends.

  159. Yet another nasty ad on CL, all the information about the Rebels is wrong, as usual, but the ad contains a link to fug-ups blog..Sounds to me as if she's trying to 'plump' her numbers again. Anyone know who hosts this 'thing' she writes?

  160. just wondering, has anyone succesfully traced the history of their CBER Chuck Walker feedlot horse? I could use some tips..

  161. After finding your blog, I'm please someone is out there fighting against FHOTD. As a boarder of a woman nailed by Cathy because a horse she sold ended up on the flipped trailer, Cathy and her cronies have done nothing but make our ranch owner's life awful. They have called her a faux rescuer (its true from 2006-2007 she was working on opening a rescue but decided against it due to legislature and the present state of the horse world). Cathy printed our ranch address, the owner's phone number and encouraged people to contact her calling her a POS. What our ranch owner does is simple, when someone ties a horse to her ranch gates, she makes a police report and then is stuck with the animal. I just cannot fathom the idea that because a horse that she sold ended up in a flipped trailer 4 months later it's HER FAULT and now Cathy and everyone else who wants to is ripping on her. For the record, when one of the boarder's horses died of colic (which can happen to anyone at anytime), our ranch owner gave them one of the "rescued" (read here abandoned at her ranch) horses. They in turn left when the ranch owner said, "I'm not opposed to domestic slaughter when it was regulated by the USDA but sending horses to their deaths now is pretty heartless" This was "offensive" and they moved out. This boarder is now one of Cathy's biggest supporters and helped Cathy crucify our ranch owner. She received over 100 nasty phone calls, 3 letters and a death threat. There is an open police investigation since someone cut their fences about a week after the FHOTD. Our ranch owner admits to taking the horse to the local livestock barn and having a coggins run there. She admits to selling the horse to a family and even gave them the bridle/bit the horse was using. According to the livestock auction, the buyer never came to pick the horse up and they put him on a dealer's trailer. This is in no way the ranch owner's fault. Isn't there anything that can legally be done to rein this heinous monster in????