Monday, December 28, 2009

Dena's question

Dena asks, "if there's money to be made in rescuing and rehab please point me to it."

It appears to me, and correct me if I'm wrong, but there is little money in breeding horses unless you have top of the line stock. There is no money to be made in rescuing and a quick turn around rehab. The areas that I have seen make money are the upper end riders/trainers who buy horses from sale yards or individuals. They have the skill to turn a horse in to a top end competitor. The horse has a show record and all the bells and whistles to go with a well trained horse. A person I know who makes money on it is GP rider. Any thoughts?


  1. There is money to be made if you grab a 501(c)(3) and tell a good story that everyone wants to hear.
    I am not a 501(c)(3). I do not have a spare 750.00 each year to pay for the begging license. And I don't think I would if I did.
    That sounds rude. And I don't mean for it to.
    And you would be correct bhm if you know what you are looking at and know how to bring it along, and how and who to present it to when the time is right.
    Fugs irks the shit out of me with her I have trained, I give lessons, I am a nutritional expert on rehabbing, etc.
    How many of the horses she has been involved with have dropped off the map? Were "given" to friends, or just plain left behind somewhere along the way.
    I don't have patience with blowhard look at me folks in rescue.
    My hubby always says a person needs to earn their stripes to be credible. And he summarizes nicely by saying, "where are their stripes?"

  2. I think there is money to be made in certain scenarios. Case in point:
    We purchased a gorgeous chestnut 4yo OTTB gelding off the track two years past. Completely sound. Absolutely lovely hunter/dressage movement. $500 - meat price. We have since had a multitude of offers on him. He was easy to re-train and it would have been a simple matter of (max) 90 days to have turned him over as a well-started hunter/dressage prospect, and sold him for 10x his purchase price. I could list off a number of other such off-track/auction horses, if you have the facilities and if you have the experience to train/rehab/condition etc etc.

    Money in breeding? Not so much I believe, unless you are into the higher-end horses. We recently purchased a mare, with the intentions of making her top-level. She herself has good bloodlines and if we breed her (and others of like) to some GP stud... Any other way though, I doubt we could actually make enough income to be self-sufficient.

    I think it is almost necessary for one to be heavy into competition with their horses if they are to make money then breeding those horses(??).

  3. How to make a million dollars in horses.
    Start with ten million.

    Old farmer joke.