Friday, April 9, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

A number of readers have mentioned that Fugly is making excuses for breeding her horse while not having a show record or prizes. I sincerely doubt that any one showing or judging horses knows who Fugly is as experienced equestrians tend to read sources that have more detailed and knowledgeable information. Considering that someone else is showing her horse for her then how is it possible that anyone knows that this is her horse and that there is a conspiracy against her? Like many others, I believe that she's making excuses for her imminent failure.

Conspiracy Theories
by Anonymous
And here we start with the justifications about why she will stud out BYC when he doesn't have a ROM.

FHOTD said...
I’ve already been informed, through intermediaries of course – (pussies!) – that my horse WILL NOT be placed because I DARE to speak out about those who do wrong in the show ring.

FHOTD said...
"My horse really is that good, but it was politics that kept him from winning. Therefore I am justified breeding him even though he doesn't meet the qualifications I expect everyone else to meet before they breed their studs."

It would be sad it it weren't so freaking predictable.


  1. Oh for shits sake!

  2. The formatting didn't come across. The 1st paragraph is anon, the 2nd is a quote from a comment on FHOTD. The quote in the 3rd paragraph is anon's snarky (hey! just snarky! it's legal! can't sue me for being snarky!!) summary of what she's doing.

    Totally predictable.

    The thing is, he's her horse. She has every right to stud him out if she wants to and can find mare owners who want to breed to him. I have no problem with her breeding him. What I do have a problem with is the utter hypocrisy and excuses.

    "Shouldn't rescue a horse unless you can afford to keep it." ... except when it's her doing the rescue and she has to beg for board donations every month.

    "Shouldn't breed a horse unless <list of conditions>" ... except when it's her stud.

    I'm pleased, though, that the rescue closed ranks and made sure she wouldn't get updates after she screwed them over this week. Good for them.

  3. Paddy said...
    OT, but I counted the number of quarter horses for sale on Dreamhorse alone, and it's over 12,000. If FHOTD really cared about unwanted horses going to slaughter, she could swallow her pride and become the first one to geld her horse. Why not set a good example for others? I think the VLC would make a cute gelding. How important is it for her to stand him? Is she just after the money or is he really worthy of a legacy?
    And if she is really anti-slaughter as she says she is, why isn't she taking to the ancient cobbled lanes of Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, and Kyoto to protest? Do you think the horse eaters of those nations would listen to her? She has no tact, no international communication skills, and I doubt that they'd listen. She's full of inflammatory rhetoric, but doesn't walk the talk. Why not put theory into practice?

  4. I am still waiting for her ride on Herc!

  5. Anonymous said...

    I am still waiting for her ride on Herc!

    Oh me too!! LMAO

  6. And the wheels on the bus go round and round........

    Cathy will always have an excuse and blame others for her failures. Always.

  7. Could she be any more hypocritical if she tried?

    Personally, I like BYC, always have, but his pedigree isn't outstanding, his conformation isn't outstanding and now, according to her, he won't be able to prove that he has talent. Seems to me that would be strike three. HHHMMMM!

    But seriously, I think she is putting way too much importance on herself and her blog, nothing new there. Maybe she should be more careful about who in the show ring she DARES to "out," you know, out the people who really deserve it. I know, I know, novel idea I have there, but what the hoo, maybe she could give it a shot.

    Anyway, there are politics involved in any showing in any area. If the BYC has as much talent as FHOTD says he does, the judges will pin him anyway.

  8. The VLC is nothing special in the world of QH's. There are so many nice horses out there. Cathy's experience is limited, thus she really has no idea. She needs to look around and see what real Western Pleasure horses look like and real QH's. Because shipped semen is easy to obtain, serious QH breeders have their pick of the very best. A 5 year old that has accomplished nothing is nothing.

  9. So recently I've been wondering if the whole VLC thing started out as Cathy's way of making a point. She has a stallion, but SHE was going to be responsible and set a good example for the masses. SHE was going to be a responsible breeder and do everything the right way, even if that meant gelding VLC, something I think she originally planned to do no matter what. In a sense, her experience with the VLC would become this great object lesson about how sometimes our aspirations don't come to fruition, etc. but how responsible upstanding citizens do the right thing.

    But like a lot of us, somewhere along the way she actually fell in love with her horse, and she actually started believing the story she was telling--that he could be a good stallion, that he was worth breeding. In addition, a lot of people started watching her every move with the horse, so suddenly gelding him (as she may have always planned to do) would seem like a "lose" to her. No matter what she may say, she's super-sensitive to public opinion and scrutiny--in part because it seems to feed her oversized ego.

    Anyway, what started out as a reasonable thing--owning a stallion for a few years and then gelding him--has become a mess for her. In that context, her sudden grasp for excuses makes a lot of sense. Obviously this is just conjecture on my part, but it could explain her actions to some extent. And please don't think that I'm trying to defend her because I think she's handling the whole situation with the finesse of a bull in a china shop.

  10. "I'm pleased, though, that the rescue closed ranks and made sure she wouldn't get updates after she screwed them over this week. Good for them."

    What happened with this?

  11. Rebecca stay tuned they will all end up at the feedlot soon. And of course Fubb will save one and be the hero instead of the loser that shut down the rescue attempt...

  12. I think this statement of hers is a joke. Who the heck does she really think she is? Do you suppose all the horse show judges in the world have...
    A: Heard of her
    B: Read her blog
    C: Memorized what VLC looks like and
    D: Have conspired to keep him out of the ribbons because of her blog?
    C'mon who are you kidding Cathy?
    That simply sound like a lot of ego talking as usual.
    To be honest, it looks to me like her blog is slowly dying. Likely of suffocation because her head got too swelled from the accolades and her nasal passages are closed....
    Last I checked her readership was down to less than 2500 hits a day, or around 2-3%% of the horse owning population, which leaves 96+% of horse owners including judges clueless about who she is and what horses she might own. You only have to read the comments to see that 50% of the 50-75 are her own comments on other peoples posts....
    It won't be long now and ol'Fubbly will be but a distant memory for all of us.

  13. "It won't be long now and ol'Fubbly will be but a distant memory for all of us."

    Is that a promise? I hope so. She's been too destructive and has hurt many people.

  14. Anonymous 9:59,
    I agree with your summary. To assume that there's a conspiracy is crazy. I think that it's her way of covering up her failure. I also agree with your comment about her readership. I think that all the experienced horse people have left the blog.

  15. Anonymous 5:33,
    I think she started off with trying to provide the shining example combined with book learning and no practical experience. Once she realized that horse training is a lot more complicated than what articles and books present then she realized she was in over her head. Everything else is covering up that she's in over her head. I think she loves the VLC because she stands by him and hasn't dumped him. I think if she really wanted out she'd have made up a story to excuse her selling him such as a big name trainer wanted him because he's an amazing horse.