Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 Forecast. Heading for another mess?

It's been said that reality is stranger than fiction. Case in point, Fugly is now writing for Horse Illustrated. Gag me with a spoon, you say. Well, I wish the board of HI had said that when someone had that bright idea of allowing Fugs to write for their magazine. Instead they solicit the nastiest, skank writer they could find to commit to print. How long will this new career last for Fugs? After looking through her resume, which is available on HI, I estimate about a year before everything implodes into a giant kerfuffle of screaming, adultery, bad cheques, and assorted mayhem. If anyone has Fugs' article please submit it for our perusal.

Since it is inevitable that Fugs will be looking for work soon I suggest writing pornography. Her letters to YHI's husband gives me the impression that she has talent in this field.


  1. Oh man, I made the mistake of looking at Fugs's post...eyebleach please! I know nothing of the woman being torn to shreds, but I have a real problem with posting pictures of little children to be torn apart by the ravening horde that constitutes what that blog has turned into.
    Past the hysteria, it sounds like the woman was investigated by Animal Control. Now if things were as bad as the blog says, she would be under arrest. I'm not buying it. Unfortunately, hysteria is the antithesis of credibility. Fugs may indeed be correct, but after reading her missives and then stacking them up against her personal actions...I don't believe her.

  2. "If you can possibly shut off the computer and stop spending your entire day flaming the people who would like to help your starving animals…I know, I know, that’s a toughie…)" This is a direct quote...
    Pot calling the kettle black

  3. Now remind me never to go back there again, I stopped reading her for a reason

  4. Fern,
    I love the quote. When she not writing her blog she on other sites flaming people. This woman has not life outside flaming people online.

  5. At least earlier there was some semblence of equine education buried beneath the snark and manure; now however the blog simply constitutes vicious gossip. Maybe the most recently featured woman is guilty of the offences Cathy claims she is, maybe she is not. Isn't it "innocent until proven guilty" though? And what about factual information? Where is it? We won't even get into Cathy's providing contact info...

  6. I have not visited that blog in ages due to rampant viruses.
    Not much meat to anything, no learning, no facts, too much assuming.
    And kids seem to be the biggest target.
    This woman has some issues, big issues.

  7. I'm not sure about the recent post. It seems to be based on what HD think is happening rather than being a factual report. I'd rather find out what is really going on than jump in with the baiting game.

    Remember when Fugs did the same thing to Dena. It turns out that Dena actually rehabs and retrains horses and knows a heck of a lot more than Fugs does.

  8. Ok, I be missing something, I usually am, but what does HD stand for?

    BHM- thanks for starting this blog!

  9. Part of the problem is Fugs feeds off BS behind a private board-

    Horsedopia Rules is a private proboard that was founded to rip members of Horsetopia apart. The civil minded moderators of HT banned or censored these people because well, because they are skanks like Cathy. Now the attitude is a huge whine "But they won't LET us teach good horsemanship. We get banned"

    No shit, assholes.

    There is a difference in delivery of information. Civility rules at HT. And education can be done in a proper and polite manner.

    Note a thread on Horsedopia about a topic with an honest question...
    (Wow!!! Why the nasty? As pointed out in the last reply- it may seem simple, but there is quite a bit about horse nutrition to learn)


    farmeress posts:

    What are pellets?« Thread Started on Dec 9, 2009, 2:29pm »

    I know that this is off track, but if you can explain, just so I can keep up. What is the difference between sweet feed, pellets, and grain? Thought I had a handle on it but just found out that I'm clueless.I don't know anything about this cocaloda person, but there is a horse in their avatar that I assume is theirs... and they don't know the difference between sweet feed, pellets, and grain!? Are they being sarcastic or is that a serious question? I don't have any issues with a quest for knowledge, but you should know something like that BEFORE you have a horse, no???http://forum.horsetopia.com/frugal-livin....tml#post1765776

    replies below:

    Belle (administrator): Oh wow. Totally agree that this is something you should know BEFORE owning a horse.

    apocalypsepony: I'm sure there is a basic horse book with pictures that illustrates the difference. One of Cherry Hill's no doubt.It's called a library. Use it.

    Belle: And a lot of your feed stores do carry little pamphlets with the feed info in them, explaining what the difference is.

    cat67 (aka FHOTD, Cathy Atkinson): How complicated IS it? Don't you know what a pellet of SOMETHING looks like?

    OhForCryingOutLoud: dah, rabbit pellets?wood stove pellets?maybe Ol'Blaze wants some wood pellets to eat. He always chews the wood in his stall - wood pellets might help.

    hmm: You know what, kudos to the person for asking - it may seem simple, but there is quite a bit about horse nutrition to learn - and even though it seems simple to many of us and it's a very basic question - well it prob should be spelled out at least somewhere in basic form.

  10. HD=HorseDopia. It's a blog that Fugs belongs to. There are a number of people there that act just like Fugs. You see the same sarcastic responses and groups ganging up on individuals.

  11. The mare with the ripped ear does not appear anywhere on HD that I can find. Fugs gets her daily dose of bile in many places. Her faithful fans act like she has some kind of inside scoop on issues and she is some kind of powerful force in the equine community.... Uh no she isn't and her inside scoops come from her obsessive reading of every horse board known to man. That is what she does all day instead of work at her job! She spends all day on the internet browsing horse BB's and websites and then takes work home to make her look like an exemplary employee. Have any of you ever noticed that blogs come out on weekdays and the weekends are "her" time?

  12. My 2010 FHOTD prediction is that the blog will slowly dry up. FUGS is not involved with horses in LA at all. She is head over heels involved with dog and cat rescue, just a quick check of her twitter account will tell the story. She left Washington in disgrace and left all of her horses behind. So typical for her to palm her horses off on other folks to care for, cause yanno the day to day work of caring for them is more than she really wants to do. Shooting her mouth off about "Celebrity Rescues" and posing for photos is really more her style. Just like her time spent "on the job" she is more flash than brilliance.
    So I believe the blog will devolve to the horse world equivalent of the Weekly World News and we will only be seeing more finger pointing without facts. It will also be rescue rescue rescue....ad nauseum.

  13. Yet she posted about "her" horse rescues, on HD, quite recently, without ever mentioning where/when/how they came to be rescued. That struck me as very odd. If you are into rescue, and have rescued some horses for a rescue, wouldn't you tell people where they were? How YOU could help?
    anybody remember that?
    A dark bay filly with her halter embedded?

    It was odd.
    Very odd.

    Whole lotta something odd going on.

    I just hope horses aren't being used as emotion-grabbers. aka money grabbing.
    Starve/abuse your horses, take a picture and get paid for it?

    skewed, eh?

    Can you imagine how fciked up that one-eared horse is, in her brain?


  14. Go lightly those were NOT her rescue horses. Do not let her chatter about "we" and "OUR" fool you. They were "rescued" by someone else I guarantee you. She may have been there but someone else is doing to work and footing the bill on those horses. The photos show horses in an area with large fir trees. Fugs lives in LA. Those photos are not LA and those horses are not with Fugs.

  15. OMG! I LOVE YOU! Seriously! I actually just discovered this and made a post on my blog! Oh, Seriously Bless your heart, whoever you are, Finally someone with some sense,,,,,,,,