Thursday, December 24, 2009

Amber and Lady Bug

In a recent FHOTD post, a distraught Fugs bemoans the care of a horse who had it's ear ripped off by dog. The author tells how she donned her super hero suit to run to the aid of an injured horse denied care. The post then chastises the rescuer, Amber, for not getting the horse treatment and having malnourished dogs on the property. Evidence to support the authors accusations is thread where Amber is attacked by the members of the thread and a picture of the horse getting it's ear treated. According to the thread the horse was rescued from Amber and only at that point did the horse receive medical attention.

Concern has been raised surrounding the accuracy of the FHOTD article as there is never any evidence that Amber has done anything only pages of snarky comments and name calling. Upon closer scrutiny, Kestrel pointed out that the photo is dated 2005/01/04. So something is not right with the FHOTD article. If the event just happened why is that the only evidence is from five years ago? You would think that in the five year period the local humane society would have done a report that FHOTD could reference. What do you think FHOTD is up to?


  1. Ohhhh yayyyy!!

    Good for you, bhm for starting another blog.

    Thank You!!

    One of the blogs I read regularly did a post on this and I have to admit I didn't look any farther than what she wrote. Interestingly enough, my friend posted on it about a week before fugs did...huh? Is fugs slipping?

  2. It's called divine resurrection, or, how to increase hits during the slow Christmas season:)

    I'm sure I've seen that story before...
    I just hope to gawd, I never see it again. Bay mare though, same colour. Same face.
    How to feel upset, in five easy steps. Relive old horrors, overandoverandover.

  3. Yes, I think it's another fugly scam. Reprint something that happened years ago and sell it as something that just happened. Must up readership, must up readership...

    I would like to know how the horse is doing now.

  4. Are Fugly's comments still moderated??

  5. I believe so. They've been moderated since Dena's last confrontation. Snickering* I think she broke the fugly blog.

  6. BHM this was a fun day after Christmas surprise.
    The horse with the ear ripped off is confusing to me.
    This was posted on Alex Brown Racing recently.
    I guess I wasn't paying much attention but I thought BHFER or some such had taken in the mare.
    Cathy will be writing for HI? Wow.
    What does she know about horses? That is something I have never understood.
    I was invited to post on her new blog provided I was willing to behave somewhat moderately.
    Yeah my bouts of supposed insanity can be
    Here is a tidbit for some who may not know.
    Fugs moved back to California some time ago.
    And yet, she continues to write as though she is in the PNW.

  7. Dena,,
    Yes, I wonder how long before Ms. I-Don't-Have-Beginner-Riding-Under-My-Belt starts to critique peoples riding.

  8. WOW this Fugs really has a HUGE ego.... She actually thinks she is respopnsible for the numbers of horses being bred going down. Geesh do you think maybe the ECONOMY and hte HORRIBLE sales prices for horses MIGHT be responbsible and not her retarded BLOG? Nope in her eyes she is single handedly responisible for the decline in horses being bred.... Unbelieveable. "That is a flat out lie. I have never censored a comment of yours. EVERYBODY’S comments are moderated. That does not mean they are censored or changed in any way. It merely means that I read them first and if two bickering posters get down to the “I know where you live!” level, then that goes bye-bye.
    And I can’t figure out from your post how you think we have some major disagreement. I want euthanasia programs. I want gelding vouchers. I’ve talked about these things many times. You might want to read more before you comment. Ideally, I want them government funded. The people of America created this problem by overbreeding and not having a plan for how it would be trained and fed and shod and whatever – so their taxes can help solve the problem by subsidizing euthanasia. Considering how unpopular that will be, it will have a side benefit of making breeding horses you can’t care for EXTREMELY socially unacceptable.
    “Has there been a measurable drop in equine births since you started this one man war? ”
    Ask the registries. They’re all having shit fits because registrations are down. I’m not saying I caused that single-handedly, of course not, but do I think I’ve been a contributing factor? Sure. I get regular e-mails from people who say they did not breed their mare because of this blog. I don’t believe there are any kind of accurate stats on grade horses, so of course there’s really no way to tell there.
    The things I say did not help these horses – you’re right. But YOU have no way of knowing how many POTENTIAL situations like this have been avoided because someone came here and learned that you don’t make money breeding low-end horses, or learned how expensive horses really are to keep, and never created the mess in the first place. That’s not just people who read the blog. It’s people who KNOW people who read the blog. People who tell their family and friends not to breed, and explain the benefits of buying one that is already here.
    Like many people, you seem hell-bent on opposing me without ever having thought any of it through. But hey, that’s your right. I’ll continue to post your comments. I never didn’t."


  9. "She actually thinks she is responsible for the numbers of horses being bred going down."

    You mean, She ISN'T??!!
    (falls over in shock)

    I hold her responsible for a LOT of irresponsible adopting of useless, dangerous, slaughter-bound horses to amateurs.
    Why do I read so many horror stories like this? Why are so many amateurs not riding their horses?
    Terror is not good for learning to ride.
    Like Foxy, quickest easiest example.

    I think she's been great for the medical community. Injuries cost money and time.

    I hold her responsible for the economy, too;)

    She's destroyed the economy! She's like Wal-Mart, in a way..

  10. >>She's destroyed the economy! She's like Wal-Mart, in a way..<<


    Ever notice how she has a history of living WITH breeders?
    Maybe based on situations like YHI presented the truth of the matter is that they cannot afford to breed after Fugs exits their lives.
    I would so take her in a ride
    If for no other reason than to kill the myth.
    She talks about Parelli. In all honesty what has she ever contributed with regard to good training?
    That horse has a straight shoulder seems to be the extent of her supposed conformation knowledge.
    Oh wait, she has also moved on to, and a Ewe neck.
    I personally hate critiquing horses by photo.
    Guaranteed to make you look like an ass most every time you make a definitive statement.

  11. Um, she hasn't noticed that a whole lot of polo ponies are ewe necked!? Huh.

    And Dena, you are so right on critiquing horses from a photo. I have seen good horses look bad, and the opposite, just like photos of people.

    And who knew that horses had to have just one specific conformation for every job? Is that why race horses and draft horses look just exactly alike?! Cutting horses and halter horses...yeah, a little sarcasm there...

    My favorite mountain horse has a steeper shoulder with a matching steeper hip, and it makes him safer on tight trails. Shorter stride and less likely to pull shoulder muscles. Donkey conformation. Donkeys and mules have evolved mountain bodies. Aaand he's 22 years old, sound as can be, and has worked more than one 'perfectly correct' horse into the ground.

    Looking at the rescue site...
    Very professional site, with immpassioned rhetoric about sweet little whinnies, check
    long list of 'needed farm improvements' that are sure gonna up their property value, check
    'Send money, every little bit helps' check
    'If you don't send money you are just heartless' check
    TV fund raising evangelism at it's most lurid and impassioned...check
    Unfortunately, non profit for profit horse rescue has turned into a 'Bill and Tammy Baker' money grubbing free for all, and I wonder just how much of a cut Fugs gets for featuring her pets and tearing down their competition.

  12. I think this is one of those things where the orignal person who rescued this horse was right. For an injury such as this, immediate treatment is necessary. Even worse is now the mare has no ear, and I can only see a future riddled with ear problems.

    When you see pictures of her, the mare looks wormy and is thin. Is the mare a stick? No, but she's certainly too ribby for her own good. I'm not noticing the dates listed anywhere, so I will make no comment on that.

    Now, I will say getting things into the hands of Fugs is like given an arsonist a lighter. Once again she takes things a step too far. Post the mare's story, the place that took her in, and the moral. If feeling to be necessary, give a first name and area saying that if anyone has any other information on the status of the other horses in this person's care that they please contact the local AC or whomever deals with it.

    What makes this worse is that all the 'snark' (bitching) overshadows the mare. They're all so worried about the person who had her that they've forgotten about the horse.

  13. Argh, I wish I could edit to add something on, but that's not happening anytime soon. Ha.

    You think that maybe once in awhile we could feature a nice rescue horse who needs a home? Maybe a monthly sort of thing? I think it would break up the blog a bit so it's not entirely monotonous and we can at least potentially do some good.

    If not that, adding something may help, yeah?

  14. Actually, I think everyone who blogs here has rehomed a horse or helped feed a horse, helped doctor a horse, or helped retrain a horse so it could find a good home. We're just a lot more careful to be kind to the person who's age, finances, circumstances, health, or skill levels changed. I think we just do it, and are a little uncomfortable with the whole drama. Most of the people who have to pass their horse off do NOT deserve to be attacked as horse abusers that had to have their horse 'rescued.'

    I know of one rescue horse in particular that was passed around 3 or 4 times, crippled, mean as sin. One owner was going to put it down, rescue in our area screamed, got the horse, adopted it out to a little girl and the SOB bit her face half off. Go rescue.

    The photo with the date on it is on fug's own blog, in the comments section. The photo shows a heavy set woman holding a twitch as the horse is being doctored by a vet. Aaand, then all the comments about her looking like a Walmart shopper begin. I'm sure this woman will never step in to take on an injured horse or ask for help when she's in over her head again. They attacked her education, her body and her children. Nice.

    I just have a huge problem with speculation being posted as fact. Nowhere in the ugly flameout is the horse's story told. How did it get injured? Who had the horse before Amber tried to help it? Have charges been pressed? The rescue site shows no vet receipts, or any proof that they even have the horse. This is the internet after all, and there have been some huge scams and incredible misinformation perpetuated. Not to mention some of the ugliest, downright spiteful, self righteous and aggrandizing behaviour that I've ever seen. I am appalled.

    The rescue mentality claims that Amber is just a horse trader and yet when you look at their adoption fees for crippled horses what does that make them?! I've seen far more horses get a good life by running into the right horsetrader who matchmakes them up with the right owner than I ever have with the rescue sites that 'save' the same 10 or 20 head over and over.

  15. CS she does feature rescue horses needing homes.
    At least, for the rescues who pay her advertising fees.
    Shiloh and Angel Haven whatever.
    Oh Oh Oh bhm you could feature rescue horses for me.
    I hear I might be having to do something for 24 head in the next day or two. And bringing them all home is NOT an option.
    I want money too... I think it is because I am not blond. I am almost certain that has something to do with it.
    Seriously check the pictures of the big beggars I mean rescue directors. 80% or better are blond.
    Maybe they get money because they have a double handicap. They have horses and blond hair.
    Ah crap, time to get another job. At least, the hay is reasonable.
    You would think you would get bonus points for not having extraordinary vet bills. But no.
    Not in this game.

    And CS you are correct no ear will most likely = additional problems.
    Poor horse.
    I hope they are at least putting her feed on ground level.

  16. Oh, and as far as the mare looking thin...that happens to badly injured horses. Fast. She's got bite marks in her neck, so also would have difficulty swallowing.. Most horses will lose weight if they are in pain and it happens fast.

    There's a big difference between a horse who has a belly full of hay and a wormy horse.

    Fug's view of "it's easy to put weight on a horse so NO horse should be thin or it's abuse" is bullshit. It IS easy to put weight on MOST horses, but cancers, injuries, ulcers, chronic colics, and sometimes the system shutdown that happens with extreme age will thin them out. It's hard to make the call unless you talk to the vet, and it's hard to know when to put them down because they're thin. I know of one line of Morgans that stay fat as pigs and founder constantly, and another line that just stays ribby no matter what you do yet they live to be in their 30's. Kind of like those stick thin grannies that are in their nineties and still partying!

  17. Kes,
    Good point. I know a few cases it was next to impossible to keep weight on a horse. I pointed it out on FHOTD, but nobody seemed to notice the comment. They tend to do that when someone disagrees.

  18. Dena,
    There's always hair dye.

  19. kestrel, you put things more pithily than anybody I have ever known.

    thank you for being there!

    There are "rescued" horses standing at SAFE, and everywhere else I read, they are full to bursting. How can they continue to do it? Turnover.
    No turnover, and then sadly, horses that can't be rescued "off the truck", or sent to slaughter to at least end their suffering, will starve.

    I wonder how the endgame will play out.

    I hope it will finally benefit all horses.

  20. Yes GL. That is exactly it. And I love how the anti-slaughter/pro-horse folks get to sit on their high horses while people like me have to do the dirty work.
    And anyone who thinks there is money in what I do best tell me where the hell to find it.
    It would appear I have 39 abandoned horses on my plate for tomorrow.

    bhm I can't be blond. I have a palomino and somehow that would just be

  21. Dena, let me know what you get in. I have a couple of contacts in that area, and could maybe place a couple or four...oh, but you KNOW it's coming, kind minded and sound are the first priorities. One family is experienced, one not. I know where you're coming from on the ride off. A ride off would be soooo fun...*evil snicker and snapping fangs* You'll be throwing a leg over every horse that'll let ya, and a lot of them that won't, just on the new batch coming in. That makes you a rider. Stay safe girl!

    Shipping, please you guys, help me with shipping info. I know nothing, but there are some fabulous horses going begging in one area that would get good homes in another, and I know nothing of how to get a horse shipped at a reasonable price. Any ideas or experience at it?

    Thanks GL, I don't mean to be so pithy, but damn...I warned everyone that I'm old and cranky and out of patience! I have loved and lived with horses all my life, and I see sentiment doing more harm than actual cruelty. What was that quote about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? It just pisses me off that the horses and the practical people who love horses as they are, rather than some fairy tale notion of what a horse should be, are the ones to suffer. People like Dena will be forced to do triage.

  22. Dena,
    If you get a write up and photo of each horse I'll put your name on the author's list. will help the 39 horses.

  23. Kes,
    That's a good point. Dena actually does the rescuing and rehab work while Fugs just credits herself with doing it.

  24. Thanks Ladies. And if you all will get me the direct contact info for HI while I am plugging this whole in the wall I will in my spare time make contact with the Publishers of HI as to why having fugly on board is one of their worst ideas.
    Can't be any harder than Google.:)

  25. Oh trust me, I had a hard keeper. He had senior feed mixed with water and vegetable oil. He was starting to gain weight, but there was always a plateau with him. It's not easy, and I would have loved her to put weight on this guy. The horse was better fed than most people in the world.